AUSTRALIA: New South Wales Index to Bounty Immigrants

Ellen CARMICHAEL, 37, birth 1803, residence Co Armagh, Ireland d/o Daniel Casey & Elizabeth Gillespie. Spouse Donald Carmichael of Perthshire, Scotland, s/o Archibald Carmichael & Elizabeth Sinclair, on ship Portland Feb 7, 1840.

John CARR, 18, birth 1818, residence Co Down, Ireland, s/o Moses Carr & Esther Gillespie, on ship Garrow March 2, 1839

Thomas GARRATT, 33, birth 1806, residence Caledon or Cullen, Co Tyrone, Ireland, s/o Thomas Garratt & Martha Bordlin, spouse Mary Anne Garratt,of Caledon or Cullen, Co Tyrone,  d/o John Cowan & Margaret Gillespie, on ship Lady Raffles, on Sept 12, 1839.

Archibald Gillespie on ship Mandarin

David Gillespie, residence England, on ship Lavinia Dec 6, 1832.

Eliza Gillespie, ship Mandarin.

Elizabeth Jane Gillespie on ship Lasgar. (see also John)

Ellen Gillespie on ship Helen.

George Gillespie on ship Lasgar

Grace Gillespie, age 1, birth 1840, d/o Patrick Gillespie & Ellen Boyle on ship Helen.

Isabella Gillespie on ship Great Britain (see also Robert)

James Gillespie, 34 of Ballintoy, Co Antrim, Ireland, s/o William Gillespie & Nancy, spouse Nancy Gillespie on ship Mandarin October 19, 1838.

James Gillespie, 37, birth 1801, s/o Thomas Gillespie & Christiana Strang, residence  Glasgow, Scotland, spouse Margaret Gillespie, her residence Dumbarton, Scotland, d/o John Colquhoun & Margaret Webster, on ship Portland Dec 18, 1838.

James Gillespie on ship United Kingdom (see also Robert)

John Gillespie, age 26, birth 1815 Killyleah,  Co Armagh, Ireland, s/o George Gillespie & Jean, Spouse Mary Ann Gillespie of Killyleah, Co Armagh, Ireland, d/o James Hutchinson & Mary Ann on ship Lascar, November 11, 1841.

Margaret Gillespie on ship Portland. 

Mary or Mary Ann Gillespie or Gillespy on ship Mandarin.

Mary Ann Gillespie on ship Lasgar

Nancy or Annie Gillespie, or Gillespy, on ship Mandarin.

Patrick Gillespie, 23, birth 1818, residence Dunglow, Co Donegal, Ireland  s/o Conner Gillespie & Grace Gillespie, spouse Ellen Gillespie of Dunglow, Co Donegal, Ireland, d/o Dan Boyle & Hannah Boyle on ship Helen July 21, 1841. 

Rosa Gillespie , husband John, child Jane Connelly of Belfast, Ireland in record for Patrick R Connelly, age 21, birth 1818, residence Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, Ireland. Jane was wife of Patrick.On ship Garrow March 2, 1839.

Thomas Gillespie on ship Portland

Robert Gillespie, 25, birth 1816, of Newry, Co Down Ireland residence, s/o Andrew Gillespie & Ann, spouse Mary Gillespie of Newry, Co Down, Ireland, d/o Terence Dempsey & Isabella. Ship United Kingdom, Sept 7, 1841.

William Gillespie or Gillespy on ship Mandarin (see also Eliza & Nancy)

Charles HARPER, 38, birth 1803, residence Moy, Co Tyrone, Ireland, s/o Edward Harper & Lilias Harper, spouse Margaret Harper of Moy, Co Tryone, d/o Robert Gillespie & Jane Gillespie on ship James Mathieson April 14, 1841. 

Donald JACKSON, 35, birth 1804, residence Edinburgh, Scotland, s/o Robert Jackson & Margaret Gillespie, on ship Jessie Feb 19, 1839.

Gilbert MCALLUM, 26 birth 1812, residence Bonhill, Dumbartonshire, Scotland, s/o Duncan McAllum & Mary Gillespie, spouse Agnes Mcallum of Luss, Dumbartonshire, Scotland, d/o Archibald McLaughlin & Agnes Mcewen, on ship Portland, Dec 18, 1838.

Connall MCBRIDE, 24, birth 1817 Letter Kenny, Co Donegal, Ireland, s/o Hugh McBride & Catherine Gillespie, spouse Sarah McBride, of Letter Kenny, Co Donegal, d/o Owen Dogherty & Magee Sweeny on ship Helen, July 21, 1841. 

Adam MCFARLANE, age 40, birth 1800, residence Londonderry, Ireland, s/o John McFarlane & Catherine Thompson, spouse Nancy McFarlane, of Londonderry,  Ireland, d/o Daniel Gillespie & Catherine Porter on ship Crescent Feb 11, 1840.  Also their child, Jane McFarlane, age 7, birth 1833,  on ship Crescent.

John MCWATERS, 25, birth 1815, residence Newry, Co Down, Ireland, s/o John Mcwaters & Margaret, spouse Mary Jane Mcwaters, of Newry, Co Down, d/o Andrew Gillespie & Anne  on ship Clyde, April 21, 1840. 

Robert TRISILIAN, 35, birth 1805, from Ballinadee Bandon, Co Cork, Ireland, s/o Thomas Trisilian & Ellen. Spouse Sarah Trisilain of Cork, Ireland, d/o John Gillespie & Sarah Read, on ship Mary Anne, Aug 30, 1840.

Total Records:  31

Source of Records: Mormon website