CANADA: British Columbia Marriages


Adam Scott Gillespir, birth London, Ontario, s/o Adam Scott Gillespir, Mary Elizabeth Clement, married Nancy Eleanor Muir June 23, 1935 Ashcroft, British Columbia

Adelia Sadie Gillespie birth 1891 ILLINOIS, d/o James Gillespie, Lida Harless, married Leonard  Thomas White, Dec 14, 1912 Victoria, BC

Agnes Boyd Gillespie birth 1894 Nanaimo, d/o James Boyd Gillespie, Mary Barron, married David Francis John Sept 2, 1918 Nanaimo, British Columbia

Agnes Gibson Gillespie married Thomas Todhunter, British Columbia 1859-1932. Child Mary Isabella Todhunter.

Alexander Gillespie, s/o George Gillespie, Florence Gillespie, birth 1880 Victoria, married Rose Ellen Todd Dec 11, 1907 Victoria, British Columbia

Alexander Gillespie married Geraldine Phyllis Elliott Sept 19, 1947 Chemainus, BC

Alexandrena M Gillespie married Charles James Clement June 6, 1945 Vancouver, BC

Alice Gillespie married Charles Beadon 1859-1932 British Columbia. Child Jessie Alice Beadon

Alice Amelia Gillespie married Albert Barton West Dec 11, 1943 Vancouver, BC

Allan Lawson Gillespie married Dorothy Alice Barker May 29, 1937 Vancouver, BC

Alva Mariam Gillespie married Robert McLean Sept 9, 1946 Vancouver, BC

Andrew Gillespie married Mary Ann Halbert, British Columbia 1859-1932. Children:  Andrew Gillespie; Jessie Gillespie (2nd record gives wife as Mary Ann Albert) See next record.

Andrew Gillespie, birth SCOTLAND, s/o Andrew Gillespie, Mary Ann Halbert, married Elizabeth Wilson Brown June 21, 1923 South Vancouver, British Columbia (2nd record gives location as Cedar)

Andrew Gillespie birth Ayrshire, SCOTLAND, s/o Andrew Gillespie, Mary Ann Halbert, married Minnie Louise Payne Sept 14, 1932 Vancouver, British Columbia

Andrew Gillespie married Elsie Croft Oct 24, 1939 Victoria, BC

Andrew Gillespie married Betty Patricia Young Oct 11, 1947 at Victoria, BC

Anita Catherine Gillespie married Arthur E Rollinson May 1, 1937 Vancouver, BC

Anne Gillespie married William Urquhart,  British Columbia 1859-1932. Child Isabel Black.

Anne Isabel Gillespie, birth Princeton, BC, d/o Hugh Gillespie, Isabel Forsyth, married Edward Davidson Feb 22, 1928 Princeton, British Columbia

Annie Gillespie birth Dawson, YUKON, s/o Richard Leonard Gillespie, Margaret Kathleen Mclennan, married Ada Lillian Poole June 7, 1930 Vancouver, British Columbia

Annie Amelia Gillespie married Sherman Arthur Leak March 2, 1943 Vancouver, BC

Annie Campbell Gillispie birth Kilwinning, SCOTLAND, d/o John Gillispie, Annie Campbell Gillespie, married John Bain April 25, 1894 Nanaimo, British Columbia

Annie Laurie Gillespie, birth 1891 Alvinston, Ontario, d/o Malcolm Gillespie, Sarah Anderson, married James Glen Gibson Jan 7, 1914 Victoria, British Columbia

Annie May Gillespie birth Cheney, WASHINGTON, d/o William Gillespie married William Charles Brakenbury Sept 14, 1914 Terrace, British Columbia

Annie M Gillespie married John Anderson Peterson Oct 29, 1945 Vancouver, BC

Archie Alexander Gillespie, birth 1903 Dawson, Yukon, s/o Richard Leonard Gillespie, Margaret Kathleen Mclennan, married June 7, 1930 Ada Lillian Poole Vancouver, BC

Arnold C Gillespie married Margaret Thomasina Boyle April 2, 1942 Kamloops, BC


Basil W A Gillespie married Helen Mary Hamlin Dec 21, 1946 Vancouver, BC

Belle Gillespie married William Arnot Johnstone, British Columbia 1859-1932. Child Jean Hazel Johnstone

Bessie Gillespie, birth 1889 Brockville, Ontario, d/o William Gillespie, Minnie Anderson, married Edward Mervyn Bradner September 4, 1908 Vancouver, British Columbia


Catherine Gillespie married William Brodie British Columbia, 1859-1932, child IsabellaThompson Brodie.

