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Edward Gillespie began muster Dec 25, 1814. Ended Muster March 24, 1815 Antiqua. 4th West India Regiment. (British Army Muster      Books & Pay Lists  (1812 – 1817).



Births & Baptisms

  • Constance Emmeline Marrott, d/o George Herlock Marrott & Harriet Gillesby, christened in Barbados.
  • Edward Gillespie christened May 13, 1866 Barbardos, s/o Maria Gillespie


  • Anne Gillaspick married Robert SHAW 1682, April 16 in Saint Michael, Barbadoes, Caribbean.
  • Harriett Gillespy b 1835,  d/o John married George Hurlock SCARROTT 1858, Dec 11 in Saint Michael, Barbadoes, Caribbean.
  • Mary Jane Hinds Gillespy married Thomas William STEVENS, 1849, April 17 in Saint Michael, Barbadoes, Caribbean
  • Richard Gillespie married Judith ROSE 1844, Feb 15 Saint Michael, Barbadoes, Caribbean.


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Thomas Gillespie, 51 , b 1835 Ireland, wife Mary Ann,   immigrated to Nova Scotia, Canada in 1886. Their 19 year old son Thomas followed his parents in 1898. (See his military record WWI Canada)


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Death Records:

Doria May Wilks-Gillespie, birth Oct 23, 1956. Death Sept 11, 2012. Burial Prospect Cemetery, George Town, Cayman Island




Alberta Castro, born Aug 17, 1900 Havana, Cuba. Mother Ines Beatriz Castro Y  1948.

Arriving and Departing Passengers Havana Cuba


GUYANA (British Guiana)

World War I

William Alexander Carruthers, Son of David and Mrs Carruthers, of Demerara, British Guiana.Husband of Mrs Carruthers, of The Gables, Surbiton, Surrey. His widow remarried, went under the name H. B. Gillespie, and resided at Lusiguan, East Coast, Demerara, British Guiana. Educated at Dollar Academy. He boarded with Dr Cownie and left in 1903. Occupation: Colonial Service at Demerara. Lieutenant Royal Scots 1st Bn. He received his commission in January 1915, and was sent to Suvla Bay, where he was at the time of the
evacuation. Awards: Military Cross, 1917. Died at Salonika on 03/09/1918, of wounds received the previous day, aged 31. Greece KARASOULI MILITARY CEMETERY D. 852. Also commemorated at Dollar Academy. From Edinburgh Scots War record.

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See Military: World War I British West Indies Regiment; also World War I burial listed below in Deaths for Major John Gilbert Gillespie.

Its People:

Adele Gillespie, 1829, Owned the slave Rosetta b about 1779, age 59, Creole. Parish Kingston, Jamaica

Edwin Thomas Gillespie, slave, born about 1787, age 33, Creole. Owner J. L. Edwards 1820. Parish of St Catherine, Jamaica

Mrs Eliza Gillespie, 1826, owned slave Bill, born about 1779, age 47, African female, Parish of Trelawney, Jamaica

Eliza Gillespie, 1829, owned slave Molly, born about 1744, age 85, African. Parish of Trelawney, Jamaica

George Gillespie (Cuffee), born about 1769, age 57, African, Owned by Francis Guscott 1826. St George Parish, Jamaica

George Hugh Gillespie, 1823, Slave owner of Newcastle, born about 1747, age 76, African, black. Parish of St George, Jamaica

George W Gillespie, slave owner of Anvacastle, born about 1747, age 73, African. Parish of St George, Jamaica

Hugh William Gillespie, 1823, Owned slave Betsey, born abour 1787, age 36, African. Parish of Port Royal, Jamaica

Jas Gillespie, slave, b about 1790, age 33, African. Owned by William Rowland 1829. St George Parish, Jamaica.

James Gillespie, (Cornwall), slave, born about 1791, age 29, African. Parish of St George, Jamaica. Owned by Port Stewart 1820

James Gillespie b 1796 Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland. Ship master. Died Oct 19, 1827 in Kingston. Buried Kingston Cathedral, Jamaica

Note: Jose, b 1867 in Jamaica, a son of a James Gillespie,  married in Panama. His mother, Jeanne Gobbs.  Date wise, James from Scotland might be his grandfather, but not confirmed. It may mean that there was a James Sr and a James Jr in Jamaica. 

