IRELAND: Co Fermanagh Census

History of Irish census records.  The first, full government census of Ireland was taken in 1821 with further censuses at ten-yearly intervals from 1831 through to 1911. No census was taken in 1921 because of the War of Independence. The first census of the population of the Irish Free State was taken in 1926.

1659 Census – Co Fermanagh

No Gillespies listed in any variant spelling

During this year there were 7,102 persons living in Co Fermanagh, of which 1,800 were English & Scots, and 5,302 were Irishmen


1821 Census – Co Fermanagh

Aghalurcher Parish

Crann 1821 (a townland, similar to a village)

House 22

Samuel Gillespy, 60, labourer, born 1761. He was living with James Jealor & wife Eliza. Eight others unrelated lived in the house.

Foglish 1821 (a townland)

House No 9

John Armstrong 82,  John Gillespie 26, (nephew), weaver; James Gillespy 20 (nephew) ,  a weaver; , and Mary Gillespy 17 (sister), flax spinner; 2 servant boys.

Lamphill  1821 (a townland in Aghalurcher Parish)

House 4

John Gillespy, 64 b 1757, farmer & Mary Gillespie his wife, age 43, b 1778 , flax spinner, with 3 children: John Gillespy age 10 b 1811; James Gillespy, age 8 b 1813, Martha age 6, b 1815. Mother-in- law Martha McCann, 75, flax spinner, and her son George McCann age 34, weaver, living with this family.

Derryvullen Parish

Drogan 1821 (a townland)

House 2

Francis Gillespy, age 28, flax dresser,  b 1793 & Cath Gillespy, his wife, age 23, b 1798 

House No 5

Neal Gillespy, age 59, b 1782, & Cicely Gillespy, wife age 53 b 1769. Their children: Thomas Gillespy, age 16 b 1805 & Michl Gillespy, age 13, b 1808. Two female boarders living with them: Elenanor McClusbky 44, Fealhy Magregor 15 and family of Andrew & Margt Johnston

Census 1851 – Co Fermanagh

The people of Ireland in 1851 proved to be 1,622,739 less numerous than in 1841, a diminution commonly attributed to the consequent on the potato failure in 1845 and subsequent years.

 Drumkeeran Parish

 Clonee (Townland)

Hugh Gillospley, 35 (servant) unmarried. Farm Servant (Fermanagh). Living with Philip Cullen and his family.

Total Records:  7

Source of Records:  Mormon website.