Cathrine Gillespie married Samuel Coulter 1859-1932 British Columbia. Child Samuel Coulter.

Charles Gillespie, birth  1887 Vancouver, BC, s/o James Gillespie, Ellen Frazer, married Isabel Dougal Dec 17, 1914, North Vancouver, British Columbia

Charles Ross Gillespie married Majorie Raymer Grieve Nov 14, 1942 Vancouver, BC

Charles S Gillespie married Susan Mcmurray British Columbia 1859-1932. Child George Brownlaw Gillespie.

Charlotte R L Gillespie married Alan Roy Anthony June 20, 1933 Vancouver, BC


D Gillespie married H Gillespie 1859-1932 British Columbia. Child Elsie

David Byrce Gillespie birth London, ENGLAND, s/o William Gillespie, Grace Gillespie, married Louise Gwendoline Matloe Williams June 26, 1909 Nelson, British Columbia (2nd record gives her middle name as Mutlow)

David H Gillespie married Isabel Jane Gale, British Columbia, 1859-1932. Child Sylvia Jane Gillespie

David Gillespie married Elsie Maude Bollen April 2, 1915 Vancouver, BC

David Bryce Gillespie married Louise G Mutlow Williams June 26, 1909  Nelson, BC

Donald Joseph Gillespie married Mary Margaret Gorst April 1, 1942 Victoria, BC

Doris Gillespie married John Allen Pilon, April 12, 1946 Victoria, BC

Dorothea Reed Gillespie, birth Cumberland, BC, d/o James Andrew Gillespie, Ada Etta Harriet Reed, married Walter Thomas Patrick Sept 12, 1930 British Columbia (2nd record gives groom’s middle name as Patnek).

Dorothy M Gillespie married Charles Ferguson July 24, 1947 Vancouver, BC

Dougald Gillespie married Elizabeth Jane Anderson, British Columbia 1859-1932. Child William James Gillespie; child Jennie Christena Winnaretta Gillespie (2nd record gives wife’s name as Jane Elizabeth Anderson, and his name as Dougal). 

Douglas Shore Gillespie married Marjorie Annie Price Nov 28, 1944 Vancouver, BC (of my family history)

Dugald Llewellyn Gillispie birth Victoria, BC, s/o George Gillispie, Florence Adelaide Hebden, married Marguerite Louise Bury April 26, 1916 Victoria, British Columbia

Duncan Gillespie married Katherine Brown Gillespie, British Columbia 1859-1932. Child Florence Gillespie

Duncan Gillespie married Agnes Adam 1859-1932 British Columbia. Child Isabella Adam Gilles (?)


Earl Pilkington Gillespie, birth 1894 Esquinali, BC, s/o George Gillespie, Florence Adelaide Hebden, married Beatrice Lydia Catherine Oliver June 23, 1921 Victoria, BC

Edward Gillespie married Marjorie Anne Harris May 31, 1941 Penticton, BC.

Eliza Gillespie married Edward Creech 1858-1932 British Columbia. Child Mary Jane Creech.

Elizabeth Gillespie, birth Lanarkshire, SCOTLAND, d/o Hugh Gillespie, Agnes Hanna, married William Boyle Aug 27, 1886 Nanaimo, British Columbia

Elizabeth Gillespie birth SCOTLAND, d/o John Gillespie, Ann Campbell, married Austin Fisher Aug 24, 1929 Vancouver, British Columbia

Elizabeth Gillespie married William John Wallace 1859-1932 British Columbia.  Child Margaret Wallace.

