MILITARY: World War I Ireland


Ireland sent 200,000 soldiers of which 49,000 of them died. “Some of the men listed as having died in France actually died in Belgium.”


A Gillespie, Military Service Royal Scots, Regiment 9824, 3rd Battalion.

A Gillespie, Military Service Royal Army Medical Corps, Regiment 34628, 80th Field Company.

Adam Gillespie, Military Service 1915 Northumberland Fusiliers, Regiment 3950, 5th Battalion.

Alexander Gillespie ID 12795. Rifleman.  b Magheramorne, Co Antrim. Royal Irish Rifles, 15th Battn, died Thursday, 1918, June 6. Buried Ham British Cemetery, Muivilette (Ypes)

Andrew Gillespie, birth Monaghan, Ireland. Military Service Army Cyclist Corps,  Regiment 5771


C Gillespie, Military Service North Staffordshire Regiment,  Regiment 42441, 1st Battalion.

Charles Gillespie, ID 42404, 1st Royal Irish Rifles, Rifleman.  Commemorated Ham British Muillevillette. Died 1918, July 31. (Ypes Menen Gate Memorial)

Charles Gillespie, birth 1883 Shankill, Antrim, Ireland. Military service 1914 age 31, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, Regiment 12310, 5th Battalion.

Charles Samuel Glasby, ID 1878, Lance Sergeant. 18th London Reg. (London Irish Rifles). Died 1916 May 23, a Tuesday.

C L Gillespie, military service Regiment 6881, 1st Australian Tunn Company


David Gillespie, Military Service Yorkshire Regiment. Regiment 11211, 3rd Battalion.


E D Gillespie, Military Service Leicestershire Regiment, Regiment TR/6/30498, 51st (Graduated) Battalion

Edward Gillespie, ID 2304322. b 1898, Sept 28, Belfast, Ireland. Served in Canadian Military during World War I – see Canada Military for details.


F Gillespie mentioned on War Memorial. Buried in Drumcliff Cemetery, Co Sligo.

Francis Gillespie, birth 1872 Sligo, Ireland. Military Service 1892, age 20, Kings Own Scottish Borderers, 4223,

Francis Gillespie, ID 174930 (changed from 16476),  Private, Born Portadown, Co Armagh, Ireland. Royal Irish Regiment, Labour Corpos (formerly Royal Inniskilling Fusiers). Died Nov 17, 1917, age 48. Husband of Sarah Gilelspie of 7 Railway St. Portadown, Co Armagh. Buried in Boulogne  Eastern Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France.

Frederick J. Gillespie, from Hillsborough, Co Down. War Memorial.


Geoffry Gillespie, b Ballymoney, Co Antrim, Ireland. Sergeant. The Dorsetshire Reg. 5th Batt. (formerly Royal Irish Dragoon Guards). Died Sunday, Oct 7, 1917. Commemorative Dozingham Military Cemetery, (?country)

George Gillespie, birth 1895 Shankill, Antrim, Ireland. Military Service 1914, age 19,  Royal Irish Rifles, Regiment 197, 13th (Service) Battalion

George Gillespie, Military service Royal Army Medical Corps, Regiment 925

George Brow Gillespie, Military Service Leinster Regiment, Regiment 424377, 28th Battalion.

Gillespie, Military Service Labour Corps, Regiment 484244, No 412th Agricultural Company

G J Gillespie, Military Service London Regiment, Regiment 6590, 3/16th Battalion


Henry Gillespie, Military Service Durham Light Infantry, Regiment 327215, Battalion 5th Reserve Battalion

Henry Gillespie, birth 1896 Belfast, Antrim, Ireland. Military Service  1904, age 18, Royal Garrison Artillery, Regiment 20979

Henry Joseph Gillespie, birth 1884. Military Service 1915, age 31, Regiment 203211, 1/5th Battalion

Hugh Gillespie, birth 1872 Ireland. Residence Belfast, Ireland. Military Service 1918, age 46, South African Infantry, Regiment V344, Battalion Miscellaneous Trades Company, 1st South Afrocan Infantry Brigade

Hugh Gillespie, S/4812, Private, 8th Gordon Highlands, was killed in action on 12th December 1915. Aged 30, he was the son of Hugh & Ellen Gillespie, Glenravel, Ballymena. He was the husband of Margaret Gillespie of 17 Archibald Place, Musselburgh, Midlothian. Virtual Memorial, Ballymena, Ireland

Hugh Gillespie birth 1889, Military service 1912, age 23, Machine Gun Corps, Regiment 16635.


J Gillespie, Military Service Royal Engineers, Regiment 131349, 214th Army Troops Company

J Gillespie, Military Service Northumberland Fusiliers, Regiment 26/935

J Gillespie, Military Service: Cameron  Highlanders, Regiment 9398 2nd Battalion

J Gillespie, Military Service Kings Own Scottish Borders, Regiment 31432, 2nd Battalion.

J Gillespie, Military Service Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, Regiment 2033, 9th Battalion

Jack Frederick Gillespie, ID 331297 born 1897, Oct 26 Belfast, Ireland. Served in Canadian Military during World War I – see Canada Military for details. Living in Toronto, Ontario. Mother Maggie Gillespie with him.

