Gillespies have served in many wars, with records in this library as early as the 1600s in Ireland. The first Canadian military record on file is for a Gillespie military leader on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City and the struggle between the French and British for control of Canada. His roots have been researched to Renfew County in Ontario where his family later settled. Another Scottish Gillespie soldier, from the same battle in Quebec, has his family history recorded on this website.

Early pioneers in North America often banded together several times a year for military practice, because of the ongoing struggle for dominance by one country or another.

Click on the links below to find Gillespie records in military conflicts around the world:

Ireland Early Military Records

American Revolution  1765-1783

The India Mutiny 1857-1859

American Civil War 1861-1865 

Civil War Gillespie Leaders

The Boer War, Africa  1899-1902

World War 1: 1914-1918    

World War II: 1937-1945

John Gillespie Magee & “High Flight”

Soldiers Buried in AFRICA

World War II Medals & Awards

Vietnam War 1955-1975 

Obituaries of Career Soldiers

Forces Reunited – British Soldiers’ Website. Forces War Records has over seven million individuals records and a ton of supplementary military data not found on any other sites.