Elizabeth Gillespie married Fredrick Stubby 1859-1932  British Columbia. Child Leana Stubby

Elizabeth Gillespie married John Walker Jan 28, 1933 Vancouver, BC

Ellen Daphne Gillespie, birth Victoria, BC, d/o Alexander Gillespie, Rose Ellen Todd, married George Barkely Fraser Barnes Dec 28, 1929 Vancouver, British Columbia (2nd record gives groom’s name as George Barkley F Barnes)

Ellen F Gillespie married Laurence William French Dec 18, 1944 Eburne, BC

Ellwood Gordon Gillespie married Alice Dickinson  April 12, 1937 Summerland, BC

Elma May Gillespie married Ralph Smith Mckenzie July 3, 1942 Vancouver, BC

Elsie Gillespie, birth 1887 SCOTLAND, d/o James Gillespie, Annie Barclay, married Henry Carson Dec 21, 1910 Vancouver, British Columbia

Elsie Gillespie birth Barrow In Furness, ENGLAND, d/o Wm John Gillespie, Harriet Burn, married John Carol A Englelland Sept 2, 1920 Vancouver, British Columbia

Emily Gillespie birth London, ENGLAND, d/o Henry Mary Ann  Skillett, married Frank Connolly July 11, 1924 British  Columbia

Emily Gillespie married Wm John Nesbitt 1859-1932 British Columbia. Child Harry Edward Nesbitt

Eva Marion Gillespie, birth Halton, Ontario, d/o James Stancombe, Elizabeth Stancombe, married William Frederick Clarke Sept 18, 1895 Clinton District, British Columbia


Florence Gillespie, birth Minto, NORTH DAKOTA, USA, d/o Duncan Gillespie, Kathleen Brown Gillespie, married John  Robert Peckham April 11, 1910 Vancouver, British Columbia

Florence M Gillespie married John Charles Barbour Sept 27, 1937 Vancouver, BC.

Florence Marion  Gillespie birth 1888 Victoria, d/o George Gillespie, Florence Hebden, married Erick Krabbe Colburne Dec 31, 1912, Victoria, British Columbia (2nd record gives her middle name as Mario).

Frances Ann Gillespie, birth Uptergrove, Ontario, d/o Francis Joseph Gillespie, Christina Ann Macdonald, married Frederick Joseph Flahiff Sept 11, 1928 Vancouver, British Columbia

Frances Isabel Gillespie birth Nanaimo, BC, d/o James Gillespie, Mary Barrow, married William James Knowles Sept 3, 1923 Nanaimo, British Columbia

Francis Joseph Gillespie married Christina Macdonald, British Columbia 1859-1932. Children: Michael Joseph Gillespie; Frances Ann Gillespie

Frederic Mendell Gillespie, birth Brooklyn, USA, s/o George E Gillespie, Mary Gillespie, married Alice Ethel Maclean, Dec 20, 1909 Hedley, British Columbia

Frederick Thomas Gillespie birth Shanghai, CHINA, s/o Thomas Campbell Gillespie, Sylvia Lefevre, married Winifred Laura Galhie Nov 18, 1932 Vancouver, British Columbia (2nd record gives bride’s name as Gallie).

Frederick T Gillespie married Aida Mildred Colvey Sept 24, 1940 Vancouver, BC


George Gillespie married Florence Gillespie British Columbia 1859-1932. Child Alexander Gillespie

George Gillespie married Florence Adelaide Hebden 1859-1932 British Columbia. Child Errol Pilkington Gillespie. See also George Kenneth Gillespie

George Gillespie, birth 1887 Wellington, BC, s/o John Gillespie, Ann Campbell, married Edythe Newman Aug 25, 1920 Victoria, British Columbia

George Brownlow Gillespie birth Bracebridge, Ontario, s/o Charles S Gillespie, Susan Mcmurray, married Christine Cruickshank Sept 17, 1927 Salmon Arm, British Columbia

George E Gillespie married Mary Gillespie, British Columbia 1859-1932. Child Frederick Mendell Gillespie

George Hebden Gillespie married Margaret Marion Work Aug 27 1947 Chemanus, BC

George Kenneth Gillespie, birth 1882 Hamilton, Ontario, s/o George Gillespie, Florence Adelaide Hebden, married Josephine Alice Marboeuf June 5, 1912, Victoria, British Columbia. Child George Kenneth Gillespie.

George Kenneth Gillespie married Margaret Nisbet Burney May 27, 1941 Nanaimo, BC

Gertrude Gillespie married Robert Cooke 1859-1932 British Columbia. Child Frieda Ida Mary Cooke

Gustav Gillespie married Madge Herman Dec 28, 1934 Vancouver, BC

Gwladys L Gillespie married Frank Morritt July 10, 1933 Vancouver, BC


Hannah Gillespie married Thomas Fury 1859-1932 British Columbia. Child Patrick Fury.

