MILITARY: India Mutiny 1857-1859

Those who received medals for their service with the British Army in India during the Indian Mutiny

Bartholemew Gillespie, Drummer, 2nd Foot (Inniskilling)

Daniel Gillespie, Corporal, 1st Bengal European Fusilers, died Feb 12, 1858.

David Gillespie, 34d Madias Fusilers

Domanick Gillespie, Private, 83rd Foot

Francus Gillespie, Private, 75th Foot

George Gillespie, Private, 1st Battalion, 5th Foot, Northumberland Fusihers

George Gillespie, Private, 42nd Foot, Royal Highlanders

James Gillespie, Private, 83rd Foot

John Gillespie, 1st Bengal European Fusiliers

Peter Gillespie, Seargeant, 93rd Foot, Sutherland Highlanders

Richard Gillespie, 3rd Madias Fusilliers

Robert Gillespie, Gunner (D Royal Horse Artillery)

Thomas Gillespie, Private, 89th Foot

William Gillespie, Private, 93rd Foor, Sutherland Highlanders

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