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Enjoy music videos of the Great Wars at the bottom of this page. . Click on any highlighted name or the cemetery photo to find a larger copy of the tombstone.  The Prince Edward & Hastings Regiment included men from outer communities than Coe Hill, who are gradually being added. Index of cemeteries also being added, and finding more soldiers doing so.


Posted in The Bancroft Times, Jan 14, 1915

Third Overseas Contingent, Ages 18 to 45.  Pay: unmarried men $33 per month;  married men $53 per month. Supplementary allowance may be made by Canadian Patriotic Fund to soldiers’ families. Only men meaning business need apply. Married men will need wife’s written consent.

Aubrey Aggett, St MIchaels Cemetery
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AGGETT, AUBREY                                   World War I

See Obituaries A – Q

BIRD, FRANK                                               World War I

Private. Regimental number No 636538.  Born May 2, 1894 at Coe Hill, Ontario. Enlisted Jan 27, 1916 at Coe Hill. 155th Overseas Battalion. Age 23 years 5 months. 5 ft 9 inches. Fair complexion. Grey eyes (later hazel), Brown Hair. Farmer. Next of kin David Bird, brother, address Coe Hill. Single. Methodist. Left Canada August 1916 on ship S. S. Northlands.  In France Nov 29, 1916 to Nov 29, 1918. Frank received permission to marry on May 7, 1919. He also was wounded and treated in hospital. Returned to Canada July 11, 1919.

Discharged Rank  L-CPL at Toronto on Oct 10, 1919, but another form has him sign off in Hamilton Oct 7, 1919.  Intended place of residence: RD No 2, Glenfield, New York, USA re Mrs F Bird, wife, dependant.  Discharged having been found medically unfit for further service. Scars, and finger injuries. He had served in England and France for a total military experience of 3  years, 8 months, 13 days with 155th Canadian Infantry Battalion. Issued War Service Badge A.

Family History. From the 1911 census, it would appear that Frank is the son of  Benjamin Bird (b 1849) & wife Selina (b 1849) residence Coe Hill, until earlier census are reviewed to see if there might be an earlier wife and older children.  Frank has a younger sister Makealey (b 1884), and a younger brother David (b 1889). However, Frank’s birthday is given in 1901 as Jan 1893, differing from his statement to the army official interviewing him..but he is the only Frank Bird in that census in Wollaston, let alone with a brother David, whom he named next of kin. There is no brother Charlie Bird on the 1911 census in Wollaston Twp.

The frustrations of genealogy are date differences in vital statistics, which does occur up to five years in variation. Why? Different people giving answers to a recorder, (like a census taker), or person being interviewed may have different knowledge, or think they know and guess, or deliberately lie for their own purposes. One must also remember typo erros when records are copied,  because reading older handwriting on microfilmed records is often very difficult to interpret.

BIRD, Henry                                                   World War I

Private. Service No. 636237. Born Dec 17, 1891, Wollaston according to enlistment papers, which the interviewer heard Henry say and recorded in 1916.  The 1901 census gave it as Dec 20th.   He is 25 years of age at enlistment, and single in 1916.    A lumberman.  Next of kin his mother, Mary Ferguson of Coe Hill. Henry is the youngest of Mary’s Bird boys. Enlisted Jan 28, 1916 at Coe Hill. 5 ft 9 3/4 inches tall. Dark complexion. Brown eyes, brown hair. Methodist. Assigned 155th Overseas Battn. Sailed for England Oct 18, 1916 with his brothers, Hiram Bird and  maybe William Bird  on same boat. Arrived England Oct 28, 1916. Sent to France Dec 5, 1916 assigned to 21st Bn Canadian Infantry. Returned to England April 4, 1918, Carpel Tunnel Syndrone of left hand. Request to marry granted July 11, and next of kin changed for payments from Mary Ferguson in Coe Hill  to Mrs Olive Bird, 12 Gaspard Rd, Southampton, Sussex, England.

Returned to Canada sick. Departed Liverpool for Canada on  RMS Minnedosa on March 9, 1919 with a nine day sea voyage for troops returning to Canada. Arrived March 17, 1919 and discharged at St John, New Brunswick,  later in Kingston on March 19th, 1919, under General Demobilizaion. Died April 24, 1934 in  Canada. According to his sibling,  William Edward Ferguson’s  marriage record, he was the son of Edward Bird and Mary Hannah.

The 1901 census lists his birth as Dec 20, 1891, when he was living at home with his mother and her 2nd husband, Sam Ferguson, but two days difference on his attestation record and later errors makes the 1901 census information likely the most accurate.  Notes from the Heritage book give his death as local tragedy. But burial not yet found in St Andrew’s Cemetery in Coe Hill.  Marriage record for Sam and Mary has yet to be found.  Not found in Hastings County, as all of those available marriage records have been transcribed from Rootsweb Ontario Marriages 1869 to 1927, county by county.  The confusion is over the use of first name Matilda Ferguson in 1911 census. It may be that Mary M Ferguson stands for Mary Matilda in all her names. Henry’s  military records are available for viewing   on the Canadian Library & Archives website. The 1911 census for Wollaston Twp is found in detail on this website under Coe Hill Families. Mary’s children never called her Matilda, always Mary.

BIRD, HIRAM EDWARD                           World War I

Private, Service No. 636932. Canadian Infantry, 155 Bat, then transferred to 218th Bat. Born Coe Hill, Wollaston, Ontario. Mother Mary M Ferguson,  next of kin. Born March 10, 1887.  Labourer, Not married. Enlisted at Coe Hill on March 27, 1916, age 28, 5 ft 8 inches tall. Dark Complexion, Brown eyes; Brown hair. Methodist.  Sailed from  Halifax on Oct 17, 1916. Arrived in England on the SS Northlands,  Oct 28, 1916. He was a scout for the army.  Killed in action on the field at Vimy,  April 9, 1917. No known grave. Remembered on Vimy Memorial, FRANCE. Click on  memorial name to find map to locate panel.  

BIRD, William Edward                            World War I

Service No. 636466. Also 1013513. Two Attestation records. 2nd Born March 20, 1883 in Chandos, Peterboro. Present address Coe Hill. Married. Next  of Kin Mrs Mary Ferguson, mother,  crossed out and replaced with wife, Phoebe Ellen Bird on his second application April 5, 1917. Lumberman, Farmer. He had served 8 months with the 155th Battalion, came home and then reapplied. In 1916 in his first assessment record, he was age 34. 5 ft 4 1/2 inches tall, Dark Complexion,  Hazel eyes, Brown Hair, Methodist.  Why did he go back to those killing fields? No death record yet found in local cemeteries or overseas. Had he been wounded?  Did his marriage fall apart? The War raged on for another two years to Nov 11, 1918. He enlisted in the 205th Forestry Battalion and there is a note that he served in Canada, England, France.  Maybe he was cutting down trees for the war effort. These are the mysteries that make family history so fascinating, and help us see a person. The terrible experiences of these men had, we acknowledge. A photo of the three brothers is found in the Heritage book.  Apparently, he lived through it all and was discharged.

BIRD Family History:  William, Hiram,  and Henry Bird’s mother, Mary M Bird, (b April 1860),  father not given, appears in the 1901 census as wife of Sam Ferguson in Coe Hill, (he b Sept 17, 1872). She has two little Ferguson babies, and Sam is raising his wife’s five step-children with last name Bird.  These include: Nancy E Bird (b Aug 9, 1882) 18 years old; William E Bird (b March 20, 1884), age 16, Phoebe L Bird (b March 11, 1886), age 14. Hiram Bird, (b March 10, 1890), age 10 and Henry Bird, (b Dec 23, 1891), age 9.

Mary married her first husband about Oct/Nov 1881, and they were together about 10 years. He died probably between 1890 and 1891. Mary may have been alone with her Bird children up to three years.   She and Sam Ferguson are listed as a Ferguson couple as witnesses to a wedding in April 1893. Mary has James B Ferguson (b April 30, 1899), age 1, and a baby Elizabeth Ferguson, b Sept 17, 1900. (spelled Elizebeth) on the 1901 census.

One wonders about that five-year period (1893 to 1898) and why there no other children listed for Sam and Mary M?  There are many Ferguson infants buried in St Michael’s Cemetery, a possible suggestion, but needs more research. Mary had one more child after her little girl, Elizabeth and that was a boy, Nathan Ferguson, born May 1903 . She would have be about 43 years of age.  Mary would live another 38 years. But there is also a Sam & Lillie Ferguson in Coe Hill earlier in 1881 records, so did Lillie die and Sam remarry Mrs. Mary Bird,  as no two Sam Fergusons on 1901 census,  and no other Sam Ferguson found in cemetery records, only Sam and Mary together.

