AUSTRALIA: Queensland Cemetery Records

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Buderin Cemetery
Asher, Francis Fred Gillespie,  – no dates
Gillespie, R.W. died 1-12-1994, age/birth: 86

Caboolture Cemetery, Caboolkure Shire
Gillespie, Gertrude Mary b. Feb 14, 1903, d. July 22, 1989, age 86 yr, Mother

Caloudra Cemetery
Gillespie, R.W. died 1-12-1994, age/birth: 86

Nambour Garden Lawn Cemetery
Tribeck, Hephzibah (Gillespie) died 9-12-1996, age/birth: 85

Nambour General Cemetery
Gillespie, Lorna Fay died 12-11-1936, age/birth: 21-11-1934
Gillespie, Martha died 10-2-1950, age/birth: 10-8-1868

Nanango Cemetery, Nanango Shire
Gillespie, Joseph, died 11 June 1903, age 61 yrs, buried Pioneer Protestant Section

Pomona Cemetery
Gillespie, Gertrude, died 10-10-1983, age/birth: 86
Gillespie, Gertrude died 12-10-1983, age/birth: 85
Gillespie, Redvere Darcy died 11-10-1948, age/birth: 48

Springsure Cemetery
Gillespie, Adam C. died 12 May 1923 born 1845, age 78, h/o Clara Margaret Gillespie
Gillespie, Clara Margaret, died 4 Sept 1918 b. 1846, age 72, w/o Adam C. Gillespie

St. George Cemetery
Gillespie, Clermont, died 24-5-1974, age 70
Gillespie, Juanita died 21-10-1960, age 35
Gillespie, Thomas Oliver died 15-11-1973, age 52
Gillespie, Timothy Allan died 30-11-1984

Warwick General Cemetery, Warwick Shire
Gillespie, Agnes Jane b. 1887 died 1977
Gillespie, Donald William Leonard d 17 Jan 1951, 30 yrs
Gillespie, Phyllis, died 10-7-1964, 67 yrs, w/o Richard
Gillespie, Richard died 22 Jan 1967, 81 years, h/o Phyllis

Swan Creek Cemetery, Queensland (Gravestone Photo)

*Sacred to the memory of Leonard Gillespie, who departed this life August 26th, 1886, Aged 62 yrs. Rest in hope of a  glorious resurrection. Born Co Fermanagh, Ireland.

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Source of Records: Mormon website