ASIA: India: Births & Baptisms

Aden was a British Colony for 98 years, and linked with India. It gained independence in 1937, and is now Yemen, in the Arabian Peninsula, Middle East. Births for Aden are included here for early records. See daughter or son for unnamed births.

Anna Catherine BLUNT, the wife of William Gillespie, Transhipping Slerk, BB  & C1 Railway, of a son on July 9, 1863

John Gillespie DUNCAN born Feb 8, 1861 Madras, India, son of George Roan, Lt, Dep-Asst, Commis-Ordin. Baptised March 24, 1861 Madras, Presidency Madras, (mother not named)

Letitia Wilhelmia SKINNER, born Nov 24, 1836 at Calcutta, India. Baptism May 28, 1837 at St John’s Cathedral. d/o William Skinner and Anne Gillespie. Robertson Senr Presby, Chaplain. William’s occupation Ass Opium Board.

Note: see  daughter of son for unnamed births


Alexander Gillespie birth July 7, 1828  India

Amelia Gillespie, birth Aug 13, 1872. Christening date Sept 23, 1872 at Deesa, Bombay, India. D/o David Gillespie & Amelia Gillespie.

Ann Matilda Gillespie, birth Aug 14, 1812. Christening date Dec 14, 1812 at Trichinopoly, Madras, India, d/o Thomas Gillespie & Elizabeth

Anne Gillespie, christened June 16, 1827 Calcutta, Bengal, India. Father Major General Gillespie

Arthur Colin Oswald Gillespie, birth Feb 15, 1902. Christening date March 17, 1902 at Poona, Bombay, India, s/o Lewis Oswald Gillespie & Emma Nettie.

Austin Eugene Gillespie, birth Oct 28, 1869. Christening Nov 14, 1869 Belgaum, Bombay, India. Father Mark Gillespie. Mother Henrietta.


Caroline Gillespie, birth Feb 14, 1864. Christening date Feb 28, 1864 at  Madras, Madras, India. D/o David Gillespie & Amelia.

Catherine Gillespie birth May 16, 1818, India

Celina Gillespie, birth March 28, 1808, christened Aug 9, 1811 Trichinopoly, Madras, India, d/o Robert Rollo Gillespie & Rose Wheatlie.

Clarence Lancelot Gillispie, birth Feb 20, 1883. Christening Sept 8, 1884 Poona, Bombay, India. Father Frederick Aldolphus Gillispie. Mother Beatrice Isabella Leonora. Residence Bombay, India.


*Daughter born Oct 13, 1868 at Chicacole, wife of D Gillespie.

*Daughter, born April 22, 1872 at the mission house,  Raijkote, wife of the Rev Robert Gillespie.

*Daughter born Jan 20, 1874, Ahmednuggur, wife of N Gillespie, Postmaster,

*Daughter, born May 20, 1883, at Mission House, Borsat, Gujerat, the wife of Rev Robert Gillespie.

*Daughter, born April 23, 1888 at Trimulgherry, the wife of sub-conductor W Gillespie. Commissariat Departmen

David Gellespie, birth Oct 10, 1838, christening Nov 21, 1838 Madras, India. Father George Gellespie. Mother Elizabeth. Residence Madras, India

David Edward Gillespie, birth Sept 17, 1874, christening Nov 9, 1874, son of David Gillespie & Emelia

Doris Marie Gillespie, birth Aug 6, 1900. Christening date Sept 8, 1900 at Bombay, Bombay, India. d/o Oswald Gillespie & Emma Nettie.

Douglas Gillespie birth July 9, 1894. Christening date August 8, 1894 at Trimulgherry, Madras, India, d/o William Gillespie & Sarah.


Eileen Mary Gillespie, birth Jan 7, 1899. Christening date Feb 11, 1899 at Madras, Madras, India. d/o James Thomas Gillespie & Susanne Evelyn.

