ASIA: India Marriages

Included here are early marriages of military men in Aden (now Yemen, Arabian Peninsula, Middle East) when it was a British colony for 98 years. It separated in 1937.

Edith Mary FARMER, age 41, b 1899 d/o Teluphorus David Gelespel,  married William Edward Higman, age age 37, birth 1893, s/o James Higman, on Jan 24, 1930 Lahore, Bengal, India. Married.

Mary FORESTER, age 33, birth 1842, d/o James Gillespie, married James Taylor, age 33, birth 1842, son of John Taylor on Jan 7, 1875 Mooltan, Bengal, India


Ada Jessie Gillespie, d/o Thomas Paterson Gillespie, married Frederick Nuirsios Press on Oct 19, 1897 at Simla, Bengal, India. Both single.

Agnes Gillespie, birth 1869, age 40, widow, married Luke Frederick Gillespie, widow, birth 1864, age 45,  on Oct 7, 1909 at Howrah, Bengal, India

Alexander Gillespie, s/o Alexander Gillespie, Capt R. A. married Anna Tasker, d/o the late John Mathias Tasker Feb 21, 1870, Bengal, India (2nd record gives her name as Annie) at St Paul’s Cathedral, Calcutta

Alexander Learmounth Gillespie, birth 1891, age 37, single, s/o William Gillespie, married Gertrude Watson, birth 1891, age 31, widow, d/o Richard James Carter, on May 6, 1928 at Dharauntallah, Bengal, India.

Alfred Herbert Gillespie, a shunter, B N Rlway, married Adeline Mary Lena Hardicker, age 32, on  July 28, 1936 India. Location Our Lady of Happy Voyage, Howrah. Parents George Cagill.

Alice Ruth Gillespie, age 31, birth 1889, d/o William Gillespie, married Urleane Lilley, age 32, birth 1888, s/o Charles Lilley, on March 2, 1920 at Jubbulpore, Bengal, India

Alma Sylon Eugenia Gillespie, birth 1891, age 24, d/o James Gillespie, married Frederick Ernest Monroe, birth 1884, age 31, s/o John Humbrick Monroe, on Sept 18, 1915 at Shillong, Bengal, India

Andrew Dollar Gillespie married Inez Edith Kenney, age 56, on  September 1, 1945 India   at St Andrew’s Church, Calcutta (C of S), Chemist, Parents John. Presidency Bengal.

Anne Gillespie (under age), married William Skinner, birth 1811 age 23, on June 9, 1834 Calcutta, Bengal, India (her name also spelled Ann in another record with William assistant in orphan department). Presidency Bengal.

Annie Cynthia Gillespie, birth 1876, age 25, d/o Edward Calstone Baker married John George Williams, birth 1878, age 23 on Nov 27, 1901 at  Byculla, Bombay, India

Augusta Eugene Gillespie, s/o Mark Frederick Gillespie, married Matilda Gillespie, d/o Adolph Gillespie on April 10, 1912 at Poona, Bombay, India (see also Matilda)


Beatrice Gillespie, age 42, birth 1859, d/o George, married John Patrick Tower, age 26, birth 1875, s/o John Tower, on Oct 14, 1901 at Poona, Bombay, India


Caroline Gillespie married Alexander Brown Wiseman 1881-1885, India

Catherine Jane Gillespie, youngest surviving daughter of  the late John Gillespe, Inverness, Scotland married James Balfour MacKay, Commander, B. S. I. N. eldest surviving son of the late Hugh MacKay, Esq. J. P. of Kinlockburvie, Sutherlandshire, Scotland July 16, 1887 at the Free Church of Scotland, Bombay, India.

Colin Arthur Gillespie, Engineer, age 21 married Kathleen Ellis, January 21, 1936 at Registry Office, Rangoon. Parents C O’Donoghue. Presidency Bengal.