Jane Gillespie, owned the slave Hugh, b about 1777, age 30, African. Pareish of St George, Jamaica

Martha Elizabeth Gillespie birth July 22, 1935 Death May 22, 2011 age 75, Portland, Jamaica

Morris Gillespie, slave, b about 1767, age 50, African, male, St George Parish, Jamaica, Owned by Jacob Stamp 1817

Natt Gillespie (Prince) slave, born about 1769, age 48. Creole. Owned by Robert Finlayan 1817.  St Thomas in the East Parish, Jamaica

Susanna Gillespie, 1832. Owned slave Richard, b about 1802, age 30, Creole. St Catherine Parish, Jamaica

Thos Gillespie, slave b 1787, age 30, African. Owned by deceased John Kelly 1816. St Thomas in the East Parish, Jamaica

Thomas Gillespie, s/o Alexander Gillespie (1728-1795) & Grizzel Paterson of Wiston, Lanarkshire, Scotland. A merchant. Died in Jamaica April 29, 1799. 

Urquhart Gillespie, 1817, Owned slave Phillis born about 1775, age 42. African female. Parish Trelawney, Jamaica

Jamaica Vital Statistics:  


  • Jane Gillispie married John Anderson Oct 17, 1818 St George, Surrey, Jamaica


  • Ann Gillespie, burial July 27, 1817 St James, Cornwall, Jamaica
  • Anna Maria Gillespie, burial Sept 2, 1860, St Elizabeth, Jamaica
  • Cap Gillespie, burial Nov 28, 1824 St James, Jamaica
  • David Gillespie, burial Aug 4,1808, St James, Jamaica
  • Major John Gilbert Gillespie, died 1940s Buried Briggs Park Cemetery in Jamaica
  • Mary Gillespie buried 1960 Briggs Park Cemetery, Jamaica
  • Mary Main Gillespie, burial Nov 8 1798, Trelawny, Cornwall, Jamaica
  • Urquhart Gillespie, burial March 1, 1821, Trelawny, Cornwall, Jamaica
  • Thomas Gillespie b 1765. S/o Alexander Gillespie (1728-1796) & Grizel, died in Kingston, Jamaica April 29, 1799. Merchant (note: family history researched from Biggar Park, Scotland)
  • Vincent A Gillespie birth March 15, 1936. Death April 16, 2016 age 80, Portland, Jamaica
  • Viola Gillespie killed July 30, 1939 while travelling on a train heading from Kingston to Montego Bay. The engine jumped the rails at Balaclava and embedded itself into the mountainside, followed by coaches which were forced on from the rear. Thirty-two people died and over 70 were injured.
  • William Gillespie, eldest son of William Gillespie, merchant in Edinburgh, Scotland. Died in Talmouth, Jamaica on June 23, 1812.


Charles Golaspy/Gocaspy. 1708-1709

John Gillespie, will 1750. Died Jamaica

John Gillespie, his will Sept 13, 1761. Captain in the Honourable Regiment of Foot, a bachelor of the island of Jamaica, West Indies.

Thos Gillespie, his will 1742



Jessie B Gillespie, negro, born Puerto Rico Dec 1, 1942. Became World War II USA soldier enlisted Tennessee


Concordia Anglican Church Births & Baptisms

Gillespie William MCLEAN, birth March 31, 1904, son of Archibald & Catherine Isabella, baptised April 13, 1905 in father’s house. Residence  Estancia ‘Caledonia’, Mercedes. Father’s occupation estanciero

John Conyers O’DWYER birth February 3, 1908 son of Carew Gillespie & Honor. Baptised August 2, 1908. Residence Estancia Jubileo, Jubileo. Father’ s occupation estanciero

Mary Honor O’DWYER birth May 17, 1904, d/o Carew Gillespie & Honor. Baptised November 4, 1904. Residence Estancia La Honoria, Barú FCER. Father’s occupation estanciero

Terrance Gillespie O’DWYER birth January 18, 1913, son of Carew Gillespie & Honor. Baptised April 23, 1913. Residence  La Honoria, Barú FCER. Father’s occupation estanciero



James Gillespie, will 1820. (Note: See Arygll, Scotland deaths for details as to his life).

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Thomas Gillespie buried Maria Smith Cemetery, St Thomas

Record Count:  52

Source of Records: Mormon Website; Find A Grave; New Jersey Death Index;; Scots War. Jamaican Ancestral Records; Cemetery records. Caribbean Genealogy Library