Hiram Bird, age 23,  is found on 1911 census working as a servant in Sidney Twp for Almira Roblin, age 50.  He returned to Coe Hill by March 1916 to join the military. Nathan Ferguson would have been too young, about 14 when the Great War began, confirmed not listed as a soldier. Mary Ferguson died in 1941, age 81, but Sam Ferguson outlived her another 20 years d 1961, age 91. Both are buried in St Michael’s Cemetery in Coe Hill. It was the marriage of Hiram’s brother, William Earl Bird in  1907 that lists his parents as Edward Bird and Mary M. Hannah. A marriage record between Mrs Mary Bird, widow, and Sam Ferguson has not yet been found, but they are a couple named as witnesses to a marriage in April 1893. It would appear that the marriage of a David Ferguson and widow Mary Bird in 1893, listed in Coe Hill Families, was not Hiram’s mother, as that couple disappear and have not yet been found.

There also seems to be a puzzling link between the last names Hannah, Hanners, Hammer, as I continue to look for Mary’s parents and her siblings.  Mary Ferguson may have received a pension and his medals for Hiram, when he was blown up at Vimy.

BROWNELL, Bert   (Burton)                World War I

Private. Service No. 636884. Canadian Infantry 38th Battalion. Born January 1900, son of Jacob and Maria Brownell, Coe Hill.  Died June 30, 1917 Buried La Chaudiere Military Cemetery,  at Vimy, FRANCE. Son of Jacob and Maria Brownell. 

BROWNELL, Charles H.                         World War I

Private. ID 636225. Canadian Infantry 21st Bn. Died April 9, 1917, age 30. Son of Mrs Maria Brownell, of 424 Arlington Avenue, Toronto. Buried Nine Elms Military Cemetery, Thelus, FRANCE. Click on name of cemetery to find map of Grave IV. C. G.

NOTE: Nine Elms British Cemetery is located in Belgium

BROWNELL, Fenton E.                            World War I

Private. Service No. 636239. Canadian Infantry, 21st Battn. Died April 9, 1917. Buried Nine Elms Military Cemetery, Thelus, FRANCE.  His grave ID not yet found.

BULLIED, WILLIAM ALFRED            World War I

Sergeant. Service Number 636222. Canadian Infantry, 3rd Battn. Died May 3, 1917, age 27 years.  No known grave. Remembered on Vimy Memorial, FRANCE. Click on name of memorial to find map.

CAMPBELL, Andrew James                World War I

Private. Service No. 645879. Canadian Infantry, 7th Bn. Died April 9, 1917. Buried Arras Road Cemetery, Roclincourt, FRANCE. Click on name of cemetery to find map to Grave I.B.22

CAMPBELL, Gerald Robert              World War I


CAMPBELL, William John                    World War I

Private. Service Number 413111. Canadian Infantry, 28th Bn. Son of D. S. and Martha Campbell of Rose Island, Hastings County.  Died June 6, 1916, age 27 years. No known grave. Ypes (Menin Gate) Memorial, BELGIUM.  Born Chandos July 6, 1890, Farmer’s Son.  Enlisted May 7, 1915, at Belleville, with mother next of kin at Clydesdale.  Approved on 11th by judge. Age 28, 5 ft 8 1/2 inches tall; Fair complexion. Eyes blue; Dark Brown hair. Presbyterian.

CLARKE, George P                                    World War I

His brother Richard Allan.

CLARKE, Richard Allen George        World War I

Sergeant. Service No. 412201. Canadian Infantry. 21st Bn. Born July 27, 1888 in Millbridge. Second record says born in Hastings. Son of James and Mary Clarke. Listed as living with his uncle, Richard Tivy,  in Coe Hill  on 1901 census. He joined the war Feb 24, 1915 into the 39th Battalion at Belleville. Next of Kin Mrs James Clarke, mother,  of Coe Hill. He was killed in action  October 11, 1918, age 30. Buried Niagara Cemetery, Iwuy, FRANCE. Grave B.41,  A newspaper clipping made this comment: “Richard’s brother, Pvt George P Clarke, severly wounded at Battle of Somme.”

CONLIN, Charles Peter                        World War I

Private. Service No. 636933. Canadian Infantry, 21st Bn. Died May 26, 1917. Buried Lievin Communal Cemetery Extension, FRANCE. Grave II. B. 4. Click on name of cemetery to find map for location of grave.

CONLIN, Lawrence                                  World War I


CROSBY, WILLIAM HENRY                World War I

Born in Trenton, Ontario, Bill grew up with rambunctious brothers. When he mother died, and his father remarried, Bill left home and joined the circus. After he met and married Laura Gunter, he became a soldier in World War I, enlisting in Peterborough in 1917. After basic training he sailed on the SS Megenta, landing in England. He was assigned to  24th Battalion, then 235 Battalion. His military ID Private ID 1663128, He had two hospital admissions with brief rest, but no disease found. HIs wife, Laura was sent $20 a month for separation for most of 1917. He was discharged in 1918 and returned to Canada, moving back to Coe Hill. Here he opened a barber shop and pool hall at the west end of the village in the house in which they lived for the rest of their lives.

He and Laura had three boys: Harold, Cliff and Dick, all who remained in the village or nearby for their lives. Most of their children left home and moved elsewhere, but a few are still there today. Bill died 1964.

Remembering World War I | Britannica


CURRIE, Allan Jerome                            World War I

Private. Service Number 636319  Canadian Infantry 21st Bn. Son of Archibald and Catherine Currie of Kapuskasing, Ontario Died August 15, 1917, ag 24.  No known grave. Remembered on Vimy Memorial, FRANCE. Click on name of memorial to find map.

Tombstone Arthur Danford
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DANFORD, Arthur                                    World War I

Service No. 636465. 155th Overseas Battalion, Canadian Infantry. Born July 30, 1893, Stirling. Residence Coe Hill, Ontario. Next of Kin Bella Danford, wife of  Coe Hill. Farmer. Signed at Coe Hill Jan 13, 1916.  Age 22. 5 ft 9 Inches tall. Fair Hair. Brown Eyes. Dark Brown Hair. Methodist. Died 1945. Buried St Michael’s Cemetery, Coe Hill

DANFORD, Charles William               World War I

Private. Service No. 636534. Canadian Infantry, 21st Bn. Residence Coe Hill. Born Dec 25, 1885 at Stirling. Next of Kin Beatrice Danford, wife, of Coe Hill. (nee Pattison). Labourer. Had two  weeks military training at Battlefield. Son of Mrs Alfred Danford of Coe Hill. Signed at Coe Hill, Feb 1, 1916, age 30. 5 ft 8  inches tall. Ruddy complexion. Blue Eyes. Brown Hair. Methodist. Died August 15, 1917, age 34 years old. No known grave. Vimy Memorial, FRANCE.  Click on memorial name to find map.

DANFORD, George David                    World War I

Private. Service No. 636467. 155th Overseas Battalion, Canadian Infantry. Residence Coe Hill. A farmer. Next of Kin: Wife Martha Danford of Coe Hill. Born Dec 20, 1893 Stirling, Ontario. Signed Jan 18, 1916 at Coe Hill. Age 22. 5 ft 10 inches tall. Fair Complexion, Blue eyes. Light brown hair. Methodist. Died 1945, Buried St Andrew’s United Cemetery, Coe Hill, Ontario

DANFORD, John Edward                      World War I

Private.  Service No. A 12220. Canadian Infantry, 39th Bn. Son of Alfred  and Mary E Danford of Faraday, Ontario. Born Sept 10, 1899 Stirling, Ontario. Steam Engineer. Signed at Belleville Feb 25, 1915. Age 25. 5 ft 7 1/2 inches tall. Dark Complexion. Light brown eyes. Dark brown hair. Wesleyan. Died August 8, 1915, age 25 years. Buried Coe Hill (Faraday Trinity) Cemetery, Canada.

DANFORD, Jonah                                      World War I

Service No. 636238. 155th Overseas Battalion.  Jonah Danford of Faraday. Born Jan 19, 1896 Stirling. Ontario. Next of kin Mary Danford, mother. Labourer. Had served in military for two weeks at Petawawa. Signed at Coe Hill on Jan 4, 1916. Age 19. 5 ft 3 inches tall. Dark complexion. Dark brown hair. Methodist. Died 1924. Buried Faraday Trinity Anglican Cemetery, Faraday, Ontario

DIXON, Douglas                                         World War I

Corporal. Service No 220230, 47th Bat, Canadian Infantry.  b May 18, 1883. Died April 14, 1917, age 33. Son of Douglas & Alice Dickson of Glasgow, Scotland. Wife Marjorie Dickson of Norwood, daughter of James charge of Methodist Church in Coe Hill. He was wounded at Vimy Ridge, and died two days later of his injuries. He is buried in Balin Communal Cemetery in FRANCE. Grave I. A. 9.  Click on name of cemetery to find grave location.