James Gillespie, 41266, Private, 2nd Scottish Rifles (Cameronians), Glasgow Yemonary, Killed in Action March 24, 1918. Born Carmegrim, Ahoghill. Commemoratedon Pozieres Memorial, France and 1st Ahogill Presbyterian Church,  Virtual Memorial, Ballymena, Ireland

James Gillespie, Military Service 1914 Seaforth Highlanders, Regiment 1/MG/7403, 8th Battalion.

James Gillespie or George Atcheson or Smith. Birth 1868 Belfast. Military service 1915 age 47, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, Regiment 22501

James Henry Gillespie served in Canadian Military. His mother still in Belfast during World War I. His residence in Saskatchewan.

John Gillespie, birth 1867 Donegal, Ireland. Military service 1887, age 20, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, Regiment 2407

John Gillespie, birth 1874. Military Service 1915 age 44, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), Regiment 17740, 3rd Battalion

John Gillespie, birth Donegal, Ireland.  Military Service 1886, age 20, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, Regiment 1901

John Gillespie, birth 1885 Cork, Ireland. Military service 1903  age 18,  Royal Horse & Field Artillery, Regiment 32063, Battalion 2nd, 6th Battery. 2nd record gives also 5th Depot, 144th Battalion

John Gillespie, birth 1888, Military service 1907, age 19, Seaforth Highlanders, Regiment 10322

John Drysdale Gillespie, birth 1884. Military service 1915, age 31, Army Service Corps, Regiment M2/151848

Joseph Gillespie, birth 1886 Monaghan, Ireland. Military service 1903, age 17, Royal Irish Fusiliers, Regiment 1670, 5th Battalion.

J R Gillespie, Military Service Army Service Corps


Nelson Gillespie, birth 1885 Shankill, Antrim, Ireland. Military Service 1903, age 18, Royal Irish Rifles, Regiment 7033


Patrick Gillespie ,birth 1874 Sligo, Ireland. Military service 4th (Royal Irish) Dragoon Guards, Regiment 4145,


Robert Gillespie, birth 1880 Tyrone, Ireland. Residence Scotland. Military service 1902, age 22, 15th Hussars, Regiment 15Hrs/4382

Robert Gillespie, birth 1896 Down, Ireland. Military Service 1914, age 18, residence Belfast. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, Regiment 4/3200, 4th Battalion

Robert Gillespie, birth 1897 Down, Ireland. Military Service 1915, age 18, residence Belfast. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, Regiment 4/23892, 4th Battalion

Robert Cecil Victor Gillespie, birth 1898 Antrim, Ireland. Residence Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, Military service 1916, age 18 Regiment Training Reserve, Regiment TR/6/9187, 13th Battalion.

Robert James Gillespie, birth 1880 Shankill, Antrim, Ireland, Military service in 1914 age 34, Royal Engineers, Regiment 57444, 121st Filed Company


Samuel Gillespie birth 1889 Armagh, Ireland. Military service in 1914, age 25 Royal Irish Fusiliers, Regiment 11932, 5th Battalion.

Samuel Gillespie, birth 1891 Armagh, Ireland. Military Service 1919, age 28, Royal Engineers, Regiment WR/288735, Railway Oprerating Division

Samuel Gillespie, birth 1898 Down, Ireland. Military service 1916, age 18, residence Belfast, Royal Irish Fusiliers, Regiment 4/24455, 4th Battalion


T Gillespie, Military Service: Regiment 48108

T Gillespie, Military Service Royal Garrison Artillery, Regiment 3954, 14th Battalion.

Thomas McBarnet Gillespie, birth 1872. Military Service 1891, age 19, Kings Own Scottish Borderers, Regiment 3223, 12th Battalion


W Gillespie, Military Service Royal Army Medical Corps, Regiment 29468

W Gillespie, Military Service Northumberland Fusiliers, Regiment 59023, 23rd Battalion

W Gillespie, Military Service Gordon Highlanders, Regiment S/165057

William Gillespie, birth 1864 Monaghan. Military service in 1901, age 37. Royal Garrison Regiment, Regiment 60.

William Gillespie, birth 1871 Louth, Ireland. Military service 1915, age 44, Army Service Corps, Regiment T/4/062096

William Gillespie, birth 1892 Limerick, Ireland. Military Service 1916 age 24, Royal Army Service Corps, Regiment M/350408, Mechanical Transport

William Gillespie, ID 49017 b 1892, May 19 Belfast, Ireland. Served with Canadian Military during World War I, although his address was given as Belfast.

William Gillespie, birth 1895 Antrim, Ireland. Military service 1914, age 19, Royal Irish Rifles,  Regiment 17709, 12th Battalion

William Gillespie of Belfast, served in Canadian Military during W.W. I.

William Gillespie, ID 159083, born 1897, Jan 1 in Belfast, Ireland. Served in Canadian Military during World War I.  Living in Toronto

William Cochran Gillespie, birth 1896, Military Service 1915, age 19, Royal Field Artillery, Regiment 650988, 328th Brigade


Record Count:  70

Source of Records: Mormon website, United Kingdom, World War I Service Records, 1914-1920