Helen Gillespie married John Stuart Fraser 1859-1932 British Columbia. Child Helen Fraser.

Helen Gillespie married George Edward Oley Dec 15, 1945 Vancouver, BC

Helen Hall Gillespie, birth 1870 Turriff, SCOTLAND, s/o John Gillespie, Mary Fraser, married Ernest Hughes Nov 1, 1919 New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

Henry Wood Gillespie married Agnes Betty Hallett Oct 11, 1944 Vancouver, BC

Hugh Gillespie, birth Hamilton, SCOTLAND, s/o John Gillespie, May Gillespie, married Isabella Forsyth July 6, 1909 Nicola, British Columbia

Hugh Gillespie married Agnes Hanna 1859-1932 British Columbia. Child Elizabeth Gillespie

Hugh Gillespie married Agnes Montgomery, British Columbia 1859-1932. Child John Gillespie.

Hugh Gillespie married  Martha Anderson, British Columbia 1859-1932. Child Gertrude Gillespie Cooke

Hyman Herbert Gillespie married Catherine Began Oct 5, 1942 Vancouver, BC


Irene E Gillespie married Stuart James Muckle Dec 9, 1941 Burnaby, BC

Isabel Gillespie, birth 1896 Pentanguishene,  Ontario, d/o William Edward Gillespie, Minnie Anderson, married Thomas William Robiliard Aug 7, 1918 Nanaimo, British Columbia (2nd record gives date as June 30 1919 and bride’s name as Isobel)

Isabella Gillespie married Wm Arnott Johnstone, British Columbia 1859-1932. Child Georgina Margaret Johnstone.

Isabella Marie Anderson Gillespie, birth 1894 Penitangiushire, Ontario, d/o William Gillespie, Minnie Anderson, married William Murdock McConnell July 13, 1912 Vancouver, British Columbia

Ivan Stewart Gillespie married Eileen Mary Ackery Dec 20, 1943 Vancouver, BC


Jack Norman Gillespie married Wilma Donalda Brown Oct 11, 1944 Victoria, BC

Jack Wilks Gillespie married Esther May Mayers Dec 28, 1943 New Westminster, BC

James Gillespie married Mary Robertson Gillespie, 1859-1932 British Columbia. Child James Henry Gillespie

James Gillespie married Lida Harless 1859-1932 British Columbia, child Adelia Sadie Gillespie.

James Gillespie married Jane Morrison, British Columbia 1859-1932. Child Mungo Gillespie

James Gillespie married Annie Barclay, British Columbia 1859-1932. Child Elsie Gillespie

James Gillespie, birth Kirkcaldy, Fife, SCOTLAND, s/o James Gillespie, Barbara Robb, married Margaret Millar April 27, 1928  Vancouver, British Columbia

James Gillespie, son of James Gillespie & Nellie Fraser married in British Columbia 1929. No other details

James Gillespie married Theresa Flinn Dec 13, 1938 Victoria, BC

James Andrew Gillespie married Ada Etta Harriet Reed 1859-1932 British Columbia. Child Dorothea Reed Gillespie

 James Blane Gillespie, birth 1890 Vancouver, BC, s/o James Gillespie, Nellie Fraser, married Clara Ryan Sibley Sept 11, 1915 Vancouver, British Columbia

James Blane Gillespie married Mary Alice Maloney  May 16, 1942 Oak Bay, BC

James Boyd Gillespie married May Barron Sept 2, 1918,  British Columbia. Children: Agnes Boyd Gillespie; Frances Isabel Gillespie

James Colin Gillespie married Eva Marrion Stancombe, British Columbia 1859-1932. Child Jennie Elizabeth Gillespie

James Dugald Gillespie married Alice Violet L Eastwood March 20, 1935 New Westminster, BC

James Fred Gillespie married Beatrice Vera Brown April 7, 1947 Vancouver, BC

James Fred Gillespie, birth Cobourg, Ontario, s/o James Gillespie, Mary Mallory, married Alma  Williams Sept 4, 1924 Vancouver, British Columbia

James Garfield Gillespie, birth 1886 Picton, Ontario, s/o James F Gillespie, Julia Vandewater, married Margaret Dorothy May Mcmovine Oct 18 1916 Vancouver, British Columbia (note: Prince Edward County, Ontario) 2nd record gives bride’s name as McMorine)

James Henry Gillespie, birth 1845 New Brunswick, s/o James Gillespie, Mary Robertson Gillespie, married  Ellen Fraser Dec 1, 1884 New Westminster District, British Columbia

Janet Gillespie married John Duncan, British Columbia, 1859-1932. Child George Gillespie Duncan.