FORBES, G.                                                    World War I

Not found (two possibilities, but not confirmed by both war databases. Commonwealth War Graves Commission has: E. G. H. P Forbes in 24th Bn Canadian Infantry, Died 1916 in France; or George Henry Eden Forbes 116th Bn, Died 1918, No known grave.   Canadian Government has neither men in their records with those names. Only 2 out of 10 possibilities seemed likely. More research needed.

FORAN, Mickey                                           World War I

No military record found just yet. Mickey lived for awhile on Lower Faraday Road in a house on left, beside the split in the road that went up the hill as Rose Island Road past the local dump.

GERRARD, William Herbert                  World War I

Private. Service No. 904616. Canadian Infantry, 49th Bn. Died September 29, 1918. Buried at Drummond Cemetery, Raillencourt, Nord Region, FRANCE. Click on cemetery name to open to map for grave location.

GILROY, George Arthur                        World War I

Private. Service No. 636807. Born July 28, 1882 in Coe Hill to George Washington Gilroy and Agnes Gilroy (nee McCauley).   Married Daisy Roy  in Stirling on Dec 21, 1914.  Attested Canadian Infantry, into 154th  Battalion Bn. Embarked on ship SS Norland at Halifax, Nova Scotia Oct 18, 1916.  Disimbarked at Liverpool, England.  Transferred to 156th Battalion and later the 21st Battalion.  Died  while advancing  on Marcel cave, August 8, 1918. Buried Toronto Cemetery, Demuin, Somme Region, FRANCE. His wife remarried, becoming Mrs H. J Birmingham, and moved to Hamilton, Ontario.  A Memorial Cross was sent to his mother Mrs. G W Gilroy in Coe Hill. Private Gilroy is honoured on the War Memorial in Stirling, Ontario and the War Memorial in Coe Hill. Click on cemetery name to find location of his grave on map.

GILROY, Gordon                                         World War I

Brother of George from Coe Hill, and son of George Washington Gilroy & his wife, Agnes (nee McCauley). Service No 636598. Residence Faraday. Next of Kin Sarah Gilroy, wife. Gordon born Jan 11, 1885 in Wollaston. A farmer. Signed at Coe Hill Feb 10, 1916, age 30. 5ft 2 1/2 ” tall, fair complexion. Brown eyes and brown hair. Methodist. Scar on left foot.

GRANT, Frederick David                       World War I

ID 636485. Canadian Army,  155th Battalion.  Born June 24, 1897 Renfrew County, Ontario.  Single. Current address Bancroft. Next of Kin, father William Grant, McArthur’s Mills. A labourer.  18 years old. 5 ft 6 inches. Fair complexion. Blue Eyes, Brown hair. Church of England. Signed on at Bancroft on Jan 25, 1916. (war presence confirmed by family, who say he also served in World War II). Always known as David. My next door neighbour to the east.

GUNTER, Daniel Herbert                     World War I

Private. Service No. 1063120. Canadian Infantry, 54th Bn. Died August 8, 1918. Buried at Beaucourt British Cemetery, Somme Region, FRANCE. Notes from FAG: Son of Charles W Gunter & Lillian Cecilia Brady Gunter. Daniel’s siblings:  George Hunter Gunter; Goldie Gunter Ruckstuhl, Lillian Gunter. Click on cemetery name to find grave location on map.

GUNTER, Richard (Dick)                     World War I

He and wife operated a post office in the village of Coe Hill, later taken over by his son, Ivan after he returned from World War II. Richard and wife died in a car accident in Pennsylvania on their holidays heading to Florida.

GUNTER, Wilford Graham                   World War I

Son of David Gunter and Rose Jericho. Born 1899 in Wollaston Twp. Died 1937 at Toronto. Wife Grace E Post. Wilford was in the Signal Corps. He returned from overseas and worked in the grocery store in Coe Hill.  His sisters were Mrs Joy Walker of Coe Hill, Mrs Eva Grant of Cardiff and Mrs Mabel Forbes of Apsley.

HEWTON, John Wesley                        World War I

Private. Service No. 636886. Canadian Infantry, 21st Bn. Died May 12, 1918. Buried Bagneux  British Cemetery, Gezaincourt, Somme Region, FRANCE. Click on cemetery name to find grave location on map.

HODDINOTT, Henry William           World War I

Service No. 636237 Sergeant, residence Coe Hill, Ontario. Born August 1, 1883 London, England. Next of Kin Dora Hoddinott, wife of Coe Hill. Labourer. Signed at Coe Hill Dec 7, 1915 155the Overseas Battalion, Canadian Army. Age 32. 5 ft 5 inches. Fair complexion .Blue eyes. Auburn Hair. Church of England. No records found for his death or burial.

George Holland, St Andrews Cemetery, MIlitary
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HOLLAND, GEORGE                                World War I

Private. Hastings & P. E. Regiment. Died Aug 17, 1979, age 77 (b 1902).

IRISH, Asa                                                        World War I


JACKSON, William Henry                    World War I

See also Salem Cemetery

Son of Thomas & Alice Jackson of Coe Hill.  Private ID 454638. Born July 1, 1894 in St Ola, Wollaston Twp. A lumberman. Signed on July 2, 1915, age 21, at Cobourg. 59th Canadian Infantry. 5 feet 5 inches tall, fair complexion, blue eyes and light brown hair. He stated that he had prior military service with 49th Regiment (Hastings Rifles), and was a Methodist. He was wounded in Sept 1916 by shrapnel in his right thigh. He developed Tuberculosis, and returned to Canada, where he was sent to a sanitorium near Montreal. William died March 1, 1918 and is buried in the Salem Pioneer Cemetery

Charles Jarrett, St MIchaels Cemetery, Military
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JARRETT, Charles                                      World War I

Born in Torquay,  Devonshire, ENGLAND in 1890, Charlie was age 11 in Upton St, Torquay on 1901 Census for England. He had an older brother, Edward 15, and sister Ada, 13, and possibly a much younger brother, Edgar who was 3.  Charlie’s parents were Mrs Harriet Jarrett,  who was a shop keeper, age 39 residing at 20 Upton Church Road, in Torquay. Husband not identified, possibly John Jarrett. Harriet much later entered Southwood Nursing Home, and died in 1944, age 83. Buried St Mary’s Church Cemetery in Torquay.  I hunted for her grave when I visited the area in 2014.

Charlie immigrated to Canada by 1911 to settle first in Bethany or Cavan. He joined the war effort in December 1914 when he was 24 years of age. He became a Lance Corporal and was a signaler. After the war, Charlie bought a house and small acreage beside the Deer River at the bridge on Highway 620 and beside the Fair Grounds in the village of Coe Hill, Hastings County.  He lived there for most of his life.

Charlie kept his war outfit, and taught me a bit of signaling used during the war. He also kept nasty geese that we children didn’t like. Charlie had two beagles, Biff and Bang that would chase anything besides deer, and disappear sometimes.  Charlie loved fly fishing off his lawn at the river’s edge and both my brother and I suffered injuries from those hooks. The Ministry of Natural Resources guy would stop by with his Golden Retriever, who would leap into the river on command, quite a drop. We children swam in the deep hole in the Deer River,  where I nearly drowned once when a friend got frightened and climbed on me.

Charles Jarrett & friend in 1960s.
Copyright Norma Gillespie, 2024   Charlie on left with unidentified friend.

I learned to  paddle Charlie’s canoe up and down that river.  He died in  Bancroft Hospital during my High School years in 1962,  and is buried in St Michael’s Cemetery in Coe Hill. More photos on Charley’s tombstone page.

Charles Jarrett Attestation Record, page 1

KEECH, Sanford                                    World War I

Stationed in Canada

KELLY, James Carr                                     World War I

Died during the war.

KELSH, Charles Nelson                           World War I

ID 636236 Private  Assigned Canadian Infantry, 155th Overseas Battalion. Born Feb 11, 1894 Oak Lake, Peterborough Co. Next of Kin,  Jan Kelsh (Mother) of Coe Hill, Ontario. Father C. W. Kelsh. Single. Labourer. Age 21. 5 ft 2 1/2 inches tall. Pale complexion. Eyes light grey. Dark brown hair. Wesleyan faith. Signed on at Coe Hill Dec 27, 1915.

