The following index of Gillespie researchers gives a summary of their interest. Not everyone is listed, only those who provided family history records.  This may help you locate others of your own genealogy interest. The word “Portfolio” means there was detailed information sent to this office that has been put into a presentation booklet and copyright protected for the author. Facts are not copyright protected, but presentation certainly is.  See my note at end of list.

Abbott, Adrian: ENGLAND. Stephen Gilhespy (1750-1805)  married Jane Marshall. Links to Tynemouth. His grand-daughter Margaret Gillespie married Samuel Wilson. Also name Thubron. Links to New Zealand and Washington State, USA

Abbott-Harkins, Margaret re CANADA,  New Brunswick, Canada Edward Gillespie and Julia Riordan (1860-1888). Links to Boston, Massachusetts.

Alexander, Elizabeth re USA, North Carolina/Tennessee. Elizabeth Gillespie b 1787 NC married Henry Castleman. Lived in Nashville, TN. See also website Dorothy Crawford.

Allan, Pat re SCOTLAND, Isle of Islay.  Donald Gillespie and Mary McNeil linked to Nottawasaga, Simcoe Co, Ontario Canada. Buried Collingwood. Some family to Manitoba. See also researcher Dee Kieffaber

Allen, Donna re USA, North Carolina. James Gillespie (1802-1857) Moved to Alabama then on to Texas.

Allmond, Jacqueline re USA, Pennslvania with links to Ohio and Texas.  David Gillespie 1771-1857 married Hannah Stickley.

Almond, Lori – USA, Tennessee re William Joseph Russel and Ann Golaspy wife.

Anderson, James re CANADA, Prince Edward County, Ontario. James Gillespie and Julia Van der Waters of Picton. Documents. See website

Anderson, Patricia re USA, Tennesse. John Gillespy who died 1796 of Blount Co, TN. 12 children with links to Indiana.

Andrus, Rebecca re CANADA, Quebec. Elizabeth Gillespie & Baptiste LaClair in Montreal. Links to to Dubuque, Iowa, USA.

Anthony Gillespie – SOUTH AFRICA. James Thomas (Tom) Gillespie & wife Helena Maria Aletta Langerhoven, Cape Town

Astle, Ellen re CANADA, New Brunswick.   James Gillespie (b 1784 P.E.I.) & Elizabeth of Blissfield/Blackville , NB area. Margaret Gillespie married John Harris.

Atherly, Flo re CANADA, Ontario. Duncan Gillespie & Margaret from Isle of Islay, Scotland to Parry Sound area and Victoria Co Islay settlers. PORTFOLIO copyright 2002 & disc of records. Photos.

Atwood, Paula re USA, Illinois.  Deccy Gillespie b 1832 Illinois & Jonathan Furby of Virginia. Moved to Missouri.  Son Millard Fillmore Furby b 1856.

*Austin, Helen re USA, Alabama.  William Gillespie (1737-1826) & Isabella Houston. Grandson, James Gillespie married Patsie Houston.  BOOK. Photos.  Also history of James Richard Gillespie of Blount Co, TN/Lawrence Co, AL.  Records.



Badman, John re USA, Virginia. Simon Gillespie b 1767 of Botecourt Co. Moved to Warren Co, Ohio. Married Hannah Cane.

Bainbridge, Roger re SCOTLAND, Isle of Islay. Angus Gillespie & Ann McMillan. Moved to Creemore, Simcoe Co, Ontario, Canada.  Links to Thorah Twp. Later family links to BC.

Bakke, Sharon re USA, Pennsylvania from Scotland. William Gillespie (1728-1760) to Chester Co, PA  wife Mary Emmett. Links to Rowan Co, NC, and TN and Maryland.  Elizabeth Gillespie & Thomas Sharpe.

Ballard, Robert re USA, Illinois.  Thomas Moore Gillespie (1821) & Nancy Hunter.  See also researchers Eva Davis, Bob Davis, Allan Gillespie.

Barefoot, Evelyn re IRELAND, Co Donegal.  Links to Pennsylvania. Edward Gillespie (1790-1799) and Nancy Carr. Alleghany Co, PA. See also researcher John Gillespie.

Barnes, Rob re SCOTLAND. John Gillespie & Mary Stevenson. PORTFOLIA copyright 2009. Photos.  Links to Portpatrick and Dumfries for 1790s. s/o James Gillespie & Margaret Guilline. Two siblings became ship masters.

*Barrow, Mary re CANADA, Ontario, Essex Co.  2 PORTFOLIOS for George Gawn Gillespie & Sarah Ann Helferich. Vol 1 & Vol 2, copyright 2008. See also researchers Jim Church and John Conway.

Beaton, Elizabeth re IRELAND, Belfast. John Gillespie & Margaret McAuley. Links to Toronto, Ontario Canada around 1913, and  a child to Pittsburgh, PA.

Beckwith, David re USA, Tennessee.  Links from Rev. Robert Gillespie & Margaret Lamon to Co. George Gillespie, TN.

*Bedford, Chuck & Val re CANADA, Ontario, Guelph.  PORTOLIO copyright 1999. Gillespie/Northam union with links to England, Manitoba, Victoria Harbour, Ontario.

Bell, Mary Ann re USA, Alabama. Stonewell Webb Gillespie from Ireland married Nanny Dell Cummings in Jefferson Co, AL about 1872.  4 sons.

Birney, Kim re USA, Kentucky. PORTFOLI0. James Gillespie Birney born 1767 Co  Cavan, Ireland who spent his life in Kentucky. Wife Martha Reed.

Birnie, Lexi re CANADA, British Columbia. Remembering Ann Lorrain Gillespie of Quesnel.

Black, Laurie re USA, Michigan. Mary Ann Gillespie & Andrew Wilson moved from Quebec to Michigan then returned to Canada.  8 children.

Bond, Bob re CANADA, Ontario. Thomas Gillespie & Isabella Campbell of Lanark Co.

Bossenbrock, Kathryn re USA, Ohio.  Rev John Gillespie & Susanna. Allen Co, Ohio.

*Bowes, Anna (nee Hilliard) re CANADA, Ontario.   Charlotte Gillespie (1825-1907) Co Armagh, Ireland & Thomas Foster Hilliard b 1819 Co Fermanagh. Photos. BOOK.  Photos. PORTFOLIO. From Osnabruck Twp, Stormont Co to Morrisburgh. 11 children.  Family links to Minnesota.  Links to Five Mile Town in Northern Ireland.

Bowles, Oxedo re USA, Tennessee. Richard Clyde Gillispie from Missouri, living in TN. Mother Rachel Emma Gillispie.   Later family links to NC.

Boyd, Marcus re USA, Virginia. Thomas Gillespie, wife Eleanor of Tazwell County. Son Rev Thomas Gillespie 1760-after 1842 in Pennsylvania.  Wife Margaret Bowen.

Boyer, Robin re USA, South Carolina.  John Gillespie (1738-1808) from Ireland & Sarah Weir. PORTFOLIO copyright 1999.  Chester Co, SC.  Son Thomas married Mary Weir.

Bray, Dianne re ENGLAND, Kent.  William Simpson Gillespie m Louisa Fulcher.

Breach, Alison re SCOTLAND, Renfrewshire.  James Gillespie and Grace Ralston, Greenock. Adam Gillespie to New Zealand.

Brent, J. E. re USA, Kentucky.   Dr William Gillespie, a noted Baptist preacher in VA.  Trimble County, KY.

Brogan, Joanne re IRELAND, Co Donegal.  Gillespies of Inver.

Brookshire, Gregory re USA, Pennsylvania.   John Gillespie (1781-1832), s/o John Gillespie, from Ireland to PA about 1790. Wife Sarah Clark. Son Samuel.

Brown, Georgia re IRELAND to Buck Mountain, Pennsylvania.  Hugh Gillespie & Sarah Rose. Child Sarah b 1859 married Patrick Clark.

Brown, Ian re CANADA, Ontario.  James Gillespie, Toronto

Brown, Neale re USA, Pennsylvania.  Mary Gillespie (1790-1849) of Co Tyrone, Ireland & John Mosgrove from Cumberland, England. To Kittaning, Armstrong Co, PA.

*Brown, Ryk re  SCOTLAND.  PORTFOLIO copyright 2008.  James Gillespie (b 1741 est in Dunblane) & Catherine Reid of  Kilmadock, Perthshire, Scotland. Married 1765. 5 children. Son Hugh Gillespie married Mary Reid and with some of their 9 children immigrated to Puslinch, Wellington Co, Ontario Canada.

Bruce, Sue  re Ireland.  Limvardy Gillespies. Links to Australia.

Brumm re USA, West Virginia.  Auril Bird Gillespie circa 1870. Married Flex Knicely 1889.

Brunt, Richard re USA, Kentucky.  Lewis Gillespie & Matilda Runyon in Barren Co, KY.

 Bryant, Muriel re USA, Georgia.  Matthew Gillespie (1726 NC-1793 Abbeyville, SC) & Francis Patterson.  Son James married Elizabeth Baskin.   Links to Texas.

Buell, Linda re CANADA, Ontario.  Charles Gillespie & Bertha Kannawin, Dufferin Co. Orangeville.

Burdick, Zahn re USA, Kentucky.  Mary Ann Gillespie & Raney Maxey.  Links to Virginia

Burns, Charles re USA, South Carolina. Abbeyville. Hannah Gillespie b 1790 married William Morris. They moved to De Kelb Co, GA.

Byerly, Maggie re USA, North Dakota.  Walter Gillespie, Granvile and 5 children.  Links to Illinois.

Byrnes, Jim & Alice re IRELAND, Co Armagh.  Joseph Gillespie & Mary Elliott of Brant County, Ontario Canada.  Records. Photos. PORTFOLIO


Caldwell, Muriel re CANADA, Ontario.   Robina Gillespie (nee Campbell) from Belfast. Link to Toronto and Shelburne.

Caldwell, Stephanie re USA, California.  Raymond Gillespie.

Calhoon, Linda re CANADA.  Edward Gillespie & Martha Davies. Links to Minnesota.  Photos.

Cameron, Arthur re SCOTLAND, Isle of Islay. Links to Renfrew Co, Ontario Canada. Catherine Gillespie & Angus Cameron. See also researchers Bonnie Corrigan, Judy Nichols.

Cameron-Friel, Kim re SCOTLAND, Isle of Islay with links to  Renfrew Co, Ontario Canada.   Flora Gillespie (1807-1893) & Alexander Cameron. PORTFOLIO. See also researcher  Bonnie Corrigan.

Campbell, Hugh re CANADA, Ontario. Margaret Gillespie & William H Relyea. Prescott. Links to New York State. See also researcher John Relyea. 

Campbell, Malcolm re SCOTLAND, Isle of Islay.  Margaret Gillespie & Robert Campbell. Links to Toronto, Ontario Canada

Cannon, Dave NEW ZEALAND.  David Gillespie & Annie McKay,  Central Otago.

Cannon, Patricia re USA, New Jersey. Enos Glaspey (1751-1801)  Son Silas Glaspey.

Cardiel, Shelly re USA, Washington State.   R. S. Gillespie of Tacoma 1910

Carroll, Cindy re USA, Ohio.   Charles Gillespie & Margaret Ryan.  Toledo.

Carson, Tyler re SCOTLAND, Turriff.   Charles Gillespie (1716-1781).   Link to Ontario and British Columbia, Canada.

Casey, Erin re CANADA, New Brunswick.   Captain James Gillespie & Rosannah Steeves of Albert Co. Links to Morville, Co Donegal, Ireland.

Casey, R re USA, Texas.  Ben Terrill Gillespie & Mary Campbell of Carrizo Springs, TX.

Chambers, William re CANADA, Newfoundland, Carbonear.   William Gillespie (b 1877) & Lillian Vatcher. 8 children.   Links to Saugus, Massachusetts. See also researcher Roger Cole.

