USA: was not in the war yet, but 98% of all males under age 46 had to register. This draft list provides 5,390 Gillespie soldiers. Updated later years.

24 million men were born between 1873 and 1900 and this draft included aliens in the country.  Influenza killed mostly young adults, and many were dead when it came time to register in 1918.

Draft Registration Index  for 1917-1918 lists 6, 557 Gillespies who were called up.


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Albert Caswell Gillespie, ID 2500797, b Chicago May 27, 1883. Residence Montreal, Quebec, but US address 1617 Wells St, Chicago, Illinois. Next of Kin sister Bertha M. Brown of 1617 North Wells St, Chicago, Illinois. Tracklayer. Unmarried.  Attestation at Chicago June 10, 1918. Serving with Canadian troops.

Alexander S Gillespie, white, enlisted from California, USA. died Feb 5, 1918

Alonzo Gillispie, white, enlisted from Mississippi, died Oct 10, 1918.

Alva L Gillespie, 1892-1920 Nebraska

Archie Gillespie, white, enlisted from North Carolina, died Oct 17, 1918

Arthur Gillespie, birth August 16, 1894 Durant, Mississippi, United States, Draft Registration 1917-1918 : Coahoma County, Mississippi, United States


Baylus Gillespie discharged from ASA,  Bluff City, Nevada, Arkansas

Benjamin Walter Gillespie birth Feb 3, 1885 W, Bonneville  “relatives live Campford, Ontario”  (Civil Draft Registration Bonneville Co, Idaho)

Blanton Gillespie, discharged ASA, Pine Bluff, Jefferson Co, Arkansas


Cedric E Gillespie birth July 2, 1890 W Bellevue. Custer, Idaho (Civilian Draft Registration Blaine County, Idaho)

Cedric E Gillespie birth May 26, 1896 W Bellevue ID, (Civil Draft Registration,  Custer Co, Idaho).

C.E. Gillespie Private, 113 F.A., 30th Division. From North Carolina, USA

Charles J Gillespie, white, enlisted from New York, USA, died Nov 6, 1918

Charlie Gillespie discharged ASA Chickalah, Yell Co, Arkansas

Chester Denny Gillespie, birth April 24, 1898 “relatives live in Billings, MT” Boundary, Idaho. (Civil Draft Registration Boundary Co, Idaho)

Claude E Gillespie discharged ASA Van Duzer, Ouachita Co, Arkansas

Claude W Gillespie,  24 5/12 years born Bellevue, Idaho. Residence Stanley, Idaho  April 24, 1917 (General Discharge Card)

Clement J. Gillespie (Dr), died July 4, 1964 from Minnesota. Watonwan Burial. (WWI soldier)

Clyde Gillispie, enlisted from Michigan, USA, died June 26, 1918.

Clyde Raymond Gillespie birth June 13, 1900 W. (Civil Draft Registration Custer Co, Idaho).

Creed Gillespie discharged ASA Pine Bluff, Jefferson Co, Arkansas


Dallie Blain Gillespie. birth March 30, 1893 W Gravette, AZ. (Civil Draft Registration Idaho County, Idaho)

David S Gillespie discharged ASA Tilton, Cross Co, Arkansas

Doak J Gillespie discharged ASA Portia, Lawrence Co, Arkansas


Ed Gillespie, birth June 23, 1897 Youngstown, Ohio, United States. Draft Registration 1917-1918 Youngstown City no 3, Ohio, United States

Edison Forest Gillespie birth May 11, 1878 “relatives live Shady Side, WV” (Civil Draft Registration Owyhee Co, Idaho)

Edward Gillespie, Residence Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Edwin Leonard Gillespie, birth May 14, 1896, Jonesville, Michigan, United States. Draft Registration 1917-1918 Hillsdale County, Michigan, United States

Ernest Gillespie discharged ASA Nodena, Mississippi County, Arkansas

Everitt Gillispie, enlisted from Ohio, USA, died Sept 28, 1918.


Floyd Gillespie, birth March 8, 1882 USA. Draft Registration: District of Columbia no 3, District of Columbia, United States

Francis Ray Gillespie, birth May 26, 1883 USA. Draft Registration 1917-1918 Butte City, Montana, United States

Frank Gillespie, birth Sept 26, 1893 W Johnstone, Lancashire, ENGLAND. Residence lives in Murray, ID (Civil Draft Registration Shoshone County, Idaho)

Frank Gillespie, birth April 12, 1885 USA. Draft Registration 1917-1918 Pend Oreille County, Pierce County no 1, Pierce County no 2, Washington, United States


George Gillespie, birth July 18, 1887  Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, United States. Draft Registration 1917-1918 St. Louis City no 19, Missouri, United States

George Gillespie, ID 2738523, b 1898, July 15, St. Vincent, Mississippi Address 659 Gilmour St. Signed at Ottawa 1918, Oct 4. Served with Canadian troops. 5 ft 6 inches. Brown eyes, Dark Brown hair. Presbyterian.

