MILITARY: British Army Pensioners Abroad, 1772-1899

This record is of British army veterans who settled abroad with an army pension.  It was the hospital in Chelsea who decided on the entitlement of amount of pension to be paid to discharged veterans with disabilities or long service. The hospital was established in 1692.

Sometimes the effective date of a pension occurred after the death of a soldier because of the vast distances between the hospital and the soldier.

Places of residences are those centres where an officer was appointed overseas, to pay the quarterly pension to the veteran. The veteran did not necessarily live in those centres, towns, etc but usually lived within a 40 mile radius.

7th Battalion of Artillery

Jas Gillespie, pension awarded May 1, 1816 . Residence Cornwall, Ontario Canada, died March 31, 1850. Source: W0120, Vol 70, page 482, Index #8592.

11th Regiment of Foot

Edwd Gillespie, pension awarded Aug 21, 1817, Residence Gibralter.  Source: W0120, Vol 35, page 62, index #30

50th Regiment of Foot

Dens Gillespie, pension awarded Aug 8, 1838.  Residence New South Wales, Australia, died March 27, 1863.  Source: W0120, Volume 69, page 203, Index #4728

Total Records:  3

Source of Record:  British Army Pensioners Abroad, 1772-1899 by Norman Chowder