Daniel Gillespie, age 41, birth 1820, s/o William Gillespie, married Mary Ann Doherty, age 19, birth 1842, d/o Daniel Doherty, on March 4, 1861 at Madras,  India

Daniel Gillispie, birth 1821, age 65, s/o William Gillispie, widowed, married Margaret Ann Cranan, age 23, birth 1863, d/o Jas Cranan , single  on Feb 8, 1886 Madras, India

Daniel William Gillespie, s/o Daniel Gillespie, married Gertrude Maud Pitcher, d/o Alfred Pitcher, on Dec 2, 1901 at Poona, Bombay, India (see next entry)

Daniel William Gillespie, age 28, birth 1882, s/o Daniel William Gillespie, married Ruby Mildred Green, age 21, birth 1889, d/o William Booth Green, on Sept 19, 1910 at Byculla Bombay Bombay, India

Daniel William Aldophus Gillispie, age 33, birth 1863, s/o Daniel Gillispie, married Caroline Eveline Mary Fernandez, age 19, birth 1877, d/o Sebastian Laurens Fernandez, on Feb 17, 1896 at Bangalore, Madras, India

David Gellespie, age 24, birth 1833 son of Robert Gellespie, married Amelia Phillips, age 16, birth 1841, d/o Charles Phillips, on July 22, 1857 Secunderabad, Madras, India

David Campbell Gillespie, age 32, birth 1865, s/o David Gillespie, married Louisa Mary Kates age 30, birth 1867, d/o William Kates, on Dec 13, 1897 Madhopur, Bengal, India. Both single

David Edward Gillespie, s/o David Edward Gillespie married Annie Cynthia Bake, d/o Edward Caulstone Baker, on June 7, 1899,  Byculla, Bombay, India.

David Wingate Gillespie, age 49, birth 1878, s/o Andrew Gillespie, married Dorothy Mary Nicholson, age 41, birth 1886, d/o Arthur Vipon, on Aug 24, 1927 at Madura, Madras, India

Doris Marie Gillespie, age 19, birth 1901, d/o Oswald Lewis Gillespie, married Walter Henry Hitchcock, age 23, birth 1897, s/o Henry Charles Hitchcock, on Jan 3, 1920 at Lucknow, Bengal, India


Edith Mary Gillespie, age 21, birth 1892, d/o Telesphonis Gillespie, married Edward Alexander Farmer, age 30, birth 1883, s/o Seymour Farmer, on Aug 19, 1913 at Bombay, Bombay, India. Both single.

Edwina Gillespie, age 26, birth 1869, d/o Daniel Gillespie, married Edward Bates, age 26, birth 1869, s/o William Bates, on April 22, 1895 at Bangalore, Madras, India

Eliza Gillespie married Granby Calcraft Bagshaw July 18, 1794 India Office Ecclesiastical Returns-Bengal Presidency, Misc, India

Eliza Ann Clendenning Gillespie, age 26, birth 1871, d/o Robert Gillespie, married Robert Reynolds Johnson, age 26, birth 1871, s/o William Johnson, on Oct 23, 1897 Bombay, Bombay, India

Eliza Jane Gillespie married George Perkins, 1876-1880 India

Elizabeth Gillespie married Peter Murray May 15, 1827 Madras, Madras, India. Single.

Elizabeth Gillespie married Andrew Williamson, India

Ernest Albert Gillespie, birth 1833, age 27, s/o William Gillespie married Gertrude Ethel Smith, birth 1882, age 28, d/o Charles Thomas Smith, on Jan 4, 1910 at Rangoon, Bengal, India (Burma)

Ethel Constance May Gillespie, age 17, birth 1892, d/o William Gillespie, married John Richard William Lee Skinner, age 29, birth 1880, s/o William Lee Skinner, on Dec 20, 1909 at Wellington, Madras, India

Eugene Fairfoot Gillespie, age 26, birth 1897. s/o Austin Eugene Gillespie, married Maud Ivy Grant, age 19, birth 1904, d/o George Colesworthy Grant, on June 12, 1923 at Calcutta, Bengal, India. Both single.

Eva Gillespie married Thomas King, 1891-1895 India

Eva Gillespie married Charles Barden, age 24, fitter July 16, 1891 India


Francis Gillispie, married David Belham May 18, 1830 at Bombay, India. Both single

Franlina Victoria Gillespies, age 35, birth 1856, d/o William Gillespies, married Charles Josiah Koyte, age 58, birth 1833, s/o John Koyte, on Feb 9, 1891 at Poona, Bombay, India. Both widowed.

Frederick Adolphis Gillespie, s/o William Adam Frederick Gillespie, married Beatrice Isabella Lenora Macqueen, d/o George Andrew Macqueen, on June 21, 1882 at Poona, Bombay, India

Fred Aulfushus Gillespie, age 31, birth 1836, s/o William Gillespie, married Matilda Louisa Carvalho, age 19, birth 1848, d/o Emm. Carvalho, on Sept 22, 1867 at Bombay, India


George Gellespie married April 17, 1813  Elizabeth H Coy  at Fort St. George, Madras, India

George Gillispie, age 34, birth 1815, s/o  Edward Gillispie,  married Mary Anne Mathews, age 14, birth 1835, d/o Thomas Matthews on  July 22, 1849 Agra, Bengal, India. Both single.