Charles Nelson Kelsh,  21st Bn, died August 25, 1918, age 23. Buried Dainville British Cemetery II. B. 12, FRANCE. Son of Mr. & Mrs. C. W. Kelsh of Coe Hill, Ontario. Click on cemetery name to find location of grave on a map.

LAIRD, William John                               World War I

Died overseas during the war.

LANDON, Ernest                                    World War I


LEVERIDGE, Frank Earnest                World War I

Private 412258, Canadian Infantry, 18th Bn. Born July 29, 1890, farmer. 5 ft 3/4″ tall, dark complexion, dark grey eyes, dark brown hair. Church of England. Husband of Mrs Margaret Leveridge of Trenton. Father of Sergeant Gerald William Leveridge , deceased Aug 12, 1944. Frank died May 6, 1916. Buried Etaples Military Cemetery, V. C. 4A FRANCE. Click on cemetery name to find burial location.

Frank was the youngest son of David and Anna Leveridge of Coe Hill.  He wrote many letters home during the war. Frank served with C Company, Scouts, 39th Battalion, Western Ontario Regiment.  He began his training in Belleville, and his army experience  lasted little more than two years. His time at the front lasted less than two days.  He knew that the average time of a Scout at the Front was eight days, so knew what to expect. Here is an excerpt from his letters:

Monday, April 3rd. Very warm and bright. Training camp as  usual: bomb throwing practice in  morning; very nasty-tempered instructor Sgt ordered me to place one man under arrest.  I had to take him to the guard room. In the afternoon, we had extended orders from fours. I was in charge of Number Two Platoon. Interesting here as star shells and bombs exploding continually.

Tuesday, April 4th    Cloudy and cooler. Training camp parade as usual. Company drill in the morning and more bombing in the second part of the morning. In the afternoon, we N. C. O.s were taken out separate from the men and an officer gave us a lecture on rifle grenades and threw about 20 of them. They appear to be a dangerous weapon.

Sunday, April 9th. Cloudy and cooler. Our platoon spend the night in the communication trench about 150 yrs behind the support lines. Heavy shells keep dropping very close to us. I think that during last night and today at least 75 or 100 have exploded within 100 yrs of us. At twelve, we move down and take over the support line of trenches. Shrapnel keeps falling all around me, one piece only has touched me yet, and it did not hurt.

His diary ends here. He was wounded the following day, Monday, April 10, 1916. He wrote his mother that he was hit by shrapnel from a shell that burst close to him. While he had minor wounds, his right arm was badly damaged. When he was taken to a field hospital, his arm was amputated at the shoulder. He was able to write home with his left hand,  and was getting along quite well. However, he was  moved to tents outside, where he caught pneumonia and died on Thursday, May 6, 1916, a little over three weeks after he was wounded. He was 25.  Leveridge is buried in one of the military cemeteries at Etaples, on the coast of Northern France, just south of Boulogne. After Frank died, his younger brother, Johnnie joined up, went overseas and was captured. He spent the rest of the war in a German prisoner of war camp.

LEVERIDGE, John Henry                     World War I

Private, 820723. 44th Battalion, Canadian Infantry. Next of Kin: Mrs Mary Leveridge, Devlin, Ontario (Rainy River District near Emo where the Leveridge boys moved). Reported missing after action Oct 28, 1917. Prisoner of War. Discharged.

LISCUM, David Jessie                             World War I

Private. Service No. ?  Born Oct 12, 1916. Not yet found in records, . Died August 31, 1999. Burial St Andrew’s United Cemetery, Coe Hill, Ontario

Lewis Marshall
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MARSHALL, Lewis F.                                World War I

Private. 93rd Battn, CEF. Died February 4, 1961, age 63. Buried Clydesdale United Cemetery, Rose Island Road, Ontario

MCCAULEY, Gordon                                World War I

Private. Service No. 195833. Canadian Infantry, 18th Bn. Died October 11, 1918, age 23.  Buried Niagara Cemetery, Iwuy, FRANCE. Son of Mr & Mrs Dilman McCauley of Apsley, Ontario, husband of Mrs Mattie Winter McCauley of Glen Alda, Ontario. Inscription by family:  “Gone, but not forgotten.” 

MINDLE, Ora Acil                                       World War I

Private. Service No. 636930. Canadian Infantry. 21st Bn. Died Nov 9, 1917.  Remembered on Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. No known grave.  Brother of Sandy Mindle. Father Frank Milne. Mother Martha Watt Mindle. 

MINDLE, Sandy Alexander                  World War I

Private. Service No. 636469. 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles Battalion. Died April 12, 1917. Buried Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, FRANCE. Grave IV.D. 9     FAG notes: Son of Frank Mindle (1866-1954) and Martha Watt Mindle (1867-1928)  of Wollaston, Hastings County. Siblings Alexander (1893-1917) and Ora Assil Mindle (1895-1917), William (1900-1968) and Jane Mindle (1900-1900).

PARKS, Rodolphes                                   World War I

Private, Service No. 1093330. Residence Bannockburn, Ontario. Next of Kin, father Robert Parks, Madoc Twp. A farmer. Signed Feb 13, 1917 at Madoc and assigned to the 254th Overseas Battalion. 5 ft 8 inches tall, fair complexion, grey eyes, fair hair. Died July 20, 1974. Buried St Andrew’s United Cemetery, Coe Hill, Ontario

Ernest Peters
Ernest Peters

PETERS, Ernest                                           World War I

Private. Service No. 195838. Born Sept 18, 1896. Son of Willard Peters of Glen Alda. Canadian Infantry, 1st Bn. Died April 25, 1918, age 20. Buried  Ecoivres Military Cemetery, Mont-St-Eloi, FRANCE, grave VI. L. 28. Click on cemetery name to find map of grave location.

POST, Alfred “Theodore                    World War I

b 1893 in Glen Alda. Died 1984. So of John Post and Dortha Rusaw. German Prison Camp.

POST, Clarence                                        World War I

Service No. 195648.

POST, Elgin Charles                                 World War I

Private. Service No. 636310. Canadian Infantry, 38th Bn. Died October 30, 1917, age 24. Ypes (Menin Gate) Memorial, BELGIUM. Son of Andrew and Florence Post of Glen Alda, Peterborough, Ontario

POST, Isaac                                                  World War I

Service No. 1063092. From Chandos.

POST, John                                                     World War I

b 1916. Private. Death 1981. Buried Glen Alda Cemetery.

POST, Theodore                                         World War I

b 1893 in Glen Alda. Son of John Post and Dortha Rusaw. Married Sabra Elesta Edith Woodbeck. 21st Battalion, Peterborough. He enlisted in Apsley in the fall of 1915 in the 93rd Battn. He went through Vimy and then  Hill 70 on Aug 14th where he was wounded and buried by a shell, but survived. He was taken prisoner of war and marched to Munster Prison Camp. He was moved to Dusseldorf for an attempt to escape. Armistice. Died 1983.

POST, Warren Tice                                   World War I

Service No.  195683.

POST, William Floyd                                World War I

ID 95579. Residence Glen Alda, Ontario, born March 25, 1891 Glen Alda. Next of kin Father, Andrew Post. William was a farmer. Not married. Signed on at Peterborough, Dec 27, 1915. (no page 2 of personal identification).

REID, Charles Benjamin                          World War I

Private. Service No. 637044. 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles Battalion. Died Oct 26, 1917, age 28. Ypes (Menin Gate) Memorial. BELGIUM. Son of Mr & Mrs Enoch Reid, Coe Hill, Ontario

ROBBINS, Ernest James                         World War I

Private. Service No. 636765. Canadian Infantry, 21st Bn. Died August 15, 1917. Vimy Memorial, FRANCE.

ROSEBUSH, Terrance Levi                  World War I

Private. Service No. 636234, Canadian Infantry, 21st Bn. Died May 11, 1917, age 23.  Buried or commemorated at Vimy Memorial, FRANCE. Son of William J. W. and Susan A. Rosebush, Coe Hill, Ontario. A Chandos soldier. Click on memorial name to find map.

SIMPSON, Frank                                        World War I

Died overseas during the war.


Alexander Tait, Military
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TAIT, Alexander                                          World War I

Craftsman.  R.C.E.M.E.   Died Oct 15, 1976, age 55 (b 1921). St Andrew’s United  Church Cemetery in L’Amable, Ontario


John Tait Military
Copyright Norma Gillespie

TAIT, John R                                                  World War I

Sergeant, Cdn Forestry Corps. Died June 29, 1977, age 57. Buried St Andrew’s United Church Cemetery in L’Amable, Ontario

TAYLOR, Harry  Elmo                               World War I

Died overseas during the war.


