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Adding older obituaries:

  • Rev Tom Logan                                                1927 – 2016
  • Peggi Logan, Tom’s wife, nee Young.   1928 – 2020
  • Rev Robert “Bob” Cottrill                          1941 -2019

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Added chart of McCaw families to Coe Hill Families – upper menu bar.

Added family photos for Melville, Stella & Mark Reid to tombstone page.

Added photo of Mrs.  MacNaughton on Obituaries A – Q page (upper menu bar).

Added photo of Nola Crosby & Norma at Upper Canada Village 1971 and one photo of her as a teen at Christmas to Harold Crosby Tombstone page

Added more photos to Charlie Jarrett’s tombstone page.

Added photo of Gordon McCaw, wife and daughter, and friends to his tombstone page.

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Death of Irene Bird, December 22, 2023 in Stirling  Manor. Celebration of her life,  January 6th, 2024 at 1:00 pm at Limerick Centre. Visits afterwards to 4:00 pm.

Death of Bill McCaw, son of Frank, on January 26,  2024 in Bancroft. Service was at Bancroft Pentecostal Church at 11:30 am on Saturday, February 3rd. Visitation from 10:30 am before service. His full obituary on Coe Hill Obituaries, A – Q above menu bar.

Carl Tinney of Faraday Township, died Monday, Feb 19th, 2024. Carl had a septic pumping business over the years,  and became Reeve of Faraday Twp. Cremation. A memorial service in the spring.  Lower Faraday Cemetery.

……………………..      OLD PHOTOS FROM COE HILL………………….

Need help  identifying children of Coe Hill Public School.

A.   Is this Grade 4, about 1954? Grade School

TOP: Coe Hill Public School. Bert Giles was the PrincipalI think we were ages 9 or10 and this is Grade 4 because we had moved into the Little White School House for Grade 5 (ages 10 or 11). This was the year my Daddy died.  I remember rushing home from this school all excited thinking he had come home, to be greeted with the terrible shock at the door.

  • Back row left to right:  girl, Norma Gillespie, boy, boy, boy
  • Next row forward:  Sheila Wannamaker, Nola Crosby, Sherryl Ferguson,  Eileen Neil,  Shirley Twomey, Sharon McCauley, Barbara Thompson
  • Middle Row: Una Marshall, Marilyn Woodbeck. Linda Warner, Anna Marie Stephanuk, boy
  • Front Row: boy, boy, boy, Bill McCaw, ?Terry__, Bill Sprackett

B.  Class in the Little White School House – 1955?

Class of Grade 5
Copyright Norma Gillespie, 2021

Back Row Left to Right: Sherrill or Sherryl Ferguson, Brenda Keller, Linda Warner, Marilyn Woodbeck, Sheila Wannamaker, Shirley Twomey, Kathleen Anderson, Linda Silas, Joan Twomey

Front Row: Eileen Neal, Nola Crosby, Norma Gillespie, Gail Danford, Carol Hoard, Gaye Daniels, Una Marshall, Barbara Thompson

Boys in Window:  Ted and Bill McCaw

C. . Below,  a Kindergarten Class at Coe Hill School

  • Glenn's class at Coe Hill Public School
    Copyright Norma Gillespie, 2024

Help name these children . They look Kindergarten age, possible 4 years old. My younger brother, Glenn Gillespie, 3rd boy in from R. That would make it 1951.

D..  Below: Is this Bill Hocking?    If so, name his friend. (looks a bit like Bill Reid).

Answer Sam G: Could be his son Dick, who married Joy Lennox.

Bill Hocking & friend
Copyright Norma Gillespie 2024


E. A Coe Hill Public School Outing. Name teacher and students. Where is the location of this stop? With a tent in background, could it be the Boy Scout’s Camp off Wollaston Lake Road?

Class Outing
Copyright Norma Gillespie, 2024


F. . Coe Hill Public School

Coe Hill Public School
Copyright Norma Gillespie, 2024   The school as I remember it.  1950s

G. Another class at Coe Hill School below

Coe Hill Students
Copyright Norma Gillespie, 2024  I am 2nd row from front, 4th from  left, almost hidden.

I arrived in Coe Hill as a five year old, so this may be my first class in Kindergarten.

H. A baseball sports team at the Fair Grounds

Sports Team 2
Copyright Norma Gillespie, 2024

Baseball Team:
Back Row: Sam Gillespie – Scott McMurray – Don Park – Gerald Garrett – Ivan Gunter
Front Row:  ?Geoff Gunter – Wayne MacKillican – Allyn Gunter (need help with other names).

I. A Hockey Team of Coe Hill

Sam & Hocky
Copyright Norma Gillespie, 2024

Hockey Coach: Sam Gillespie, in middle.

Front Row:    Norm Gunter-Roger Crosby – Doug McCaw
Middle Row: Phil Irwin – Frank Minor – Sam – Gary Cotman
Back Row:     male, male,  Glenn Gillespie  on the right

Preserving the history of Coe Hill through old photos.


Arranged by Country



  • Australian Capital:      1
  • New South Wales:       1
  • Queensland                     2
  • Victoria                              2



  • Alberta:                     5
  • British Columbia: 2
  • Manitoba:                 1
  • New Brunswick:    3
  • Newfoundland:       1
  • Ontario:                       7
  • Prince Edward Co. 1

BC Voters List, 1898  13

Ontario Births                11

Ontario Marriages        3


A group of Gillespies in St Paul, Minnesota are searching their roots from the immigration of a Gillespie family from Castlebar, Co Sligo in 1898.  IrishCentral article.

Added note about the Famine Memorial in Dublin that was created by Dublin sculptor, Rowan Gillespie. The memorial  remembers the Great Famine (1845-1849), which saw the population of the country halved through death and emigration.

Famine Memorial, Dublin
Famine Memorial, Dublin


  • Antrim              2
  • Belfast               2
  • Armagh             3
  • Down                 1
  • Londonderry 2
  • Tyrone               2


  • Glasgow                  1
  • Renfrewshire        4
  • Scottish Borders  1

USA – 33


  • Connecticut:      1
  • Colorado:             2
  • Florida:                15
  • Georgia:                1
  • Illinois:                    1
  • Massachusetts:  1
  • New Jersey:          1
  • North Carolina:  3
  • Ohio:                         2
  • Pennsylvania:       2
  • South Carolina:    1
  • Texas:                          1
  • Utah:                           1
  • Washington:           1


New information received about George Turland Gillespie (1917 – 2003) of Glamorgan, Wales.

Other:  Thank you for kind comments about postings I have made.

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January 1st:                   From 2023                                        47, 058

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