MILITARY: Southern Loyalists in the Civil War

“During the American Civil War, the Union invasion of the South created more problems for the pro-Union Southerners. Federal troops had no way to distinguish between these groups. Much property was officially and unofficially confiscated by US forces, and much was wantonly destroyed. Six years after hostilities ended, Congress created a channel for reimbursement of some losses.” Those who made claims included:

Directory of Case Files

George L Gillespie, John M, et al of Rhea County, Tennessee, Commission No 9879. Years 1873 Status A

James A Gillespie, Adams County, Mississippi, Commission No 16206, Class B

James H Gillespie, Shelby County, Tennessee, Commission No 13939. 1877. Class D

Jane A Gillespie, Carroll County, Georgia, Commission No 5758. Class B

John Gillespie, Crawford Co, Arkansas Commission No 6626. 1872. Class D

John C Gillespie, Hamilton Co, Tennessee. Commission No 22181-2. Class B

John H Gillespie, Franklin Co, Tennessee Commission No 15061. Class B

Robert L Gillespie, Washington Co, Tennessee, Commission No 14047. 1878 Class


Class A allowed claim

Class B barred claim

Class D disallowed claim

Claims were to be accepted only from those who

  • held American citizenship
  • resided in a state that seceded
  • could document loyalty to the federal government throughout the conflict; and
  • had suffered official confiscation of goods

Total Records:  8

Source of Records: Book,  Southern Loyalists in the Civil War, The Southern Claims Commission by Gary B Mills.