TINNEY, Victor                                           World War I

Private. From Faraday Twp. “reported killed in a bombing raid somewhere in England.”

TIVY, Aubrey John                                     World War I

Not yet researched

TYNER, George Henry Reginald      World War I

Private. Service No. 874767. Born April 30, 1886. A labourer in Bowsman, Manitoba when he signed on at Winnipeg March 7, 1916. Canadian Infantry, 8th Bn. Died April 28, 1917, age 30 years. Buried Orchard Dump Cemetery, Arleux-En-Gohelle, Willervale Canadian Cemetery, FRANCE. Son of Mrs Sarah Tyner of Coe Hill, Ontario Note: Remembered on page 342 in Canada’s Book of Remembrance in Ottawa.  Click on cemetery name to find his name on Memorial 23.

UNGER, Wilford                                         World War I

Private. Service No. 63660. Enlistment date Feb 10. 1916 at Coe Hill, Ontario, age 18. Next of kin, Mina Unger, mother of Faraday. Birth Oct 19, 1917. A farmer.  5 ft 3 1/2 inches tall. Fair complexion. Brown eyes, Brown hair. Methodist.  Assigned to 155th Overseas Battalion. He died August 16, 1921. Buried Faraday Trinity Anglican Cemetery, Faraday, Ontario.

WAITE, George  Elgin                              World War I

Private. Service No. 8391. Canadian Infantry. 2nd Battalion. Died Sept 9, 1916. 

WAITE, Jonathan                                      World War I

Died overseas during the war.

WALKER, Alfred                                         World War I

Private. Died overseas during the war.


Arthur Warren, MIlitary
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WARREN, Arthur                                       World War I

Lance Sergeant, 227 Batn CEF. Died May 29, 1961, age 73 (b 1888).  Buried St Andrew’s United Church Cemetery in L’Amable, Ontario

WEASE, EARL                                              World War I

Tombstone Earl Wease
Copyright Norma Gillespie 2023  EARL WEASE


Died June 8, 1978, age 72.

Buried St Michael’s Cemetery, Coe Hill, Ontario

Tombstone Edward Wease
Copyright Norma Gillespie 2023 EDWARD WEASE

WEASE, EDWARD                                   World War I

Died May 7, 1986, age 81.

Buried St Michael’s Cemetery, Coe Hill, Ontario

WINTER, George                                         World War I

Service No. 195646.

WHITNEY, Orield                                     World War I

Born March 3, 1898 Norwood, Ontario. Died Oct 26, 1917 age 20 in Kingston, Frontenac Co. Son of Willard & Ella (Puffer) Whitney. Note: Some records show name given as O’Neill). Private, Service No 195830. 52nd Battalion C.E. F. Wounded at Lens. His siblings: Alma, Ralph, Jessie, Irene and Edna. Buried Chandos Hillside Pioneer Cemetery, Ontario

WHITNEY, Willard                                   World War I

Private. Service No. 195829 b Nov 17, 1870 Northumberland Co. Died Dec 26, 1932, age 62. 52nd Battalion C. E. F. Son of Isaac & Laura (Puffer) Whitney. His siblings:  Victoria, Jesse, Norris. Buried Chandos Hillside Pioneer Cemetery, Ontario

George Winter
George Winter

WINTER, George Garnes                       World War I

Born Jan 17,1874 Canada. Private. Service No. 195646.  Died May 18, 1916, age 42 . Doullens  Communal Cemetery Extension No 2. Grave II.B.34. FRANCE. Click on cemetery name for map and location of grave. Notes from FAG: son of John L Winter & Margaret Kemmerer Winter. Wife Maude Daniels Winter m 1901.

WOODBECK, Milford William          World War I

Private. Service No. 195525. Born Sept 13, 1896 in Chandos. 21st Battalion, Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment).  Wounded at Vimy Ridge. Died of his injuries in Montreal, Quebec Oct 29, 1917 age 21. Buried Lasswade Christian Cemetery, County Road 504. Son of Harley Holistic Woodbeck and wife, Linda Woodbeck of Lasswade.  Notes FAG Father Harley Holister Woodbeck 1872- 1971 and Linda Woodbeck. Linda is given as a nickname for wife Selina Jane Cameron Woodbeck.  Lasswade Christian Cemetery. 

WOODLEY, Frank                                     World War I


WOODLEY, James Henry                     World War I

James was born in Devonshire, England on May 23, 1856. He came to Canada at the age of nine (1865) with his brother William (24 years older). The mode of travel was on a cattle boat and arrived in either Cobourg or Port Hope and settled in the Pontypool area. James married and fathered six children. Eventually, he moved his family to the Coe Hill, Ontario area. He worked mainly in the forest industry as a teamster. James enlisted in the Canadian Army Overseas Expeditionary Force on February 24, 1916. This
date would have made him just short of his sixtieth birthday. He gave his age as 43 years of age. His attestation papers made the notation “Apparent age 43 years”. He was accepted for service in World War I. It was later determined by a dental officer, from the condition of his teeth, that he was much older than his apparent age. He was then discharged and did not serve overseas. James passed away in Detlor, Ontario in 1937 at the age of ninety. His son, Frank Hugh Woodley, also served during World War II.

Personnel Records of the First World War - CEF 685505a



YOUMANS, Walter                                 World War I

Private. Born Nov 17, 1894. Died June 3, 1957 age 62. Marker says 2nd Battalion C.E. F.  Buried Lasswade Christian Cemetery, Lasswade, Peterborough Co, Ontario.


Wollaston Township,  Hasting County, Ontario CANADA

These are the soldiers who planted the evergreen trees around both cemeteries in Coe Hill, one for each soldier in his memory, never knowing if he would return.


Copyright Norma Gillespie, 2022

Side Twp.                   Photo copyright Norma Gillespie 2022.

Names on Memorial Stone for World War I


  1917, April 9
FRANCE: Nine Elms Military Cemetery
Coe Hill Memorial
 Jan 1900 1917, June 30
FRANCE: J. A. Chaudiere Military Cemetery
Coe Hill Memorial
BULLIED William Alfred
  1917, May 3
FRANCE: Vimy Memorial
Coe Hill Memorial
BIRD Hiram Edward
Mar 10
1917, April 9
FRANCE: Vimy Memorial
Coe Hill Memorial
  1917, May 26
FRANCE: Lievan Community Cemetery
Coe Hill Memorial
CLARKE Richard Allen
 1888, July 27 1918, Oct 11
FRANCE: Niagara Cemetery
Coe Hill Memorial
  1917, April 9
FRANCE: Arras Road Cemetery
Coe HILL Memorial
CAMPBELL William John
 1890, July 6 1916, June 6
BELGIUM: Ypes (Menin Gate) Memorial
Coe Hill Memorial
DANFORD Charles William
 1885, Dec 25 1917, Aug 15
FRANCE: Vimy Memorial
Coe Hill Memorial
DANFORD John Edward
 1899, Sept 10 1915, Aug 8
CANADA: Faraday Trinity Cemetery, Coe Hill
Coe Hill Memorial
DICKSON Douglas  220230  1883  1917, April 14 Balin Communal Cem, FRANCE Coe Hill Memorial
GILROY  Gordon 636598 1885, Jan 11 not yet clarified Coe Hill Memorial
  1918, Sept 29
FRANCE: Drummond Cemetery
Coe Hill Memorial
GUNTER Daniel Herbert
  1918, Aug 8
FRANCE: Beaucourt British Cemetery
Coe Hill Memorial
GILROY George Arthur
 1882, July 28 1918, August 8
FRANCE: Toronto Cemetery
Coe Hill Memorial
  1918, May 12
FRANCE: Bagneux British Cemetery
Coe Hill Memorial
CURRIE Allan Jerome
  1917, Aug 15
FRANCE: Vimy Memorial
Coe Hill Memorial
JACKSON William  454638  1854  1918, Mar 1 Salem Pioneer Cem Coe Hill Memorial
KELSH Charles Nelson 636236  1894  1918, Aug 25 FRANCE:

Danville British Cemetery

Coe Hill Memorial
KELLY James Carr      
not yet found
Coe Hill Memorial
LEVERIDGE Frank  417258  1890,