George Gillespie married Elizabeth Riley March 6, 1822 Trichinopoly, Madras, India. Widowed (2nd record gives her name as Earahth).

George Cargill Gillispie, s/o James Gillispie married Louisa Catherine  D’ Cruze, d/o John Thomas Baptist on  June 17, 1891, Fort, William, Bengal, India

George Victor Gillespie, age 26, birth 1900, s/o George Gillespie, married Olive Gragansa, age 22, birth 1904, d/o Jonnarmas Bragansa, on May 12, 1926 Multan, Bengal, India

Gillespie married Casement June 26, 1826 India (no first names in record)

G J Gillespie married Ansell Sept 22, 1917 (first names not recorded) India

Gladys Cecilia Gillespie, age 30 years, 8 months,  married Vincent Alexander Collins, fireman, B N Rly, November 18, 1935 India at Our Lady, Happy Voyage, Howrah (R.C.) Parents: James. Residence Bengal.


Harry Rupert Silvester Gillespie, age 41, birth 1882,  single, s/o Luko Gillespie, married Elizabeth Anne Ingram, age 42, birth 1881, widow on Nov 5, 1923 at Rawal Pindi, Bengal, India (Pakistan)

Henrietta Irene Gillespie, age 21, birth 1894, d/o Austin Eugene Gillespie & Elvira Adelaide, married William M Braillie David, age 33, birth 1882, s/o John David & Matilda on October 4, 1915 at Quetta, Bengal, India (Pakistan)

Hugh Gillaspie, age 33, birth 1794, married Hannah Wall, age 15, birth 1812 on Jan 1, 1827 at Chunar, Bengal, India

Hugh James Gillespie, age 21, birth 1882, s/o Hugh James Gillespie, married Daisy Lavinia Walker, age 24, birth 1879, d/o Albert Hughes, on August 1, 1903 at Mussoorie, Bengal, India

Hugh Patrick Gillespie, age 23, birth 1886, s/o Daniel Gillespie, married Irene Anrilda Morris, age 18, birth 1891, d/o Charles Edmund Morris, on Sept 20, 1909 at Bangalore, Madras, India

Hugh Richard Edmund Gillespie, birth 1909, age 25, married Gertrude Norma Lillian Labanti, birth 1912, age 22, on Nov 24, 1937 at Agra, Bengal, India. Son of Hugh Patrick Gillespie & her father Edgardo Alfredo Labanti (2nd record give date as 1934).


Isabella Gillespie married John Mcelroy Aug 15, 1825 at Poonamallee, Madras, India


James Gellespie married Aug 26, 1812 Elizabeth Mccoy at Fort St. George, Madras, India

James Thomas Gillespie, s/o William Gillespie, married Susanna Evelyn Lawrence, s/o John William Lawrence, on Feb 22, 1896 at Madras, Madras, India

Jane Eliza Gillespy married Timothy Connor Dec 21, 1829 Madras, India.

Jane Mary Gillespie, birth 1870, age 16,  married John Macquire, birth 1861, age 25,  s/o John Macquire on March 7 1886, at Allahabad, Bengal, India

John Gillaspie, age 31, birth 1889, s/o Patrick Gillaspie, married Grace Jane Bailey, age 26, birth 1894, d/o Thomas Bailey, on May 18, 1920 Bangalore, Madras, India.

John Alexander Gillespie, age 21, birth 1886, s/o Gelespores Gillespie, married Lilian Olive Violet Von Gyer, birth 1884, age 23, on Aug 7, 1907 at Poona, Bombay, India

John Hunter Gillespie married Elizabeth Patterson October 11, 1841 Futtehghur, Bengal, India

John James Gillespie, married Sarah Ansell Sept 22, 1817 Madras, India

Joseph Gillespie, birth 1805, age 24, married Sarah Barret, birth 1815, age 14 on May 25, 1829  Allipore, Bengal, India


Kate Gillespie, a widow, married Theodore Charles Cooke, Ass Examiner, Mil Accounts Dept, September 21, 1895 India,  at Bombay. Parents Charles.

