IRELAND: Advertisements for Lost Irish Family Members

Seeking information about: (some information posted in Boston newspapers)

BRIDGET GILLESPIE of Co Donegal, Culdaff Parish, Effin Townland, by Mr Donaghue of Boston, Massachusetts 1857, August 8th.

CATHERINE GILLESPIE of Co Donegal, Kilmacrenan Parish, Cashelgay townland left Ireland 1848. Information wanted by her  sister Bridget Galesby of Chicago 1849, Mary 26.

EDWARD GELASBY who arrived in the port of Quebec 1849. Seeking information by his brother-in law, Patrick Ferguson of St Catherines, Ontario.

JAMES GILLESPIE of Co Donegal, arrived in New York City 1854 Seeker Andrew Gillespie, his brother, Residence Philadelphia, PA.

LUKE GILLESPIE from Co Kerry, Ireland, a carpenter sailed from Liverpool. His sister Ellen residence Massachusetts seeking information 1854.

JOHN GILLESPIE of Kilfian, Co Mayo, Ireland arrived Quebec 1848. Seeker Anthony Gillespie, his brother. John was heading to Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

MARTIN GILLESPIE of Co Mayo heading to America 1851. Sister Mary Gillespie wanting information.

MARY GELASBY, nee Ferguson. Information about her whereabouts saught by Patrick Ferguson, her brother of St. Catherines, Ontario. Contact name Matthew Battle. See also Edward Gillespie.

MICHAEL GILLESPIE from Co Tyrone, Pomeroy Parish, Townland Canaghey, Poor Law Dungannon. On ship “John Adams” heading to Illinois, USA 1846.  “Possibly shipwrecked.” His sister Mary Gillespie seeking information from Warren, Illinois. Micheal was planning on buying land in Illinois 1846. 2nd request for information by his brother, James Gillespie. Contact John Devlin, Mass, Pantuket.

MARY GILLESPIE, request by her sister Mary 1851 in Boston, Massachusetts newspaper

WILLIAM GILLESPIE, age 14 left home June 1856 heading to New Hampshire. Only son. Father Luke seeking information from Massachusetts, Globe Village.

Total Records:  11

Source:  Boston Newspapers

Note: Although not included here, remember the families of the Irish immigrants who died re the sinking of the ship Titanic. Many burials in Halifax, Nova Scotia have  blank tombstones over graves of people who have never been identified since 1915-1916.