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1739, June                   Neil Gillespie, wife Mary McIlfeder and children Gilbert & Angus to New York from Isle of Islay, Scotland with large group of Islay settlers.

1741, Aug 5    Mary Gillispie, person ordered for transportaion to America from Co Donegl, Ireland for grand larceny

Between 1763 and 1775 there was further emigrations of about 1,300 people from the Isle of Islay, Argyll, Scotland to North Carolina because of the Seven Years War. Some moved north into Canada in later years, including Gillespies.

1764                  Richard Gallispie, Irish immigrant arrived, Boston, Massachusetts

1774, May 19 to July 22  William Gelespie, on board the brigantine, Matty, from Scotland to New York

1775           John Gillespie born 1750, a farmer in Doune, Perthshire, emigrated from Greenock, Renfewshire to Georgia on the ship Georgia in July

1775          Thomas Gillespie born 1755, a farmer in Doune, Perthshire, Scotland, emigrated from Greenock, Renfewshire to Georgia, USA on the ship Georgia in July.

1779            Thomas Gelaspie on Australian convict ship from London, England to New South Wales, Australia. Sentenced at Hert, 14 years eviction

1785              Alexander Gillespie from Ireland to Washington Co, Georgia, Later moved to Mississippi.

1787               Jas Gillespie to Wilkes, Georgia

1798                 Henry Gillespie to Philadelphia, PA

1804 June 9       Patt, age 35 & Pegy Gillespie, age 24 of Glen, Co Donegal, Ireland on the ship Catherine of Dublin, from Port of Killybegs, Donegal, bound for New Castle & Philadelphia, USA. Travelling with McGloghlen family, also from Glen.

1804, Sept 18    Hugh Gillespie, age 25, farmer, & Alexander, 32, farmer with Margaret age 22, all from Maherally Parish, Co Down, Ireland. Sailed from Belfast Sept 18 on ship, Maria, to New York.

1805, April 25    James Gillespie, age 26, farmer from Fintona, Co Tyrone, Ireland, passenger to New York on ship, Eagle, from Londonderry

1805                         Jane Gillespie from Co Londonderry, Ireland to America

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1811                        James Gillaspie from Londonderry, Ireland to Philadelphia via ship, Mary. Arrived June 17th with 95 passengers

1811                       Michael & Fanny Gillespie from Londonderry, Ireland via ship, Alexandria, 85 passengers. Arrived  June 12th.

1811                      Francis Gillespie of Ballyshannon from Londonderry, Ireland to New York via ship, Westpoint, 73 passengers. Arrived Nov 23rd.

 1816, May 21    Mr Armed Gillespie arrived Quebec , Canada on the vessel, Mary. Sailed 43 days from Greenock, Scotland

1816                     James, Mary, Mary Anne and Eliza Gillespie from Belfast to New York via ship, Ossian. Arrived June 20th, 90 passengers.

1816                  Isabella Gillespie – no details

1817                 Colin Gillespie arrived Philadelphia

1817                James Gillespie arrived Philadelphia

1817               William Gillespie arrived Philadelphia

1819               Jas Gillespie, arrived 1819 Philadelphia

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1821 A Report of  A Voyage on the David of London to Quebec, Canada – Click on title to read a report of what people experienced on the trip on board the ship and once they moved into the wilderness of Upper Canada.

1822, Dec 31    Ann Galaspy, age 20, seamstress of Ireland to Baltimore, USA

1822                     Francis Gillespie,  born 1796. Arrived New York

1822                       Jabez Gillespie, Arrived in Philadelphia

1822                       W Gillespie, born 1794. Arrived New York

1823                        Robert Gillespie, born 1759. Arrived Philadelphia

1824                         C Gillespie, born 1804. Arrived Philadelphia

1824, June 20     James Gillespie, age 29, farmer of Ireland to W.  County (?New York)

1825                     Alexander Gillespie, arrived New York

1825                 Nancy  Gillespie, arrived Philadelphia

1825                  Peggy Gillespie, born 1803. Arrived New York

1825                   Peggy Gillespie, born 1804. No arrival port given.

1825                  Peggy Gillespie, born 1805. Arrived Philadelphia

1825, May 17     Sarah Gillespie, age 15, spinster from Ireland, via Londonderry to New York via ship Trident.