Jean Gillespie married  Robert Barbour 1859-1932 British Columbia .Child Margaret Kerr Barbour

Jean Gillespie married James Robertson 1859-1932 British Columbia. Children Elizabeth Graham Robertson; Annie Chalmers Robertson

Jean Gillespie, birth 1894 SCOTLAND, d/o John  Gillespie, Jean White Mcinnes, married John Kennedy Sept 4, 1914 Vancouver, British Columbia

Jean Elizabeth Gillespie married Clarence Edward Engen August 31, 1938 Chilliwack, BC

Jennie Gillespie married Alexander Ross Mcduff Morrison, British Columbia, 1859-1932. Child Jean Morrison Steven

Jennie Christina Winnatetta Gillespie, birth Merlin, Ontario, d/o Dougal Gillespie, Jane Elizabeth Gillespie, married Arthur Basil Laurence June 15, 1906 Vernon District, British Columbia (Merlin is in Chatham/Kent County, Ontario)  Note: date corrected.

Jennie C Gillespie married Hubert Letheby Oct 10, 1929 Victoria, BC.

Jennie Elizabeth Gillespie born Aldergrove, d/o James Colin Gillespie, Eva Marion Stancombe, married Arthur Ross March 10, 1915 South Aldergrove, British Columbia

Jessie Gillespie married Alexander Glendenning 1859-1932 British Columbia. Child Louisa Glendenning.

Jessie Gillespie, birth 1887 Montgerienan, SCOTLAND, d/o Andrew Gillespie, Mary Albert, married Alexander Macdonald March 2, 1916 Vancouver, British Columbia

John Gillespie married Jean White Mcinnes, British Columbia 1859-1932. Child Jean Gillespie

John Gillespie married Annie Barland, British Columbia 1859-1932. Child William Barland Gillespie

John Gillespie married Annie Ellis, British Columbia, 1859-1932. Child Walter Malcolm Gillespie

John Gillespie married Susan Mcvey, British Columbia 1859-1932. Child Mary Gillespie

John Gillespie born 1872 SCOTLAND, s/o Hugh Gillespie, Agnes Montgomery, married Clara Burnett Aug 29, 1894 Comox District, British Columbia

John Gillespie birth 1862 SCOTLAND, s/o John Gillespie, Agnes Gillespie, married Eliza Hady Oct 19, 1895 Nanaimo, British  Columbia

John Gillespie birth Ontario, s/o John Gillespie, Mary Caldwell, married Jennie Love April 11, 1911 Kamploops, British Columbia. (John’s parents found in Thorah Twp, Ontario County, Ontario, now Durham County: lots of Loves buried in Huron County linked to Gillespies).

John Gillespie, birth 1888 Victoria, BC, s/o William Gillespie,  Mary Anne Munger, married Edith Annie  Clara Banning June 4, 1921 Victoria, British Columbia

John Gillespie, birth Glasgow, SCOTLAND, s/o Hugh Gillespie, Agnes Montgomery, married Signa Duff Sept 26, 1931 Vancouver, British Columbia (2nd record give’s bride’s name as Signi)

John Gillespie married May Gillespie British Columbia 1859-1932. Child Hugh Gillespie.

John Gillespie married Anne Jane Deaver 1859-1932 British Columbia. Child Louis Andrew Gillespie

John Gillespie married Mary Cecilia Kuhn May 17, 1941 Vancouver, BC

John Andrew Gillespie married Patricia Lindsay Wood, British Columbia 1859-1932. Child Theresa Gillespie

John B Gillespie married Caroline Gillespie, British Columbia 1859-1932. Child Robert Haslo Gillespie

John C Gillespie married Eliza Hady Oct 19, 1895 Nanaimo, British Columbia

John Kebden Gillespie birth Victoria, BC, s/o George Gillespie, Florence Adelaide Gillespie, married Mary  Anne Isabella Todd Nov 4, 1905 Victoria, British Columbia (2nd record gives his middle name as Hebden)