Eleanor Gilleskie, birth Nov 23, 1859. Christening Dec 5, 1859 Cawnpore, Bengal, India. Father George Gilleskie. Mother Caroline.

Elizabeth Gillespie birth November l7, 1797 India (a very early Gillespie presence in India). At Cawnpore,  Parents Charles, Pte, 1st E. R.  Baptism Dec 25, 1797. Presidency Bengal

Elizabeth Ann Clandiming Gillespie, birth Jan 4, 1871. Christening date Feb 5, 1871 at GoGo, Bombay, India, d/o Robert Gillespie & Catherine Clandiming.

Ernest Albert Gillespie, birth Nov 15, 1881 at St John the Baptist (Toungoo) C of E. Christening Dec 7, 1881, Toungoo, Burma, Bengal, India. Son of William Gillespie Sgt, Commis-Dept & Sarah Ann.

Ethel Constance May Gillespie, birth May 16, 1892. Christening date June 15, 1892 at Trinmlgherry, Madras, India, d/o William Gillespie & Sarah Ann

Eva Theodosia Gillespie, birth Feb 3, 1868. Christening date March 11, 1868 at Rangoon, Bengal, India, d/o Joseph Gillespie & Harriet.


Fanny Elizabeth Ann Gillespie, birth Oct 25, 1886. Christening Nov 11, 1886 at Cawnpore, Bengal, India. d/o William Neil Gillespie & Fanny

Frederica Gallespie birth July 4, 1838. Christening Sept 25, 1838 India. Father William Gallespie. Mother Magdalen Gallespie.  Residence Madras, India


George Cargill Gillespie, birth Aug 23, 1871. Christened March 29, 1879 at Delhi, Bengal, India. Race: white. s/o George Gillespie & Sarah.

George Edward Gellespie, birth Jan 22, 1817. Christening Feb 12, 1817 Madras, Madras, India Father George Gellespie. Mother Elizabeth. Residence Madras, India

George Victor Gillespie, birth May 17, 1899. Christening date July 13, 1899 at Jhansi, Bengal, India, s/o George Gillespie & Jane.

George Veitch Gillispie, birth May 5, 1855. Christening July 29, 1855 Agra, Bengal, India. Father George Gillispie. Mother Mary Anne. Residence Bengal, India

Gillespie, born Sept 18, 1830 to the Lady of Captain R. R, of a son, Presidency Bombay.

Gillespie, born July 19, 1832 to the lady of Captain Gillespie, H. M. 4th Dragoons, a daughter, Born at Kirkee. Presidency Bombay.

Gillespie, born March 16, 1835 at Kirkee, the lady of Captain R R Gillespie, H. M. 4th Lt Drags, of a son, Presidency Bombay.


Henry Gilispie birth Dec 16, 1845. Christening Dec 25, 1845  Bombay, Bombay, India. Father Robert Gilespie. Mother Jane. Residence Bombay, India

Hugh John Greenland Hunter Gillespie, birth April 28, 1906 Simla, Bengal, India, christening date June 21, 1906 Bengal, India, s/o Hugh John Hunter Gillespie & Annie Emily.

Hugh Richard Edmund Gillespie, birth Dec 10, 1909. Christening date Dec 22, 1909 at Bangalore, Madras, India, s/o Hugh Gillespie & Irene


Irene Helena Gillespie, birth March 18, 1898, Christening date March 15, 1902 Saharanpur, Bengal, India, d/o Lester Fairfoot Arman Gillespie & Louise Florence.

Irene Lucy Gillespie, birth Dec 22, 1897. Christening date March 3, 1898 at Umballa, Bengal, India. D/o Richard William Gillespie & Alice Maria.

Isabella Mary Charlotte Gillespie, birth May 13, 1905. Christening June 4, 1905 Poona, Bombay, India. Father David William Adolph Gillesprie. Mother Caroline Eveline Mary. Residence Bombay, India

Ivy Gillespie, birth Aug 27, 1897. Christening date Sept 9, 1897 at Poona, Bombay, India. D/o Frederick Aldolphus Gillespie & Beatrice.