1825 June 20     Wm Gillespie, age 18, farmer from Ireland, destination New York with “one trunk” via ship, General Putnam.

1826                 Elizabeth Gillespie, 1848. Arrived New York

1826                   Edward Gillespie, arrived New York

1826                   Isabella Gillespie, Arrived New York

1827                   Anthony Gillespie, born 1792. Arrived New York.

1827, Sept 30     George Gillispie, age 18, farmer of Great Britain, to West County. Also James Gillispy, age 18, weaver to USA

1827         James Gillespie, born 1797, arrived New York

1827      James Gillespie, born 1806. Arrived Philadelphia

1827      John Gillespie, born 1806. Arrived New York

1827    Margaret Gillespie, born 1771. Arrived Philadelphia

1827     Mary Gillespie, b 1773. Arrived New York

1827     Mary Gillespie, b 1797. Arrived New York, Castle Garden

1827    Mary Ann Gillespie, arrived New York

1828     Ann Gillespie, b 1802.  Arrived Philadelphia

1828      Anne Gillespie, born 1804. Arrived Pennsylvania

1828      Eliza Gillespie, born 1820.  Arrived Philadelphia

1828      Eliza Gillespie, born 1822, Arrived Philadlephia

1828     James Gillespie or Galispee, born 1793, arrived Pennsylvania. Naturalization Massachusetts

1828     James Gillespie, born 1826. Arrived New York

1828      Janet Gillespie, born 1801. Arrived in New York

1829           Chas Gillespie, born 1808. Arrrived Philadelphia

1829                  Dam Gillespie, born 1804. Arrived Philadelphia

1829                    Danl Gillespie, born 1804. Arrived Philadelphia

1829                  James Gillespie, born 1808. Arrived Philadelphia

1829                   John Gillespie, born 1799. Arrived Philadelphia

1829                  Robert Gillespie born 1809. No port given.

1829                  Susanna Gillespie, arrived New York

1829                    William Gillespie of Co Fermanagh, Ireland & Saml Gillespie of Co Tyrone to Ottawa Valley, Canada by February (my ancestors)

1829, May 22  Thomas Gillespie, age 40, born Ireland, from Belfast to New York City on the ship Atlantic

1830             James N Gillespie, born 1809 arrived Pennsylvania

1832             Cornelius Gillespie, age 24 & Biddy Gillespie, age 25, bound for Quebec, Canada aboard the ship, Daniel O’Connor from Ireland.

1832             Robert Gillespie, Montreal Emigrant Society Passage Book: return of poor & destitute immigrants forwarded by the Montreal Emigrant Society. Sent to Prescott,Upper Canada (Ontario).

1832, Sept 30    Margaret Gillespie, age 66 of Great Britain to USA. Also Robert Gillespie, age 20, weaver.

1833, April 4       Allice Gillespie, passenger on ship Brig ODorcas Savage O out of Belfast, to New Brunswick, Canada.

1833, April 20     John Gillespie, passenger on ship,  Elizabeth for St. John, New Brunswick, Canada. His sisters with him: Sarah Mary Gillespie & Eliza Gilllespie.

1834, July 8     Margt Gillespie, age 34, May Gillespie, age 13, and Daniel Gillespie, age 11 arriving in Philadlephia from Liverpool on ship, Brig Emerald.

1837                  John Gillespie, age 70, immigrated to Eldon, Victoria Co, Upper Canada (Ontario). (Probably from Isle of Islay, Scotland since all settlers in this area of the province  were from same location). 

1843                Alice Gillespie to St Lawrence Ward, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

1843              Isabella Gillespie, age 12, bound for Quebec from Ireland aboard the Jane Duffies ship.

1844               James Gillespie, from Montreal to Cornwall, (Ontario).

This next period now covers the Potato Famine desperation in Ireland 1845 to 1852

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1846            Mary Gillespie, age 60, to Ontario County in Canada West (Province of Ontario). Another Isle of Islay, Scottish settler most likely due to location.   

1846 Dec 11. Lawrence Gillespie, 37, labourer & Homer Gillespie 30, labourer, Patt Gillespie, Anthony Gillespie, labourer travelling on ship, Queen of the West from Liverpool to New York.

