AUSTRALIA: Victoria Outward Bound Passengers

A Gillespie, male, age 30, married birth 1871, emigrating from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 1901 to Strahan (? New Zealand)

Agnes Gillespie, birth 1871 age 16, single, departing Victoria, Australia for London, England 1877

D. A. Gillespie, 38 years, birth 1877, male, married. Departing Melbourne, emigrating to London, England 1915 

E Gillespie, 20, female, birth 1895, single, emigrating from Melbourne, Australia to Adelaide, Australia 1915

J Gillespie, 29, male, b 1875, single, emigration from  Melbourne, Australia to Albany, Durban, Capetown, South Africa 1904

James Gillespie, 26, birth 1829, emigrating from Melbourne, Australia to Liverpool, England 1855

Jessie Gillespie, birth 1841, age 46, married, departing London, England  emigration to Sydney, Australia 1887

John Gillespie, emigration, from Melbourne to Brisbane, Australia 1868

Mary Gillespie, 16, born 1869, single, emigrating from London, England for Victoria, Australia 1887

W Gillespie, male, 22, birth 1831, departing from Geelong, Victoria, Australia  1853 emigrating to Sydney

W J Gillespie, female, 37, birth 1874 departing  1911 Melbourne, Australia for Sydney, Brisbane,  Australia

Record Count: 11

Source of Records: Mormon website