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Gillespie Family History Library & Archives


This online library provides Gillespie family history records from across the world. Variant spellings of that name are included. A multitude of other last names are also provided through marriages and descendants.

The left menu bar is for family history research. Simply click your computer mouse on any word to open a wealth of records. Continuing clicking on words or phrases on each subsequent page  highlighted in blue or green to find 45,000 records on this website.

Although helpful, the search engine does not pick up every word on this site. It is best used for locations, dates and the maiden last names of spouses.

The top menu bar represents personal interests and activities and changes from time to time.

A NEWS  page is provided at the bottom of the left menu,  Records Just Added,   to provide a summary of what is new on this site, especially records just added.

To rapidly scan any single page, press Control +F  on your keyboard to pull up a search box. It will appears top right of the page you are on.  Enter search terms to see that word highlighted on that page and how many there are to follow and view.

The name Gillespie originated in the British Isles but not from one individual. Early individuals in Ireland and Scotland used variant spellings of the name linked to a religious context, meaning  “servant of the Bishop.” 

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This website is an extension  of the  federally registered The Gillespie Family History Foundation of Canada.

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