MILITARY: American Revolution


1765 – 1783


Prisoners of War

The Old Jersey held John, William & David Gillespie

Robert Gillespie 4th Line, 6th Co, New York Line Regiment, Continental troops. Captured at Fort Montgomery 1777, Oct 6. Died in prison. Resident of Ulster Co, New York.

Interesting Facts:

There were 1,072 Gillespie Revolutionary War Pensions issued.  The first pension law in 1776 granted half-pay for life to soldiers disabled in the service and unable to earn a living. By 1778 the amount was $80 if the pensioner had been still in service when the war ended. The pension act of 1832 allowed pensions for all.  even if not wounded,  but  based on service. It made widows of veterans also eligible to receive pension benefits.  

Many records were destroyed in 1800 and by a fire during the War of 1812 with the British invasion of Washington, D. C.



Thomas McAdory Owen’s Revolutionary Soldiers in Alabama:

Daniel Galespie, age 77, resided Chambers County Jun 1, 1840 with David Taylor, Census of Pensioners 1841, page 149


William Gillespie, Private. Dragoons Brigade.Company 5th Troop. Regiment 2 DR. Dec 1777, Jan 1778, Feb 1778, March-June 1778. Munster Roll Valley Forge.  From Wetherfelt, a farmer 5’8″ light complexion, grey eyes, dark hair.  Researcher on file with fuller details. 


Allon Gillespie, 2nd Regiment, Newcastle Co 1778-8

John Gillespie, Delaware Regiment. 1776


James Glasby, Private .Company Cummings. On roll Dec 1777-1778. Munster Roll Valley Forge.

James Gillespie , married Jane March 1771, May 9 in Morris Co, NJ. An officer in 3rd Battalion. Buried 1st Presbyterian Church, Morristown, NJ. Children:  John March Gillespie b 1772, Aug 10; Robert James Gillespie 1774-76

Wm Gellaspy, Private, Roll No 62


Burr Gillespie

David Giliespy, Sargent. Mamakating 2nd Ulster. B 1755. Died July 26, 1831. 2nd, 3rd, 4th Ulster of New York. m1 Abigail Mapes; m2 Nancy, a widow of Van Alstine.

David Galasby, Private/Sergeant. Box Roll 75

George Gillespy, Sargent, Mamakating 3rd & 4th Ulster.

James Gillespie b 1755. D 1809. Buried Old Hurley Cemetery, NY. married Elizabeth in Mamakating. Hanover exempts, probably listed as James Jr. 4th Ulser.

James Gillespie, Private, Box Roll 67

James Gillespie, Private, Box Roll 72

John Gillespy, Sargent. Born 1725. Died 1823. Mamakating, NY. 2nd, 4th Ulster. Married Mary Graham.

John Gillespy, b Scotland 1741, Aug 22. Died 1810,Jan 5. Buried Main Street Cemetery, Saugerties, NY. Married Magdalene Smedes. John was a captain 4th Ulster, then a Major 268 at Fort Montgomery, NY.

John Gallespie, Captain, Roll No 75

Mathew Gillespy, 2nd Ulster, 3rd Ulster soldier.

Robert Gelasby, Roll No 71

Samuel Gillespy, b Sept 25, 1742. Died Sept 18, 1815. Married Esther Raney. Lieutenant. Ensign 4th Ulster.

Samuel Gillespie m Margaret Judson. Buried Montgomery, New York. Had a brother Theodore Gillespie. Plot 77, Grave 78.

Samuel Gilaspie, Private, Roll No 67.

Saml Gillaspy, (also Gillespy) Ensign, also a Lieutenant.Roll No 75

Saml Gillespie, Janseus Reg of Militia 1779-83

Thomas Gillespy, Sargent, Memakating. Ulster Co.

William Gillespy, 4th Ulster Co. New York

William Gillespie, Jr. Walkill, New York

William Gallespy, Sergeant, Roll #66

William Gallaspy, Corporal, Roll No. 70


Daniel Gillespie ID A644784 Service NC. Rank Captain. Patriotic Service. born 1743, Oct 31 Frederick Co, Virginia Died 1829, Jan 1 in Greensboro, Guilford Co NC. Service Capt of Light Horse,  Member of Provincial Congress 1776, 1779. Daniel’s wife was Margaret Hall. Their children: Daniel married & died before his father leaving two children: Daniel & Peggy;  John (became a Presbyerian  minister), James (moved to Tennessee after the war), Nancy married George Rankin in 1791, s/o Robert; Anne married William Anderson, son of John; Robert married Nancy Hanner, d/o Robert; Patrick married Margaret McGibbony, d/o Patrick; Thankful married Col Wm Doak 1802, s/o Robert.