Chatterton, June re ENGLAND.  Edward Clasby & Sarah Kennedy, Sheffield, UK.

Child, John re CANADA, Nova Scotia.   Tom Gillespie of Ireland to Halifax.  2nd wife Mary Anne Jardine. Links to Bermuda . Daughter Margaret m James Staylor who returned to England 1897.

Church, Jim re CANADA, Ontario.  George Gawn Gillespie (1803-1883)  & Sarah Helferich (b Sweden) to Essex Co. Links to Kent Co. and Ohio, USA. See also researchers Mary Barrow, John Conway.

Clark, Denver re USA, Kentucky.  Pendleton County Gillespies.

Clark, Forney re USA, Virginia.  PORTFOLIO.  Samuel Gillespie (1797-1861) & Mary Jane McElwee. Bath Co.  Links to West Virginia.

Clarke, Terrance & Georgia re USA, Pennsylvania.  William Gillespie & Sarah, Ireland. Their son Hugh Gillespie (d 1894)  to Freeland, PA.  Links to Buck Mountain.

Clayton Library Centre for Genealogy Research, Houston, Texas. Collection of USA  & Canadian Gillespie Newsletters. Contact Susan Peterson.

Cloutier-Clark, Bonnie re CANADA, Ontario.  Anthony Gillespie  (1813-1885) from Ireland & Mary Corrigan. Ottawa. Links to Saskatchewan.

Cloutier, Mary re USA.  Samuel Gillespie (b 1840 Ohio) & Martha White. Links to Brigham City, Utah from Wyoming.

Cole, Roger re CANADA, Newfoundland.  Samuel Gillespie & Elizabeth Thomas.  See also researcher William Chambers.

Comer, Mike re CANADA. David Gillespie Jr. b Toronto 1878 & Nancy Ford.  Links Kingston,  Fort Erie, Ontario and Syracuse, New York and California. See researcher Flossie Niestroy.

Condron, John re IRELAND. John Gillespie & Sarah Hendry, son Hugh Gillespie m Ellen McKillop Co Antrim. Links to Dumbarton, Scotland. See also researcher Ann  Rector.

Conway, Jim re CANADA, Ontario.   George Gaun Gillespie & Sarah Helferick of Essex Co. Son Captain William Gillespie & Emilee La Duc.  See researchers Jim Church, Mary Barrow.

Cooper, Catherine re USA, Alabama.  John O Gillespie of AL, linked to Joseph & James Gillespie of Mecklenburgh, North Carolina.

Cooper, Margaret re IRELAND, Co Tyrone. William Gillespie (b 1790) & Anne to Haldimand Co, Ontario  Canada. Son James Gillespie m Martha Irwin. Links to Thessalon & Sault St Marie, Northern Ontario & Five Mile Town, Ireland. PHOTOS.

Copfer, Torrey re USA, Pennsylvania.  Louisa Gillespie & Anthony Schock. Butler, PA with links to Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas.

Corridan, Jennie re USA, Virginia.  William Abner Gillespie (1790-1860) & Mary Owens, Albermarle Co, VA. Links to Kentucky, Kincaid Creek. See researchers Mark Gillespie, Barbara Wimm.

Corrigon, Bonnie re SCOTLAND, Isle of Islay. Catherine Gillespie & Angus Cameron to Renfrew Co, Ontario, Canada. PORTFOLIO.  See also researchers Kim Cameron-Friel, Skip Nieman, Judy Nichols.

Cortez, Renee re USA, Texas.  Emma Gillespie & James Polk Robbins, he born TN. Links to Madhill, Oklahoma and Texas.

Coseboon, Cheri re USA, Indiana.  David Gillespie (b1817) & Mary Reddish about 1849 in Indiana. Links to Iowa, Monroe Co.

Cremer, Helen re IRELAND.   Anthony Gillespie b 1810 Queens Co, Ireland. Links to Dubuque, Iowa by 1856.

Culver, Larry re USA, Indiana.   Peter Gillespie & Sarah Girard. Links from Grant Co, IN to Michigan.

Curr, Bernice re CANADA, Wentworth Co.  Samuel Gillespie of City of Hamilton & Mary Wilson. Links to Chicago, California.

Eileen Curran re USA, Pennsylvania.  Katherine Gillespie & James Angeletti of Tryone, Blair Co, PA.

Cuttler, Della re CANADA.  Rev. John Gillespie & Julia Howland, Toronto, Ontario . Links to Channel Isles and Kent, England.


Dandona, Jessica re USA, West Virginia.  Pince Anna Gillespie & Williamson St  Clair.  Links to Virginia.

Daniels, Betty Jo re USA,  Virginia.  Powhatan Gillespie & Sarah, Washington Co, VA.

Darrach, Lea Anne re CANADA, Prince Edward Island.  John Craig Gillespie (1831-1920)  & Matilda Young. See also researchers Evelyn Kennedy, Denise Gillespie.

Davis, Bob re USA, Illinois.  Thomas Moore Gillespie (b 1821) & Nancy Hunter. 14 children births from 1840 to 1863. See also researchers Roger Ballard, Terry Sproule.

Davis, Tiffany re USA, Connecticut.  William Gillespy IR from England via Ellis Island, NY 1915. Married Annie. 16 children.  Settled in Hartford, Connecticut.

Deal, S re USA, Virginia.  Thomas Gillespie & Eleanor to Augusta Co, VA about 1742 at Stuart’s Creek, a branch of Cowpasture River.   Links to Ohio.

Denny, Arline re USA, North Carolina.  James Smiley Gillespie  (1770-1859) & Hannah Denny of Guilford Co, NC. Links to Tennessee, Alabama, Texas. s/o Daniel Gillespie & Margaret Hall.

Denvrick, Ron re USA, West Virginia. William Hastings Gillespie b 1841 of Franklin Co/Greenbriar Co, VA & Mary Francis Osburne.

Diehn, Julia re USA, Michigan. Frederick Henry Gillespie & Gertrude C Amsden of Brooklyn, Jackson, Michigan.

Dinter, Len re USA, Kentucky.  Tabitha Gillespie (b 1817 PA) & William Melvin in Wilson Co, Tennessee in 1838. Family moved to Graves Co, Kentucky.

Docherty, Martin re CANADA, Ontario. Paul Gillespie who worked in the hotel industry in London, and may have been a journalist.

Dominque, Mario re CANADA, Ontario. James Gillespie 1878-1937  Laura Belle Lillif.

Dryer, Janet re USA, Tennessee. Martha Gillespie b 1857 in Missouri, d/o John Gillespie from Tennessee.

Duckworth re USA, Texas.  Margaret (Martha) Gillespie 1837 AL-1890 TX) & Andrew Jackson Duckworth.  Married in Fannin, Texas.

Dumfraul, Vanessa re USA,  West Virginia.  Unknown Gillespie & Hazel Perry of Greenbrier Co, WV, early 1900s

Dunn, Vicki re  USA, Illinois.  John David Gillespie & Polly Cawvey in Bond Co, Illinois in mid 1850s.

Dyess, Shirley re USA, Texas.    Lou Gillespie, Flem Gillespie of Riesel, Texas


*Edwards, Jonathan re CANADA/SCOTLAND.  George Gillespie (1772-1842) a merchant, s/o Thomas Gillespie and grandson of James Gillespie 1647-1695 & Isabel Paterson. George’s wife Helen Hamilton. Family estate at Biggar Park, Lanark Co, Scotland. Links to Montreal and Hamilton, Ontario Canada, even Jamaica. PHOTOS. Portfolio copyright 2009.

Edwards, Yvonne re USA, North Carolina.  Col Daniel Gillespie (1743-1829) & Margaret Hall of Guilford Co, NC. See also researcher Gladys Farris.

Embrey, Dora re USA, Arkansas.  John Lewis Gillespie b 1875 Franklin Co, AR. Married Maggie Stevens 1895 in McKinney Co, MS. s/o Robert James Gillespie  in Georgia.

Evanoff, Jon re USA, Indiana.  Charles Edward Gillespie (1861-1929) s/o Fritz Gillespie & Amelia Hannah. Links to Chicago, Arkansas.


Fagan, Willis– location not given.  Dorothy Ellen Gillespie & Douglas A. Tucker.

Fahidy, Susan re CANADA, Ontario. Maryann Gillespie & Andrew Wilson from Quebec to Hay Twp, Huron Co, Ontario.

Farmer, Beverly re  USA, Texas.  Joel Thomas Gilespie & Samantha of Grandview, Johnson Co, Texas.

Farris, Gladys W. re SCOTLAND.  Rev John Gillespie (1580-1627)  & Lilias Simson. He was ordained at Alva. 8 children with histories. PORTFOLIO. See also researcher Vyonne Edwards.

Fegredo, Mary re INDIA.  Col William Gillespie of British Medical Service.

Ferguson, Grant re CANADA, Ontario.  Patrick Golaspy & Bridget Lynch of Co Wickow, Ireland.  Daughter Bridget Gillespie & James McGlynn to Culross, Bruce Co, Ontario.

*Ferguson, Greg re SCOTLAND, Isle of Islay.  Alexander Gillespie (b 1790) & Janet Jamieson. Immigrated to Sunnidale Corners, Simcoe Co, Ontario Canada, Manitoba.  PORTFOLIO. Records.

Filer, C re IRELAND, Co Donegal.  Thomas Gillespie b 1799 to Mercier Co, Pennsylvania.

Filhart, Ronna re IRELAND, Co Donegal.  Patrick Gillespie & Margaret, Moville, Co Donegal.  Links to New York and Pennsylvania.

Finley, Wm Earl re USA, Virginia.  William Gillespie & Rose Finley  PORTFOLIO copyright 2004.  Discussion of early pioneers & other Gillespies in Virginia. Gillespie Station.

Fone, Joellen re USA, West Virginia.  Adam Gillespie & Nancy Morrison of Baxton Co, WV

Forgy, Bette re USA, Missouri.  James & Electra Gillespie of Ohio, Daughter Louisa (1853-1883) Gillespie m James Barcus. Family moved to Harrison Co, Missouri.  Links to Nebraska and Kansas and Ireland.

Foster, Sharon re USA, North Carolina.  John Gillespie 1787-1836) & Rebecca Dickey. Links to South Carolina and Co Antrim, Ireland.

Fowler, Kathryn re CANADA, Ontario.  Thomas Gillesby from England (1790-1857) , an inn keeper in City of Hamilton. Wife Margaret Armstrong from Cumberland, England.  Son Barnard Gillesby to Owen Sound, Grey Co.  See also researchers Glen Brunskill, Margaret Gillespie Blain, Virginia Miller.

Fox, Doreen re USA, Massachusetts.  James Gillespie born St John, New Brunswick, Canada s/o Daniel & Mary Thompson in Boston, Mass 1849.

Frazier, Nellie Rae re USA, Virginia.   Robert Louis Gillespie & Mary Frances Helmandollar in Tazewell Co, VA 1859.

Freeman, Tim re USA, Illinois.  George Simpson Gillespie (1834-1896) & Eliza Jane from Co Down, Ireland to Jasper Co, Illinois.

Fregeau, Susan re SCOTLAND.  William Gillespie ( b 1729 in Logie-1813 in North Leith) & Jean Alexander of Perthshire, Scotland. PORTFOLIO copyright 2009. Links to Edinburgh and military service by William in France & Germany.

Fuson, Gayle – see Olypen, Gayle research


Garchow, Wally re USA, Ohio.  Benjamin Gillespie & Mary Ellen English, Darke Co, Ohio. PORTFOLIO

Gentry, Leslie re USA, Michigan. Abigail Gillespie & I Eldridge Rice, Grand Rapids, Kent Co, Michigan. Abigail’s 2nd marriage to  David Gage Sr. Links to Indiana

George, Barb re USA, Tennesee. James Smiley Gillespie, s/o Daniel Gillespie & Margaret Hall. James b 1770 Guilford Co, North Carolina married Hannah Denny. Moved to Rutherford Co, Tennessee.