Katherine Gillespie, age 37, b 1888, d/o James Gillespie, married William Robb, age 33, b 1892, s/o Thomas Robb on Aug 31, 1925  at Bombay, Bombay, India

Kathleen Gillespie, age 37, birth 1888, d/o James Gillespie, married William Robb, age 33, birth 1892, s/o Thomas Robb, on Aug 31, 1925 at Bombay, Bombay, India

Kathleen Jane Gillespie, age 36, b 1889, d/o James Bu. married William Goodsin Rob, age 33, birth 1892, s/o Thomas Robb, on July 6, 1925 at Bombay, Bombay India.


Leslie F. A. Gillespie married Mary Leckey 1894, India (see next entry)

Lester Fairfoot Irmine Gillespie, s/o Mark Gillespie, single, married Mary Lecky , s/o William Watson, widowed on May 18, 1894 at Rawal Pindi, Bengal, India (?Pakistan).

Lilian Grace Gillespie, birth 1883, age 19, d/o William Gillespie, married Andrew Arthur Keivyn Lavery , birth 1879, age 29, s/o Thomas Lavery, on Sept 24, 1902 at Wellington, Madras, India

Lilian Guyer-Gillespie, age 35, birth 1887, married Telesphones Daniel  William Gillespie, age 40, birth 1882, s/o Telsphones David on Nov 1, 1922 at Byculla, Bombay, India

Louisa Gillespie, birth 1849, age 20, d/o Daniel O’Doherty, married Henry Gomez, birth 1840, age 29, s/o Henry Gomez, married Nov 22, 1869 at Poona, Bombay, India

Louisa Catherine Gillespie, age 43, birth 1843, d/o John Thomas Baptist, married Joseph Blanchard, age 44, birth 1853, s/o Joseph Blanchard, on Aug 14, 1897 at Calcutta, Bengal, India


Mabel Gillespie birth 1888, age 17, d/o William Gillespie, married John Atkinson, age 24, birth 1881, s/o Joseph Atkinson, on October 9, 1905 at Wellington, Madras, India.

Margaret Jane Gillespie married John Peck Aug 5, 1840 at St. Thomas Mount, Madras, India

Maria Gellespie age 17, birth 1842, daughter of James Aitken, married James Holmes, age 26, birth 1833, s/o John Holmes, on Dec 16, 1859 at Bellary, Madras, India. Widowed.

Mary Gillaspie married Patrick Glynn on May 26, 1792 Ft. St. George, Madras, India

Mary Gillespie married William Valentine Bennett Sept 18, 1819 in Calcutta, Bengal, India

Mary Gillespie married James Perry, clerk in the Commissioner’s Office,  on Aug 12, 1830 at Patna, Bengal, India

Mary Ann Gillispie, age 16, birth 1830, d/o George Gillisipe, married William Harrison, age 28, birth 1818,  son of Thomas Harrison, on May 20, 1846 at Madras, India.

Mary Bridget Gillespie, age 17, birth 1871, d/o Patrick Gillespie married John Hayer Park, age 28, birth 1860,  on Oct 3, 1888 at Ferozepore, West Bengal, India (Punjab)

Mary G Gillespie married John Hayes-Parks 1888, India (2nd record gives her name as Mary P Parks)

Matilda Gillespie, d/o Adolph Gillespie, married Augustine Eugene Gillespie, s/o Mark Frederick Gillespie on  April 10, 1912 at St. Ann’S Church, Mazagon, Bombay, India (see also Augustine)

*M F Gillespie married Miss Henrietta Fairfoot May 8, 1855 at Belgaum

Michael Patrick Gillespie, birth 1874, age 31, s/o Patrick Gillespie, married Kathleen Burke, birth 1884, age 21, d/o James Burke, on May 27, 1905 at Cocanada, Madras, India. Both single.

Mona Irene Gillespie age 20, birth 1895, d/o George Charles Gillespie, married Edgar Cox, age 19, birth 1896, s/o Edgar Vivian Cox, on July 16, 1915 at Gorakhpur, Bengal, India


*N Gillespie, Postmaster married Catherine Collins January 18, 1871 at Ahmednuggur

Neil Gillespie married Mary Smith, widow,  on May 28, 1826 at Dinapore, Bengal, India


Oswald Gillespie married Emma Royal. (1896-1900), India


Rachel Gillespie, married William Daniel Ochme May 2, 1807 Calcutta, Bengal, India (2nd record gives his last name as Oehme)

Richard Rollo Gillespie, Lt Drag.  married Elizabeth Montgomery Casement, age 18, birth 1808 on June 26, 1826 at Calcutta, Bengal, India

Richard Rollo Gillespie, Cpt HM, 106th Regiment, married Minnie Coffin at Western Bath October 1, 1863 . Parents Adm J Townsend of Portledge, Newberry Hill, Bath

Richard William Gillespie, s/o William Augustus Gillespiemarried Alice M Lain, d/o Frederick Ernest Lain Nov 11, 1896, at Bareilly, Bengal, India. Both single.