David Gillespie, s/o Thomas Gilespie b 1763 Rowan Co, NC. Died Sept 28, 1834 Williamson Co, Tennessee. Married Mary Marlin 1814, Feb 12 Rowan Co, NC. David service in the war. He moved from NC to Tennessee when he was about 50 years of age. Both David and his wife applied for his war pension. David had a brother Isaac.

Elijah Gillespie, A044794. Service NC. Rank Patriotic Services. Born 1747, May 12; Died 1819 Fishing River, NC. NC Rev War Pay Voucher #26. Roll# 68.27. Paid for service & supplies.

Colonel George Gillespie II, ID A044797. Born 1735 Ireland. Died 1794, Greene Co, TV. s/o George Gillespie & Elizabeth Duvall from Ireland. His name, and that of his son Thomas, appear on the unpublished list of NC soldiers. Defender of a fort.

George Gillespie, ID A044799, born 1751, July 22; Died 1751, Aug 31 in Bethpage, Sumner Co, Tennessee. NC Rev War Pay Voucher.

Isaac Gillespie, ID A0448802. Private. Born 1750, March 28. Died 1826, Dec 24 Williamson Co, TN.10th Regiment NC Line

James Gillespie, ID A044805. Soldier. Born 1730 Ireland. Died 1800 Blount Co, TN. Served in NC line. Received Specific certificate which was exchanged for land.

Captain James Gillespie, ID A044806. born in Monongahila (Monaghan?) Co, Ireland 1746; Citizen of Duphin Co.Member of Legislature. Died in Washington, DC Jan 11, 1805. Married Dorcas Messenfoot.  Son David (Major) m Sarah Street. War of 1812. Service 1st Battalion

Colonel John Gillespie, ID A044824 b 1841 Frederick Co, Virginia. He died 1806, June 23 in Guilford Co, North Carolina

Robert Gillespie, ID A044830, Sergeant. Born 1760 in Rowan Co, NC. Died 1843 Sept 22 in Oglethorpe Co, Georgia. Became a Captain.

Thomas Gillespie, ID A044835, b 1719. Died 1796, Dec 15 Rowan Co, North Carolina. Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions 1775-1789, A constable. Signed Oath of Allegiance to make land early in Rowan Co, Feb 8, 1778

Thomas Gillespie, Jr. ID A044836 Soldier. b 1750 Virginia.  Died 1824 Jan 18, Knox Co, Tennessee Militia

Thomas Gillespie, ID A044837. born 1754, July 12 Washington Co, NC. Died 1828 Sept 19 Washington Co, North Carolina.

Thomas Gillespie, ID A04439. b 1760 NC. Died 1842 Tazewell Co, Virginia.


John Gillespie, Applied for pension while living in Chester Co, PA. Died 1818, age 70. Enlisted service 1776 & served 6 years. Discharged June 17, 1793. Family with wife Jane. (See record on revolutionary pensions).

John Galespy, Private. Box Roll 82

Robert Gillespie, 3rd Ballatlion of Lancaster Co Militia 1776

Rubin Gilespy, Private, Roll No 80.


Armes Galaspy, Private, Box Roll 89

Francis Gillespie, ID A 201974. Civil Service. Born 1745 South Carolina. Died 1790 Cheras District, SC. A juror 1779

James Gillespie ID A044810, Sergeant. Born 1754 Dec 2 Cheraw Dist, SC. Died 1828, May 18 Marlboro District, SC.  Martin Troop. Gen Sumters Brigade.

James Galaspy, Private, Box Roll 89

William Gillespie, ID A044850. Private. B 1759. Died 1844 Macoupin Co, Illinois. Pension # 532267. Served with Capt Anderson, PIckens

William Gillespie, Survivor #32267. Pension applicant. Served in South Carolina.


William Gillespie, Private/Sergeant  Annual Allowance $247.50. Amount received July 20, 1833. Pension started, age 75. 1835 Tennessee Pension Roll.  Haywood Co.


