IRELAND: Co Clare 1911 Census

Bridget Gillespie, age 59, Born Co Dublin, House Keeper, can read and write, Roman Catholic, Head of family. Widow, ClareTown townland,Clareabbey, Co Clare, Ireland

Eugene Gillespie, son, 23, single, Clerk in Flour Meal Business, Roman Catholic, Born Co Clare, can read and write, Clare Town townland, Clarabbey, Co Clare, Ireland

Agnes Gillespie, daughter, age 21, single, born Co Clare, Roman Catholic, no occupation listed. Can read and write. Clare Town, Clareabbey, Co Clare, Ireland


Frank Shepperd Gillespie, visitor, single, age 21, born Queens Co, a student, Irish Church, can read and write. Deerpark Townland townland, Sixmilebridge, Co Clare, Ireland

James Gillespie, son, single, age 27, Killadysert townland, Killadsert, Co Clare, Old Established Religion,Can read and write, English language,

Record Count 5