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Alevy C Gillaspie to James W Cathey Feb 23, 1859 Tennessee

Almee J Gillespie married Jeffery Reed Oct 23, 1999, Tennessee, USA

Amanda Gillespie to H W Bradford May 10, 1854 TN

America A Gilespie to A J. Perkins May 24, 1854 Tennessee

Ann Gillespie married Robert F Houston April 13, 1826, Blount Co, TN

A S Gillespie to B F Roe June 4, 1861 TN

A. V Gillespie to James McIntosh Dec 15, 1869 TN


Betsy Gillespie married Abraham Bryd March 20, 1799, Blount Co, TN


Cynthia Gillespie to Felix Houston June 6, 1832 TN


Delia Gillespie to Marvin (?Marion) Sanford July 29, 1870 TN


Eliza Gillespie married James W Wiley May 19, 1823,  TN

Elizabeth Gillespie married Joseph Davis April 1, 1806, Blount Co, TN

Elizabeth Gillespie married John Winn Aug 24, 1819, Sumner Co, TN

Elizabeth Gillespie to James A McGee Nov 8, 1854 TN

Esther H Gillespie married Matthew C Houston Aug 8, 1822, Blount Co, TN


Fanny E Gillaspie to H .T Holbs Oct 25, 1854 Tennessee


Isabella Gillespie married John Rucker Nov 16, 1807, Blount Co, TN

Isabella Gillespie married Moses L Swan March 9, 1830, Blount Co, TN


Jane Gillespie married Peter Brisdon Aug 1, 1809, Sumner Co, TN

Jane Gillespie married I Reid Edminston Jan 8, 1818 Williamson Co, TN

Jane Gillespie married David Vance Aug 8, 1820 Sumner Co, TN

Jane Gillespy married David Carson Oct 9, 1827, Blount Co, TN


Louisa Jane Gillispie married Joel S Hening Jan 7, 1840 TN

Lucindy Galespie (Mrs) to Allen Canady Dec 18, 1853 Tennessee

Lucy A Gillespie to Willis C Ward Jan 1, 1851 TN

Lydia Gillespie married James Wallace Feb 1803, Sumner Co, TN


Malinda Gillespie married Wm J Byrd March 24, 1818, Blount Co, TN

Margaret Gillespie married Thomas H Smith Aug 8, 1828, Blount Co, TN

Margaret L Gillaspie to D D Brooks Nov 27, 1861 Tennessee

Mariah W Gillespie to Thomas Bradford July 30, 1850

Martha Gillespie to John R Lanom Dec 5, 1860 TN

Martha Gillaspie to G G Hudson Dec 26,1860 Tennessee

Martha E Gillispie married John J Kee Jan 26 1868 TN

Mary Gillespie married James Houston Oct 6, 1796, Blount Co, TN

Mary Gillespie married James Launderdale May 19, 1821, Sumner Co, TN

Mary Gillespie married Matthew M Houston Nov 29, 1821, Blount Co, TN

Mary Gillespie married Drew Neel Oct 20, 1869

Mary A Gillespie to John Rediman May 2, 1850

Mary Ann Gillespie to William A Stilwell Nov 26, 1850

Mary E Gillespie to Robert Gillespie Feb 6, 1864

Mary J Gillespie to R B Travis Dec 10, 1857

Mary L Gillispie married J S Stewart Aug 15, 1849 TN

Mary M Gillespie to John Nelson Nov 20, 1851

Mary V Gillespie to Patrick Cowan Jan 14, 1862

Matilda Gillespie married Alexander Slavin Nov 12, 1821 Williamson Co, TN

Melinda Gillespie married Saml R Morrow Jan 24, 1842 TN


N A Gillespie married John Lee Sept 14, 1862

Nancy Gillespie married Henry Bledsoe May 22, 1805, Sumner Co, TN

Nancy Gillespie married Allen Bryn Dec 12, 1834 Sumner Co, TN

Nancy Jane Gillespie married James A Hudson Feb 6, 1840 TN


Olivia Gillispie married William Gillespie Dec 28, 1853 TN


Patsy Gillespie married John Houston Oct 16, 1817, Blount Co, TN


Rebecca Jane Gillispie married Stephen B Herring Jan 2, 1853 TN

Rosannah Gillespy (also Gillespie) married John Cowan Aug 23, 1797, Blount Co, TN

Rosanna Gillespie married John Russell June 14, 1821 Blount Co, TN


Sally Gillespie married Andrew McQuiston Nov 13, 1856 TN

Sarah Gillispie married J P B Alexander Dec 15, 1842 TN

Sarah E Gillespie married D M Witherington Nov 13, 1856 TN

Sarah J Gillespie married Jessie L Branch Jan 16, 1844 TN

Sarah L Gillespie married James D Driver Nov 21, 1860 TN

Sophia Gillespie married William Wallace Sept 15, 1820 Williamson Co, TN

Source of Records: Mormon website

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