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Dominion Land Grants between 1870 and 1930 was a Government scheme to settle the West. 160  acres of free land was given to those settling in a railway corridor in Coastal British Columbia who fulfilled settlement duties. Only one Gillespie seems to have done that:

Robert Murdock Gillespie, no range given, Township1, Section 17, W 1/2 LS 6 of 17.

BC Voters List, 1898

Gillespie, Andrew, Sunnyside Hotel, Prospector, Van Gillespie, Archie Gibson, Rossland, Labourer, KWRo Gillespie, Donald P., Revelstoke, Miner, KWRe Gillespie, Dougald, Okanagan Falls, Farmer, YE Gillespie, Frederick Mendell, Rossland, Mining broker, KWRo Gillespie, George, Esquimalt Rd, Banker, Esq Gillespie, Isaac Laird, Slocan City, Miner, KWS Gillespie, Isaac Land, Kamloops, Kamloops House, Clerk, YN Gillespie, James, Machleary St, Stevedore, NanC Gillespie, James Henry, cor Jackson Ave& Hastings St, Gentleman, Van Gillespie, John, 34 Dunsmuir Ave, Union, Miner, Com Gillespie 

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