IRELAND: Co Donegal Griffith’s Valuation Records

This is an index of names and townland locations. The fuller record is available on microfilm for each entry.  Gillespie families were dominant in Co Donegal for over 300 years, and this county had more Gillespie families than any other location in all of Ireland.

Parish of Conwal, 1857

Charles Gillespie, Main Street, Town of Letterkenny

Charles Gillespie, Sallaghagrane

Desertegny Parish 1857

Daniel Gillespie, Lederg

Edward Gillespie, Liafin

John Gillespie, Lederg

Owen Gillespie, Lederg

Thomas Gillespie, Lederg

Donaghmore Parish 1857

Cornelius Gillespie, Ballynaman

Denis Gillespie, Cavan Lower

Hamilton Gillespie, Monellan

James Gillespie, Carricknashane

James Gillespie, Kilcaddan

John Gillespie, Sessiagh (O’Neill)

Parish of Glencolumbkille 1857

Andrew Gillespie, Kiltyfanet

Anne Gillespie, Creenveen

Bridget Gillespie,Cashel

Bridget Gillespie, Dooey

Bridget Gillespie, Meenacharvy

Bridget Gillespie, (Cannon) Meenacross

Bridget Gillespie (Cannon) Meenadiff

Bridget Gillespie (Curry) Meenadiff

Bryan Gillespie, Doonalt

Bryan Gillespie, Kilyfaned

Charles Gillespie, Meenavaghran

Charles Gillespie, Jr Meenavaghran

Condy Gillespie, Cashel

Condy Gillespie, Dooey

Condy Gillespie, Meenavaghran

Condy Gillespie, Straid or Glebe

Condy Gillespie, (Crawford) Cashel

Daniel Gillespie, Killyfaned

Daniel Gillespie, Malinmore

Daniel Gillespie,Meenacross

Darby Gillespie, Cashel

Denis Gillespie,Kinnakillew

Denis Gillespie, Meenadreeen

Edward Gillespie, Ballard

Edward Gillespie, Bangort

Edward Gillespie, Beefan

Edward Gillespie, Beefan & Garveross Mountain

Edward Gillespie, Dooney

Edward Gillespie, Doonalt

Edward Gillespie, Malinmore

Francis Gillespie, Kinnakillew

Hannah Gillespie, Cashel

Henry Gillespie, Cashel

James Gillespie, Beefan

James Gillespie, Beefan & Garveross Mountain

James Gillespie, Carrick Lower

James Gillespie, Cashel

James Gillespie, Dooey

James Gillespie, Lergadaghtan

James Gillespie, “Lergadaghtan” Mountain

James Gillespie, Malinmore

John Gillespie, Cashel

John Gillespie, Gannew and Cureeen

John Gillespie, Killaned

John Gillespie, Meenacross

John Gillespie, Meenasillagh

John Gillespie, Meenavean

John Gillespie, Port

Mark Gillespie, Kilaned

Mary Gillespie, Braade Lower

Mary Gillespie, Cashel

Mary Gillespie, Cloghan

Maurice Gillespie, Killakillew

Maurice Gillespie, Kinakillew

MIchael Gillespie(More) Kinnakillew

Owen Gillespie, Braade Upper

Owen Gillespie, Doonalt

Owen Gillespie, Malinmore

Pat (Condy) Gillespie, Killaned

Patrick Gillespie, Cashel

Patrick Gillespie, Dooey

Patrick Gillespie, Drum

Patrick Gillespie, Killand

Patrick Gillespie, Meenavaghran

Patrick Gillespie, Port

Patrick (Condy) Gillespie, Killaned

Patrick Gillespie (Matt.) Cashel

Patrick (Mick) Gillespie, Cashel

Peter Gillespie, Cashel

Peter Gillespie, Malinmore

Peter (Condy) Gillespie, Killaned

Peter (Owen) Gillespie, Killaned

Thomas Gillespie, Malinbeg

Inishkel Parish 1857

Daniel Gillespie, Neentashesk

James Gillespie, Doobin

John Gillespie, Cloghboy

MIchael Gillespie, Aighe

Owen Gillespie, Doobin

Patk Gillespie, Jr, Doobin

Patk Gillespie, Sr.,  Doobin

Patrick Gillespie, Jr. Doobin

Peter Gillespie, Cloghboy

Sarah Gillespie, Cloghboy

Inishmacsaint Parish 1857

Edward Gillespie, Ardfarn

James Gillespie, Rathmore

Jane Gillespie, Portnasan

John Gillespie, Ardfarn

John Gillespie, The East Port, Ballyshannon

John Gilespie, The West Port, Ballyshannon

Michael Gillespie, Ardfarn

Thaddeus Gillespie, Ardfarm

Thomas Gillespie, Drumuckrum

Thomas Gillespie, The West Port, Ballyshannon

Inver Parish 1857

Patrick Gillepie, Ballybrollaghan

Abigail Gillespie, Dromore

Anne Gillespie, Derryhirk

Bryan Gillespie, Drumkeelan

Bryan Gillespie, Drumkeelan

Bryan Gillespie, Drumrone

Catherine Gillespie, Drumconer

Charles Gillespie, Disert

Charles Gillespie, Sallown

Connell Gillespie, Tullynagrena

Denis Gillespie, Hall Demesne

