Family History of George Gillespie, Roane Co, Virginia

Reproduced from an old book, pages 184, 185
by Emma Middleton Wells
1. George Gillespie b. 1867 m. Anne Neilson b. 1872
Issue:  2. (a) William N.  (b) Thomas Jefferson  (c) Robert N.  (d) Jane Harriett  (e) Charles  (f) George Lewis  (g) John Cessna  (h) Archibald D.  (i) James Wendel  (j) Joseph Strong   (k) Elbert Dave2 (a) William N Gillespie. m. Sidney Ann Lutey. Issue:
3 (a) George m. August 12, 1863 Victoria Brown. Issue:
4 (a) Etta  (b) Alice  (c) Thomas  (d) George  (e) Gay2 (b) Thomas Jefferson Gillespie b. 1805 m. Lucinda McCaleb Issue:
3 (a) George Thomas m. Laura Peters. Issue
4 (a)George Thomas, (b) Jean Neilson

2 (c) Robert N. Gillespie b. Feb 14, 1807 m.1826 Hannah Luety,  Issue:
3 (a) Robert N. b. May 28, 1846 m 1st Dec 31, 1867 Emma Frazier. 2nd May 1878
Lilie Wilshire
3 (b) Thomas Jefferson
3 (c) William
3 (d) Adelia

2 (d) Jane Harriet Gillespie m. James Holman Blain

2 (e) Charles Gillespie m. Evelyn Taylor

2 (f) George Lewis Gillespie b 1832 m. May 15, 1838 Margaret Alice, d/o John & Elizabeth McEwen
3 (a) John M.  m.Amelia King. Issue:
4a John King b Sept 1871
3 (b) George Lewis M. Miss McMasters
3 (c) Anna Neilson m. Arthur Watkins
3 (d) Elizabeth m. James A. Caldwell. Issue:
4a Percy  b Rhobit  c. Elsie

2 (g) John Cassna Gillespie m. Margaret Alice, d/o John Columbus & Nancy P. McEwen. Issue:
3 (a) Margaret Alice m. William A Martin Issue:
4a William A m. Mary McGrude. Issue:
5a William McGruder
4 b John C.  c Anna Neilson  d  Ernest
3 (b) Nellie m. L. Japheth Sharp. Issue:
4a Margaret, b Ellen  c John Cessna  d Alice Neilson  e Elizabeth
3 (c) Nancy Elizabeth m. Eugene  Thomasson
3 (d) James W.
3 (e) Anna Neilson m. William W. Roof. Issue
4a Mary
3 (f) Thomas J.
3 (g) Lewis G. m. Sue Reese
3  (h) Mary Blain m. Joseph H. Davenport. Issue
4a Joseph H. m. Laura Voigt
4b. Margaret McEwen m. William Carswell

2 (h) Archibald D. Gillespie

2 (i) James Wendel Gillespie m.Nancy Brazelton

2 (j) Joseph Gillespie

2 (k) Elbert Dave Gillespie m. Sarah C.Cleage

2 (j) Joseph Strong m. Feb 10, 1848 Penelope Whiteside. Issue:
3 (a) Anna Penelope m. John Hooke. Issue:
4a Mary Porter m. R.A. Stigler
4b John Anderson m. Margaret __
4c Carl m. Julia __
3 (b) James Whiteside b. March 2, 1853 m. Virginia Swan. Issue:
4a Hugh Swan m. Maud Berry
4b Joseph Strong m.Rose Gallaher
4c Penelope Whiteside m. Thomas Basil Smith. Issue:
5a Hugh Craig
5b Virginia Louise
5c Thomas Basil
4d Annie Dent m. Louis Edward Brading
4e Luther L.
4f James Anderson m. Nell Randle
3 (c) Joseph Anderson m. Margaret Mitchell. Issue:
4a Kyle
4b Joseph m.Mary House
3 (d) Jean Neilson m G.Allison Holland
3 (e) Florence