Adegem Canadian War Cemetery, Madlegem Oost-Vianndurst, BELGIUM

Arthur James (“A. J.”) Gillespie, ID C/50798, Canadian Gunner, 14th Field Reg. b Nov 12, 1920 Died Oct 27, 1944, s/o Hugh & Mary  Fraser Gillespie of Smith Falls, Ontario Canada.

Ardennes American Cemetery, Neupre, BELGIUM

Dana D Gillespie, ID 35847839, Private 1st Class, US Army, 23rd Infantry, 2nd Infantry Division, Entered service from West Virginia. Died Dec 18, 1944. Buried Plot D, Row 28, Grave 15. Awarded the Purple Heart.

Gorace J Gillespie, ID 18052560 Died March 6, 1944, 748th Bomber Squadron, 457th Bomber Group, Heavy. Staff Sergeant. Entered from Oklahoma. Plot C, Row 23, Grave 21. Awarded the Purple Heart.

Marcus R Gillespie, ID O-689230 First Lieutenant. US Air Forces. 410th Fighter Squadron, 373rd Fighter Group. Entered from Kentucky. Died Nov 20, 1944. Plot A Row 11 Grave 2.

Comines (Komen) Communal Cemetery, BELGIUM

James Gillespie, Private, ID 5952970, Royal Warwickshire Regiment. United Kingdom. Died May 21, 1940.

Heverlee War Cemetery, BELGIUM

William James Gillespie, Fusilier ID 6975630, Royal Irish Fusliers. United Kingdom. Died May 19, 1940.


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