1846 Dec 12   Maryann Gillespie, 16, from Great Britain on the ship Panthea from Liverpool to New York.

1847        Buried on Grosse Island in St Lawrence River, CANADA:  Joseph Graham age three years and nine months, son of George Graham, labourer of the parish of Clogher, Co Tyrone, Ireland, and Elizabeth by her maiden name GILLESPIE, his wife. The child died on the second day of June  on board the Bark, Lord Seaton, now lying off the Quarantee Station, and was buried on the same day of the said month of the year of our Lord, 1847

Buried George Graham, aged two years, son of George Graham, labourer  of the Parish of Clogher, Co Tyrone, Ireland and of Elizabeth, by her maiden name, Gillespie, his wife. Child died in hospital on the 13th of June, 1847 (after having disembarked sick).

1847, Aug 9    David Gillespie, labourer from Liverpool on the ship, St Patrick, bound for America.

1847, Aug 23    Jane Gillespie, age 33, from Liverpool on the ship, Cornelia, bound for America

1847, Sept 4      Isabella Gillespie, age 18, servant, from Liverpool on ship, Matilda bound for America.

1847, Oct 22     Wm Gillespie, age 46, farmer and agent, and Mary Gillespie, widow, wife, age 46, Gilbert age 20, Susan, age 19, Margaret age 17, William age 13, Vesay, age 9, child Mary Anne, age 6, and Oran Gillespie, age 11 on board the ship, Westpoint, from Liverpool. Also Jas Gillespie, age 45, farmer.

1847, Nov 26      Cath Gillespie, age 19, servant, on ship, Hugenot, from Liverpool.

1847, Dec 2          Wm Gillespie, age 24, weaver from Liverpool, on the ship Peter-Hattrick.

1847 (no date)   Daniel Gillespie and Sally on the ship “marchioness of Clydesdale from Ireland to St John, New Brunswick, Canada.

1847 (no date)   James Gillespie and Gidore, on the ship, Hartford, from Ireland to Philadelphia, USA.

1848, Jan 24      Thos Gillespie, age 20, labourer, and Patt, age 18, labourer, on the ship, Naomi from Liverpool.

1848, Jan 25     Ann Gillespie, from Glasgow, on the ship Mary-Morrish.

1848, April 21   Eliza Gillispie, age 20, from Belfast, Ireland on the ship, Infanta.

1848, April 24    Robert Gillespie, age 40, labourer, and Margt, age 25, his wife, on the ship, Horne, from Liverpool.

1848, April 26   Chas Gillespie, age 27, carpenter and Mary, age 20, servant. Henry Gillespie, age 22, carpenter, on the ship Samuel-Hicks, from Liverpool. Also Thomas Gillespie, age 25, labourer, Mary Gillespie, age 18, servant, and Biddy, age 17, servant.

1849, June 28    William Gillespie, 31, from Liverpool to New York on the ship, Guy Mannering.

1848, Aug 15      Thomas Gillespie, 26 and wife May on ship Marchioners of Bute. From Newry, Ireland to New York.

1849, May 1      James Gillespie, 17, labourer on the ship, Bark Fanny, from Londonderry, Northern Ireland to New York

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 1850, Jan 16    James Gillespie, age 28 from Ireland via Liverpool, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA on the ship Saranak.

1850, July 3    Mary Ann Gillespie, travelling on the ship Bark Barbara from Londonderry, Ireland to Philadelphia, PA USA (with McLaughlin & McCrossan families).

1850 July 18  John Gilllespie, age 9, arriving in Philadephia, PA from Londonderry on the ship, Barque Creole. 

1850, Sept 18  Ann Gallaspie, age 10 from ship, De Witt Clinton from LIverpool to New York.

1852, April 23    C Gillespie, passenger on the ship Brig Amphitrite from Panama to San Francisco, California, left Panama on Feb 1st with 190 passengers and crew. 30 days out they put into San Carlos, Salvador where the Captain quit the vessel, as did seven other passengers. The remaining passengers raised $808 for provisions and set sail on March 12, 1852. On April 23rd with onnly one day of water left, plus a few pounds of rice and a peck of peas, the Captain and passengers decided to beach the ship 300 miles to the south and eastward of Acapulaco, Mexico. Landing was made safely. Some passengers were too sick, and remained with the Indians. The rest of the passengers crossed the mountains to Acapulco, arriving there in 18 days. There is no other information except that these passengers were likely part of the gold rush and probably originally left New York.