July 29


May 6


Etaples  Military Cemetery

Coe Hill Memorial
LAIRD William John      
not yet found
Coe Hill Memorial
FORBES G.      
not yet confirmed
Coe Hill Memorial
 1895 1918, Oct 11
FRANCE:  Niagara Cemetery
Coe Hill Memorial
  1917, April 12
FRANCE: Boulogne Eastern Cemetery
Coe Hill Memorial
MINDLE Ora Acile.
  1917, Nov 9
BELGIUM: Ypes Memorial
Coe Hill Memorial
POST Elgin Charles
1893  1917. Oct 30
BELGIUM: Ypes Memorial
Coe Hill Memorial
POST W. A.      
not found
Coe Hill Memorial
  1918, April 25
FRANCE: Echoivres Military Cemetery
Coe Hill Memorial
REID Charles Benjamin
  1917, Oct 26
BELGIUM: Ypes (Menin Gate) Memorial
Coe Hill Memorial
ROBBINS Ernest James
  1917, Aug 15
FRANCE: Vimy Memorial
Coe Hill Memorial
ROSEBUSH Terrance Levi
 1894 1917, May 11
FRANCE: Vimy Memorial
Coe Hill Memorial
SIMPSON F. J.      
not yet found
Coe Hill Memorial
KEECH V.      
not yet found
Coe Hill Memorial
TYNER G. H. R. 874767  1887 1917, April 28
FRANCE: Orchard Dump Cemetery
Coe Hill Memorial
TAYLOR H      
not yet identified
Coe Hill Memorial
WINTERS George Garnes
  1918, May 16
FRANCE: Doullens Communal Cemetery
Coe Hill Memorial
  1918, Oct 26
CANADA: Chandos Pioneer Cemetery
Coe Hill Memorial
WAITE George
  1916, Sept 9
FRANCE: Vimy Memorial
Coe Hill Memorial
not yet identified
Coe Hill Memorial
WILCOX G      
unable to identify from list
Coe Hill Memorial
Not yet identified
Coe Hill Memorial
NASH T.      
not yet identified
Coe Hill Memorial
  not found Coe Hill Memorial
 1896, Sept 13 1917, Oct 29
CANADA: Lasswade Christian Cemetery
Coe Hill Memorial
WOODBECK R. E.        Not found Coe Hill Memorial
BROWNELL Charles H   636225   1917, April 9
FRANCE: Nine Elms Military Cemetery
Coe Hill Memorial

Maps of Cemeteries for Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany not yet done. Also Niagara Cemetery in France. Project to identify each gravesite in each cemetery.


Note:    ” Wollaston Twp in Hastings County sent 31 of its young men to war. 29 will be coming home.”

2024 June 6th is the 80th Anniversary

of D-Day landing in France and the Normandy Campaign. World Leaders are gathering  there and a full week of celebrations is planned. Communities across Canada are planning celebrations.


Archie Bird, St Andrews Cemetery, MIlitary
Copyright Norma Gillespie, 2023


ARCHIE BIRD                     World War II                                  

Gunner. R. C. A. d July 8, 1987,  age 69 (b 1918). Buried St Andrew’s United Cemetery, Coe Hill, Ontario

   CAMPBELL, Gerald Robert

World War II

From Coe Hill. Not part of Hasting Regiment, but served with Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Highlanders. Campbell landed in Normandy with the forces attacking from the north.  ” A stretcher-bearer, was wounded during the crossing of the Ems River in April 1945. Despite his injuries, he continued to attend to 17 other casualties under intense mortar and shell bombardment. He won the Military Medal for his valour.”

   CONLIN, Henry (Hank)    World War II

Son of Tom & Bertha Conlin of Ormsby. Wife Claudia.

Clayton Daniels

DANIELS, Clayton Ray          World War II

Clayton was born in Methune, Ontario on January 2, 1920. Son of Albert and May Daniels of Coe Hill. He went to Western Canada in 1941 and was working in lumbering when he enlisted in  the Army on March 12, 1942. On enrolment he was placed in the Canadian Fusiliers TFD.  He went overseas in May of 1942,  transferred to The Black Watch RHR of Canada and sent to England for further training. The Regiment was sent to France in 1944 and he was wounded and taken prisoner by the enemy after a terrible battle when the Black Watch was wiped out by Germans. He recovered from his wounds and remained a prisoner until hostilities ended . After discharge on August 21, 1945, he worked in lumber mills and later with Reid’s dairy and thirty years with Northern Electric until retirement. He was a member of Coe Hill Legion Branch 581. Clayton passed away on June 2, 2000.

  DANIELS, Neil                    World War II

Note: ” b August 10, 1925 at Lasswade. He became a Royal Canadian Electrical Engineer. Enlisted 1944 and discharged two years later.”

Gordon Davis, St Andrews Cemetery
GORDON DAVIS. Copyright Norma Gillespie, 2023



  DAVIS, Gordon                        World War II

Returned to be a mechanic in Frank McCaw’ s garage.  Wife Alma Davis. Tombstone reads Craftsman. R. C. E. M. E d July 3, 1985, age 66.  Buried St Andrew’s United Cemetery, Coe Hill, Ontario

Charles Delsey
Copyright Norma Gillespie, 2023 CHARLES DELSEY

DELSEY, Charles F.           World War II

Sapper. R. C. E. Died Jan 18, 1986, age 68.

Donald Dolloff, St MIchaels Cemetery, Military
Copyright Norma Gillespie, 2023  DONALD DOLLOFF

DOLLOFF, Donald          World War II

Sapper. R. C. E. 1922 – 1999  St Michael’s Cemetery, Coe Hill, Ontario

Helen Dolloff, St MIchaels Cemetery, MIlitary
Copyright Norma Gillespie, 2023    HELEN DOLLOFF

DOLLOFF, Helen                World War II

nee Gibbons. Leading Wren  W. R. C. N. S, 1922 – 1989. St Michael’s Cemetery, Coe Hill, Ontario

Mansel Evans
Mansel Evans

EVANS, Mansel C.         World War II

Mansel was born in Irthlingborough, England on February 22, 1939. He enlisted in the Army on March 11, 1960 and was conscripted into the Royal Army Pay Corps in Devizes, Wiltshire. After receiving basic training, he was posted to Germany as a Pay Clerk to D Comp Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. After six months, he moved to HQ 7th Armored Regiment as Pay Clerk to 207 Signals Squadron. He was discharged on April 30, 1963. Following military service, he resumed his trade as bricklayer. He immigrated to Canada in 1969 and became an active member in Coe Hill Legion Branch 581 in 1970. He was the President of the Legion Branch for two years. In 1989, Mansel became a Life Member

Tombstone Leon Field
Copyright Norma Gillespie, 2023        LEON FIELD

FIELD, Leon                                                       ?

1934-1987. His military record not yet found.

Buried St Michael’s Cemetery, Coe Hill, Ontario

FORBES, Gerald Donald   World War II

Lance Corporal, Westminister  (Motor) R.C.I. C Unit. Son of Amos and Minnie Forbes of Glen Alda. Service No C/5821. Died December 20, 1944, age 23.  Buried Villanova Canadian War Cemetery, ITALY.  Villanova is 3 kilometers south-west of the main road from Ferrara to Ravenna (Route No.16) at Via Chiesa. Click on name of cemetery to find location of his Grave V. A.9

Alan Forde, St MIchaels Cemetery, Miltary
Copyright Norma Gillespie, 2023  ALAN FORDE

FORDE, ALAN B.         World War II

Bombardie, R. C. A.  1910 – 1990. Buried in St Michael’s Cemetery, Coe Hill, Ontario

    GRANT, DAVID                 World War II

Tombstone Ivan Gunter, Coe Hill
Copyright Norma Gillespie, 2023 IRENE GUNTER



GUNTER (CRISP), Irene A.                 World War II

Irene was born in Bethnal Downs, London, England on October 28, 1923. She enlisted in the Royal Air Force (WAF) in 1943 at the age of twenty. She served at numerous air bases during the course of the war. Irene was a communications’ specialist mainly guiding damaged aircrafts returning from missions over Europe to their nearest safe landing strip. She was discharged in 1945. After the war, on the return of Ivan, who was serving in Europe with the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment, she married him. She then became a war bride and lived in Coe Hill until Ivan’s retirement, when the couple moved to Bancroft. She was an active member of Branch 581 RCL Coe Hill for 44 years. Irene passed away on September 19, 2011.


Ivan Gunter & Medal
Ivan Gunter & Medal
Tombstone Ivan Gunter, Coe Hill
Copyright Norma Gillespie, 2023 IVAN GUNTER

GUNTER, Ivan                  World War II

Ivan was born in Coe Hill, Ontario on December 14, 1920. He enlisted in the Hasty P’s on October 6, 1939 at seventeen years of age, but wasn’t deployed to Britain until 1940 at the age of eighteen. He served in Sicily and attached to the Btn Intelligence Section. He served in Canada, the United Kingdom, Sicily, Italy and NWE with the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment. As a result of his keen sense of duty he was awarded the Military Medal. The ribbon was presented by Gen. Bernard Montgomery and later the Medal was presented by King George the IV at Buckingham Palace. Ivan was discharged on March 29, 1946. He was a founding member of Branch 581 RCL, Coe Hill and in 1952 became the postmaster at Coe Hill. He married Irene A. Crisp, also a Veteran of World War II. He and Irene established a Post Office in their home in the centre of the village, beside Lehigh’s General Store,  and were active in Coe Hill until retirement.