Gersey, Vicki  re USA, Minnesota. Fank Gillespie & Isabella McIsaac. PORTFOLIO.  Miles Gillespie & Bridget. Links to Ireland & Ontario, Canada.

Gibb, Moira re CANADA, Nova Scotia.  James Gillespie, Sidney

Gibson, Rob re SCOTLAND.  Euphemia Gillespie married a Gibson. Their son William b 1836 married Edinburgh 1858, he died 1879

Gilbert, Paul re USA, New York. Mary Gillespie b 1797. Two brothers Brown and Gustavus Gillespie settled in Stuben Co, NY about 1793. One of them was her father. She married Joseph Driesbach in Sparta circa 1820. The couple moved to Waukau, Wisconsin. Links to Vermont.

Gillespie, Alan re SCOTLAND. Archibald Gillespie & Sarah Cameron or Connor. Son Joseph. Links to Edinburgh

Gillespie, Allen re USA, Tennessee.  Thomas Monroe Gillespie 1821-1894. Married a Hunter. Links to Illinois.

Gillespie, Amanda re Ireland, Co Down: Thomas Gillespie & ?Eleanor, son John, grandson Robert….Annahilt.

Gillespie, Angela re IRELAND, Co Donegal Gillespies

Gillespie, Asa re USA, Virginia.  Thomas Jackson Gillespie b VA.  His son Hezekiah Martin Gillespie

Gillespie, Bernie re USA, Virginia.  Robert Gillespie settled at Clifton Forge, VA.

Gillespie, Bill re SCOTLAND, Fife.  John Gillespie 1848-1936 of Kinghorn, Fife married Mary Reid Barn. To Huron Co, Ontario Canada.

Gillespie, Bonnie re CANADA, Prince Edward Island.   Samuel Gillespie of Cavenish. 4 brothers. Links to Ontario & British Columbia.

Gillespie, Charles re USA. John  Gillespie of Pennsylvania. Links to Samuel Dexter family line. Links to WV; Chancellor Gillespie in Roanoke, VA ;  Ohio; Indiana.

Gillespie, Charles re USA, Mississippi.    Privacy due to living persons. Obit Dr Charles Riddley Gillespie of Laurel, Mississippi.

*Gillespie, Cheryl re IRELAND, Co Antrim.  George Gillespie b1744 & Jane Allen in Washington Co, Pennsylvania prior marriage there in 1762. Links to Clackmannan, Scotland. See also researcher Tom Gillespie.

Gillespie, Chris re USA, Virginia.  William A Gillespie b Albermarle, VA about 1790 Died 1860,  buried in Bracken Co, Kentucky. Son Trya married Lucy Sharp.

**Gillespie, Christopher re CANADA re John Gillespie, Billings Bridge, Ontario. PHOTO

Gillespie, Craig re CANADA, Manitoba.  Archibald Gillespie 1826-1891 & Ann Harvey of Eldon Twp, Ontario. Family moved to Rockwood, Manitoba. Isle of Islay Scots from Conisby. S/o Donald Gillespie & Isabella McVicar.  Links to North Dakota. PORTFOLIO.

Gillespie, Currie re CANADA, Ontario   Privacy re living person.  Linked to the work of Professor Mac Gillespie (deceased), whose book is in this library. Isle of Islay, Scots to Kent County and Central Ontario

Gillespie, David re USA, New York.  William James Gillespie & Rebecca Bramble, married in New York 1827. Links to Maryland.

David S Gillespie re USA Colorado with links from Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America re Alejandro & Mary Gillespie and Uruguay for David Murray Gillespie & Bess Ayres. Also links back to Edinburgh, Scotland.

Gillespie, Debra re USA, New York.  Eugene Frederick Gillespie b 1818 NY & Frances Winn. Links to Mississippi, California.

Gillespie, Denise re CANADA, Prince Edward Island. James Gillespie 1799-1868 & Hannah Craig. See also researchers Evelyn Kennedy, Lee Anne Darrach.

Gillespie, Dennis G re USA, Indiana.  Andrew Gillaspie b 1796 & Minerva Nichols, Wayne Co, IND. 2nd marriage to Mary Ann McIntire. Moved to Schulyer Co, Missouri.  LInks to Iowa, Kansas

Gillespie, Edd re USA   re T. D. Gillaspie & Carolyn Dickerson. Links from Kansas, Missouri, Virginia.

Gillespie, F La Verne re USA, Indiana.   Abraham Gillespie, b 1816 -1894,  s/o Isaiah.  Abraham’s son Nelson Gillespie & Mary Smith.

*Gillespie, Frank re USA, New York.  Links to Neil Gillespie from Inveraray,  Isle of Islay, Scotland who immigrated 1739 to Wallkill, Ulster Co, New York. PORTFOLIO for John Gillespie (1747-1821) & Sarah McCreary of Montgomery, Orange Co, New York. Records.

Researcher’s name withheld upon request.  Matthew Gillespie 1750-1834 of Kirkoswald, Ayr, Scotland. S/o Alexander Gillespie & Jean Ross. Links to  Canada.

Gillespie, Gary re USA, Illinois.  William Gillespie & Mary Garnett. Links to Quebec, Canada & Maine.

Gary Gillespie re MILITARY, INDIA, AFRICA…tracing Michael Patrick Gillespie in Boer War, married in India 1905, 2nd marriage in Brazil in 1913. He died there in 1925. Photo

Gillespie, Gerald (deceased) re CANADA, Kent Co. Archibald Gillespie (b 1781) of Isle of Islay, Scotland & Mary McNiven. Son Malcolm (1825-1888) of Glace Bay, Islay to Howard Twp, Kent Co, Ontario. Married Christena Currie. NOTE: Mr Gillespie was about to take me on a tour of Gillespie locations around Kent Co, when he passed away.  He was very active in the genealogy community and a great loss for his work and knowledge of Islay Gillespies.  See also researcher Professor Mac Gillespie, who is also deceased but his book remains.

Gillespie, Gordon re CANADA, Ontario.  Duncan Gillespie & Margaret (Peggy) of Islay, Scotland. Son Donald (b 1818 Islay) m Catherine McDonald. To Cannington, links to Beaverton, Ontario. Family history online. Click on green coloured name.

Gillespie, Grant re South Africa Gillespies

Gillespie, Gregory re USA, California.  PORTFOLIO of Peter Gillespie of Stirling, Scotland (b 1860s in Glasgow)  & Angelina Miramontes. Links to California, Washington, England, New York.

Gillespie, Helen re CANADA, Ontario   Alexander Gillespie 1836-1889 Scotland & Janet Ritchie with links to Hamilton, Ontario.

Gillespie, Ian re SCOTLAND.  Photos. Links to Dunbarton, Scotland for Robert Gillespie & Julia, s/o Robert & Ann.  To Canada

Gillespie, Jaimie re CANADA, Ontario.  Thomas Gillespie & Isabella Campbell of Lanark County. Irish pioneers to the area. Son William Gillespie & Margaret Coulter. Links to Calaboogie & North Bay in Northern Ontario

Gillespie, James re CANADA, Waterloo Co.   Paul Smith Gillespie of Paris. Married Lily Barnden, Windsor.

Gillispie, James re USA, Arkansas.   Elrod Gillispie. See also researcher Wayne Neal.

Gillespie, Jan re USA, Ohio.  Wesley Dimmit Osborne of Kentucky and Emma Sowers of Ohio. Son Dimmitt to California. Links to Michigan.

Gillespie, Janet re SCOTLAND.  James Gillespie b 1720 in Sterlingshire, Scotland. To American Colonies for 4 years. Married Janet Rae. James was a soldier at Fort George, Scotland. Three sons to America. History of John Gillespie & Agnes Gibson in Teeswater, Bruce Co, Ontario via Lanark Co. Links to Hamilton, Colorado and Western Canada. See researcher John Muirhead.

Gillespie, Jerry re USA, Alabama.  PORTFOLIO David McLin Gillespie (1839-1900)  & Mildred Fletcher of Green Bay, AL. Disk. Links to Mississippi.

Gillespie, Jim & Linda re IRELAND, Scarmageoragh,Co Monaghan.  John Gillespie (1759-1859) & Elizabeth. Immigrated to Little River, Quebec, Canada about 1838. Descendants to Michigan, Scotland. See also researcher Mary Ann Shaefer. Also  John Gillespie & Mary Rainey/Sarah Woods.

Gillespie, Jim re USA, North Carolina.  Thomas Gillespie (1719-1797) buried Old Thyatira Churchyard in Rowan, NC.

Gillespie, Joel re USA, Kentucky.  Patrick Gillespie (1814-1884) & Nancy Clonch married 1826 in Pulaski Co, KY.

*Gillespie, John re USA, Tennessee   2 PORTFOLIOS. Records. PHOTOS.  Rev George Gillespie (b about 1640 Stirling, Scotland & Rebecca  who immigated to Cecil Co, Maryland.  Also George Gillespie (b 1735-1793) & Elizabeth Allen from Northern Ireland to Limestone, Washington Co, Tennessee.  Links to Alabama

Gillespie, John re ENGLAND.   Michael Thomas Gillespie born 1843 in Jarrow, near Sunderland. Married Margret. Daughter Mary Elinor b 1863. Married Samuel Wardley.

Gillespie, John S re CANADA, Ontario.  3 PORTFOLIOS:  Jane Gillespie (1817-1891) & George Duggin, d/o  Robert Gillespie (17791866)  & Mary Blevens to Wolfe Island, Frontenac County. John Gillespie & Almira Grimshaw. See researchers John & Darlene Patton.

Gillespie, Kathleen re CANADA, Ontario.   PORTFOLIO re William Gillespie of Petrolia/Sarnia. A pioneer in the oil well industry.  Links to travels in Borneo, Persia, Australia and Egypt. Many photos.

Gillespie, Ken re IRELAND.  Leonard Gillespie Jr (1851-1938) s/o Lenard. Father and son immigrated to Queensland, Australia 1865. PORTFOLIO. Photos. See also researcher Sandra Walker.

Gillespie, Kim re SCOTLAND, Glasgow.   Hugh Gillespie & Elizabeth Peebles, son Hugh (1861-1919) married Helen Deery/Jane Colgar.  Links to Michigan, Indiana.

Gillespie, Kim re USA, Ohio.   Lawrence Gillespie. Possible link to West Virginia.

Gillespie, King W. re USA, New York.    Thomas Gillespie of Ireland (17731820) married Nancy Hagget. Links to Stormont Co, Ontario Canada and Lawrence City, New York.

Gillispie, Kristy Dawn re USA, North Carolina.    Ernest Clay Gillespie, brother Robert.  Residence Eden, NC.

Gillespie, Lee re USA, New York.    Eugene Frederick Gillespie (b 1818 in NY). Crossed the plains to California with General Freemont in 1846, and later appointed US consul to Mexico. His son George in California. Also researching George de Normandy Gillespie (1818-1909) of New York, Protestant Episcopal Bishop

Gillespie, Lillian Maud re Gillespie Irish History of three brothers from Scotland who, during the Reformation, left Dumfries and settled in Northern Ireland: David to Co Antrim (High Sheriff of Belfast). His son Richard Henry Gillespie  (1775-1835) born Co Down, married Helen Scott. 6 children. Son John (1805-1854)  to Trinity College where he met and married Mary Jane Cunningham. They settled in Co Louth.

Gillespie, Lorraine re CANADA, Ontario.  Alexander Gillespie & Ellen Scott of Scotland to Otonabee Twp, Peterborough Co, Ontario about 1843 to 1853. Others with them. Son James Andrew Gillespie b 1870 Peterborough. Died 1946 Vancouver, British Columbia.

