AUSTRALIA: South Australia Marriages

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Arthur Ernest Gillespie married Bertha Jessie  Isabel Gibson 1907 Adelaide, South Australia

Arthur Sydney Gillespie married Bertha Carolina, Frome, South Australia


Charles Eric Gillespie married Ada Violet , Norwood, South Australia

Charles Patrick Gillespie married Bertha Mitchell 1899 Frome, South Australia

Clive Gillespie married Elsie Eileen, Adelaide, South Australia


Daniel Laurence Gillespie married Agnes George 1901 at Frome, South Australia

David Gillespie married Ada Violet, Adelaide,  South Australia


Frederick Ephraim Thomas Gillespie married Violet Eliza, Port Adelaide, South Australia


Gordon Alick Gillespie married Edith Rebecca Mary, Adelaide, South Australia


Hugh Thomas Rainey Gillespie married Ethel Annie, Adelaide, South Australia


James Gillespie married Sarah McEwen  1878 Port Adelaide, South Australia

James Gillespie married Emma Williams 1883 Port Adelaide, South Australia

James Alexander Gillespie married Margaret Cormack 1913 Port Adelaide, South Australia

John Samson Gillespie married Doris Matilda, Adelaide, South Australia

John Taylor Gillespie married Mary Eugenia, Norwood, South Australia


Kenneth Charles Gillespie married Florence Rebecca, Clare, South Ausutralia


Laurence Thomas Gillespie married Nellie Elaine Florida, Adelaide, South Australia


Oliver Stead Gillespie married Angelina Grace, Hindmarsh, South Australia


Patrick Gillespie married Isabella Mary Mccarthy 1871 Adelaide, South Australia

Patrick Cyril Gillespie married Nellie Maud, Norwood, South Australia


Robert Gillespie married Frieda, Norwood, South Australia


Thomas Stanley Gillespie married Irene Stella, Flinders, South Australia

Tom Leslie Gillespie married Elsie Holman, Norwood, South Australia


William Charles Gillespie married Selina May, Norwood, South Australia

William Charlton Gillespie married Constance Mary, Port Adelaide, South Australia

Source of Records: Genealogy South Australia website (offers a full record of these marriages for a fee). Some records are very limited in content in index.

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