There were 1, 342 Gillespie soldiers in this war of 158,300 forces. Some states were split with individuals, even from same family, choosing to fight on opposite sides. It was a Union victory. Variant spellings of the last name included: Galaspy,  Galaspie, Gelaspie, Gilespie, Gillespie


The North



The South

George Lewis Gillespie Jr – Southern Leader

Southern Claims for Property Loss After War

Total Gillespie Soldiers: 633. See Newsletter, page 17 for a quick summary, then state by state for individual names, beginning page 4.

  • US Civil War1
    US Civil War1
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    USA Cival War2
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  • USA CivalWar17
    USA CivalWar17

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Also Confederates found later:

Major Henry Day Gillespie birth July 10, 1830. Died Nov 11, 1922 . Buried Red Lodge, Montana

Lafayette Gillespie Buried Alzada, Montana

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Sources:  Military website; publications.