Gillespie, M re USA, Virginia.  James Gillespie & Francis Litts. Links to Brooklyn, New York.

*Gillespie, Malcolm re CANADA, Ontario with many links to Isle of Islay, Scotland.   Dugald Gillespie (1791-1835) & Mary McEachern to Eldon Twp, Ontario in 1833.  Buried at Beaverton. BOOK of Islay descendants. Discs.  Records. Photos. PORTFOLIO of John Gillespie (b 1778) & Catherine Bell who immigrated from Scotland to Minto Twp, Wellington Co, Ontario by 1851.  Many researchers.

Gillespie, Mark re USA, Tennessee.  William Gillespie (1747 VA-1819 TN) & Elizabeth Allcorn.  7 children. Links to Mississippi.

Gillespie, Mark re USA, Virginia.  William Abner Gillespie (1790-1860) & Martha Hundley. Moved to Callaway Co, Misouri from Franklin Co, VA. See also researchers Barbara Wimm, Jennie Corridon

Gillespie, Mary re IRELAND.  David Gillespie & Rebecca, children David & Robert. Linked to Pennsylvania.

Gillespie, Matthew Ronald re USA, Arizona – Thomas Gillespie & Betty.

Gillespie, Merv re AUSTRALIA.    Samuel Gillespie from Portadown, Co Armagh to Victoria, Australia.   Military Records.

Gillespie, Michael  re CANADA, Ontario.  William Gillespie & Christena Birrell born Scotland to London area of Middlesex Co, Ontario about 1833.  Links to Kincardine, Bruce County; Iderton, Ontario; Pennsylvania, Manitoba.

Gillespie, Neil re SCOTLAND, Isle of Islay.  Dugald Gillespie b 1860 Kilchoman Parish. Long descendancy on Islay.Gillespie, Michael re USA, Idaho.   John Emory Gillespie & Martha Faye Denson of Texas.

Gillespie, Norma re CANADA. Ontario. Author of this website. William Gillespie (1818-1841) from Co Fermanagh, Ireland & Eliza Atkinson from Co Sligo. To Ottawa Valley by 1839. Their son, John Gillespie & Elizabeth Mulligan of Billings Bridge, Carleton Co, Ontario

Gillespie, Richard, Dr. re USA. Texas.  Robert Addison Gillespie, Texas Ranger son of Robert Gillespie & Betsie Houston of Blount Co, Tennessee. 2nd marriage to Patsie Houston.  Also links to Thomas & Naomi Gillespie of Rowan Co, North Carolina

Gillespie, Robert re IRELAND  Robert Rollo Gillespie of Co Down. Military career. Died in India. See also researcher Bernie Quigley.

Gillespie, Robert re USA, Virginia/West VA.  David Allen Gillespie 1840-1925 Tazewell Co, VA with links to West Virginia.

Gillespie, Robert re USA, New York.  Alexander Gillespie & Anne E MacAleer. Their daughter Francis b about 1862 m J Byrnes/Augusta Scramm.

Gillespie, Robert re IRELAND, Co Donegal.  William Charles Gillespie 1863-about 1938, Dunfanehegh Village, Donegal married Anne Brant. To Toronto, Ontario Canada by 1890s.

Gillespie, Rollin re USA, South Carolina.  Rev. John Gillespie d 1627 Scotland. Married Lilias Simson. Lived at Alva.  Descendants to USA. PORTFOLIO.

Gillespie, Ron re SCOTLAND, Sutherland Co   PORTFOLIO Joseph Gillespie (1782-1867) & Margaret Hall of Caithness m 1818. Immigrated 1846 to Innerkip, Blandford Twp, Oxford Co, Ontario Canada with brother George Gillespie & Sarah Maclean. PORTFOLIO.

Gillespie, Sharon re AUSTRALIA.  Willis & Ellen Gillespie, New South Wales.

Gillespie, Stuart re USA, Connecticut.  John Gillespie (1755-1794) of Scotland married Susanna Barton/Phoebe White.  To New York. Son Henry Stuart Gillespie & Evelyn Peters to Quebec, Canada.  Links to South America, Texas.

Gillespie, Sylvia re IRELAND.  Links to Gillespies in   Five Mile Town.  Hugh Gillespie b 1772 who lived near Easter Snow. Married Mary Tweedy. Died 1851 buried near Carrick-on-Shannon, Co Leitrim. Family line to Scotland in Ayr and Carrick. Descendants to USA.

Gillespie, Tamila re USA, North Carolina.  William A Gillespie, s/o Francis. 1825-1906 Married Tabitha Palmer.  Buncomble, NC.

Gillespie, Tania re CANADA, New Brunswick.  William Gillespie & Sarah Anderson in St. John, NB.

Gillespie, Tania re SOUTH AFRICA.  James Patrick Gillespie b 1880 Ireland. His son Edward Henry Gillespie raised in South Africa.

Gillespie, Terry Dr. re CANADA, New Brunswick.  Captain James Gillespie (1820-1867) & Rosanna Steeves from Morville, Co Donegal, Ireland immigrated about 1838 to Albert Co, Hillsborough & St John. 13 children. Links to Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. Memorial plaque in Catholic Cemetery (St Aloyius) on the Albert Mines Road.

Gillespie, T. J. re USA, Pennsylvania.  PORTFOLIO  Andrew Gillespie (1820 Belfast-1850) & Jane Reid. This couple immigrated to America with 3 children to settle in PA.

Gillespie, Tom re USA, Indiana.  George Gillespie (b 1740) & Jane Allen in Ireland. Son John W Gillespie (1770-1789) married Sarah Ann Brane and with her parents moved to Wabash Co, Indiana. Links to Warren Co, Ohio. See also researcher Cheryl Gillespie.

Gillespie, Trent re USA, Pennsylvania.  Dominick Gillespie (1800-1850) arrived in New York 1834 from Ireland. Wife Susan Ward from Londonderry.  Family moved to Philadelphia. Most family members are buried in Old Cathedral R.C. Cemetery in that city.

Gillespie, Wayne re USA, Pennsylvania.  Thomas Gillespie, s/o John, b 1799 in Maryland. Died 1856 in Beaver Co, PA. Wife Mary Yoho

Gillespie, Willie re USA, Pennsylvania.   John Gillespie (1725-1790) Wife Mary. Of Chester Co, PA. Died in Lincoln Co, NC.  7 children.

*Gillespie, W. Robert re IRELAND.  His prepared PORTFOLIO of the distribution of Gillespie Households in Ireland, county by county.  (comparing Tithe Appotment records and Griffiths Valuation records).   Charles Gillespie b 1826 Ireland.

Glazener, Dennis re USA, North Carolina.  BOOK “The Gillespie Gunmakers of North Carolina.”    John Gillespie  (b 1760-1822) of Botetort Co, Virginia. Married Jane Harvey 1779.  The family left VA and travelled to Pendleton District of South Carolina. John later moved to East Fork, North Carolina near present day Brevard. He and his father were the Gillespies of Gillespie gun makers. See also researchers  Website

Glasnell, Harold re USA, Louisiana      Burford Gallepsy in Louisiana. Died in Texas.

Glisson, Bobbie re USA, Tennessee.   William Gillespie & Martha Ritter. Child John soldier in Civil War. Died at Franklin, TN. Married Martha Edwards

Glover, Mirya re USA, Ohio.   Robert William Gillespie b Columbus, Ohio. Died Forsyth Co, North Carolina.

Godfrey, Lynda re USA, Florida.   Thomas Gillespie 1944 Camp Blanding, Florida.

Gonyo, Bill re USA.   Major Archibald H Gillespie. The destroyer USS Gillespie (DD-609) was named after this man.

Gordon, Bob re CANADA, Ontario.  Adam Gillespie (1798-1877) s/o James  & Elizabeth,  to Seely’s Bay, Leeds Co.  From Yorkshire, England. Linked to Romford, Essex Co, England.  Married Margaretta Fraser Henderson 1822/Amelia  Earl 1851. 3 daughters, no sons. Township clerk. Will 1876. PORTFOLIO.  See also researchers Shirley Heaton, Steve Street, Keith Sly.

Graham, Jim re USA, Illinois.  Henry Gillespie & Margaret Graham married in Bristol, Quebec and moved to Chicago.

Grist, John re USA, Virginia.  George Gillespie from Ayrshire, Scotland/Co Antrim, Ireland, wife Elizabeth Duvall, to America about 1740. Settled in Leesburgh & Lexington, Virginia. Watauga, Tennessee.

Grove, John re CANADA, Dundas Co.  William Gillespie & Lucy Beach of Morewood. A miller for Moffat Brothers. (linked to my personal line)

Gun, Sherry re USA, West Virginia.  William Gillespie b 1719 Northern Ireland & Mary Clendenning. Son Robert to Washington Co, Virginia. Wife Agnes Russell.  Linked to Buxton Co, West Virginia.


Hacker, Diane re  USA, Virginia. David Shelton Gillespie married Jane Dickinson Riordan in Louisa, Virginia.

Hamilton, Carol re CANADA, Ontario. Thomas Gillespie, (1818-1883), s/o James & Francis of Co Tyrone, Ireland,  Dundas Co, Williamsburgh Twp. Married Eliza Johnson & Jane Johnson. Family is buried Hanes United Cemetery, Mariatown.

Hancock, Chris re SCOTLAND.   James Gillespie (1857-1903) s/o Robert Gillespie (1815-bef 1882)  & Jean Melrose of Falkirk, Stirling, Scotland. James married Mary Duncan 1882.  Family came to Hamilton, Ontario  Canada  See also researcher Gayle Fuson.

Hardin, Lawrence re USA, South Carolina.  Charles William Gillespie & Carolyn True. Daughter Ruth. Links to Kentucky.

Harper, William re USA, Virginia.  Brothers Charles & William Gillespie from Ireland to  Bedford Co, Virginia before 1800. Charles married Mary Armstrong. He died before 1850.  Daughter Adaline Gillespie (born 1816) married John Brickey Lee.

Harrington-Vail, Amanda re ENGLAND. Lydia Gillespie (1834-1876) & George Baggarley.

Harris, Isobel re SCOTLAND.  David Gillespie & Elizabeth Miller. From Co Down, Ireland to Dunbarton, Scotland. Their son David Gillespie married Mary Davidson 1846. 4 children. In Berwick, Scotland.  Links to New Zealand.

Hastings, Derek re USA, New York    David Gillespie (1789-1824) & Mary Post. 7 children  PORTFOLIO of Samuel Gillespie Jr & Esther Rainey. Pinebush Gillespies of New York. Links to Co Armagh, Ireland

Hatcher, Linda re USA, North Carolina.  Thomas C Gillespie (1765-1837) of Rowan Co & Flora McKay.

Hawley, Carol Farrier re CANADA, Ontario.  John C Gilespie married Olive Gertrude Farrier (1910-2004). Huron County. Photos. This is from the research of Olive Gillespie. Links to Whitchurch, York Region.

Hawse, Joan re USA, Virginia.   Judge Henry Gillespie who married Letitia Merefee 1849 in Franklin Co, VA. Moved to  California. He died there 1895.

Heinen, Barbie re USA, Kansas.   John Gillespie.  His son, Samuel Franklin Gillespie (born 1884 Allen Co, KS) & Leslie.

Henson, Michelle re USA.    Twins William Edward Gillespie (1875)  and brother Thomas Gillespie in Pontotoe Co, Mississippi to live with family Stigall or Stegall. William married  Lulu R Mathews and they moved to Arkansas.

Hertling, Richard:   Tracing family history of Duncan Gillespie and Catherine McDougall  from Isle of Islay, Scotland to Beaverton, Ontario and links to Daysland, Alberta.

Hess, Ken re USA Indiana. Thomas Gillaspie b 1785 Augusta, Virginia,  died 1883 Missouri & Susan Fleshman in Indiana about 1815. Child John Flessman Gillaspie b 1819 IN d 1899 Missour & Mary Owen.

