FILMING GILLESPIE GRAVES and matching those tombstone photos to the cemetery records being added to this website. The information on these stones is being erased by the winds of time.

  • Military Graves in Europe:  France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, England. Finding and filming  military tombstones from any war, not already posted somewhere else on the Internet. Linking to those already done.
  • Developing the family histories for each Gillespie soldier so it is more than just a tombstone picture, but our way of honouring the memory we can pass to the next generation. “Lest We Forget”

LOCATING GILLESPIE GENEALOGY WEBSITES that  are still current on the Internet, and providing a link to them from this one to help you in research. Many websites have ended. See my former website for this focus.

Under consideration:  This Library as a “Non Profit” Incorporated organization,  with a Board of Directors. Should you have an interest in being involved, kindly let me know.


What are Libraries of the Future going to be like? Ongoing research into this and other subjects and changes coming. “The open library concept” being adapted in Europe.


The vision and work of others that I support by presenting these for your consideration:

  • Building Apartments for Vets in Great Britain. Over 1,000 vets are homeless in London, England alone.
  • Feeding the hungry, developing hospitals and schools, caring for children, helping our vets, rescuing those suffering human trafficking. Joyce Meyer Ministries world-wide.
  • Canadian Food Grains – feeling the poor across the world, and other projects to end global hunger.