Technology is the wave of today and the future. The rise of Artificial Intelligence is both a blessing and a danger. Let me introduce my technician’s website, as he presents his skills, education and experience. He recently sat down with me to introduce me to Chatbox and Artificial Iintelligence.

His weekly blogs will be of help to those who understand it, and educate those who do not. Current articles  include:

Quatum Computing: The Q-Silicon Revolution

How to Fix Corrupted Domain Log-in Issues

Windows 10 to 11 Upgrade Process Step by Step

The Power Struggle: Meta’s Stand  Against Legislation

The Battle of Giants: Generative AI in the Cloud

Bring Utopia To the World: Technology & News

Need better security, solve a problem? Consult with Evan, who works remotely and keeps this website safe from attacks, while employed by a big  American firm here in Canada to protect their interests.