James Gillespie, birth June 3, 1827. Christening date June 24, 1827 at Meerut, Bengal, India, s/o Niel Gillespie & Mary.

Jane Gillaspie, (also Gillespie) birth May 13, 1834 at Kurnaul. Christening May 14, 1834 Kurnaul, Bengal, India. Father Neal Gillaspie. Pte, H. M. 31st.  Mother Mary.

Jane Agnes Gillespie, birth Nov 27, 1874. Christened Jan 7, 1875 at Deesa, Bombay, India, d/o Robert Gillespie & Sarah Robertina.

Jane Eliza Gellaspie, birth May 9. Christening July 9, 1814 St. George, Madras, India. Father George Gellaspie. Mother Elizabeth. Residence Madras, India

John Gellespie, birth Sept 2, 1823, christening April 11, 1824 Madras, Madras, India. Father George Gellespie. Mother Elizabeth. Residence Madras, India

John Gillespie, birth Sept 8, 1885. Christening date Oct 21, 1885 at Madras, India. s/o William Gillespie & Sarah.


Lillian Grace Gillespie, birth Aug 1, 1883. Christening date Sept 12, 1883 at Poonamallee, Madras, India, d/o William Gillespie & Sarah Ann.

Lucy Gillespie, birth July 7, 1909. Christening date Sept 4, 1909 at Howrah, Bengal, India. d/o Frederick Gillespie & Agnes.

Lucy Caroline Gillespie, birth Oct 27, 1901. Christening date Nov 13, 1901 at Bangalore, Madras, India, d/o Daniel William Adolphus Gillespie & Caroline Eveline Mary


Mabel Gillespie, birth April 23, 1888. Christening date May 23, 1888 at Trinmulghberry, Madras, India

Margaret Evelin Gilespie, birth Nov 19, 1898 Madras, India. Christening Dec 18, 1898 Pudupet, Madras, India. Mother Luisa Gilespie. Residence Madras, India

Margaret Jane Gillispie, birth Nov 27, 1825. Christening Jan 1, 1826 Madras, Madras, India. Father George Gillispie. Mother Elizabeth.

Mary Gilaspie, birth Sept 21, 1760. Christening Ft St George, Madras, India. Father Archibald Gilaspie. Mother Mary. Residence Madras, India

Mary Gillespie birth June 10, 1838 India at Dinapore, Parents Neil, Sgt H. M. 31st & Mary. Baptism July 11, 1838. See next record.

Mary Gillispie birth July 11, 1838 Dinapore, Bengal, India. Christening Dec 26, 1838  Dinapore, Bengal, India. Father Niell Gillispie, Mother Mary. Residency Bengal, India

Mary Ann Gillespie, birth Dec 10, 1825, christened Feb 16, 1826 in Kamptee, Madras, India. d/o John Gillespie & Mary.

Mary Ann Gilespie,  birth April 13, 1829. Christening April 14, 1829, Meerut, Bengal, India. Father Niel Gilespie, Pte . Mother Mary. Residence Bengal, India

Mary Ann Gillespie, birth Aug 3, 1830. Christening date Sept 26, 1830 at Madras, Madras, India, d/o George Gillespie & Elizabeth

Mary Anne Gillespie birth April 13, 1829 India

Mary Anne Gellespie, birth Oct 7, 1843. Christening Oct 13, 1843 Belgaum, Bombay, India. Father Robert Gellespie. Mother Jane. Residence Bombay, India

Mary Anne Gillispie, birth March 26, 1870. Christening April 4, 1870 Belgaum, Bombay, India. Father David Gillispie. Mother Amelia. Residence Bombay, India

Mary Ann Elizabeth Gillespie, birth Sept 28, 1857. Christening date Oct 25, 1857 at Bellary, Madras, India, d/o Robert Gillespie & Maria.

