MILITARY: Loyalists & British Soldiers 1772-1784

Male Gillespie in a letter from Totola, (British Virgin Islands) March 24, 1784 on the state of Carolina Negroes. (British Headquarters Papers)

George Gillespie, Surgeon, 4th Regiment of Foot (Kings Own) at New  York, 1779 listing officers in return of troops

Lieutenant Gillespie at Halifax, Nova Scotia Oct 23, 1778 an overseer in Halifax, a listing of returning troops, engineers and overseers in Nova Scotia.

Lieutenant Hugh Gillespie at New York,  Volunteers of Ireland  (2nd American Regiment) list of officers 1779, return of troops

Lieutenant Gillespie, Volunteers of Ireland (2nd American Regiment), return of troops, wounded at Camden, South Carolina  August 16, 1780

Thomas Gillespie list of bills drawn on Harley & Drummond May 6, 1782, prepared at New York May 31, 1782. 

Thomas Gillespie, residence New York,  coroner’s report Sept 27, 1783 Juror at Inquest,

Source: Library & Archives of Canada

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