Downsizing day
Copyright Norma Gillespie, 2023

I just hired two men with a truck and trailer to move about 25 boxes, bags and tubs of miscellaneous things to the local Mission Thrift Store. Took them one hour in total to remove things from my apartment, drive across the city and unload everything. Cost $200 cash. They did a good job.

Oh, what a freeing experience. As an older senior, I no longer need or want these things.  One spends a lifetime gathering things to make ones life more enjoyable. I am at the opposite place now, letting go.

It is a situation that many seniors are facing today. What do we do with all the things that no body else cares about,  as we do? Give some things away, was my answer. I am down now to a core bit of furniture and personal affects, some of which I have recently replaced for better ones. I feel very happy that the things I gave away will bless other people, and generate funds for an organization to help people across the world. No junk involved. All were good things with value.

My downsizing continues this winter, as I got through three boxes of photo albums. I have already started. I scan each photo to my laptop to review it, maybe crop it a bit, then save to USB storage device in various folders of my life. Some photos are also being added to a book I am writing.  I also use a second backup system to preserve these pictures. The empty photo albums and cardboard boxes will go into the garbage or recycling.

Most of all, l  I know it will be a lot easier for my son when I move on to the next realm, and he has to close everything down and say his final goodbye.  I am comforted that some of the things that really matter to me will be preserved into  the future. It is more than physical possessions. Memories do matter.  Time matters. People matter.

Whatever you are facing, you can find a way. It begins with little steps day by day.  Give a little, save a little, build a little. Then watch an amazing thing happen. You change and grow into something better.  It may be inside of you, not outwardly for awhile.

Downsizing is making room for opportunities and experiences that will change your life and mine for the better.

Serenity Prayer
Serenity Prayer