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Andrew Henry Gillespie, ID 35711, Private. New Zealand Infantry, 19th Bn. Died June 28, 1942, age 28. s/o Mr & Mrs Sydney Phillip Gillespie of Wellington City, NZ, husband o f Freda Gwendoline Gillespie. Burial El Alamein War Cemetery, EGYPT. Grave 13. A. 10

Douglas Charles Andrew Gillespie, Sergeant, ID 4215123. Royal New Zealand Air Force, Died March 16, 1945. Buried Middleton Holy Trinity Old Cemetery, Nova Scotia, CANADA

John Gillespie, Lance Corporal, Service ID 106+15. New Zealand Infantry. Died May 26, 1941, age 34. Buried Phaleron War Cemetery, GREECE.

Robert Bruce Gillespie of New Zealand, Sergeant, Royal NZ Air Force, ID 427421. Died Aug 20, 1944, age 23. s/o Robert & Catherine Gillespie of Auckland City, NZ. Remembered on Bourail Memorial, Panel 7. NEW CALEDONIA (north of New Zealand). Has no known grave.

Record Count: 4

Source of Records: Mormon website, Imperial War Museum

See Also book:   New Zealand in the Second 
World War, The Pacific by Oliver A Gillespie

Note:  Many Gillespie women in New Zealand married WW II soldiers whose last names are not listed in these military records. It is their children who are now dying off because they are in their 70s and 80s.  Who will interview these last remaining war folk to preserve the heritage they know ? Do you know if your history includes a Gillespie? Additional other last names will be added as more marriage records found.

Gillespie women married into the following last names in the war period of 1939 to 1945: Adams; Alderton;  Allison; Arthur; Bethune; Brady; Bell; Boyes; Cash; Castles, Challis,  Chiles, Coll, Cook,’ Culver; Davis; Day; Eltringham;  Fogerty; Forbes;  Fryer;  Haig; Halliday; Hamilton; Hancock;  Harding; Harland; Harper; Hayward; Hutchins; Jackson; Keun; James; Kaye; Kennedy; Kirkwood; Lamb; Looney; MacIntyre;  McInnes; Metcalf; McLean; Miles; Monzari; Murphy; Pennington;  Richmond; Shirley;  Simeon; Snow; Taylor; Turfey; Watson; Webb; Williams; Win; Whitford; Wright.