CANADA: Yukon Names

Name,   Home Town, Occupation, Yukon Location,  Nationality


?illespie? Mrs            Dawson, Yukon, Canada

Albert E  Gillespie  Dawson, Yukon

Arch Gillespie          Dredgeman, Dawson, Yukon, Canada

Archibald Gillespie Editor, Mayo, Yukon, Canada

Archibald Gillespie, Labourer, South Dawson (centre of King Street to Olgivie Bridge).

Mrs Archibald Gillespie, housewife, Mayo, Yukon, Canada

Archie Gillespie, Dawson, Yukon, Canada

Archie & Ada Gillespie, Mayo

Archie A Gillespie, Bonanza, Alaska 1930

Benjamin A Gillespie 1944

Boyd Francis Gillespie, American

Captain then Major Chuck Gillespie, 1981 Snowbirds, Base Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Also 1988 415 Squadron Greenwood. (Sourdough Air Display)

Dave Gillespie, 2005, 517 Sq Elmendorf

Douglas Gillespie, truck driver, Dawson, Yukon, Canada

Ernest T Gillespie, 1944

Frank Gillespie, miner, Minto, Yukon, Canada. Directory also has him listed in Mayo.

Frank Gillespie, miner, Mayo, Yukon, Canada

Frank Gillespie, Mayo

G H Gillespie, deck hand, Stewart, Canada

George Gillespie, miner, Dawson, Yukon, Canada

Gordon J Gillespie, 1944 USA

Isaac Laird Gillespie, policeman

Isaac L Gillespie, painter, Carcross

Isaiah L. Gillespie, miner, Atlin, Yukon, Canada

J. F. Gillespie, American

James G Gillespie

John C Gillespie 1930 Dawson, Yukon

Laura Gillespie, Mayo

Madge Gillespie nee Caley, Dawson, Feb 2001

Margaret Gillespie, housewife, Dawson,  Yukon, Canada

May Gillespie, clerk, Mayo, Yukon, Canada

May Gillespie, Dawson

May Gillespie, clerk 1, Mayo

May Gillespie

Mrs R. O Gillespie, Dawson

Mrs Richard Gillespie, clerk, South Dawson centre of King St to Olgivie Bridge

Porter L Gillespie

Ralph E Gillespie, 1944

Ralph F Gillespie

R G Gillespie, Commanding Officer, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

Richard Gillespie, General Contractor, Clinton Creek

Richard L  (Dick) & Margaret Gillespie, Mayo

Richmond Gillespie, mining recorder

 R.L. Gillespie, Dawson, Yukon, Canada

Richard L Gillespie,  mining recorder, Mayo, Yukon, Canada

R. L. Gillespie, Quartz Recorder, Gold Comm

Vera Gillespie, Dawson, Yukon, Canada

Record Count 47

Source:  Yukon Archives

Note: It is difficult to determine how many names are repeated for the same person, taken from various records.