1852, May 14     Mary Gillespie, age 25, a labourer from Ireland, passenger on the ship Barque Atala from Liverpool to New York

1852, Nov 4     John Gillespie, Master of ship Brig Metropolis, from San Duan de Norte to New York

Ireland begins to recover from the Potato Famine that sent a million away and starved another million people.

1853, July 15     Janet Gillespie, age 40, spinster, from Glasgow, Scotland via ship Java, to New York

1854, Aug 18      Eliza Gillespie, 27, domestic servant from Forfar, single, departed Birkenhead, Liverpool on this date on ship James Fernie. Arrived Port Adelaide, South Australia Dec 5, 1854

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1855, May 8       Ellen Gillespie, age 18, bonnet maker, from Ireland, left Liverpool on ship Manhattan. Arrived New York.

1855, Aug 2         William Gillespie, age 16, labourer, left Londonderry, Northern Ireland on ship Burlington, arrived in Philadelphia, PA.

1857, May 20        Wm Gillespie, age 17, clerk and Eliza Gillespie, age 15, clerk. left Liverpool on ship, Barnabas Webb. Arrived in New York.

1857, May 23  Cathe Gillespie, age 23, spinster travelling from Liverpool to New York via the ship, Northern Chief.

1857 Aug 25     Mary Gillespie, age 35, wife, Fredrk age 12 and Rich’d age 7. Anthony Gillespie, age 4 all from Great Britain heading to USA. Left Liverpool on ship, S. S. City of Washington. Arrived New York.

1857, Aug 31    Anty Gilespie, age 22, labourer from Great Britain, upper deck of ship John J Boyd travelling from Liverpool to New York.

1857, Sept 4    Isaac Gillespie, age 22, from Ireland and Mg’t Gillespie, age 29, together as passengers on ship Kossuth, left Liverpool and arrived in New York.

1860                  Sally Gillespie, age 16 from Moville, Co Donegal, Ireland and Maria, age 23 to Philadelphia, PA on ship Elizabeth. Also on board Jane Gillespie, age 20 from Moville, Margaret Gillespie, age 16 of Moville, Catherine Gillespie, age 25 Edenreagh.

1862, June 27      John Gillespie, age 18, labourer from Scotland on ship Antarctic from Liverpool to New York.

1862 Sept 22      Captain D Gillespie reported at Greenock, Scotland the birth of two children on board his ship, Elizabeth out of Londonderry. Voyage of party of Lewismen. Left Londonderry July 3rd and arrived Quebec City, Canada on Aug 3. Arrived back at Clyde Sept 20th.

1863, Dec 9     James Gillespie, age 25, labourer from Great Britain in steerage of the ship Australia from Liverpool to New York.

1870 April 8     Margt Gillespie,age 18, from Scotland travelled on ship, S S Europa from Glasgow to New York.

1871 June 9     Jno Gillespie, age 53, builder, Mrs Isab Gillespie, age 59 from Scotland, steerage on ship SS India from Glasgow and Moville, Co Donegal, Ireland to New York. Also Thos Gillespie, age 17 from Ireland in steerage on same ship.

1871 June 9      William Gillespie, age 26, labourer from Ireland, steerage. From Glasgow to New York via ship SS Columbia.

1871 June 13     Chas Gillespie, age 29, labourer from Ireland, on SS France from Liverpool to New York.

1872 April 29     Thos Gillespie, age 17, labourer from Ireland on ship SS Europa from Glasgow, Scotland to New York.

1873 April 21     Geo Gillespie, age 28, mason from Scotland, via SS India from Glasgow, Scotland via Moville, Co Donegal, Ireland to New York.

1875 Sept 25     Jane Gillespie, age 12, servant from Ireland travelling on ship SS California from Glasgow, Scotland via Moville, Co Donegal, Ireland to NewYork. ‘intermediate.’

1878 Jan 29        William Gillespie, age 39 from England, in fore steerage on ship SS Egypt sailed from Liverpool to New York.

1878, Sept 14      Mary Gillespie, age 30, resident of USA, on ship SS Celtic from Liverpool to New York in steerage.