George Gillespie discharged ASA Star City, Lincoln Co, Arkansas

George Alexander Gillespie, birth July 14, 1873 W Lincoln, Idaho. (Civil Draft Registration Jerome Co, Idaho)

George G Gillespie, white, enlisted from Ohio, USA. died Sept 19, 1918.

Gordon Gillespie, enlisted from Mississippi, died Oct 18, 1918


Harvey Albert Gillespie, birth April 29, 1885 W Twin Falls, Idaho (Civil Draft Registration Twin Falls County, Idaho

Harry Gillespie enlisted from Texas, died Oct 20, 1918

Harry Gillespie  enlisted from Connecticut. Died Nov 1, 1918. Buried  Suresnes American Cemetery, France.

Harry Gillespie, white, enlisted from West Virginia, died May 16, 1919.

Harry J Gillespie, white, enlisted from Pennsylvania, USA, died Nov 15, 1918.

Henry T Gillespie from Georgia, died 1918, Oct 16. 2nd Lieutenant US Army. Buried Meuse Argonne American Cemetery, France.

Hernard J Gillespie 1891 – 1974  -see New York Deaths

Howard L Gillispie, enlisted from Ohio, USA, died Dec 25, 1918. 

Hugh Gillespie birth Jan 2, 1896 W Staples, MN. Valley, Idaho (Civil Draft Registration Valley Co, Idaho)

Hugh F Gillespie birth Jan 2, 1896, Staples, Minnesota. Residence Barber, Idaho April 6,1918 (General Discharge Card)


Ira Gillespie, birth Oct 18, 1877 USA.  Draft Registration 1917-1918 Memphis City no 4, Tennessee, United States


James Clark Gillespie birth Jan 14, 1876 W Nez Perce, Idaho.  (Civilian Draft Registration, Nez Perce County, Idaho.

James E Gillespie, May 29, 1894 North Tonawanda, New York, United States. Draft Registration 1917-1918: Niagara County no 1, New York, United States

James W Gillespie birth April 26, 1892 W Rexburg, Idaho (Civilian Draft Registration Madison County Idaho)

James W Gillespie,  25 3/12 years, birth Rexburg, Idaho, Residence Rexburg, Idaho, August 3, 1917. (General Discharge Card)

Jerry Gillespie, whitefrom Pennsylvania, died 1918, Aug 11. Buried Oisne-Aisne American Cemetery, France.

John Gillespie 1883 – 1960 Nebraska

John Carl Gillespie birth Dec 16, 1877 W, Nez Pierce Idaho (Civilian Draft Registration, Nez Pierce County, Idaho).

John Wesley Gillespie, birth Aug 10, 1898 USA. Draft Registration 1917-1918 Hamilton County no 2, Tennessee, United States


Lemaule A Gillespie birth Jan 21, 1893 W Culver, KS. Minidoka, Idaho. (Civil Draft Registration Minidoka County, Idaho)

Lewis Gillispie, enlisted from West Virginia, died Oct 10, 1918.

Llewellyn Gillespie, birth May 28, 1898 W, (Civilian Draft Registration Madison County, Idaho)


Marion A Gillespie birth Oct 15, 1895 W Culver, Kansas. Minidoka, Idaho. (Civil Registration Draft Minidoka County, Idaho) See next record.

Marrion A Gillispie  birth Oct 15, 1894 Culver, Kansas. Residence Rupert, Idaho. July 26, 1918 (General Discharge Card).

Martin L Gillespie birth June 3, 1876 W Bonneville, Idaho (Civil Draft Registration Bonneville Co, Idaho)

Matthew L Gillespie, white, enlisted from Bibb Co, Alabama. Died Oct 14, 1918. Died of wounds. Body returned to his father, James Gillespie, AL.