Mary Dorothea Carlie Gillesply, birth March 21, 1909 Bombay, India. Christening April 12, 1909 Poona, Bombay, India. Father John Gillesply. Mother Lilian. Residence Bombay, India

Mary Geraldine Arabella Gillespie, birth Jan 8, 1874. Birthplace Presidency of Bombay, India. Christening Feb 6, 1874 at Belgaum, Bombay, India. d/o Frederick Gillespie & Mathelda.

Mary Louisa Gillespie, birth Sept 20, 1876. Christening date Oct 20, 1876 at Ferozepore, Bengal, India, d/o Richard Anthony Gillespie & Emily Hardman.


Neal Alexander Gillispie, birth Jan 22,  1902. Christening Feb 4, 1902 Wellington, Madras, India. Father William Gillispie. Mother Sarah Ann. Residence Madras, India


Peter Paul E Gillespie, birth June 29, 1863. Christening date June 13, 1863 at Secunderabad, Madras, India, s/o Daniel Gillespie & Mary Ann (note: Obviously an error on dates)


Rachel Gillespie birth September 21, 1787 Mission Church, Calcutta. Parents William & Lucy. Baptism Nov 7, 1787 Mission Church, Calcutta. 

Rebecca Gillespie, birth Sept 14, 1840. Christening date Oct 21, 1840 at Vepery, Madras, India. D/o George Gillespie & Elizabeth.

Richard Gillispie, birth March 8, 1844. Christening March 24, 1844 Moulmein, Bengal, India, Father Alexander Gillispie. Mother Anne. Residence Bengal, India

Richard William Gillespie, birth July 25, 1874,  Presidency of Bombay, India. Christening Sept 15, 1874 at Belgaum, Bombay, India. s/o William Augustus Gillespie & Margaret Lucy.

Robert Gillespie, birth March 7, 1832 at Kurnall. Christening date April 5, 1832 at Kurnaul, Bengal, India. S/o Neill Gillespie, Pte  H. M 31st,  & Mary. (see next entry)

Robert Gillespie, birth Jan 21, 1837 at Dinapore. Christening date  Feb 8, 1837 at Dinapore, Bengal, India.  Son of Neil Gillespie, Corp H. M. 31st & Mary

Robert Gillespie, birth Nov 23, 1865. Christening date Dec 24, 1865 at Trinmlgherry, Madras, India. d/o David Gillespie & Amelia

Robert Rollo Gillespie, birth Oct 30, 1865. Christened Oct 30, 1865. Son of Robert Rollo Gillespie & Mary Aston. (see next entry)

Robert Rollo Gillespie, birth March 2, 1873. Christening date March 23, 1873 at Dera Doon, Bengal, India, s/o Robert Rollo Gillespie & Mary Aston.

Rollo St John Gillespie, birth Sept 25, 1872 Christening date Nov 7, 1872 at Poona, Bombay, India. S/o William John Gillespie & Amie Mary Barbara Gillespie.

Rollo Townsend Charles Gillespie, birth Sept 21, 1866, christening Sept 23, 1866 Ahmednuggur, Bombay, India, son of Robert Rollo Gillespie & Mary Aston.


Sarah Gillispie, birth Dec 21, 1867. Christening Dec 24, 1867 Bombay, India. Father David Gillispie. Mother Amelia.

Sarah Gillespie, birth August 16, 1871 at Allahabad, Bengal, India. Christening date Sept 10, 1871 at Allahabad, Bengal, India. D/o Robert Gillespie & Catherine Ann.

Selena Gillespie, birth June 29, 1816. Christening date July 25, 1816 at Arcot, Madras, India. d/o Thomas Gillespie & Elizabeth

*Son, born July 8, 1863 Bombay, India, wife of W Gillespie

*Son, born  November 9, 1871 at Ahmednuggar, wife of N Gillespie, postmaster

*Son born March 2, 1873 at Dehra Dhoon, wife of Major R R Gillespie, 106th Foot.