1879 March 5      Geo Gillespie, age 28, farmer, from Liverpool to New York via steerage on ship SS Nevada

1879 April 14      Jas Gillespie, age 30 from Scotland via ship SS City of Berlin to USA in steerage.

1882 Jan 6    Mrs J Gillespie, age 36, wife from the USA, on the ship SS State of Alabama from Glasgow, Scotland & Larne, Ireland to New York.

1883 May 23       Mary Gillespie, age 19, house servant from Ireland on the ship SS Anchoria from Glasgow, Scotland to New York.

1885, Oct 8           Mr L Gillespie, age 27, gentleman from England on the SS Abyssinia from Liverpool & Queenstown to New York, 246 passengers

1888, Dec 17        Colin Gillespie, age 39, merchant of London, England, on the SS Eturia from Liverpool & Queenston to New York.

1890 May 26        Th? Gillespie, age 28, single male, labourer from England on the ship SS Kansas from Liverpool to Boston, Massachusetts.

1890 July 7           John Gillespie, age 40, labourer from Ireland, Mary Gillespie, age 44, matron from Ireland, on the SS Cephalonia from Liverpool & Queenston, Ireland to Boston, Massachusetts.

1892 Arriving Ellis Island from Donegal, Ireland  Buopt Gillespie, age 25 on the ship SS Ethiopia from Glasgow, Scotland via Moville, Co Donegal to New York .The processing station at Ellis Island opened in 1892 and closed in 1954. 12 million immigrants passed through this station in the 60 year period.

1892   Other passengers arriving at Ellis Island, New York from overseas:                                                        USA-NYC-Ellis Island crop.jpg

  • Agnes Gillespie, age 28
  • A.S. Gillespie    from Liverpool, age 30
  • Annie Gillespie from Co Donegal, age 28
  • Bridget Gillespie, age 19
  • Bunfet Gillespie, from Co Donegal, age 25
  • C Gillespie, age 29
  • Ciss Gillespie, age 38
  • Danl Gillespie from Glasgow, Scotland, age 32
  • Eliza Gillespie, age 23
  • James Gillespie from Dublin, Ireland, age 22
  • Jas Gillespie from Londonderry, Ireland, age 30
  • Jas Gillespie from Liverpool, age 35
  • Jno Gillespie, age 41
  • Jno Gillespie, age 17
  • Jno Gillespie from Dublin, Ireland, age 14
  • John Gillespie from Glasgow, Scotland, age 53
  • Jos Gillespie, age 30
  • Joseph Gillespie from Liverpool, age 26
  • Kate Gillespie, age 21
  • Kate Gillespie, from Co Donegal, 35
  • Kate Gillespie
  • Lizzie Gillespie, age 24
  • Margaret Gillespie
  • Mary Gillespie, age  11
  • Mary Gillespie, age 25
  • Mary Gillespie from Co Donegal, age 25
  • Mary Gillespie, age 22
  • Mic Gillespie, age  25
  • Owen Gillespie, from Co Donegal, Ireland, age 30
  • Pat Gillespie, age 23
  • Pat Gillespie, age 20
  • Peter Gillespie age 25
  • Peter Gillespie, age 20
  • R. G.Gillespie from Liverpool, age 26
  • S. W.Gillespie, age 39
  • Thos Gillespie from Belfast, Ireland, age 26
  • Thos Gillespie from Belfast, Ireland, age 19
  • W. Hewitt Gillespie, from London, age 24
  • Wm Gillespie from London , age 41
  • Gillespie, age 5
  • Gillespie, age 7
  • Gillespie, age 28
  • Gillespie, age 29

1893 Ellis Island Arrivals

  • Agnes Gillespie, age 11
  • Agnes Gillespie, age 42
  • Alex Gillespie, age 35
  • Alex Gillespioe, age 32
  • Alex R Gillespie, age 53
  • Alexr Gillespie age 0
  • 1895 May 1       John Gillespie, age 22, farmer from Ireland to New York on the SS Furnessia.