Heydon, K re CANADA, Ontario  Luke Gillespie (1845-1923) & Mary Ann Abbot of Toronto from England 1874. Buried in St John’s Norway Cemetery. PORTFOLIO

Hicks, Ginger re USA, Virginia.   Robert Gillaspy linked to Mary Ellen Gillespie of West Virginia. See also researchers Kellie & Virginia Gillespie. Links to Oklahoma.

Higgins, Clare re USA, New York.  Bridget Gillespie, (1852-1884) d/o William & Winnie Gillespie, & spouse Michael Higgins, Hudson, NY married 1875.

*Hill, Brenda re CANADA, Ontario.  Note by author: My father Sam Gillespie and her great Grandfather were brothers. PHOTOs

Holt House Genealogy  re USA, Pennsylvania.  David Gillespie born 1787 Ireland to Cranberry Twp, Venango Co, PA. Married Rebecca Hays (Haynes). Links to Missouri and Illinois.  PHOTOS. Website

Hudson-Bates, K. K. re USA,  Indiana.   Charles Edward Gillespie b 1861 Ireland, s/o Fritz Gillespie, Amelia McClintock. Immigrated to Indiana then Arkansas. Married Oklahoma Hink. Links to India

Hugeback, LeAnn re IRELAND, Co Antrim.   Rose Gillespie (b circa 1710) who married Hugh McIlrath (b 1699). Their son William married Nancy King

Hughes, Sharlee re CANADA, Ontario   Angus Gillespie (1789-1860) from Isle of Islay, Argyllshire, Scotland. Married Ann McMillan. 12 children. Settled in Creemore.  Links to Mariposa and other Islay immigrants to Central Ontario.

Hunter, Art re SCOTLAND.   William Gillespie of Sunnyside, Scotland s/o William, married Margaret Yuille 1870 Glasgow. Their Son William married Jane Wilson. He died suddenly 1874 and she remarried George Hunter 1876.

*Hutton, Don re SCOTLAND. Alexander Gillespie (born c1729-1735-d1797) & Grizzel Paterson of Douglas, Lanarkshire, Scotland. A merchant family with many sons who travelled to America and the Caribbean. PORTFOLIOS re James Gillespie (1647-1695)  & Isobel Pattersone. RECORDS.  PHOTOS


Jackson, Dave re USA, New York     William James Gillespie born circa 1800.

Jacobs, Brian re USA, Tennessee   James Gillespie (1797 SC-1855 TN)  s/o Thomas Gillespie & Mary. James married Sarah Boyd.

Johnson, Travis re SCOTLAND, Isle of Islay. Hector Johnson & Margaret m 1824. Son John immigrated to Ontario, Canada. Married Flora McEachern. Links to Minnesota, North Dakota

Johnston, Don re USA ,Virginia.  George Gillespie b 1855, married Mary Moore. Albemarle Co.

Johnston, Julius re USA, Virginia.   Willard Whitmore Gillespie (1846-1928) Charlottesville, VA. Married M. P McAllister/Matila Blake.

Jolley, Carrie re USA, Nebaska.  Sarah E Gillespie married Ansel Russell Hinkley. Links to Idaho.  PHOTOS. Records.

Jones, Fran re USA, Missouri.    James Gillespie & Electa of Harrison, MO, both born Ohio.  Links to North Carolina.  Timothy Gillespie, s/o James, & Awilda White m 1878

Jones, Tom re CANADA, New Brunswick.  Isabel Gillespie & John Henderson’ son William Henderson of Scotland immigrated to Canada prior to 1842.  Other siblings of William were in Closeburn.

Jordan, Bonnie re SCOTLAND, Falkirk, Stirlingshire: Adam Gillespie & Margaret Wardrop.

Joyner, Stephen re IRELAND, Co Armagh. James Gillespie & Mary Ann Dickson.  Son William b 1850 to Queensland, Australia.

Justin, Sue re CANADA, New Brunswick.    Robert Gillespie (b 1776 of Kier, Dumfrieshire, Scotland-1833 NB, Canada) & Mary. 5 sons, 2 daughters. Son Hugh born 1828  in Pennfield, New Brunwick.


Kennedy, Evelyn re CANADA, Prince Edward Island John Robert Gillespie b Cornwall, PEI 1864. Married Caroline Fraser. Moved to New Brunswick 1895. Linked to John Gillespie & Matilda Young. See also researchers Denise Gillespie, Lee Ann Darrach.

Kennedy, Jeanette re CANADA, Wellington Co.  Duncan Angus Gillespie, s/o Angus Gillespie & Sarah MacLellan of Scotland.  Links to North Dakota and Scotland

Kennedy, Kevin re CANADA, Wellington Co. John Gillespie & Catherine Bell from Scotland, Isle of Islay. Minto Twp.  Margaret Gillespie & Neil White. Links to North Dakota. Many researchers.

Kennon, Pamela re USA, Oklahoma   Earl Gillespie (b 1896) married Dessie Fink. 5 children. To Oklahoma.

Kieffaber, Dee re SCOTLAND, Isle of Islay.  Donald Gillespie & Mary MacNeill, Kilchoman. Simcoe Co, Nottawasaga Twp, Ontario Canada. Buried Collingwood.  Links to Michigan, Manitoba. See also researcher Pat Allan

Kinder, Tina re USA.   Charles Wilson Gillispie, s/o Francis Martin Gillespie. His daughter Mary Gillispie “Molly” b 1899. Married Jim Davis.

Kinney, Donna re USA, Pennsylvania.  Henry Gillespie (b 1832-by 1887) married Mary Nelson, couple from Ireland to Johnstown, PA  by 1861 with birth of their daughter Rose.  9 children.

Kubek, Kathy re CANADA, Ontario.  George Gillespie (b 1818) & Elicia McLelland to Shelburne, Dufferin Co. LInks to Ireland.

Kurtz, Tammy re SCOTLAND    Jean or Jane Gillespie married John Hume circa 1815-1819. Glasgow area.


Lacy, Kathy re USA, Kentucky.  Warren Roy Gillespie, s/o James of Waterford,  lived in Florida for later period of his life.

La Fleur, Harold Jr re CANADA, Ontario.  John Gillespie (1778-1872) & Catherine Bell from Isle of Islay, Argyllshire, Scotland to Arthur Twp, Wellington Co, Ontario. Links to Minto, North Dakota.

Lais, Vicki re USA, Alabama.    Abraham P Gillespie & Barthena. Son William Gillespie.

Laman, Bill re USA, Indiana.  Thomas Gillespie b circa 1810 in Ohio & Betsy  from Kentucky. Thomas immigrated to Clinton Twp, Indiana about 1850, age 40. 7 children.

Lambert, Ingrid re SCOTLAND.  William Scott Gillespie b 1823 Lanark. Married Jessie Patterson 1865 in Govan. Daughter Margaret b 1868 Glasgow.

Larson, G Christian re CANADA, Nova Scotia.  William John Gillespie & Sarah Ellen Justason of Shulee, Cumberland Co, NS. 3 children.

Lawless, Dave re SCOTLAND. Elizabeth Gillespie Black, d/o William & Johanna (Gillespie) Black m 1874 Scotland.

LeChasseur, Kate re USA, Massachusetts   John Gillespie & Bridget Kelly of Ireland in Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland 1860s-1870s. Daughter Annie to Boston 1880.

Lee, Kelly re CANADA, Ontario.  William Gillespie (b 1886), Thessalon, Northern Ontario. Links to Parry Sound.

*Leeming, Bruce re CANADA, Ontario.  James Gillespie 1730 Sterlingshire, Scotland -1810 Glasgow, Scotland. A Soldier on Plains of Abraham, Quebec during Wolfe/Montcalm battles. Family History traced to Huron Co, Ontario through son John Gillespie & Agnes Gibson. RECORDS on disk. PORTFOLIO.

Lemaster, Bettina re Alexander Gillespie of Johnson Co, Kentucky 1850 census.

Lewis, Celia re ENGLAND.  William John Gillespie (Jack) and brother Robert immigrated to Canada, Vancouver, BC

Lilly, Don re USA, North Carolina.   Donald Otha Howard William Gillespie, s/o Henry and Othelia Mary Cox, s Superiod Court Clerk in Marion Co, NC.

Lindsay, David re CANADA, Ontario.  Donald Gillespie (1781) & Isabella MacVicar from Isle of Islay, Argyleshire, Scotland to Eldon Twp, Victoria Co, Ontario. See also researchers Richard Sheil, Marvin MacLean

Link, Deborah Gillespie re USA, South Carolina.  Links to Canada.    John Gillespie

Lunney, Linde re IRELAND, Co Down.   Robert Rollo Gillespie. See also researcher Bernie Quigley.

Lydick, Kammie re USA, Oklahoma.   Chas Gillespie, Gene Autry, Oklahoma.

Lynn, Cheryl re USA, Georgia.  Sarah Ann Gillespie 1842-1915 GA, married Bayles Lewis. 5 children.  Gordon Co, GA.


Mackett, Bob re CANADA, Ontario. Thomas Gillespie (b 1811) of Gorbals, Lanark, Scotland & Agnes Park. Child Agnes  Park Gillespie (1842-1934)  of Carleton Co, Ontario married Charles Moffat. PORTFOLIO.  Nepean Twp. Links to Alberta.

MacCormach, Lori S re USA, New York. Cornelius Gillespie & wife Mary. 5 children

MacLean, Marvin re CANADA, Ontario.  Donald Gillespie & Isabella McVicar of Cannington from Isle of Islay, Scotland. See also researchers Richard Sheil, David Lindsay

*Major, Todd re CANADA, Ontario.  Joseph William Gillespie (b 1874) & Margaret Secord m 1901 Brantford, Ontario. PORTFOLIO Secord family hstory. See also researcher Jim Byrnes

Marlatte, J. K. re USA, Tennessee. Elizabeth Gillespie & Solomon Day. Links to Oregon, Ontario, North Dakota, Alberta.

Marshall, Sharon re USA, Georgia.   Thomas Gillespie (b 1863) & Mary Ellen Stone in Gordon Co.

Martin, Bob re USA.  Alexander Gillesby (b 1743 Ireland d 1831 Mississippi). Immigrated from Belfast 1772 to Philadelphia en route Delaware. Endentured 4 years in Pennsylvania, Cumberland Co. Moved to South Carolina where he became a Quarter Master in  the American Revolution. He fought Cheroke Indians. Moved first to Washington Co, Georgia 1784 then Jackson Co when he received a land grant. He remained in Georgia until 1811. To Copiah Co,  MS by 1823 where he died aged 96 in 1839. Married Sarah.

Martin, Deanne re CANADA, Ontario   Martha Gillespie & Robert Matheson, who operated a hotel in Arnprior, Renfew Co.  13  children. She immigrated from Scotland about 1864.

Maruhn,  Anne K. re SCOTLAND.  Mary Gillespie (1833 Islay-1922 Collingwood) & John Jardine. Nottawasaga Twp, Simcoe Co.  From Bowmore.

McCoubrey, Kate re USA, California  William Gillespie (b 1817) CA. Links to Massachusetts.

*McCreary, Barbara re CANADA, Ontario.  William Gillespie & Lena Shore, brother of my dad, Samuel. Lived in Carleton Co.

McDonald, Mac re USA, Indiana  James Gillaspy & Martha Green, living in Johnson Co. 7 children.

McEvoy, Richard re CANADA, New Brunswick.  Jane Gillespi (1856-1941) & William McEvoy of Renous, NB.

McFarlane, Tom re IRELAND, Co Antrim.  PORTFOLIO.   Jane Gillespie (b 1834) married James Macfarlane 1852 in Ballymoney. 11 children.

McGraw, Jock re USA, Pennsylvania  Alexander Gillespie & Hannah Phillips.

