CANADA: British Columbia Births & Baptisms

Margaret BALDIE baptised Jan 31, 1915 Nelson, BC. Father David unknown. Mother Sarah Gillespie. Roman Catholic Blessed Sacrament Church,  Nelson, BC. Birth July 12, 1890 Silverton.


Agnes Gillespie birth Nov 29, 1893, Nanaimo, British Columbia

Alexander Gillespie birth June 4, 1880 Victoria, British Columbia

Andrew Gillespie, birth June 21, 1893 Saanich, British Columbia


Belva Ethel Gillespie birth Jan 7, 1894, female, Chilliwack, British Columbia

Bertha Gillespie born Oct 19, 1899, Nanaimo, British Columbia


Charles Edward M Gillespie birth Nov 17, 1882, Victoria, British Columbia. Baptism Nov 19, 1882. Father George Gillespie. Mother Florence A. Christ Church Cathedral, Church of England. Father Cashier. (See baby’s death Dec 1882)

Charles Harper Gillespie baptism May 11, 1890 Vancouver, BC, father James unknown, mother Helen Frasier, Roman Catholic Holy Rosary Church, birth Nov 1888?

Charles Hartwell Gillespie, birth Nov 30, 1888, Vancouver, British Columbia. 2nd record gives his middle name as Harper) Baptism May 11, 1890 Holy Rosary Church, RC, Vancouver, BC. Father James unknown. Mother Helen Frasier.


Dorothea Reed Gillespie birth July 1, 1903 Cumberland, British Columbia

Dougald L  Gillespie birth Feb 2, 1885 Victoria, British Columbia

Douglas G Gillespie birth May 13, 1903 Vernon, British Columbia


Elizabeth Isabel Gillespie baptised May 2, 1892 St Andrews United Church, Nainamo, BC.

Erroll Pilkington  Gillespie, birth Dec 10, 1893, Victoria, British Columbia, baptism July 21, 1894 St Pauls Church, Esquimalt, BC, father George unknown, mother Florence Adelaide, Church of England, Father manager of Bank of BC.


Florence Marian Gillespie birth June 14, 1889,  Victoria, British Columbia, d/o George Gillespie, mother Florence Adelaide Hebden. Baptism St Pauls’ Church, Esquimat, BC, Father George unknown, Mother Florence Adelaide. Father banker.

Francis I Gillespie born May 15, 1895, female, Nanaimo, British Columbia

Francis Warren Gillespie, female born Dec 10, 1896 Nanaimo, British Columbia


George Gillespie, birth March 31, 1887, South Wellington, British Columbia


James Gillespie birth Oct 29, 1889, Victoria, British Columbia

James Gillespie, birth July 2, 1892, Nanaimo, British Columbia

James Bain Gillespie birth July 2, 1893, Vancouver, British Columbia, baptism August 15, 1897 Vancouver, father James unknown, mother Ellen Frazier, Roman Catholic Holy Rosary Church (2nd record gives baby’s name as James Blaine Gillespie)

James Blain Gillespie, born July 1892, Vancouver, baptized August 15, 1897 Holy Rosary Church, Vancouver, BC, Son of James Gillespie  & Ellen Frazier, Roman Catholic

James Gladstone Gillespie, birth Jan 12, 1885 South Wellington, British Columbia. Baptism March 6, 1885 Nainamo, St Andrew’s United Church, Father John unknown. Mother Ann unknown.

Jane Christiana W Gillespie, birth June 19, 1887 baptised August 7, 1892 Wesleyan Methodist Church (Queens Avenue), Cheam, New Westminister, BC, Father Dougald unknown, Mother Jane Elizabeth.

Jennie E Gillespie birth April 13, 1892 Aldergrove, British Columbia

John Gillespie birth July 10, 1887, Victoria, British Columbia

John Gillespie, birth April 9, 1890, Vancouver, British Columbia. Baptism Holy Rosary Church, (RC), Vancouver. Father James unknown. Mother Helen Fraser.

John Hebden Gillespie birth Jan 28, 1879, Victoria, British Columbia.Baptism April 15, 1879. Father George Gillespie. Mother Florence Adelaid. St John’s Church, Church of England, Victoria. Father Teller Bank of BC.

John Warren Gillespie, born Dec 10, 1896 Nanaimo, British Columbia


Margaret Gillespie birth April 11, 1894 Nanaimo, BC.

Martha Gillespie birth April 11, 1894, female, Nanaimo, British Columbia


Pauline Mae Gillespie, birth Aug 8, 1888,  Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


Robert Bert Gillespie, born December 8, 1896 Nanaimo, British Columbia

Robert Richard Gillespie born Oct 1, 1895 Victoria, British Columbia

Ronald Dare Gillespie, birth April 14, 1890, Victoria, British Columbia. Baptism June 16, 1890 St John’s Church, Church of England, Victoria, BC. Father George unknown. Mother Florence A. Father Assist Manager Bank of BC.


Sholto Monteith Gillespie birth Sept 12, 1891, male, Victoria, British Columbia (see next entry)

Shath Monteith Gillespie baptism April 30, 1892 St Pauls Church, Esquilmalt, BC. Church of England. Father George Unknown. Mother Florence Adelaide. Father Assistant Manager of BC Bank. (Similar baptism record for Shath Monteith Gillespie).


Victor Ernest Gillespie, birth Oct 25, 1886 Victoria, British Columbia


William Gillespie birth June 14, 1885 Victoria, British Columbia

Bess RONEY, baptised June 12, 1915 East Burnaby, BC. Father Nathan R. Mother Katherine Gillespie. United Church, Burnaby United, Birth Jan 4, 1897 Stillwater, Minnesota, USA.

Irene Clara RONEY, baptised June 12, 1915 East Burnaby, BC. Father Nathan R. Mother Katherine Gillespie, United Church, Burnaby United, Birth March 31, 1898 Stillwater, Minnesota, USA

Record Total 41

Source of Records:  BC Government Archives. Royal BC Museum website.