IRELAND: Co Armagh Registered Freeholders Voting List 1828

Freeholders records are lists of people entitled to vote, or of people who voted at elections. A freeholder was a man who owned his land outright or who held it by lease, which could be for one or more lives (his own lifetime or of the lives of those named in the lease). From 1727 to 1793, only Protestants with a freehold worth at least 40 shillings a year were legally pernitted to vote. Between 1793 and 1829, both Protestants and Catholics with 40 shilling freehold could vote. But in 1829 the cost went up 10 pounds so that 40 shilling freeholders could no longer vote. This influenced landlord who controlled membership of Parliament to the monied classes. Before 1872 voters had to stand up and declare publically their electoral allegience, but fear of landlords affected them to return either landlords or their relations or supporters.

Name    Residence   Earl/Landlord   Value   Names of Others  Regist Date


6 George Gillespie  Armagh/Armagh  Leonard Dobbin  40s  B.Caufield, W Acheson, D Leins, Armagh, Armagh, April 10, 1822

7 John Gillespie, Armagh/Armagh  Leonard Dobbin   40s B Caufield, W Acheson, D Leins  Armagh/Armagh  Sept 9,  1824

47 James Gillespie Derrylettiff/Derryletiff   Charles Brownlow, Esq  40 s, Samuel, William Woodhouse. Portadown  Sept 9, 1824


24 Anthony Gillespie  Clanrole/Clanrole   Charles Brownlow  40 s, P Aug and P Adol, Fred    Lurgan   Jan 8, 1822

124 James Gillespie   Tannaghmore N/Tannaghmore N  Charles Brownlow, 40s  Olive, Thomas & John Gillespie, Lurgan  Oct 25, 1824

125 Thomas Gillespie  Tannaghmore N/Tannaghmore N  Charles Brownlow, 40 s, Oliver, Thomas & John Gillespie, Lurgan  Oct 25, 1824


61 John Gillespie   Acton/Acton    Charles Maxwell  40 s  William Crothers, John & John Gillespie. Point Space  July 14, 1823


225 Solomon Gillespie  Corromanno/same   Earl Gosford   40s Solomon Gillespie   Markethill   Aug 10, 1825

226 John Gillespie, Jr.  Dennyhera/Corkemock   Earl Gosford  40 s  John & Thomas Gibson, Hugh Small    Markethill    Aug 10, 1825

BARONY OF UPPER FEWS – No Freeholders Registered in this Barony this year.

Other Freeholder Records 

Charles Gillespie    Collegehall

David Gillespie       Drumkeen

Francis Gillespie     Drumnakelly

George Gillespie     Cavanapole

George Gillespie    Collegehall

George Gillespie    Balllyknick

Henry Gillespie      Grangemore

James Gillespie     Derrylettiff     1825

James Gillespie     Monooney     1832

James Gillespie     Tanaghmore North

James Gillespie     Lisavague

James Gillespie     Drumletiff

James Gillespie     Tullintanvallly

James Gillespie     Ballykeel Loughern

James Gillespie     Tullyear

James Gillespie     Ballyhomra

John Gillespie       Acton

John Gillespie       Acton

John Gillespie      Altaturk

John Gillespie       Killylea

John Gillespie      Liscaburrow

John Gillespie     Terranascobe

Leonard Gillespie   Annagh

Robert Gillespie      Kennedies

Robert Gillespie      Collegehall

Thomas Gillespie    Mullen

Thomas Gillespie   Tannaghmore North

Tobias Gillespie       Ballynick

Townly Gillespie      Newry

William Gillespie    Ballyknick

William Gillespie    Derryletiffe

William Gillespie     Granemore

William Gillespie    Lisavague

William Gillespie     Naul

These names are repeated over the years. See PRONI online website for dates over the years. Other counties as well.

TOWNLANDS identifying as having Gillespies in County Armagh from various records include:

Aghanergill or Corglass, Annagharap, Armagh City, Aughantarragh and Corr, Aughnacloy

Ballydonaghy, Ballyloughan, Ballymucully Lower, Ballynaleck, Ballynagreagh, Ballyworkan, Bracly, Cabrah

Cargaclogther, Clady Beg, College Hall or Marrasit, Culkeeran, Derryletiff, Drumadd, Drumnaelly, Drummond, Dunlarg

Edenderry, Kilcarn, Killymaddy, Lisavague, Mowilloin, Mullaghglass, Navan, Portadown, Roughan, Tanderavee, Village of Ponynatapse, Tullyashra, Tulynamallogie, Tyra

Record Count 43