Summer Session

(think camping outing without electric power) 

  • Big backpack to carry everything – look for frame on bottom and wide, padded shoulder straps; Some people will use a shopping cart on wheels.  Two panners on back of a bicycle also works.
  • waist kit – with two compartments to carry important things for that day around waist


  • light waterproof jacket with head covering/sunhat – something to block wind and rain
  • clothes – extra 2 to 3 complete outfits to wash as needed and re-wear. All wrinkle free when rolled up tightly. A warm pullover for cool nights. Pants/tops/underwear & socks/bathing suit (you wear one additional outfit)
  • flipflops for summer bathing in streams, shelters
  • Walking shoes you prefer


  • one-man tent, pegs, with storm fly
  • sleeping bag (all season); removable summer sheet
  • pillow
  • foam for comfort


  • roll of toilet paper,  in plastic bag
  • roll of recycling bags – for disposal


  • waterproof matches in tiny case; lighter
  • Small lunch kit containing soup jug (with large mouth top for drinking cup), small & large spoons, pearing knife, fork.
  • Bottle of distilled water – refill as needed
  • small tarp, with bungie chords or ropes to support over a table for rain/sun shelter. Portable folding sticks great, but could use small limbs from a tree.
  • can opener
  • Electric coil to use when power nearby, to heat things like a morning coffee, or dry soup noodles, etc
  • Solar or other powered single stove burner for cooking. Propane fuel bottles are too heavy to carry, maybe one.
  • One small metal pot, with collapsible handle


  • flashlight with rechargeable batteries (& charger) I also found small flashlights with build in electric prongs that retract.


  • radio in case with rechargeable batteries/ headphones
  • case with pens, small ruler, elastics, big paper clip, small scissors
  • clipboard
  • To do booklet = blank, to write notes in.
  • Paperback book/crossword puzzles – something to read or do


  • insect repellant
  • package of disinfectant wipes in a case
  • Small tube of Tylenol
  • Small first aid kit
  • Basic care zippered case, with small bottles of: shampoo, conditioner; body wash; toothpaste; toothbrush in a case; shavers; hair brush & comb
  • Small jar of Vaseline to soothe scalds, etc
  • Lightweight towel & facecloth


  • big D & mesh bag for dirty clothes to suspend outside backpack, etc
  • 3 small packages of laundry soap & small storage jar (new urine sample bottle work great).
  • Extendable clothes line with a few pegs in a bag. (it might also support the tarp over a table if no sticks available to do so).


  • Compass (really handy, cause you can get lost even in a city)
  • clock with batteries & alarm (if no watch or phone)
  • add your own cellphone & charger; bank cards & wallet; cash/coin purse; passport.
  • Few extra plastic sealable bags for storing things as needed

PACKABLE FOOD & DRINKS – just suggestions.  All non perishables. Small jars could be kept in a larger storage kit to keep them together. All Refillable.

  • Small filled, salt & pepper shakers
  • Instant coffee in a storage jar
  • White sugar in a storage jar
  • Creamer in a storage jar
  • Few teabags in a plastic bag

FOOD: the above list and some perishables come in handy if camping in same spot for awhile with additions such as:  a loaf of bread, container of margarine; jar of peanut butter; even eggs.  But make sure all of these are in a container suspended on a thin chord  from a tree branch in the open,  and away from camp overnight,  as it will attract wildlife.  Think bears on their hind legs for height from ground,  and squirrels determined to come down that wire. Don’t drink water from any stream or lake,  because invisible parasites are everywhere,  and can later damage your body. Always carry a bit of water from a safe source unless you know you are going to a safe place.