John Meudall Gillespie married Hulda Victoria Craddock Oct 12, 1946 Vancouver, BC


Katherine Gillespie married Nathan Rodenek Roney, British Columbia 1859-1932. Childen: Katherine Gillespie Roney; Irene Clara Roney

Katherine Brown Gillespie, married Duncan Gillespie British Columbia 1859-1932. Child Florence Gillespie

Kathleen R Gillespie married Herbert Carlyle Hammond Aug 31, 1946 at Victoria, BC


Laura Anita Gillespie married Rio Nelson Elgar April 11, 1938 Vancouver BC

Lenora Ida Gillespie, birth 1902 Cheney, WASHINGTON, USA, d/o William Gillespie, Mary Gale,  married Walter Russell June 19, 1920 Terrace, British Columbia

Louis Andrew Gillespie birth Berkley, Ontario, s/o John Gillespie, Anne Jane Deaver, married Margaret Stanley Candoo Dec 31, 1911 Vancouver, British Columbia

Louisa Gillespie married Jeffry Hall Brock 1859-1932 British Columbia. Child Dorothy Irma Brock


Malcolm Gillespie married Sarah Anderson British Columbia 1859-1932. Child Annie Laurie Gillespie

Malcolm Gerard Gillespie married Mildred Victoria Jones,  Feb 15, 1947 at Victoria, BC

Malcolm Richard Gillespie  married Evelyn Frances D Smith  Jan 21, 1939 Vancouver, BC

Margaret Gillespie married John Harris British Columbia 1859-1932. Child Samuel Harris.

Margaret Gillespie married Edward Peterson, British Columbia 1859-1932. Child Norval Peterson.

Margaret Eleanor Gillespie, birth Vernon, BC, d/o Robert Gillespie, Mary Agnes Watson, married Maurice Cyprian Warren June 17, 1931 Vernon, British Columbia (2nd record gives date as Jan 17, 1931).

Margaret Irene Gillespie birth 1889 Uptergrove, Ontario, d/o Francis Joseph Gillespie, Christina McDonald married George Jabez Raymer Feb 8, 1915 Vancouver, British Columbia  (2nd record gives groom’s last name as Rayner).

Margaret M Gillespie married Wilbur Eugene Booth Jan 16, 1939 Vancouver, BC

Margaret S Gillespie married John Bindley Nov 22, 1945 Port Coquitlam, BC

Martha Louise Gillespie, d/o Andrew Gillespie & Temperance Bankson, birth 1841 IOWA, married Joseph Bolduc Dec 20, 1875 in Victoria British Columbia (2nd record gives date as Oct 20, 1875 and last name of groom as Bouldue)

Martha Louisa Gillespie married Karl Mangims Dalberry Aug 27, 1877 Victoria, BC.

Mary Gillespie married James Ferris 1859-1932 British Columbia. Child William Gillespie Ferris.

Mary Gillespie married L T Porterfield 1859-1932 British Columbia. Child Leatha Hazele Bell

Mary Gillespie married Alex Maldrum British Columbia 1859-1934. Child Helen Meldrum

Mary Gillespie birth Belfast, IRELAND, d/o John Gillespie, Susan Mcvey, married Thomas Arthur Leighton Nov 24, 1928 Kimberley, British Columbia

Mary Gillespie married Lawrance Charles Roy Jan 16, 1943  (location not given) BC record

Mary Ann Gillespie married John Savage Lucas,  British Columbia, 1859-1932. Children: William John Lucas; Edwin Gillespie Lucas; Rachel Elizabeth Lucas

Mary Matheson Gillespie married John Alexander Laverock Aug 15, 1939 Vancouver, BC

Mary Reid H Gillespie married William Alexander Magark  Nov 29, 1946 at Vancouver, BC

May Christina Gillespie, born 1887 Uptergrove, Ontario,  d/o Francis Joseph  Gillespie, Christina Macdonald, married Angus John Macdonald April 19, 1915 Vancouver, British Columbia

Michael Joseph Gillespie, born 1884 Uptergrove, Ontario, s/o Francis Joseph Gillespie, Christina MacDonald, married Estella Blanche Gillis Oct 27, 1913 Vancouver, British Columbia

Michael Joseph Gillespie, born 1884 Uptergrove, Ontario, s/o Francis Joseph Gillespie, Christina Mcdonald, married Gladys Amilda Gregory July 22, 1922 Vancouver, British Columbia

