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Death Records:

Godfrey Curtis Gillespie, death May 10, 1943. Burial Massicault War Cemetery, Borj el Amri (Massicault), , Manouba, Tunisia

Henry D Gillespie, death May 13, 1943. Burial North Africa American Cemetery and Memorial, Carthage, Tumis, Tunisia

Joan Gillespie birth abt 1931. Death abt 1959 Tunis, Tunisia. Residence Stamford. Obituary Hartford, Connecticut, USA. Father Kingsley Gillespie. Siblings Kenyon.

John Brough Gillespie death July 27, 1943. Burial Enfidaville War Cemetery, Enfidaville, Sousse, Tunisia

Norman J Gillespie death Nov 27, 1943. Burial North Africa American Cemetery and Memorial, Carthage, Tunis, Tunisia.

Reggie Thomas Gillespie death April 22, 1943. Medjez-el-Bab War Cemetery, Medjez el Bab,  Béja, Tunisia

Source of Records: Find A Grave; Ancestry. com

Record Count: 6

Germans advance towards Kasserine in Tunisia in February 1943.


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