See Ivan’s interviews on the History of the Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment.  (click on title for page with video).  Both World Wars reviewed, but mainly World War II and the struggles to land and advance through Sicily and the up the boot of ITALY. Powerful,  deeply moving message of what the soldiers endured and won as they fought against the presence of 40 German units . They kept them occupied to free up the advances of the Allied forces along  the Western Front.

Ivan’s story: “On July 10, 1943, we landed on the shores of Sicily near Pachano, in the southeast corner.  Here were only a few Italian defenders, so we had only a few casualties. Our first battle, on July 15th, was at a place called Grammichele. It seemed quiet enough but the Germans opened fire with mortars from the hilltop. I was in the intelligence section, and part of our job was to plot positions on maps. I was riding a motorcycle ahead of a column of tanks.

It was a heavy mortar attack. A shell blew the headlight off my motorcycle, but it didn’t touch me. When I got up and got organized, I found I was off the road and the motorcycle was wrecked. I saw puffs of smoke coming up from the tope of a huge hill, so I figured there’s where the mortars were.

I ran back to the first tank, maybe 300 or 400 yards, and you’d swear the mortal shells were coming after me. There was a donkey cart on the road, broken down, as a wheel had fallen off or something, and a mortar shell hit it and it vanished.

I banged on the side of the tank with the handle of my revolver to get their attention. I wasn’t wearing any top, just a T-shirt, and the tank commander thought I was an officer. so he took the co-ordinates I gave him. They were relayed to our artillery, and in a few minutes there were no more mortal shells falling on us.

The second time I was wounded was up in Holland on the 4th of April, 1945. I was hit by a fixed line of machine gun fire on a crossroad. I was going through on a  motorcycle and saw the bullets hit the pavement in front of me. I was puttering along about 35 miles a minute, and I gunned her and went through. One bullet hit me on the head and another on my saddlebag. I went off into a ditch. The 48th Highlanders were going through about then and asked me to open my eyes, and I could see. The bullet hit my hat badge. When I took my hat off, there wasn’t a drop of blood. The bullet had cauterized the wound, and then the blood burst out, and my face was covered in blood in a second. The took me off to a hospital in England, and by the time I recovered, the war was over.

A ceremony was held at Buckingham Palace in July 1945. As King George VI gave me my medal, he asked me, Where did you earn this? and I said, In Sicily, sir.”

HALL, Kenneth R             World War II

b February 5, 1918 Apsley, Ontario. Buried Lasswade Christian Cemetery with marker:  RCASC. Died March 17, 1992, age 74. FAG notes:  His parents Albert Hall (1883 – 1960) & Mary McCauley Hall (1882 – 1938). Siblings: Ena Myrtle Hall McAdam (1907 – 1984), Allan Andrew Hall (1913 – 1968), Roy Richard Hall (1915 – 1992), and Susan Ruth Hall Henning (1922 – 1971).

HILTS, Arthur                   World War II

Returned from the war.


Harold Hunter, St MIchaels Cemetery, Military
Copyright Norma Gillespie, 2023  HAROLD HUNTER

HUNTER, Harold              World War II

Private. 38 Batln CEF. W02. Grey Simcoe Fors. Died 18 Dec 1969, age 70 yrs. St Michael’s Cemetery, Coe Hill, Ontario

Maitland Hunter, Military, St Andrews Cemetery
Copyright Norma Gillespie, 2023   MAITLAND HUNTER


Signal Man. R. C. S. C. Died June 30, 1984, age 79 (b 1905)

IRWIN, Clarence                 World War II


JOHNSON, Edward Barclay “Ted”  World War II

Edward was born in Coe Hill, Ontario on April 18, 1921. He volunteered for the Canadian Forces in 1940 and served in Canada, United States, Great Britain and Italy during World War II. He trained in Canada and the United States and served with the Special Force consisting of Canadian and US Service Men known as the Devils Brigade. He served with the Prince of Wales Regiment and First Special Service Force. He was severely wounded in Italy and it became necessary to amputate his left leg at the hip and his right leg was badly injured. He received the Purple Heart as a result. On
discharge in 1944 he lived and worked in Peterborough. His father was a veteran of World War I and his brothers served in World War II and Korea. He was a member of Peterborough Legion Branch 52. Edward passed away on April 29, 2004.

JOHNSON, Henry Scott “Harry”    World War II

Harry was born in Coe Hill, Ontario on April 4, 1923. He volunteered for the Canadian Navy for service in World War II in September 1940. He trained in Canada and served on HMS Caldwell, HMS Newfoundland (Cruiser) and HMCS Uganda (Cruiser) escorting convoys from Canada to England. Also was onboard HMCS Uganda and went to the south Pacific.
Following hostilities, he made his own business in the taxi and courier business in Peterborough. Harry was discharged in November 1945. He recently retired and lives in Peterborough. His father was a veteran of World War I and brothers in World War I and Korea.

KEECH, V                                                   World War II

not yet found

Herb Keller 2
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KELLER, Herbert Lyle                           World War II

Herbert was born in Crookston, Ontario on June 14, 1921. He enlisted in the Army on July 1, 1940 and served in the Infantry, Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment. He re-mustered to an Armored Regiment, Three Rivers Tank Regiment. He remained with this unit for the duration of hostilities. Herbert served in Canada, United Kingdom, Sicily, Italy, and Continental Europe during World War II. He received the 1939-45 Star, Italian Star, and the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal and Clasp. After his discharge on July 27, 1945, he worked in lumbering, mining and at
CGE. He was a church leader, a school trustee and fair board member. Herbert was a long time Legion Member, receiving a Life Membership to Apsley Legion Branch 381 and was also a founding member of Coe Hill Legion Branch 581. He was married and had two children. Herbert passed away on April 29, 2003.

LEVERIDGE, Gerald William             World War II

Son of Frank & Margaret Leveridge of Trenton, father formerly of Coe Hill area. Husband of Violet Elizabeth Leveridge of Ajax, Ontario. Service No. C/4134. Sergeant. North Nova Scotia Highlanders R. C. I . C.  Died August 12, 1944 age 32. Buried Beny-Sur-Mer Canadian War Cemetery, Reviers, FRANCE. Note on record “beloved husband of Beth Montgomery, father of Ann, Peggy, Geraldine, and Jack”. Click on cemetery name to find burial location. 

Tombstone Eugene Lockhart
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LOCKHARD, Eugene Headley       World War II

Of F. O. 443 Squadron. 1920 – 2012. Buried St Michael’s Cemetery, Coe Hill. He and his wife had a farm near 620 highway and Ormsby store, with a long driveway off Old Hastings Road.

MUFFITT, Edward Earle                      World War II

Son of Charles E. and Hester R. Muffitt; husband of Hester R. Muffitt, of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. (The Charlie Muffitts were of Coe Hill). Ed is on the Coe Hill Memorial.  Service Number J/8372. Flight Lieutenant.  Royal Canadian Air Force. Reported missing after air operations. He had recently been promoted to Squadron Leader.  Died November 2, 1943, age 34.  No known grave. Remembered on the Runnymede Memorial, Surry, United Kingdom. It is located  at Englefield Green, near Egham, 32 kilometers by road west of London. Edward’s wife and two children reside in Coe Hill.

Harold Nash, St Michaels Cemertery
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NASH, Harold                  World War II

1928- 2020.  His wife, Joan, 1939 – 2017

“He was the last surviving member of World War II as a Coe Hill Legion member.”

Buried St Michael’s Cemetery, Coe Hill, Ontario

Coe Hill Community says thank to Nash!

PEACOCK, Robert            World War II

Private, ID C/117553, son of Charles Henry & Sarah Ellen Peacock, husband of Laura Evelyn Peacock of Foxboro, Ontario. Robert became part of the North Shore, NB Regiment, died August 15, 1944, age 26. Buried Beny-Sur-Mer Canadian War Cemetery, Calvados, FRANCE. It was on the coast just to the north that the 3rd Canadian Division landed on 6th June 1944; on that day, 335 officers and men of that division were killed in action or died of wounds. In this cemetery are the graves of Canadians who gave their  lives in the landings in Normandy and in the earlier stages of the subsequent campaign.