McGraw, Marie re CANADA, Quebec   James Gillespie (1845-1906) buried at Sillery, Quebec. Wife Alice.

McKee, Marjorie re CANADA, Ontario.  PORTFOLIO, PHOTOS.   Robert Craig Gillespie & Ann Lavinia Reid of Erin. 5 children  Links to Ireland and Brantford.  Note:  Marjorie and I met in Erin to visit the cemetery together, and she showed me the family farm of Robert, etc.

McLaren, Hugh (Mrs) re ENGLAND.  Jane Gillespie (1788-1872) d/o William Gillespie & Ann Little, and   Archibald Tweddle of Cumberland, England in Tweedside, Ontario near Hamilton. See researcher Virginia Miller.

McLean, Delbert re CANADA, Alberta.  Dr Alex Gillespie, s/o Alex Gillespie & Jane Brough & Sarah Campbell, 3 children from Manilla/Lindsay, Ontario to Edmonton 1906

McWhirter, Jessie re USA, North Carolina.  Jean Gillespie married Hugh McWorter b 1690. His wife and children moved to Rocky River, NC. Links to Ireland, Pennsylvania.

Miller, Carol re CANADA, Ontario.  Gordon Vernon Gillespie (1842-1918) & Mary Ann Paton, Ashburnhum/Harvey Twp, Peterborough

Miller, Sandra AUSTRALIA.  John Gillespie (1837 Ireland)  m Mary Conway 1863. 3 girls, 2 boys in Australia.  PORTFOLIO

Miller, Virginia re CANADA, Ontario.  Jane Gillespie (1788-1872)  & Archibald Tweedle of Saltfleet, Ontario. From Cumberland Co, England. See also researcher Mrs Hugh McLaren. PORTFOLIO

Montgomery, G & T re CANADA, Ontario.  Matthew Gillespie, s/o William b 1858 Ireland & Elizabeth Croft to Osprey Twp, Grey County. Daughter Elizabeth Gillespie married George Etherington in Flesherton. Links to Toronto and Alberta.

*Moore, Shirley Gillespie re IRELAND.  Thomas Gillespie of Eskernabrogue,  (1603-1737) & Mary Thompson, Clogher Parish, Co Tyrone. 5 sons: Daniel, John, James (1702-1778), Thomas, Charles. James’s son James Gillespie  (1750-1830)  Linked to Five Mile Town, Family line immigrated to New York 1886, on to Nebraska. PORTFOLIO. PHOTOS

Moran, Doreen re ENGLAND.  Francis Gillespie (1826-1879),  s/o Patrick Gillespie & Ann of Balina, Co Mayo, Ireland & Honora Clarke married 18633 Sunderland, England. West Hartlepool.

Morton, Ken re SCOTLAND.  William Gillespie of Bonhill, Dunbarton, Scotland on 1851 census.

Mubareka, Katherine re USA, New York Island. Links to England and Canada, Prince Edward Island   John Gillespie & wife Mary McClintic (she born 1830) 5 sons, 2 daughters. Links to Co Donegal, Ireland. Their son James Gillespie  to Brooklyn 1840. Married May Porter 1852. PHOTO

Muirhead, John & Fern re CANADA, Ontario.   James Gillespie of Sterlingshire, Scotland (1730-1810) & Janet Rae. Son John Gillespie & Agnes Gibson. Family to Bruce Co, Ontario. PORTFOLIO, PHOTOS.  See also researcher Janet Gillespie.

Muller, Bill re USA, Pennsylvania.  Mary Hannah Gillespie m  John Sullivan Scully Jr  1908.  Alleghany Co, PA. 5 children.

Muller, William re IRELAND.  James G Gillespie (1825-1889) m Diana Mitchell 1852. Immigrated to Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, Pennsylvania.

MULLIGAN, Morgan: The family history of John and Elizabeth (nee Boyd) Mulligan, whose daughter Elizabeth married my paternal grandfather, John Gillespie of Gloucester Twp, Carleton Co, Ontario Canada. My grandparents.  From Co Down, Ireland.  Thank you.

Murphy, Neil re USA, Ohio.  William Gillespie (b 1799) & Mary. 5 children all born in Ohio. Links to Indiana.

Murphy, Robert re IRELAND.  Gawn (Gavin) Gillespie b 1807-1885 & Maria, Ballyahinch, Co Down. Some of their descendants to USA, Chicago.

Murray, A re CANADA, Prince Edward Island.   Catherine Gillespie & Peter Murray 1840s in PEI.

Mutrie, Robert re CANADA, Ontario.   William Gillespie & Harriet Monroe, Loyalists from New Jersey to Norfolk Co, Ontario after American Revolution.


Neal, Wayne re CANADA.  Joseph Gillespie & Mary Church. Links to Iowa.

Newbolt, Jess & Darren re SCOTLAND.  Robert Gillespie (1789-1868) of Falkirk, Scotland & Jean Melrose. Son James Gillespie (1857-1903)  married Mary Duncan 1882. She immigrated with children to Ontario, Hamilton area. See also researchers Gail Fuson.

Nieman, Skip re CANADA, Ontario. Catherine Gillespie & Angus Cameron from Isle of Islay, Argyllshire, Scotland to White Lake, Renfrew Co, Ontario Canada. See also researcher Bonnie Corrigan.

Niestroy, Florence re CANADA, Ontario.   David Gillespie b 1857 Ireland, s/o William Gillespie & Letitita Charles, & Jane McQuaid m 1877 of Kingston, Frontenac Co, who lived in Toronto, Hamilton. Links to Michigan and New York.

Noble, Don re USA, Minnesota.   James Gillespie (b 1838 Ireland) & Ann Connolly, 9 children, in Fieldon, Madelia, Minnesota

North, Linda re USA , West Virginia      Nancy Gillespie born 1800 Greenbank, WV married 1818 William Kerr b 1793 Augusta Co, VA,  

Norton, Shari re USA, Pennsylvania.  David Gillespie b 1845 from PA relocated to Ontario in 1870s. Wife Isabella (Jane). 6 children. East Garafraxa Twp, Welllington County, Ontario.  Links to Pittsburgh. PHOTOS


O’Brien, Clem re IRELAND, Co Donegal.  William Gillispie & Kate Ritchie of Glibe Co, Co Donegal and children to USA by 1834 via Scotland  to Virginia, then Ohio Co, West Virginia. RECORDS. Son James (1802-1885) & Honora Welch.

Ochaltree, Clifford re USA, Missouri    William Gillespie (b 1805 VA) married Amelia/Mrs Manisa White. Links to Indiana, Ohio.

O’Driscoll, Ray re USA, North Carolina,  PORTFOLIO.  James A Gillespie (1745 NC-bef 1787)  & Jane Jeanne Graham. Their son Thomas C Gillespie (b 1765 Rowan Co, NC. Died 1837 NC) Married Flora McKay about 1784 . James was the son of Thomas Gillespie Sr (1719-1796) & Naomi Thompson of Rowan Co. Links to PA and Scotland. (This latter couple were the initial focus of Gillespie DNA project)  PORTFOLIO

Olypen, Gayle (also Fuson) re SCOTLAND, Stirlingshire.  Robert Gillespie (1789-1868) of Falkirk.  PORTFOLIO. Wife Jane Melrose. PHOTOS.   Links to Hamilton, Ontario Canada.   5 children. See also researcher Chris Hancock. 


Patterson, Ray re CANADA, Grey Co.  Ellen Gillespie (1816-1880) from Perthshire, Scotland & William Reid  to Egremont Twp, Grey Co, Ontario. Link to Holstein, Guelph, Ontario

Parks, Grace re SCOTLAND.  John Gillespie b 1834 Shotts. Links to Virginia

Patton, John & Darlene re CANADA, Ontario.  Ann Gillespie. d/o Tobias Gillespie & Ann Orr,  & Abraham Boland in Eganville, Renfew Co, Ontario.  See also researcher Clare Tapp. PHOTOs. From Navan, Co Armagh, Ireland. See also researcher John Gillespie.

Pederson, Karen re USA, Pennsylvania.  Sylvanius Gillespie of Mercer Co, PA.  Links to Iowa.

Penn, Rebecca re USA, Ohio.  Grace Bell Gillespie (1892-1976 ) of Cincinnati, Hamilton Co, Ohio, d/o John William Gillespie & Henrietta Louise Dankert. Grace married Raye Maynard Fisher.

Phillips, Sheila re USA, Georgia.   Robert Gillespie & Alice, daughter Ruby Gillespie, who married Troy V O’Kelly..Linked to Nicholson

Pinston, Kay re  USA, North Carolina  George Gillespie & Gusty Woody. Daughter Jess Gillespie.

Pintar, Linda re CANADA, Ontario.  Hugh Gillespie of Simcoe Co & Mary Ann Meredith in Allandale. Scottish origin.

Pisapia, Jess Oldham re CANADA, Prince Edward Island.  William Gillespie, a veterinarian & Frances Ann. Link to New York.

Pleasance, Allan Alexander re CANADA, Ontario.  Margaret Gillespie (1833-1921) married Neil White 1858.  Simcoe County.  CHART

Prince, Debbie Coxon re CANADA, Ontario  Isabella Gillespie 1855-1915 from Goulborne Twp, Carleton Co, married John Cathcart in Manitoba 1876. (Debbie was a great help typing many Gillespie records for this library & finding records). 

*Prindle, Paul re IRELAND   John Gillespie (1805- 1854, aged 49) & s/o Richard Gillespie who family came from Dumfries, Scotland & Helen (or Eleanor) Scott of Co Tyrone, Ireland. John married Mary Jane Cunningham 1830 in Co Louth, Ireland.  Both were school teachers.  PORTOLIO from his book, “Descendants of John & Mary Jane Cunningham Gillespie” PHOTOS. Charts.  13 children. The eldest son George Gillespie emigrated to Guelph, Ontario in 1854. Other siblings later joined him,  and finally his mother and rest of the family. Links to New York City, Stamford, Connecticut; Cincinatti, Massachusetts.  Descendants included Rev John Gillespie moved from Guelph to Toronto  (b Co Wicklow) 1835-1904

Pritchard, Alexa re CANADA, Ontario   Thomas Gillespie (1810-1876). Buried Beachwood Cem, Ottawa. His son Thomas (1851-1923) in Nepean Twp, Carleton Co. Married Emeline White. 10 children. Links to Hintonburg, Montreal, Carleton Place. Her published work now available through Publications on this website with links to actual records and photos about this family.   See top menu bar.

Provencher, Virginia re CANADA, Prince Edward Island.   John Gillespie (1852-1939) & Mary Ann Smith from Ireland. 12 children


*Quigley, Bernie re IRELAND, Co Down     Sir Robert Rollo Gillespie (17661814) of military fame & wife Anabel Taylor of Comber, Co Down.  3 PORTFOLIOS. James Gillespie (1680-1750) & Elizabeth Sherriff of Banbridge, Linked to Co Cork where James died. William Gillespie (1735-1790) s/o James married Elizabeth Teulon. Residence Co Cork.


Radiks re IRELAND, Co Donegal.   PORTFOLIO  Patrick Gillespie (b 1825) & Maire Meehan of Umiskin, Kilcar, Donegal.  Links to New York. One descendant worked as a domestic for F D R Roosevelts.

Ramsay, Jack & Leah re CANADA, Ontario.  Mary Gillespie (1828-1911) d/o John Gillespie & Sophia Young, from West Lothian Parish near Stirling, Scotland. Mary married Alexander B Mitchell 1874 in Glasgow. Couple moved to Clarksburgh, Grey Co, Ontario, Canada. Links to Picton, Collngwood. PORTFOLIO.  (I have interviewed the current tenant of their home. The farm is now chopped up into smaller plots.  Very near where I currently live.)

Rauer, Shirley re USA, California.  William Gillespie b 1917 of San Bernardina, CA & Jeanne Sargent born Utah.

