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Beginning balance of all records posted to this site at end of first year:  16,937 as of Jan 1st, 2018.


Week of January 1 to  7, 2018 

GOALS, VISION, FOCUS – Miscellaneous check of all links, and review of interest by visitors to this website. Working systematically down country list on left menu bar adding records to each one, then repeating. Unifying appearance so all dates prior to  1850 are highlighted (e.g.1849 and 1850) for easier research of oldest records.

AFRICA & ASIA– just finished during Dec 2017 – now added a few more South Africa Birth Records. New:  PHILIPPINES home page added)

AUSTRALIA – continuing  NSW Birth and Death Records; New:  Birth Records Western Australia

CANADA: Newfoundland  & Labrador home page with 1921 census and listing of early inhabitants

CARIBBEAN:  Added records for Barbados

ENGLAND– adding more Marriage Records. Stopped at 450 entries, more to be added later.

EUROPE: one record each for Denmark, Germany, Italy. Extremelly few records seem to be available for Gillespies in Europe other than military records, so added links to those for some countries.  A Gillespie born in Denmark is listed on 1850 census for Alabama, USA

Week of Jan 8 to 14, 2018 


Counties: Kerry, Kings, Longford, Queens, Tipperary, Wexford – new county pages begun with only a few records each, so held in private at this time, not yet ready to be published

Out of office…..

Week of January 15 to 21, 2018

IRELAND: Finished 1911 census Co Sligo; added 99 death records for Gillespies of Co Tyrone.

NEW ZEALAND:   a few more marriage records

SCOTLAND: Few Dumfries Gillespie death records; Fifeshire Monument & Deaths;

CAN YOU HELP IDENTIFY ANY OF THE PEOPLE IN THIS PHOTO ca 1919 Edinburgh, Scotland?  The wedding of Marjory Lenore Gillespie & George Moir. This couple later immigrated to Edmonton area of Alberta, Canada.

PHOTO Marjory Lenore Gillespie Wedding (groom George Moir) circa 1919

Week of January 22 to 28, 2018

IRELAND: 1911 census Co Tyrone; added 61 death records for Co Armagh.

Gillespie Name origins (not yet posted)

SCOTLAND 1841 Police Report in Glasgow; Gillespie Biographies .

Week of January 29 to February 28th

USA focus the whole month of February:

  • Alabama Home Page just released: includes Gillespie Marriages, 1850 Census (first census that lists all family members). Links to even earlier census on USA home page.
  • Connecticut – added 60 Death Records
  • Delaware – rechecked marriages. Began Death Records
  • Florida – new home page & 104 marriage records
  • Georgia – 68 more Gillespie marriages
  • Kentucky: new home page; 68 marriage records
  • Maryland – more marriage records. Reviewed Gillespie early history from 1700s, especially linked to wills and other states.
  • Massachusetts – more marriage records
  • New Hampshire – more marriage & death records
  • New Jersey – added 73 more marriage records
  • New York – added 31 Marriage records and 19 death records
  • North Carolina – Added 63 more marriages
  • Ohio – Youngstown 1889-90 Business Directory & Added 102 Ohio Marriage Records
  • Filming Gillespie Tombstones in Ontario
  • Gathering eyeglasses for Africa

Week of March 4 to 11, 2018: Military Focus

  • Military: Added more Chelsea Pensioner’s Service Records 1766-1912 (United Kingdom)
  • Military:  Merchant Seaman 1835-1941 United Kingdom
  • Added a video about DNA on that special page.
  • Military:  Upper Canada Militia, 1828, 1829
  • Military : Recovered records for American Revolution. Somehow it was deleted by accident
  • Military: War of 1812 between Canada and USA

Week of March 12 to 18, 2018: Immigration & Passenger Lists & Miscellaneous

  • Added 390 more immigration records
  • Just beginning World War II USA Army enlistment records
  • Ireland:  More Death Records for Co Antrim (14); Belfast  (18); Co Fermanagh (23); Co Donegal (9);Co Londonderry (6);
  • More Immigration Records (44)

Week of March 19 to  25, 2018:

Week of March 26 to April 1, 2018: HAPPY EASTER. He is Risen!  Focus: IRELAND

  • Current work – 1911 census Co Down
  • Out of office, travelling

Week of April 2 to 8: Focus IRELAND

Week of April 9 to 15, 2018: focus CANADA


  • Birth Records (175) from Toronto to Grey County
  • Early Jail Occupants
  • Ontario Post Office Officials
  • Upper Canada Land Grant Petitions
  • Surrogate Court Records Index 1859-1900

Alberta: Dominion Land Grants, 1870-1930 W4, &  W5 & W6 towards the mountains

Saskatchewan:  Dominion Land Grants 1870-1930 W2 & W3

Manitoba: Dominion Land Grants 1870-1930  EPM & W1

Note: Dominion land grants were the original or first titles to a portion of land issued by the Crown,  free 160 acres for settlers, so these records provide a broad look at  first homesteads of Gillespies spread across the Prairies.

Weeks of April 16-29, 2018:  Focus Miscellaneous

  • Added more Ontario birth records, and made a few corrections while rechecking dates.
  • England Marriages – starting to add more from time to time.

Month of May:

Travel and gardening month


  • Arkansas home page with county map, census and death records
  • Arizona Home page, map, death and marriage records
  • California : home page, map, marriage & death records


Month of June:

Genealogy work slows down over the summer due to other commitments, then usually picks up in the fall. One day at a time for each of us.


Children’s Corner:  jokes, riddles and story time: The Adventures of Squeeky The Mouse (2 more chapters added)

Guidance For Life: Sharing comments and  Bible verses to help us face life’s violence and corruption.

USA cont’d

  • California – 53 more death records from National Cemeteries
  •  Colorado State Map, Home Page, Gillespie Mines, Census, Name Index


  • developing home pages for each country involved in WWII, including:
  • 44 records for Australia.
  • 51 records added Canada
  • 60 records of UK soldiers,  Britain (United Kingdom)
  • 3 for New Zealand
  • 1 for South Africa
  • 53 more records of soldiers, USA
  • Added index of Munster Rolls, Pearl Harbour


  • proofreading 1911 census Co Antrim: some corrections made
  • Current work 1901 census Co Antrim, Ireland: 650 records is taking a long time to get done, extending ahead.


Month of July:

  • USA: Added current Gillespie death records to the States of:   New York, Texas,  Illinois, Oregon and South Carolina. Birth record for Texas.
  • Added link on North Carolina home page to new highway plaque in Duplin County honouring pioneer James Gillespie, Congressman

  • Canada: Ontario – few more births, marriages & death records
  • Military: Added link to video testimony of Bailey Gillespie, who was held in North Korea for 32 months as a prisoner of war during the Korean War.
  • News: Paul W Gillespie, Photojournalist, survived the deadliest attack on journalists in North America at the Capital Gazette in Maryland. PHOTO. Link to his interview following the attack

Peerage History of Sir Robert Rollo Gillespie, famous military leader (see Asia: India) 

Genealogy Records for 2018

  • January:   1059                Total records 17,996
  • February    761                                               18,757
  • March       1226                                               19,983
  • April             689                                               20,672
  • May              256                                               20,928
  • June             327                                               21,255

Records Added for 2016-2017Year End Summary of all records on this website

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