Robert Gillespie, birth 1829, age 27, s/o Hugh Gillespie, married Maria Aitken, age 14, birth 1842, d/o James Aitken, on June 23, 1856 at Jackatella, Madras, India, both single.

Robert Gillespie, age 32, birth 1880, s/o Robert Gillespie, married Marion Lawrence Bell, age 30, birth 1882, d/o George Bell, on Nov 9, 1912 at Bombay, Bombay, India

Robert Gillespie married Catherine Anne Kennedy 1866-1870 India

Robert Rollo Gillespie, married Sally Maria Blaxland Feb 21, 1829 Alleppie, Madras, India. Widowed. (2nd record gives her name as Blasland, and marriage location as Quilon, Madras, India)

Robert Rollo Gillespie married Minnie Coffin October 1, 1863 India

Rollo St John Gillespie, single, s/o William John Gillespie, married Florence Grenfell, single, d/o Herbert Henry Grenfell, on March 14, 1898 at Manora, Bengal, India  (Pakistan)

R  R Gillespie married S M Blaxland February 21, 1829 India


Sarah Gillespie, birth 1872, age 21, d/o David Gillespie, married Alfred Pitkin, birth 1870, age 23, s/o Henry Pitkin, on June 28, 1893 at Bhusawal, Bombay, India

S. H Gillespie married Thomas Snodgrass Fast, Liet 59th, age 25, birth 1806  on Jan 10, 1831 at Calcutta, Bengal, India (2nd record gives groom as Thos S Fast). Presidency Bengal.


Telesphorus Daniel William Gillespie, birth 1851, age 26, s/o Daniel Gillespie, married Annie Cecilia Burton, birth 1861, age 16, on Sept 4, 1877 at Aden.

Telesphones Daniel William Gillespie, birth 1882, age 40, s/o Telephones David, married Lillian Guyer-Gillespie, age 35, birth 1887, on Nov 1, 1922 at Byculla, Bombay, India. Both widowed.

Thomas Gillespie married Elizabeth Gorden Nov 8, 1827 at Ellore, Madras, India. Both widowed.

Thomas Gilespie married Mary Hartshoon 1862, Bengal, India

Thomas Gillespie, birth 1884 age 26, s/o John Gillespie, married Ellen Louisa George, birth 1877, age 33, d/o Edward George, on Feb 14, 1910 at Ranchi, Bengal, India

Thomas Patterson Gillespie, married Mary Hartshoon, age 17, birth 1845, on Dec 22, 1862 at Kussowlie, Bengal, India


Vivian Earle Gillespie married Phyllis Muriel Hargreaves June 21, 1935 India


William Gillespie married Elizabeth Cooper Aug 6, 1838 at Colabah, Bombay, India. Widowed.

William Gillespie , s/o John Gillespie married Mary Walker, d/o Thomas Walker on April 17, 1848 at Bombay, India

William  Gillespie birth 1851, age 28, s/o James Gillespie married Sarah Ann Bolan birth 1864,  age 15, d/o Martin Bolan, on June 19, 1879, at Rangoon, Bengal, India, both single. (Burma)

William Gilhespy age 40 birth 1866, son of Thomas Gilhespy, married Lucy Bryce Henderson, age 22, birth 1844, d/o William Scott Henderson, on Dec 26, 1902 at Bombay, India

William John Gillespie, single, Capt 49th, Princess Charlotte Reg, s/o William John Gillespie, married Ann Mary Barbara St John, single, d/o Robert St John, on Jan 6, 1872 at St Mary’s Church,  Poona, Bombay, India

James Gillespie GORDON, merchant, Benares, married Elizabeth Don, April 25, 1825 at Ghazepore, India. Presidency Bengal.



Note: Comments added in italics at the end of a record are notes by the author to clarify location.

Record Count: 120

Source of Records: Mormon website: India Marriages, 1792-1948; Families in British India Society; India Office Family History Search; British Library; India Office Research Office.

*Marriage Records provided by C Valenta. Used with permission.