Alexd Gallasby Private, Roll 107

Alexander Gillasby, 9th Regiment

Dane Glasby, Corporal, Roll No 106

Danl Glasby, Private, Roll No 110

Daniel Gellilspie, Private, Roll No 160

Daniel Glasby, (also Glaspy; Gillispie)  8th Regiment

Daniel Gillespie, 12th Regiment

Daniel Gillespie, 4th Regiment

David Gillespie ID A 202363.  b 1745. Died 1813 in Madison Co, Kentucky. He signed the Declaration of Independence June 21, 1779. Patriotic service.

David Gillespie Jr, ID A 044792, Private, b 1756 Norfolk Co, VA. Died 1835 in Madison Co, Kentucky. Served 13th Regiment

David Gilasby, Private, Roll No 100

David Gilespie, Roll No 111, Private

George Glasby, 2nd Brigade

George Glasby, 1st & 10th Regiment

George Gillespie, ID A044801, born 1730. Died 1802/3 in Amherst Co, VA. Served under Sweeny, Amherst Co in the Revolution. Furnished beef

George Glaspy, 2nd Brigade

George Galaspby, Private, Box River 112

George Galashby, Private, Box Roll 95

George Galaspy, Private, Box Roll 109

Jacob Gillespie, b 1753 Augusta Co, VA. Died 1842 July 6 Knox Co, Tennessee. Service under Capts Moffat, Hamilton, Rice. Rendered material aid.

James Gillespie, ID A044812. Private. born 1735 Ireland. Died 1787 Aug 20 VA. Served under Capt Thompson, Augusta Co Militia.

John Glasby 9th Regiment

John Gallasby, Private, Roll No 107

John Gillespie, ID A20513 soldier. born 1760. Died 1822, April 7 Bunscombe Co, NC. Muster Roll Botecourt Co, VA 1782 militia. Battle of Clapper’s Mill, March 1781.

John Gillespie, ID A044827 b 1755 Louisa Co, Virginia. Died 1811, Oct Fluvanno Co, VA. Comp Mil Service Record. Roll #1057.Served under Capt Walker, Henderson, Fleming, Mathews.

Robert Gillespie 1730-. To Augusta Co, VA 1754. Sergeant in Dickensons Rangers 1770. Received grant of land for his military service. Botecourt Co.

Thomas Gillespie, ID A044843. b 1760 Augusta Co, Virginia. Died 1842 Tazwell Co, Virginia.

William Gillespie, ID A044848, Private. b 1737 Ireland. Died Post 1831 Blount Co, Tennessee. Served under Col John Gibson, 9th Regiment.

William Gillespie, ID A044852. Soldier. Born 1750 VA. Died 1833, March 20 Meigs Co, Ohio. Served with Capt Arbuckle.

William Gillespie 1755-1837. Entered service 1777 as an Indian spy in Greenbrier Co, Virginia. m Margaret Eddy 1792, Feb 21. Applied for Revolutionary War Pension 1832, age 77. His widow applied for a pension in 1841, age 74.

William Gillispie, 4th Regiment.

William Gelaspy, Private, Roll 108

William Gillaspy, 13th Regiment

William Gillaspie, 9th Regiment

 Gilaspie, Charles, Pa – His widow, Margaret Gilaspie, was awarded $200 on April 7, 1829 in Lycoming Co, Pa.

Gillaspy, James, N. Y, Pvt. He was granted relief.

Gillespie, __, PA, His widow, Margaret Gillespie, was awarded a $40 gratuity and a $40 annuity in Union Co, Pennsylvania Feb 5, 1829.

Gillespie, Daniel S.C He married and reared a family of nine children. The four youngest were with him. His wife was dead. He was pensioned from Abbeville District on Nov 23, 1829. He was paid s late as 1833. He was incorrectly reported as David Gillespie.

James Gillespie, Pa. He was wounded on the Sandusky Expedition.

John Gillespie, S. C. He was wounded by a musket ball at the Cherokee Ford of the Savanna River a few days before Kettle Creek in Georgia by a party of Tories under Col Boyd. One of his leg bones was broken. He was from Abbeville District and was pensioned Dec 8, 1826. He was paid as late as 1834.

Record Count: 93

Source of Records: The book, Revolutionary War Pensions by Lloyd de Witt Bockstruck; Wikitree