1903 Aug 15    Philip Gillespie travelled from Havre, France to New York on The La Savoie.

1903, Aug 17    Mrs Mgt Gillispie & John Gillespie departed Londonderry, Northern Ireland and Glasgow, Scotland on the ship SS Columbia. Arrived New York

1903 Sept 22    Maggie Gillespie from Londonderry, Ireland and Glasgow, Scotland on the ship Astoria to New York.

1903, Nov 11    Mrs Robert Gillespie departed Liverpool, England on the ship SS Oceania. Arrived in New York.

1903, Dec 25    William Gillespie, departed Londonderry, Northern Ireland and Glasgow, Scotland on the ship SS Anchoria. Arrived New York.

1907 was the peak year of immigration through Ellis Island in New York.

1907 June 19    Annie Gillespie, age 40, married, US Citizen, wife, can read and write, nationality Dublin, Ireland, last permanent residence Philadelphia, passage paid by self in the amount of $25.  Going to husband Thomas M Gillespie, 220 N Camac Street.  Height 5 ft 8 inches, complexion dark; hair dark; eyes blue; born in Co Tyrone, Ireland. Also Thomas Gillespie, age 9, single, US citizen, going to or return to father.

1912 April 12-15   The ship Titanic left Southampton, England on its maiden voyage to New York, but was hit by an iceberg and went to the bottom of the ocean. Most of its 1500 passengers died. William Henry Gillespie, age 34, a clerk from Co Laois, Ireland en route to British Columbia, Canada drowned. Vera nee Gillespie Dick (1894-1973), age 17 from Calgary, Alberta and the bride of Albert Dick, were returning from their honeymoon. They were rescued. Vera was the daughter of Frederick William Gillespie and his wife, Annie.

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World War I began Jul 28, 1914 – Nov 11, 1918 making it very dangerous for passenger ships crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

1915     John Gillespie travelled on the RMS Luisitania from Liverpool, England, heading to New York. The ship was torpedoed in the Atlantic with a loss of 1,198 lives on 7 May 1915, three years after the Titanic went down. It lies at the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Co Cork, Ireland.

Image result for photo of ship Lusitania

The Great War had ended in 1918, and peace returned for a few years.

1923 July 5    Mr & Mrs H. R. Gillespie of London, England, passengers on the ship, Melagama, from Glasgow, Scotland & Belfast, Ireland to Quebec and Montreal, Canada. Departed Glasgow on Friday, June 22nd. Departed Belfast on Saturday, June 23rd.

1927 Ellis Island, New York arrivals:

  • Agnes Gillespie, age 20 from Ireland
  • Alex Gillespie, age 21 from Scotland
  • Anne Gillespie, 8 m from Scotland
  • Dinah Gillespie, age 25 from Ireland
  • Elizabeth Gillespie, age 33 from Ireland
  • Elizabeth Gillespie, age 21 from Ireland
  • Florence Gillespie, age 13, returning US citizen
  • George Gilelspie, age 22, from Ireland
  • George A Gillespie, age 29 from New Zealand
  • Helen Gillespie, age 42 from Scotland
  • Helen Gillespie, age 32 from Scotland
  • James A Gillespie, age 45 from Ireland
  • Janet Gillespie, age 54 from Scotland
  • Janet M Gillespie, age 21 from Scotland
  • Joan Gillespie, age 8, IFS
  • John Gillespie, age 28 IFS
  • Kathleen Gillespie, age 20, from Ireland
  • Lennox Gillespie, age 31 from Scotland
  • Lillian Gillespie, age 38 IFS
  • Margaret Gillespie, age 25 from Scotland
  • Mary Gillespie, age 23 from Scotland
  • Mary Gillespie, age 2 from Scotland
  • Norman R Gillespie, age 5 from Ireland
  • Robert Gillespie, age 25 from Ireland
  • Robert A Gillespie, age 25 from Ireland
  • Robert  C Gillespie, age 7 from Ireland
  • Robert J Gillespe, age 34 from Ireland
  • Samuel Gillespie, age 21 from Ireland
  • Thos L Gillespie, age 21 from Scotland
  • William Gillespie, age 25 from Ireland
  • William Gillespie, age 1 IFS
  • William Gillespie, age 60 from Scotland
  • William Gillespie age 19 from Scotland
  • William Gillespie, age 32 from Scotland
  • William Gillespie age 19 from Scotland
  • William Gillespie, age 18 from Ireland

to be continued…..

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