Denis Gillespie, Mountcharles

Ellen Gillespie, Fanaghana

James Gillespie, Disert

James Gillespie, Sallown

John Gillespie, Drumrone

Neal Gillespie, Drumbaran

Patrick Gillespie, Drumbaran

Patrick Gillespie, Fanagans

Patrick Gillespie, Mountcharles

Patrick Gillespie, Sallown

Thomas Gillespie, Drumrone

Kilbarron Parish 1857

Francis Gillespie, Butcher’s Row, Ballyshannon

Francis Gillespie,Cherrymount

Grace Gillespie, Kildoney Glebe

Hug Gillespie, Sheegys

John Gillespie, College Street, Ballyshannon

Michael Gillespie,Kildoney Glebe

Neal Gillespie, Kildoney Glebe

Neal Gillespie, Sr, Kildoney Glebe

Patrick Gillespie, Castle Street, Ballyshannon

Patrick Gillespie, Chaple Lane, Ballyshannon

William Gillespie, Sheegs

Kilcar Parish 1857

Mary Gillepsie, Crowdon

Patrick Gillepsie, Ballymacphadin

Condy Gillespie, Bavan

Connell Gillespie, Umiskan

Daniel Gillespie,Kilbeg

Daniel Gillespie, Shannaugh

Edward Gillespie, Kill

Edward Gillespie, Roxborough Glebe

Edward Gillespie,Stagrinna,Upper

Hannah Gillespie, Croaghbeg

Henry Gillespie, Cashelcarn

Henry Gillespie, Roxborough Glebe

John Gillespie, Umuskin

Michael Gillespie, Derrylahan

MIchael Gillespie, Kilcasey

Patrick Gillespie, Ballymacphadin

Patrick Gillespie, Crowanruddabeg

Patrick Gillespie, Drumreagh

Patrick Gillespie, Kilcar

Patrick Gillespie, Tawny

Patrick Gillespie, Jr, Umukan

Patrick Gillespie, Sr, Umukan

Sarah Gillespie, Umukan

Terence Gillespie, Roxborough Glebe

Killaghtee Parish 1857

James Gillespie, Meenabrock

John Gillespie, Croagh

Thomas Gillespie, Croagh

Killybegs Lower Parish 1857

Cornelius Gillespie, Adara

Cornelius Gillespie, BackLane, Ardara

Cornelius Gillespie, Main Street, Ardara

Patrick Gillespie, Main Street, Ardara

Killybegs Upper 1857

Charles Gillepsie, Cunlin

Andrew Gillespie, Fintragh

Francis Gillespie, Fintragh Road, Killybegs

Henry Gillespie, Drumanoo

James Gillespie, Faiafannan

James Gillespie, Fintragh

James Gillespie, Meanreagh

Owen Gillespie, Killybegs

Owen Gillespie, Old Chapel Road, Killybegs

Patrick Gillespie, Old Chapel Road, Killybegs

Patrick Gillespie, Tawnasligo

Peter Gillespie, Brinroe

Killlymard Parish 1857

Patrick Gillepsie, Ballydevitt Beg

Charles Gillespie, Doonan

James Gillespie, Clanboorhin

James Gillespie, Drumrooosk

Lawrence Gillespie, Drumgorman

William Gillespie, Ballydevitt Beg

William Gillespie, Clanhoorin

Kilmacrenana Parish 1857

Jane Gillespie, Gortnaskeagh

John Gillespie, Cashel

Patrick Gillespie, Cashel

Lettermacaward Parish 1857

Charles Gillespie, Dooey

Owen Gillespie, Jr., Derrynagrial

Owen Gillespie, Sr, Derrynagrial

Moville Lower Parish, 1857

Bernard Gilespie, Carrowhugh

Catherine Gillespie, Carrowtrasna

Daniel Gillespie, ElevenBallyboes

Denis Gillespie, Mosyglen

Edward Gillespie, Carnagarve

Edward Gillespie, Malin Road, Moville

Edward Gillespie, Mossyglen

Henry Gillespie, Drumaweer

James Gillespie, Ballybarack

James Gillespie, Ballymagaraghy

James Gillespie, Carrowbeg

John Gillespie, Carrowhugh

John Gillespie, Carrowtrasna

John Gillespie, Stroove

Margaret Gillespie, Carrowhugh

Michael Gillespie, Carrowhugh

Neal Gillespie, Ballybrack

Neal Gillespie, Stroove

Patrick Gillespie, Gelnagiveny

Richard Gillespie, Carrowhugh

Moville Upper Parish 1857

Charles Gillespie, Ballyrattan

Charles Gillespie, Drung

Denis Gillespie, Drung

Grace Gillespie, Tiryrone

William Gillespie, Carrickmaguigley

Muff Parish 1857

William Gillespie, Derryvale

Raymoghy Parish 1857

Robert Gillespie, Drumbarnet Upper

Stranorlar Parish 1857

Mary Gillespie, Teevickmoy

Taughboyne Parish 1857

John Gillespie, Treantaghmucklagh

Robert Gillespie, Feddyglass

Sarah Gillespie, Haw

William Gillespie, Drumucklagh

Templecrone Parish 1857 – hold to recheck

Tullaghobegley Parish 1857

Daniel Gillespie, Stranabrooey

Charles Gillespie, Meencorwick

Daniel Gillespie, Jr. Stranabrooey

Daniel Gillespie, Sr, Stanabrooey

Record Count 230