Rawlings, Marta re USA, Ohio.   Mrs Jennie Gillespie (nee O’Rourke) and children from Ireland 1898 to Guerney Co, Ohio.

Ready, Carol re USA, Kansas,   PORTFOLIO   Greenly A Gillespie (1859-1936) & Dessie Cornwell. 11 of 12 children survived to adulthood in Kansas.  PHOTOS

Rector, Ann re IRELAND, Co Antrim.   Hugh Gillespie, s/o John Gillespie & Sarah Hendry,  married Ellen McKillop 1880 in Ireland. Lived in Ballymena. Links to Scotland and Canada and Australia. See also researcher John Condron.  PORTFOLIO

Reeves, Helen re IRELAND.  William Gillespie born about 1720 N Ireland & wife Mary.

Regan, Kelly re USA, Texas.   Patricia Gillespie

Reid, D. S re CANADA, New Brunswick.   John Gillespie (Blind Jack) & wife Alice to Saint John, NB from Ireland late 1880s. Links to Boston, MA. Daughter Genevieve (1892-1946)

Reid, Dorothy re CANADA, Ontario. Thomas Gillespie married Agnes McCormick  1814 of Northumberland Co, Ontario from Northern Ireland. 9 children.  Their son Thomas (1828-1918) married Phoebe Solomon 1861. Links to Detroit and Manitoba, and Millbank in Western Ontario.

Reid, John re SCOTLAND.  Peter Gillespie (1832-1893) & wife Jane Borland of Sorn, Argyllshire. To Otonabee Twp, Peterborough Co, Ontario.

Reintjes, Steven re CANADA, Huron Co.   James Gillespie, s/o Neil sailed for England.  World War I records for 161st Battlion from Huron Co.  See researchers Clare Westcott and Bruce Leeming. See link to Canadian Expeditionary Force, WW 1

Relyea, John R re USA, New York.    Margaret Isabel Gillespie, a Canadian born daughter of a USA ship builder,  married William Henry Relyea 1855 in Clayton, New York. Moved to Osnaburck Twp, Stormont Co, re Moulinette/Ingleside, Ontario.  8 children. See also researcher Hugh Campbell.

Reynolds, Keith re CANADA, New Brunswick. James Gillespie married Margaret Reynolds (b 1858). 3 children.  Her families lived in the Harvey and Brockway areas. 

Reynolds, Michael re IRELAND, Co Sligo.  Michael Gillespie & Mary Forde of Easkey.

Richards, Bill re CANADA, Grey Co.   James Gillespie & Clara Price born 1883 of Holland Twp.

Richardson, Sue re ENGLAND.  Douglas Gillespie & Audrey Clemenson. Daughter Ann in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

Ricker, Marion re CANADA, New Brunwick.   Nathaniel Gillespie m Ann McCluskey,  1870 St John, NB. 3 daughters.

Rimell, Scott re USA, Indiana.   James Edward Gillespie of Evansville, IN, married Ida Harris/Ella Ayers. 5 children.

Rlyman, Richard re IRELAND, Co Donegal.  Robert Gillespie & Isabella Nesbitt of Ramelton.

Roach-Johnson, Anita re USA, Alabama.  Belton Gillespie b 1861 AL married Hamith A Solomon b Arkansas. He moved to Texas, and as a widower is on the 1930 census.

Roach, Reuben re USA, New York.   James H Gillespie (whose name was actually Henry) b 1877 New York, parents from Ireland. His son James Gillespie b 1912 NY woked on Hudson River locks his whole life.

Robertson, Margaret re CANADA, Ontario.   Thomas Burns Gillespie (1844 Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland-d 1888. Married Mary Craig 1870.  Two sons, George & Francis to Arnprior, Renfrew Co, Ontario.

Rockwood, Karen re USA, Nebraska. Links to Missouri, Michigan.   Napoleon Gillespie had 12 children.

*Rogers, David re CANADA, Quebec.  Mulligan family history with limited Gillespies, as we tried to figure out which Mulligan family in Carleton Co is linked my own grandfather’s wife (see menu above). His website.  Thanks again for all those Mulligan records, Dave.

Roome, Joyce M re CANADA, New Brunswick.  William Gillespie & Sarah A. both of St John area.  Son moved to Montreal.

Rossiter, J. M re CANADA, Quebec.  Sarah Gillespie & John Smith. Daughter Sarah Jane Smith.

Ruby (last name withheld)  Prince Edward Island, Samuel Benton Gillespie & children:  John ‘Jack’ Gillespie, Harold Lloyd Gillespie and brothers ,Vernon, Leonard, and Dorthy Gillespie m Sterling Steed to Hamilton. Links also to Collingwood. Most burials PEI.

Russell, Fred re USA, North Carolina.  John Gillespie, s/o William b 1753-1822 Transylvania Co, NC. See also researcher Bert Sitton.  Links to Northern Ireland.

Russell, Jean re USA, Virginia.   Ann Gillespie married William Joseph Russell of Frederick Co, VA. Links to Hawkins Co, Tennessee.  See also researcher Lori Almond.


Salyers, Sandra R  re USA, Virginia.    William Gillespie 1720-1802 in Northern Ireland. Married Mary. Children born in Augusta City, Virginia.

Sandness re SCOTLAND.  PORTFOLIO Francis Gillespie (1755-bef 1855) of Carnock, Fife, Scotland & Margaret Coupar. Links to Perthshire.

Schaefer, Mary Ann re USA, Michigan.   Howard Gillespie & Eliza Coquigne 3 children/Hilda.  Burials in Flint, Michigan. See also researcher Diane Stanislaw. Son of Alexander Gillespie of Co Armagh, Ireland

Schultz, Ann re USA, Arkansas.   Edwin Gillespie & Lucinda Napp. Son Perry Gillespie born in Indiana 1867. He married Nellie Hammon in Arkansas.

Schwanke re USA, Illinois.  PORTFOLIO Henry Smith Gillespie m Johanna Schwanke 1901.  2 children . Lots of PHOTOS.  A farmer then school teacher east of LaPrairie, Illinois, then moved to Ponca City, Oklahoma, only to return to LaPrairie. Moved to Missouri 1919 but lost farm in depression, but able to get another farm with their daughter in  Bowen, Illinois.  Website         Links back to Smyth Co, Virginia,  and Reese Gillespie & Sally Henshaw, Schuyler Co, Illinois.

Sergovitch, Noreen re CANADA, Ontario.  Alexander Gillespie b abt 1880, married Linda Chidley of Oakwood, Ontario.  Alex became a banker in Toronto. 5 children born in 1920s.

Shore, Theresa re USA, New Jersey.   Eva E Gillespie b 1885, d/o Jas F Gillespie.   Eva’s siblings John, Vincent, Wm, Lloyd, Hattie.

Shaw, Lawrence & Carol re AUSTRALIA.  Henry Gillespie & Ann of Co Mayo, Ireland. Son Thomas Gillespie & Katherine are buried in Tuena, New South Wales.

Sheil, Richard re CANADA, Ontario.  Isle of Islay, Argyl, Scottish immigrants to Cannington in Central Ontario. Donald Gillespie (1782-1874) and Isabella McVicar of Eldon Twp. Their son Squire Malcolm Gillespie, became Reeve and his train journey in 1880 to Gunton, Manitoba is revealing of the times and people in his life. Mr Sheil’s  line is traced through Christine Gillespie b Islay, sister of Malcolm, who married Alexander McMillan. Note: Important Gillespie photos in Cannington Museum/Library.

Shoemaker, Ann re CANADA, Quebec.  RECORDS.   Henry Gillespie (1810-1886) from Co Armagh, Ireland to Canada by 1831 to settle at St Johns near Montreal.  Henry married Ann Dixon from New Hampshire. 9 children born in Quebec. Links to USA in Texas about 1870.

Short, Chasity re USA, Michigan.   Raymond E Gillespie, s/o Hessie Gillespie & Lillian M Monhead.  Raymond b Escanaba, MI. Died Kansas.

Shwed, Wendy re CANADA, Quebec.  Edward Gillespie from Co Mayo, Ireland emigrated to Chelsea, Quebec during early 1800s. Married Mary Gallagher.  4 children.

Simm, Dave re USA, South Carolina.  James Henry Gillespie (1858-1900) married Fannie Bagnell. 5 children al buried with parents in Laurens, SC.

Sinclair, Margaret re CANADA, Ontario.  Francis Joseph Gillespie, s/o Owen Gillespie, of Co Leitrim, Ireland & Mary Ann Rooney.  Francis was born Adjala Twp 1855. He married Christiana MacDonald (1858-1929) Lived in Uptergrove, near Orillia area of Simcoe County then moved to Vancouver, British Columbia.  10 children.

Sitton, Bert re USA, North Carolina. PORTFOLIO John Gillespie (1753-1822) m Jane Harvey 1779 in Virginia. John was s/o William & Mary Gillespie. Family moved with a group of others to South Carolina, and from there to East Fork, Transylvania Co, North Carolina. A gun maker by trade with his 3 sons. Family also included 3 daughters. See also researchers Dennis Glazener

Slicker, Cathy re USA, North Carolina.  Martha Gillespie (1705-1775) married William Black. Link to McWhitter family history of Tennessee.

Sloan, D re USA, Ohio.  Benjamin Gillespie b Ireland. d Glasgow, Scotland & Rebecca English  PORTFOLIO.  His wife to Ohio with some children. Mathew Gillespie b 1810 Scotland. Died 1899 Wood Co, Ohio. Immigrated 1836.  Married Jane Jordan 1852.

Small, William F re IRELAND.  Mary Gillespie, d/o Hugh, granddaughter of John Gillespie & Mary Henry,  married William Francis Cullen early 1900s. Dublin

Smith, Sheila A re CANADA, New Brunswick.  Captain James Gillespie b 1820 Moville, Co Donegal Ireland.   Emigrated to Hillsborough, NB 1838. Married Rosanna Steeves.  13 children. James died at seas 1867.  See also researchers Erin Casey & Dr Terry Gillespie.

Snider, C. S.  re CANADA, Ontario.   John Gillespie & Sarah Ferguson of Wellington Co, Ontario. To North Dakota. From Isle of Islay, Argylshire, Scotland. See also researcher F LaVerne Gillespie.

Soule, Terri re USA, California.  Marcus La Fayette Gillespie b 1856 Missouri. To California age 4. Died 1927 in Westminister, California. Married Mary Moreno . 7 children.  PHOTOS. Parents Thomas Gillespie (b 1821 MO) & Nancy Hunter whom he married in Illinois. See also reseachers Eve Davis and Robert Ballard.  (Terry passed away Oct 2010)

Speck, B. K. re USA, Ohio.  Patrick J Gillespie (1833-1904) from Co Donegal 1850 to Cuyohoga Co, Ohio. S/o Daniel Gillespie. Married Johanna Callahan in Cleveland. 4 children. Served in Civil War  Company C 188th Ohio Infantry.

Stanislaw, Diane Gillespie re IRELAND.  PORTFOLIO John Gillespie & Sarah Woods of Co Monaghan. PHOTOS. Website   2 daughter married Greer men and immigrated to USA; son James Gillespie (1810-1899) remaining in Ireland. From a second marriage of John he had 3 sons who immigrated to Quebec, Canada, one son dying en route.

Stapleton, Doug & Jan re IRELAND, Co Monaghan.  Robert Gillespie (1816-1901) Co Antrim, residence Ballymena, married Elizabeth Kenny. Some children to Brisbin, Australia  by 1865.  RECORDS.

Steege, Patricia re USA, Pennsylvania.  Mary Gillespie  (1859-1911)  married Wm Edmiston. Buried Pike Co.