Max  W Gillespie discharged ASA Rawlison, St Francis Co, Arkansas

Mineyard G Gillespie birth Jan 2, 1887 W Horseshoe, NV. (Civil Draft Registration Idaho County, Idaho)

Morgan B Gillespie, birth Dec 1, 1885 USA. Draft Registration 1917-1918 Henry County, Ohio, United States


Oble B Gillespie discharged ASA Bluff City, Nevada Co, Arkansas


Patrick Gillespie birth Aug 12, 1887 W Shannun, Donegal, IRELAND. Residence Shoshone Co, Idaho (Civil Draft Registration Shoshone Co, Idaho)

Paul Fenton Gillespie, birth March 13, 1890 Coin, Iowa, United States. Draft Registration: Fresno County no 1, California, United States

Peter Gillespie, birth Feb 15, 1895 Donagol, Ireland. Draft Registration 1917-1918 Everett City, Massachusetts, United States


Ralph Gillespie, white,  enlisted from California, USA died Sept 29, 1918 

Ray Filmore Gillespie, birth Feb 25, 1891 Leicester, North Carolina, United States. Draft Registration 1917-1918 Buncombe County no 2, North Carolina, United States

Raymond S Gillespie, birth Feb 14, 1881 Caro, Michigan, United States, Draft Registration 1917-1918: Pend Oreille County, Pierce County no 1, Pierce County no 2, Washington, United States

Reginald G Gillespie, birth June 8, 1900 W (Civilian Draft Registration Madison County Idaho)

Robert J Gillespie from Ohio, died  1918, Oct 7. Buried Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, France

Roy M Gillespie, white enlisted from Ohio, USA. Died Feb 3, 1919

Rufus Gillespie , coloured, from Texas, died 1918, Sept 21. Private, US Army. Buried Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, France


Samuel A Gillespie enlisted from Pennsylvania  died 1918, Oct 20. Buried Meruse-Argonne American Cemetery, France.


Theo Payton Gillespie birth abt 1873. “Relative lives Upland WV”.  (Civil Draft Registration, Cassia Co, Idaho)

Thomas Anthony Gillespie, birth Dec 10, 1883 USA. Draft Registration:   McDowell County no 1, West Virginia, United States

Thomas Wilbur Gillespie, birth Sept 21, 1891 Lawrenceville, Illinois, USA. Draft Registration 1917-1918 Lawrence County, Illinois, United States


Vernon V Gillespie birth Feb 14, 1896 Rexburg, Idaho. Residence Rexburg, Idaho. Oct 22, 1918 (Civilian Draft Registration Madison County Idaho); General Discharge Card)

Victor V Gillespie, 24 8/12 years. Birth Madison, Nebraska. Residence Gooding, Idaho. June 28, 1918 (General Discharge Card)


Walter Gillespie, birth Feb 15, 1876 USA. Draft Registration 1917-1918 Iredell County, North Carolina, United States

Walter Roy Gillespie, birth Nov 1, 1889 Harris, California, United States. Draft Registration 1917-1918: Sonoma County no 2, California, United States

Ward Rulison Gillespie birth Oct 31, 1889 W Pairish, NY. (Civil Draft Registration Clark Co, Idaho).  Note: also listed under Fremont County for draft, same birth date.

Wendall Philip Gillespie, birth March 6, 1890 W Leicester, NC. (Civil Draft Registration Lewis Co, Idaho)

Wilbert C Gillespie 1895 – 1940 See Pennsylvania Death Records

William H Gillispie, white, enlisted from West Virginia, died Oct 15, 1918.

William Simpson Gillespie, birth July 17, 1888 Simpson, Kentucky, United States. Draft Registration 1917-1918  Simpson County, Kentucky, United States

William L Gillespie, white, enlisted from Indiana, USA, died Oct 7, 1918. 

William L Gillespie, awarded the Silver Star,  serving with the 118th Infantry Regiment, 30th Division, near Montbrehain, FRANCE  Oct 5 – 20, 1918 in personally leading his battalion, and in assisting in the reorganization of depleted companies.

W. L. Gillespie from Indiana, died Oct 6, 1918. Buried Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, France.

Harold Gillespie GRAY, birth Sept 10, 1891 W Emma, Colorado. Residence Twin Falls. (Civil Draft Registration Twin Falls County, Idaho)

Walter Gillespie MANN, birth Jan 31, 1884 W Valley Co, Idaho (Civil Draft Registration Valley Co, Idaho)

Record Count: 93

Source of Records: Mormon website, United States, World War I American Expeditionary Forces Deaths, 1917-1919; United States World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918. Idaho State Archives Adjutant General Discharge Cards. Civil Draft Registrations