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I am enjoying life as a senior, gardening in the summer and serious research during the winter months. I've been collecting Gillespie records for about 40 years, as genealogy is my favourite past-time. I have two adult children, both married, and two grandchildren who live in York Region. My enjoyment is in a rural environment, living on a farm.

CANADA: Alberta Births

CHARLES EDMUND GILLESPIE, s/o Robert Gillespie & Anna Maria Gillespie, born Dec 18, 1886 Calgary, Alberta

DORTHY ALICE GILLESPIE, d/o Joseph Gillespie & Alice Gillespie, birth April 3, 1904 Lethbridge, Alberta

EDWARD RONALD GILLESPIE, s/o Joseph Gillespie & Alice Watson, born April 3, 1904 Lethbridge, Alberta

JOSEPH WILLIAM GILLESPIE, s/o Joseph Gillespie & Alice Watson born Dec 7, 1898, MacLeod, Alberta

ROBERT GILLESPIE, s/o Robert Gillespie & Maria Running, born June 11, 1888 in Calgary, Alberta

SARAH ISABELLA GILLESPIE, d/o John Gillespie & Hannah Hillar, born March 9, 1900 Calgary, Alberta

VIOLET SHALLCROSS GILLESPIE, d/o Frederick Gillespie & Florence May Groves, born Oct 18, 1889 in Calgary, Alberta