Steeley, Billy Curry re USA, North Carolina.   Thomas Gillespie (1719-1796) Augusta Co, Virginia. Married Naomi Thompson. To North Carolina circa 1747.  10 children. Many researchers,  as this is the focus family that initiated the Gillespie DNA study.

Stewart, Suzanne re CANADA, Ontario. Charles Stewart Gillespie b 1848 Co Armagh, Ireland in Bracebridge, Monk, Ontario 1881. Son of David Gillespie & Sara.  Married Susan McMurray from Co Down.  They migrated to Milton, North Dakota in 1882. RECORDS. Charles’ brother David Gillespie also in ND. Wife Martha McKeown. PHOTOS.   See also researcher Ron Gillespie.

Stice, Eric re USA, Virginia.   Jehu W Gillespie, also Moses & Susannah Gillespie with links to Ohio, Missouri.

Stuart, Susan re CANADA, Prince Edward Island. Alice Margaret Gillespie (1898-1996)

Studdard, Gloria re USA, Tennessee.  Francis (Frank) Marion Gillespie (1843 TN-1900) Moved to Wiliamson Co, Illinois. Married Mary Ann Johnson. Also researching George Gillespie (1751-1818) of Rowan Co, North Carolina who died in Tennessee. Wife Mary Graham.

Swisher, B re USA, Virginia.  Robert Gillaspy born circa 1730 to Augusta Co, VA by 1734. Died 1797/98 in Botetourt Co, Virginia.  He had 3 brothers: Thomas, James & William.

Sue in New Zealand:    Roger Gillespie, b Co Antrim, Ireland 1787; had a military career with British for 15 years, raised a large family of 11 children in Suffolk, England. Wife Frances nee Keeble (widow of Robert Hutton)  m in  1814, ( many details about his military career)

Sylvester, Don re USA, Maine.   Benjamin Gillespie died before 1860 in or near Bangor, Maine. Married Sarah Wentworth. 3 sons.


Tajnai, Joe & Carolyn re USA, South Carolina.  William Gillespie b 1750 SC. Died 1844 in Macoupin Co, Illinois. Marrid Catherine Lynn/Linn.

Tapp Clare re CANADA, Ontario   Anne Gillespie, d/o Tobias, married Abraham Boland (1822-1882). From to Navan, Co Armagh, Ireland. Lived in Eganville. See also researcher John Patton. Note: Gillespies on Wolfe Island, Frontenac Co, Ontario also came from Navan. See also Port Hope Gillespies.

Temple, Jane re CANADA. Prince Edward Island. George Gillespie & Sadie Hertz.

Thompson, Catherine re USA.   BOOK.  Glaspell Family Record by Eva Glaspey 1934. Begins with Enos Glaspell from England in 1755 who settled in Virginia. Moved to New Jersey. Married Sara English. 6 children. Enos died 1801. Their descendants through firsborn John Glaspell (1779-1831)  & Elizabeth Dennis; also son Silas Glaspell who married Keziah Sayre of Stoe Creek Twp, married 1805. 

Tomaselli, Phil  re RUSSIA.  Military records for 3 Gillespie men who went missing and  were British.. Gerald James Gillespie “gone missing”; John M Gillespie in files of Russian Secret Police; Robert Stewart Gillespie interned at Ruhleben Camp during WW 1.

Toth, D & H re CANADA, Ontario.  William Charles Gillespie (1863-circa 1938) with two brothers, Charles & Edward, from Dunfanehagh Village, Co Donegal, Ireland to Toronto. William married Anne Brandt. 5 children all born in Toronto.

Tsirigotis, Barbara re USA, Alabama.  Henry Gillaspie (b 1798) in Virginia. Wife Zylphia he married in Alabama.  Henry is mentioned in will of George Gillaspie in Franklin Co, Tennessee.   Son Patrick married Susanna Stubblefield 1863 in Jackson Co, AL.

Tull, John  re USA, Texas.  Mattie Gillespie married Ed Punchard circa 1890 to 1910. Lived i Reisel, McLennan Co, TX in late 1920s & 1930s. See also researcher Shirley Dyess.


Uberuaga, Blas Pedro re CANADA, Ontario.  Patrick Gillespie & Rebecca Hudan of Londonderry, Ireland. Daughter Jane Gillespie died in Lindsay, Ontario. Married Francis Keenan.  Website


Wageningen, Geraldine Van re SOUTH AFRICA. 3 brothers from Ireland before 1830.  Patrick, William Robert Rollo Gillespie.

Walker, Sandra re AUSTRALIA.   Leonard Gillespie s/o James Gillespie & Elizabeth Sands from Co Fermanagh, Ireland in Swan Creek, Queensland, Australia. Leonard’s wife Sarah Armstrong.  8 children.  See also researcher Ken Gillespie.

Waller, Heather re ENGLAND.  PORTFOLIO.  Bruce G Gillespie & Miriam D Spillane.  Website

Wally, Burt re USA, Alabama.   William P Gillespie (1825-1895), s/o Abraham P Gillespie & Parthena of Alabama. Married Millie Francis Higginbottom. Served in Confederate Army Company D, Davenport’s Battalion.  Lived in Jefferson Co, AL, then moved to Blount Co, AL.  Memorial 

Warne, Rose re AUSTRALIA.   PORTFOLIO. Thomas Gillespie & Catherine Wilson. 6 children from Parish of Turlough, Co Mayo, Ireland.  Settled in town of Tuena.

Watson, Di re USA, Ohio.   Sarah Gillespie b circa 1802 Scotland. She married an Easton, s/o Thomas Easton. Links to Hamilton, Ontario and Toledo. Ohio by 1884.

Waugh, Pamela re USA, Pennsylvania.   William Gillespie d circa 1860 Chester Co, Pennsylvania. Wife Mary Emmett.   Thomas Sharpe of Cecil Co, Maryland married his daughter Elizabeth Gillespie before 1742.

Welch, Chastity  re USA, Alabama.   DISC.  David McLine Gillespie (1839-1900) of Green Co, AL married Mildred Ann Fletcher. 6 children all born in Mississippi.

Welch, Dan re USA, Tennessee. James Gillespy, wife Jennet, arrived in America 1700s  from Scotland with 3 sons, one daughter who married Thomas McCulloch to settle for awhile in Pennsylvania.  The sons (John, James, William) moved to Tennessee. James settled in Augusta Co, Virginia. See also researcher Helen Austin.

Werling, M Jo re SCOTLAND, Bannockburn.  Mary Ann Gillespie married William Muirhead. 10 siblings, one line going to New Zealand.

Westcott, Clare re CANADA, Ontario.  RECORDS.  PHOTOS. Family military backround for World War I from Seaforth, Huron County.   Many articles from Huron Expositor.

White, G C re SCOTLAND, Renfew.  James Gillespie married Christina Brown.  6 children. Daughter Sarah, the oldest, to USA about 1848.

Whitsel, Eileen re USA, North Carolina.   John Wilson Gillespie (1808-1885) in Madison Co, NC. Married Elizabeth Sprinkle in Laurel Community. 10 children.

Wiles, Christopher:  Indiana Gillespies headed by Gawn/John Gillespie 1753 N Ireland d 1844 Charlestown, IND, & wife Margaret. Their son William Gillespie 1784-1822 & Alice Gray in Washington Co, Indiana.  8 generations of this family done.

Wilkes, Colleen re USA, Ohio.   John Gillespie b circa 1750. Wife Ann. Son David Gillespie died in Belmont Co, Ohio . Link to Frederick, Maryland.

Williams, Don re USA, Illinois   Elizabeth Gillespie b 1806 in Kentucky died 1882 in Illinois. She married Samuel Sanders in Hart Co, KY.

Williamson, Stephen re CANADA, Ontario.  Harriet Gillespie (nee Hewitt) linked to Brant Co, Ontario Gillespies. See researchers Jim Byrnes, Todd Major, Ian Stewart. RECORDs, PHOTO.

Wilson, Bruce re SCOTLAND.   PORTOLIO. Helen Gillespie, (1838-1918) d/o Robert Gillespie & Jane Hogg, married William Wilson 1857 in Alloa, Clackmananshire, Scotland.  Family lived in West Lothian. Links to New Zealand.

Wilson, Debbie re CANADA, Ontario.   Eleanor Gillespie married Frederick Kerman. Family lived in Hamilton, Wentworth Co. 5 children.

Wilson, Gary re USA, Nebraska.    Mr Gillespie married Polly Engle (b 1788 Ohio-1885) who settled in Lincoln, Nebaska.

Wilson, Jim re CANADA, Ontario.  Jane Gillespie b 1882 Scotland married Thomas McKnight of Co Down, Ireland in 1836. Lived in Beverly Twp, Wentworth Co, Ontario. Their daughter Jane McKnight married Walter Wilson of Scotland in 1870.

Wilson, John re CANADA, New Brunswick.  William Gillespie (b 1854 NB) married Sarah Anderson, St John. See also researcher Tania Gillespie, Joyce Roome

Wilson, Laura,  re CANADA, Ontario.  Isle of Islay, Argyllshire, Scottish immigrant Duncan Gillespie b 1766 married Mary McDougall. Their son Dugald married Mary MacEachern. To Victoria Co, Eldon Twp area near Cannington, Ontario Canada. See also researchers Richard Sheil, David Lindsay, Mac Gillespie (deceased)

Wimm, Barbara re USA, Virginia.  William Abner Gillespie b circa 1790 Albermarle Co, Virginia. Married Mary Owens/Martha Hundley.  Moved to Northern Kentucky. See also researchers Mark Gillespie, Jennie Corridan.

Winters, Linda re USA, Tennessee.  Robert Cates Gillespie b Sumner Co, TN married Estella Amanda Wood. 6 children. Oldest son Henry Day Gillespie moved to Colorado.

Wolfe, Susan Ewing re USA, Kansas.  *PORTFOLIO Francis P Gillespie b PA married Sarah Foutch in Illinois. He  moved to El Dorado, KS in 1881. RECORDS. 3 children.  2nd marriage to Kate Clancy. Towanda Twp. KS.  PHOTOS.

Wood, Beverly re USA, Arkansas.   George Simpson Gillespie b Ireland immigrated 1840 to Indiana then Clay Co, Illinois.  Wife and 7 children. Son John Gillespie moved his family to Arkansas, but after he died the family returned to Illinois.  John had married Sarah Reinehart 1880.

Woods, Anita re USA, Virginia.   Rankin Gillespie b circa 1827 VA, married Rebecca Jane. 10 children, half born in VA and rest after a family move to Montana

Woods, B. J. re USA, Illinois.  John Gillespie of Scotland  d 1627. Had married Lilas Simpson.    Descendants to Delaware, Pennsylvania, Indiana then later through a George Simpson Gillespie (1834 Ireland-1896) died in Pixley, Illinois.

*Workman, John re CANADA, Ontario    Ann Jane  Shore married James Riverton buried in Christ Church Anglican Cemetery, Huntley Twp, Carleton Co.  Note:  Ann is linked to my Gillespie family line in Carleton Co, Ontario. 

Wright re IRELAND, Co Monaghan.  James Gillespie 17741805 in Duplin Co, North Carolina. Cape Fear Region. Became USA State Legislator for NC. Married Dorcas Munford. Daughter Jane married Isaac Wright.

Wunderle, Tim re USA, Ohio.  Catherine Gillespie married Thomas Chambers circa 1860s. Child Mary Loretta married Frank McMamon, Cleveland.


Yeoman, Jim re SCOTLAND, Caithness.   James Gillespie married Elizabeth Ronaldson. 7 children, all born in New Zealand, North Otago area.  James had 4 brothers: Robert, George, Thomas, Joseph.


Zaglar, Jeri M re USA, Texas.   John Gillespie b 1813, married Sallie E.  9 children.  Last born Robert Monroe Gillespie (1844-1929) lived in Water Valley, Texas. Married Lillian Cunningham.

There is a large listing of Gillespie researchers with some information on WikiTree

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