Jane Peters
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PETERS,  Vernal (Tony)   World War II

Raised in Coe Hill. Was involved in the Italy campaign. Buried St Andrew’s United Cemetery, Coe Hill.   I recognized Tony,  who lived with his mother, Jane Peters, in a neat little white house between the two churches on Station Street.

PUNTER, Ivan                     World War II

Returned from the war. Involved in Italian Campaign, but later wounded in Germany.

Melville Reid, St Andrews Cemetery
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REID, Melville                     World War II

Returned from the war.  Wife Stella Seaborn and two boys: Bill & Mark. My next door neighbour in a house beside the Deer River, just east of the bridge.

SHEPPARD, Edwin “Ed”                       World War II

Returned from the war.

Tombstone Clarke Terrill
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TERRILL, Clarke                                            unknown

Died March 1, 1963, age 38 (b 1925).

Buried St Michael’s Cemetery, Coe Hill, Ontario


Marguerite Thompson
Marguerite Thompson

THOMPSON, Marguerite Mary       World War II

Marguerite Mary Thompson, age 92, of Port Alberni, British Columbia passed away peacefully on Tuesday, August 28, 2018.

She was born on January 26, 1926 in Coe Hill, Ontario. She was predeceased by her husband Captain Joseph Thompson in 1987. Also predeceased by 2 brothers and two sisters in Ontario. Survived by her two sons and a daughter; eight grandchildren; and ten great grandchildren. Also survived by many relatives and friends across Canada including 5 sisters in Ontario.

Marguerite was a proud member of the Armed Forces during WW2 and a member of the Royal Canadian Legion for 55 years. We will forever miss her quiet manner, sense of fairness, and delightful wit.

The family would like to thank Dr. Damian White; the nurses and staff that cared for Marguerite at West Coast General Hospital and Ty Watson Hospice House for the excellent care and kindness or our loving mother, grandmother, and great grandmother.

There will be no service by Marguerite’s request.

Manley Tinney
Manley Tinney
Manley Tinny
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TINNEY, Manley                  World War II

FAG:  “Born Sept 5, 1921 in Coe Hill. Married Bessie Aileen Post (1923-2013) in 1945. Died Sept 19, 1974. Buried Clydesdale United Cemetery.

TINNEY, Victor                      World War II

 “He was killed in a bombing raid. somewhere in England”

 TIVY, Aubrey            World War II

Aug 4, 1891 – Feb 17, 1958 Buried St Michael’s Cemetery, Coe Hill

Edward Trembley, St Andrews Cem, Military
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TREMBLEY, Edward        World War II


WARNER, Earl                     World War II

Returned from the war.

WILSON, Clayton                                        World War II

Not yet researched

WOODBECK, Clarence Irwin          World War II

Private. ID C/42846, Lake Superior Regiment (motor), son of Charles  & Eliza Woodbeck of Owenbrook. Clarence died October 4, 1944, age 24. His brother, Morris, also died in service. Burial Agedem Canadian War Cemetery, BELGIUM.

WOODBECK, Morris Everett          World War II

Private, ID C/120203, 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion. Son of Charles & Eliza Woodbeck of Owenbrook, Ontario. His brother Clarence Irwin also fell.   Morris died July 6, 1944, age 29. Reported missing during D-Day invasion. Buried Ranville War Cemetery, Calvados, FRANCE. His brother Irwin Woodbeck

WOODLEY, Elvin R.         World War II

Elvin was born in Ormsby, Ontario on March 13, 1921. He enlisted in the Canadian Army (Active) at the age of eighteen in the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment on July 2, 1940. He received his basic training in Camp Borden prior to being sent to the UK where his advance training was received. The regiment was sent into active service, landing in Sicily and advancing up mainland Italy. In March of 1945 the Battalion was moved to Continental Europe where he accompanied them into Belgium and Holland. After his discharge on November 11, 1945, he and his brother Frank went in the lumber business. He has been a member of Coe Hill Legion Branch 581 for sixteen years. Elvin passed away October 10, 1978.

WOODLEY, Robert J.

Robert was born in Bancroft, Ontario on July 6, 1939. He enlisted in the Army on July 5, 1956. He served ten years in the Canadian Army as an Administrative Clerk in the RCASC having served two years, three months in Germany at Fort Chamly, Soest. He served in CBU Middle East with UNEF in Camp Rafah, Egypt. In June 1966, he obtained his release from the Army and joined the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force and was employed there for nearly thirty years. He retired to the area of his birth. Robert has been active member of Coe Hill Legion Branch 581 for 25 years,

Memorial Stone: World War II names

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Names on Memorial Stone for World War II Deaths

MUFFITT Edward Earle  J/8372
1943, Nov  2
UK: Runnymede Memorial
Coe Hill Memorial
FORBES Gerald Donald  C/5821
1944, Dec 20
ITALY: Villanova Canadian War Cemetery
Coe Hill Memorial
KEECH V.`   Coe Hill Memorial
NASH F   ITALY: Villanova Canadian War Cemetery Coe Hill Memorial
PEACOCK Robert  C/117553 1944, Aug 15 FRANCE: Beny-Sur-Mer Coe Hill Memorial
WOODBECK Morris Everett  C/120203
1944, July 1
FRANCE: Ranvill War Cemetery
Coe Hill Memorial
WOODBECK Clarence Irwin  
1944, Oct 4
BELGIUM: Agedem Canadian War Cemetery
Coe Hill Memorial

Add Boulogne Eastern Canadian War Cemetery, FRANCE – Sandy Mindle


The Coe Hill Legion,  in the middle of the village, was started just after World War II when soldiers arrived home.  Since then, the veteran members of the Legion, and community folk are active in the Legion building in hosting events and encouraging the memories of those who are soldiers from this area.  Grey military tombstones are being added for military personnel buried in these Coe Hill graveyards. Thank you.

Unknown to me, a Heritage Committee was formed, who has produced three volumes about families in the area.  One volume is dedicated to:

Book Memories of Our Men & Women of Wollaston Twp

Available through Wollaston Township Library beside the Coe Hill Public School in the village.


of Coe Hill area soldiers

County, Cemetery, #WW I;    #WWII;      Names of Soldiers

BELGIUM Adegem Canadian War Cemetery 0 1 Clarence Woodbeck
BELGIUM Ypes Memorial – Menin Gate 4 0 William Campbell; Ora Mindle; Elgin Post; Charles Reid;
ENGLAND Runnymede Memorial 0 1 Earle Muffitt
FRANCE Arras Road Cemetery 1 0 A J Campbell
FRANCE Bagneux British Cemetery 1 0 J W Hewton
FRANCE Beaucourt British Cemetery 1 0 Daniel Gunter
FRANCE Beny-Sur-Mer Canadian War Cemetery 0 2 Gerald Leveridge; Robert Peacock
FRANCE Bouglogne Military Cemetery 1 0 S. A. Mindle
FRANCE Danville British Cemetery 1 0 Charles Kelsh
FRANCE Doullens Communal Cemetery 1 0 George Winters
FRANCE Drummond Cemetery 1 0 W J Gerrard
FRANCE Echoivres Military Cemetery 1 0 E Peters
FRANCE Etaps Military Cemetery 1 0 Frank Leveridge
FRANCE J. A. Chaudiere Military Cemetery 1 0 Bert Brownell;
FRANCE Lievin Communal Cemetery 1 0 C P Colin
FRANCE Niagara Cemetery 2 0 Richard Clarke; Gordon McCauley
FRANCE Nine Elms Military Cemetery 2 0 Fenton Brownell; C H Brownell
FRANCE Orchard Dump Cemetery 1 0 G Tyner
FRANCE Ranville War Cemetery 0 1 Morris Woodbeck
FRANCE Toronto Cemetery 1 0 George Gilroy
FRANCE Vimy Memorial 7 0 William Bullied; Hiram Bird;  Charles Danford; Allan Currie; Ernest Robbins; Terrance Rosebush; George Waite
ITALY Villanova Canadian War Cemetery 0 2 Gerald Forbes; F Nash

Coe Hill property

Gillespie farm on left with St Michael’s Cemetery in distance

The ongoing work to keep cemeteries neat and tidy is appreciated.


Vera Lynn sang to encourage the troops. 

Total Records:  WWI  75 +  WWII  42 = 117

Source of Records:  The Legion website; Library and Archives Canada. Personal visits to Coe Hill with filming graves & researching family histories ongoing. Commonwealth War Graves Commission.  Ontario War Memorials. Book, North of 7…and Proud of It. Wikitree. Regimental

FAG = Find A Grave


field of poppies
field of poppies

They shall grow not old,

as we that are left grow old.

Age shall not weary them,

nor the years condemn.

As the going down of the sun,

and in the morning,

We will remember them!