Mildred I Gillespie married Robert H Fleming Jan 8, 1938 Vancouver,  BC

Mungo Gillespie, birth 1877 Laurieston, SCOTLAND, s/o James Gillespie, Jane Morrison, married Annie Catherine Kirkland Oct 15, 1908 Vancouver, British  Columbia

Muriel May Gillespie married Leo Frank Fielder August 6, 1937 Vancouver, BC


Nancy Jane Gillispie, birth ILLINOIS, USA, d/o Amos Harmon, Algerine Bullard, married George Mills Miller Feb 9, 1917 Greenwood, British Columbia

Nellie Gillespie married Hugh Ferguson, British Columbia 1859-1932. Child Frederick Ferguson.

Noel Arthur Gillespie married Joan Sellers March 16, 1935 Vernon, BC

Norman William Gillespie, birth 1875 Ontario, s/o Joseph Gillespie,  Marion Wallace,  married Ethel Louise Potter Sept 27, 1911 Vancouver, British Columbia (note: parents found in Ayr,  Waterloo Co, Ontario)


Olive Jean Gillespie married Ernest Edward Howell Jan 10, 1947 in Vancouver, BC


Pauline May Gillespie, d/o Samuel Gillespie, Mary Gillespie, birth 1888 Victoria, married Stanley Porter June 16, 1910, Victoria, British Columbia

Pearl Iva Gillespie married Albin Nelson June 19, 1937 Creston, BC

Phyllis Gillespie, birth ENGLAND, d/o James Gillespie, Elizabeth Nagle, married William Charles Anthony June 15, 1929 Vancouver, British Columbia


Richard A Gillespie married Stella Hutchinson Dec 19, 1900 Sapperton, British Columbia

Richard Leonard Gillespie married Margaret Kathleen Mclennan 1859-1932 British Columbia. Child Archie Alexander Gillespie

Roberta Mary Gillespie married Dewy Dennis Jones July 4, 1942 Whonnock, BC

Robert Gillespie married Mary Agnes Watson 1859-1932 British Columbia. Child Margaret Eleanor Gillespie

Robert Gillespie married Bertha Leavitt Jan 8, 1936 Prince Rupert, BC

Robert Clayton Gillespie married Betty Louise McIntyre Nov 29, 1947 Port Coquitlam, BC

Robert Haslo Gillespie birth WASHINGTON, s/o John B Gillespie, Caroline Gillespie, married K Walterate  March 17, 1897 New Westminster District, British Columbia

Robert M Gillespie married Dorothy Frances Hawkins July 22, 1937 Vancouver, BC

Robert William Gillespie married Jeannie Mcfayden, British Columbia 1859-1932. Child William Francis Gillespie.

Ruth Elizabeth Gillespie married George Gilbert 1859-1932 British Columbia. Child John Sydeny Bradford Gilbert

Ruth Maryland Gillespie married George McKissock May 23, 1947 in Vancouver, BC


Sadie Gillespie married George Alexander Rix British Columbia 1859-1932. Child Alexander Gillespie Rix.

Samuel Gillespie married Mary Gillespie British Columbia 1859-1932. Child Pauline May Gillespie

Sarah Gillespie married Nelson Haney, British Columbia 1859-1932. Child Robert James Henry

Sarah Jane Gillespie, birth Orangeville, Ontario, d/o David H Gillespie,  Isabel Jane Gale, married Joseph James Johnston Nov 9, 1911 Vancouver, British Columbia (note Dufferin County, Ontario)

Stanley W Gillespie married Joy Drury Dec 6, 1946 at Vancouver, BC

Susan Gillespie married James Warren, British Columbia 1859-1932. Child Peter Warren.

Susan Gillespie married Robert F Thomson 1859-1932 British Columbia. Child Frederic Thomson

Susanne Gillespie married Edward Wood 1859-1932 British Columbia. Child Eleanor Reed Gillespie

Sylvia Jane Gillespie, birth 1885 Orangeville, d/o David H Gillespie, Isabel Jane Gale, married Joseph James Johnston Nov 9, 1914 Vancouver, British Columbia.


