Here is it half way through the first week in December and we are inundated with deep snow and stormy blasts. I bought a packet of powdered antibiotic at the farm store, to be told it would no longer be available in the New Year. Only vets can sell it after that. What an upset for farmers.

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I can hardly afford a minimum $150 vet visit for one sick chicken, whose diarrhea prompted this purchase. I gave the girls a dose in their water to last a few days to wipe out any respiratory problem that might arise, and hopefully give them a boost for the New Year.

All of my customers are staying in the city for a couple of weeks, so a great time to deal with any health issues in my chickens. They are now molting, but still  laying six eggs a day despite the weather. All chemicals have by now been  flushed out of their system, before I offer eggs again to others. Temps in the chicken coop hover around zero Celcius (32F) or slightly above, but as temps drop I am thinking of increasing the wattage of the light bulb that provides a tiny bit of heat.

Speaking of health issues, I had to cancel my big appointment in London, Ontario, a four-hour drive one way because of nasty road conditions and a SUV with problems. Today, I received a new appointment in two weeks  in Toronto, only two hours one way. So  I am hoping to combine that trip with a Christmas visit to my children and grandchildren.

Other than that things are very quiet, and most days are spent at my desk typing away. We go to town about once a week for shopping, but not even that if the roads are bad, as they are today.

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