IRELAND: Co Fermanagh Marriages

(Note: Clones records are also found in County Monaghan)


Abraham Gillespie married _Croker a widow,   Jan 3, 1865, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, Ireland

Anna Gillespie, d/o Robert Gillespie, married William Olley 1859, Feb 28, Clones, Co Fermanagh, Ireland

Anne Gillespie, married John Alexander McCaw. Their child Margaret born Oct 15, 1879. Lisnaskea Area, Aghalurcher Parish, Co Fermanagh, Ireland


David Gillespie married Anne Eliza McNamara. Their children: Martha b Aug 5, 1867; Anna b Dec 30, 1871, Brookboro, Co Fermanagh, Ireland


Edward Gillespie, s/o Michael Gillespie, married Sarah Latimer 1863, Nov 17, Irvinestown, Co Fermanagh

Elizabeth Gillespie married Andrew Magee 1831, Church of Ireland, Diocese of Clogher, Co Fermanagh, Ireland

Eliza Jane Gillespie married Thomas Warrington. Their children Thomas b June 6, 1872; Sarah b Aug 1, 1874, Aghalurcher Parish, Co Fermanagh, Ireland


George Gillespie married Jane Dobbin, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, Ireland, s/o William, Margaret


Henry Gillespie married Catherine Bartley 1846, May 5, Clones 0777, Co Fermanagh

Henry Gillespie, s/o Richard Gillespie, married Bessy Johnston, d/o John, 1851, Jan 17 Clones, Co Fermanagh, Ireland


Isabella Gillespie married William Crean Feb 23, 1883 Co Fermanagh, Ireland


James Gillespie married Jane Ann Argue Jan 1, 1828 Galloon, Co Fermanagh, Ireland

James Gillespie, s/o Richard, married Rebecca Doonan, d/o Thomas, Feb 26, 1850, Clones,  Co Fermanagh, Ireland

James Gillespie, s/o John Gillespie, married Margret Harper, d/o John,  1852, Feb 11 Aghalurcher, Co Fermanagh

James Gillespie, s/o John Gillespie, married Sarah Carson 1858, Dec 7 Clones, Co Fermanagh. Their children: John James b Feb 8, 1869; Margaret Ann b Nov 17, 1871. Roslea, Co Fermanagh, Ireland

Jane Ann Gillespie, born 1842,  d/o David Gillespie, married Joseph Cooper 1861, Aug 9, Clones, Co Fermanagh

John Gillespie s/o Thomas, married Martha Gillespie d/o Daniel, Dec 18, 1855 Agurlurcher Parish, Co Fermanagh, Ireland


Margaret Gillespie married Robert Hall July 30, 1849, Aghalurcher, Co Fermanagh, Ireland

Margaret Gillespie, d/o James Gillespie, married Abraham Croker 1865, Jan 3, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, Ireland

Martha Gillespie d/o James Gillespie, married Thomas Gillespie 1854, Nov 2, Clones, Co Fermanagh, Ireland

Martha Gillespie, d/o Daniel Gillespie, married John Gillespie 1855, Dec 18 Aghalurcher, Co Fermanagh, Ireland

Martha  Gillespie, d/o David Gillespie married Thomas Lough, s/o Francis Lough, on  Oct 27, 1859 Clones, Co Fermanagh, Ireland

Mary A Gillespie, married Thomas Magwood 1843, Church of Ireland, Diocese of Clogher, Co Fermanagh, Ireland

Mary Ann Gillespie, d/o John Gillespie, married William Moore 1858, July 13 Clones, Co Fermanagh

Mary Ann Gillespie d/o Noble Gillespie, married James Spear 1858, Oct 20 Aghalurcher, Co Fermanagh

Matilda Gillespie d/o Thomas, married Samuel Brownfield s/o James, Nov 27, 1850. Aghalurcher Parish, Co Fermanagh, Ireland


Patrick Gillespie, married Maria Carleton, Their children: John b July 4, 1870; Edward b April 4, 1873, Irvinestown, Co Fermanagh, Ireland


Richard Gillespie s/o James, married Isabella Breen, d/o Henry, Dec 13, 1854. Irvinestown, Co Fermanagh, Ireland

Robert Gillespie married Ellen Carleton. Their children George b March 4, 1868, Robert born Jan 5, 1870. Roslea, Co Fermanagh, Ireland


Sarah Gillespie d/o Daniel, married Joseph Brown, s/o Sandy, Feb 6, 1851. Their child Susan born Nov 27, 1867, Aghalurcher Parish, Co Fermanagh, Ireland

Susan Gillespie, d/o Daniel Gillespie, married Joseph Brown 1851, Feb 6, Aghalurcher, Co Fermanagh


Thomas Gillespie married Eliza Irwin 1846, Jan 30 Aghalurcher 0181, Co Fermanagh

Thomas Gillespie, s/o John Gillespie, married Margaret Huey d/o John, 1851, June 20, Aghalurcher, Co Fermanagh

Thomas Gillespie, married Martha Gillespie, d/o James, March 4, 1854 Clones, Co Fermanagh, Ireland


William Gillespie married Eliz Johnson May 19, 1702, Enniskillen Parish, Co Fermanagh, Ireland

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Source of Records: Mormon Website: Ireland Marriages, 1619-1898