*Son born August 23, 1873 at Ahmedabad, wife of Rev R Gillespie

*Son born July 25, 1874 at Belgaum, wife of Major W A Gillespie, SC

*Son born January 13, 1879 at Aden, the wife of Mr T D W Gillespie Sub Medical Department

*Son born at Aden Steamer Point, October 10, 1880, the wife of First Class Assistant Apothecary, T. D W. Gillespie, B. M. S.

*Son born July 8, 1882 at Aden, the wife of Mr W. T. D. Gillespie, First Class Asssistant Apothecary, Bombay Medical Service.

*Son born March 11, 1885 at Satara, the wife of N Gillespie, postmaster.


Terence Patrick Gillespie, birth May 30, 1906. Christening date June 23, 1906 at Madras, Madras, India, s/o Michael Patrick Gillespie & Cathleen Jane.

Thomas Gillespie birth Dec 11, 1785 India. Parents Mary. Assis Surg 1807

Thomas Gillespie, birth Oct 21, 1841. Christening Oct 27, 1841 at Kamptee, Madras, India, s/o Thomas Gillespie & Mary Ann.

Thomas Pakison Gellespie, birth Dec 16, 1842. Christening Feb 6, 1843 Kurnaul, Bengal, India. Father John Hunter Gellespie. Mother Elizabeth.


Vince Raymond Gillespie, birth Nov 27, 1866, christening Dec 23, 1866. s/o Mark Frederick Gillespie & Henrietta

Vivian Rolandi Tandale Gillespie, birth Dec 30, 1884. Christening date Aug 23, 1884 at Poona, Bombay, India, d/o Frederick Aldolphus Gillespie & Beatrice Isabella Leonora.


William Gillespie, birth March 30, 1832. Christened May 13, 1832 at Madras, Madras, India. s/o George Gillespie & Elizabeth

William Archibald Gillispie, birth Oct 16, 1850. Christening Nov 17, 1850 Bycullah, Bombay, India. Father William Archibald Gillespie. Mother Mary.

William Augustus Gillespie, birth March 16, 1835. Christening date April 5, 1835 at Kirkee, Bombay, India, s/o Robert Rollo Gillespie & Sally Maria.

William Jacob Gilespie, birth Aug 30, 1832. Christening Sept 25, 1832 Secunderabad, Madras, India. Father William Gilespie. Mother Sarah.

William James Gillespie birth April 2, 1880 at St John the Baptist, Toungoo. Christening May 3, 1880 at Toungoo, Burma, Bengal, India. s/o William Gillespie, Sgt Commis-Dept  & Sarah

William John Gillispie, birth Oct 1, 1860 at Julnah. Christening Jan 2, 1861 Jaulnah, Madras, India. Father David Gillispie, Pte. Madras C Reg. Mother Amelia.

Winifred Alice Gillespie, birth Feb 27, 1885 at Karachi, Bengal, India. Christening date March 19, 1885 at Bengal, India, d/o Alexander Gillespie & Anne Alice. (Pakistan)

James GORDON, birth Feb 20, 1826 at Benares, India. Parents James Gillespie, merchant and Elizabeth. Baptism March 25, 1826 at Benares. Note Buried August 1, 1827.

William Cracroft GORDON, birth Dec 15, 1829 at Secrole, Parents James Gillespie, merchant and Elizabeth, Benares. Baptism February 8, 1830 at Secrole. India

Anna Eliza Frances MACAN, birth January 16, 1833 at Saugor, Parents Clement Gillespie, Cpt 16th N. I. & Mary.  Born near Elkona near Keitah. Baptism Nov 23, 1833 Saugor.

Record Count: 109

Source of Records: Mormon website, India Births and Baptisms, 1786-1947; India Office Family History Search; India Office Family History Research

Note: * birth records provided by researcher C Valenta.  Used with permission.