IRELAND: Co Tyrone Earliest Gillespie Families

1666     Ballyhovan    John Gillespie. Buried Clogher Cathedral Graveyard

1734, Oct 24  Mullintare, Aghalow  Hannah Gillespie, land record

1735               Mullintare Parish       Martha Gillespie, sister of Hugh, deed

1794, May 23  Strabane                   Adam Gillespie, eyes fixed by doctor

1796               Clogher                     James, John, William  flax growers

1796               Clonfeacle                 John, William Gillespie, flax growers

1796                Urney Parish            Andrew Gillespie – spinning wheel

1796               Urney Parish            Patrick Gillespie, spinning wheel, flax

1797, Jan 20   Screeby                   John Gillespie Sr.  Deed

1801 – 1870     Derryhappin       Catherine Gillespie

1802                                                         Richard Gillespie

1823                Urney Parish           Rev John Gillespie, died July 28

1828/1829       Screeby                  William & Saml Gillespie, immigrate to  Canada

1829               Pomeroy                      Daniel Gillespie

In Cammaghey:

Darby Gillespie,

Edward Gillespie,

James Gillespie

James Gillespie, Cammaghey

Neal Gillespie, Cammaghey

Patrick Gillespie, Cammaghey

Patt. Gillespie, Cammaghey

Peter Gillespie, Cammaghey

Patt Gillispie of Cavancaw

Peter Gillispie of Cavankeeran

1831   Diocese of Clogher             Elizabeth Gillespie m Andrew Magee

1908    Five Mile Town                   Daniel Gillespie, farmer, Screeby

Noble Gillespie, grocer and publican

Thomas Gillespie, tailor