Theresa Gillespie birth Durham, ENGLAND, d/o John Andrew Gillespie, Patricia Lindsay Wood, married James West Pierce Oct 4, 1915 Vernon, British Columbia (2nd records gives bride’s name as Thereaseah H Gillespie)

Thomas Gillespie married Rebecca Porter 1859-1932 British Columbia. Child William Gillespie

Thomas Campbell Gillespie married Sylvia Lefevre, British Columbia 1859-1932. Child Frederick Thomas Gillespie


Vera Irene Gillespie married Herbert Lintner March 14, 1942 Vancouver, BC


Wallace Potter Gillespie married Rhoda Gladys Evans July 17, 1943 New Westminster, BC

Walter Malcolm Gillespie birth Travis Landing, MICHICAN, USA, s/o John Gillespie, Annie Ellis, married May McMullen July 14, 1910 Vernon, British Columbia (2nd record gives date as 1914)

Wilfred Walsh Gillespie birth 1898  ?legrove, Ontario , s/o Francis Gillespie, Christina McDonald, married Marjorie Mcgregor Easton Sept 11, 1920 Vancouver, British Columbia (note Uptergrove) (2nd record gives bride’s last name as Easson)

William Gillespie, s/o John Gillespie & Jane Gillespie,  birth 1855 IRELAND, married Mary Ann Barker April 19, 1883 Victoria, British Columbia

William Gillespie married Mary Ann Munger, April 19, 1883 Victoria, British Columbia

William Gillespie married Jannett Laurie, British Columbia 1859-1932. Child William Gillespie

William Gillespie, birth Kilmiricock, SCOTLAND, s/o  William Gillespie, Jannett Laurie, married Gladice Emily Follis Sept 8, 1908 British Columbia  (see next record)

William Gillespie married Gladice Emily Christie Sept 8,1909 New Westminster, BC.

William Gillespie, birth IRELAND, s/o Thomas Gillespie, Rebecca Porter, married Annie May Burnice Bradwin Nov 3, 1920 Vancouver, British Columbia

William Gillespie birth Barrow In Furnees, ENGLAND, s/o William John Gillespie, Harriett Dunn, married John Henry Augustus March March 11, 1924 British Columbia, Canada

William Gillespie married Minnie Anderson, British Columbia, 1859-1932. Children: Bessie Gillespie; Isabella Marie Anderson Gillespie

William Gillespie married Mary Gale 1859-1932 British Columbia. Child Lenora Ida Gillespie

William Andrew Gillespie married Bernice Maude Atherfold June 8, 1936 Vancouver, BC

William Arthur Gillespie married Doris Jemima Davidson Sept 18, 1937 Vancouver, BC

William Barland Gillespie, birth Halkirk, SCOTLAND, s/o John Gillespie, Annie Barland, married Alice Hamilton Kerr March 27, 1914 Prince Rupert, British Columbia

William Edward Gillespie married Mary Anne Munger April 19, 1883 Victoria, British Columbia. Child John Gillespie

William Francis Gillespie, birth Glasgow, SCOTLAND, s/o Robert William Gillespie, Jeannie Mcfayden, married Gertrude May Park July 16, 1927 Vancouver, British Columbia

William James Gillespie birth Berlin, Ontario, s/o Donald Gillespie, Elizabeth Jane Anderson, married Pearl Elizabeth Patterson June 27, 1911 Chilliwack, British Columbia (Note: Berlin today is Kitchener, Ontario)

William John Gillespie married Harriett Dunn 1859-1932 British Columbia. Child Winifred Gillespie

William Gillespie married Mary Gale. Child Lenora b 1920. British Columbia

Winifred Gillespie, birth 1903 Barrow in Furness, ENGLAND,  d/o William John Gillespie, Harriett Dunn, married March 11, 1924 John Henry Augustus March, British Columbia

Winslow David Gillespie, birth 1889 Marsville, Ontario, s/o David Hind Gillespie, Isabella Jane Gale, married Elsie Maude Bolton April 2, 1915 Vancouver, British Columbia (note: parents  Wellington County, Ontario) (2nd record gives bride’s maiden name as Bollen).

Wm John Gillespie married Harriet Bunn 1859-1932 British Columbia. Child Elsie Gillespie

Total Count: 236

Source of Records:  BC Government Archives, British Columbia Marriage Registrations 1859-1932; Mormon website; BC Royal Museum.

Note: The Royal BC Museum records do not state on each individual record that the location is in BC. It is assumed so, unless listed otherwise because of the Museum’s focus.