What can you and I do to help suffering people around us and overseas?  

Here is a terrific video about a nurse who went to Africa on  a medical mission trip. If you are a Health Professional, what about going  as a volunteer to bring medical care to those who have none. There are many organizations that offer you this opportunity

VISION:  Projects on this website are involved in humanitarian efforts, focused on, but not limited to: helping the homeless, the poor (especially in countries in Africa),  orphans, widows, foreigners, and people in crisis, anywhere around us  through practical, hands-on projects. To relieve suffering or stress, and bring joy.  


Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, but give him a net and he can sell those fish in the market and provide a living for his family.

Maybe like me you’ve longed for an opportunity to help somebody, anybody. But  so often people live  lonely isolated lives, even in cities surrounded by millions of others busy with their own interests.

Let’s bless one person today: an encouraging word; a phone call, a letter, even a package of goodies sent to someone near or far. And a moment of thankfulness, as a new day dawns,  or ends.




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