EARLY RECORDS:   MAP #1  Property of William Gillespie, Thomas Clifford and Saml Gillespie in Carleton Co, Ontario, and John Mulligan  Nepean Co.  Prior to 1858.


Name: Saml. Gillespie
Arrival year: 1829
Arrival Place: Ottawa
Primary Immigrant: Gillespie, Saml
Source Publication Code: 1824.15
Annotation: Date and place where petition was signed recommending poor families to whom the British government could advance passage money enabling them to immigrate to Upper Canada. Extracted from microfilm reel B-945, Colonial Office series 384, at the National Arc

Here is 1851 census Canada West

Name: Saml Galespie
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Estimated birth year: abt 1812
Birthplace: Ireland
Province: Canada West (Ontario)
District: Carleton County
District Number: 4
Sub-District: Gloucester
Sub-District Number: 25
Household Members:
Name Age
Saml Galespie 40


MAP #2    Saml Gillespie Sr sells his land and disappears. William’s son John, takes over the family farm of his father, William.



1871 census of Gloucester, Carleton Co, Ontario

John Gillespie 30
Elizabeth Ann Gillespie 28
William Gillespie 2


1881 census Gloucester Twp, Carleton Co, Ontario

Name Age
John Gellsepy 40
Elizabeth Gellsepy 40
William Gellsepy 12
John Gellsepy 11
James Gellsepy 9
Samuel Gellsepy 6
Nathen Gellsepy 4
George Gellsepy 2

Marriage 2: (

Name: John Gillespie
Birth Place: Gloucester
Marriage Date: 19 Jun 1901
Marriage Place: Carleton, Ontario, Canada
Father: William Gillespie
Mother: Elizabeth Atkinson
Spouse: Mary Clifferd


DEATH NOTICE:  Gillespie, Mrs Elizabeth Ann, age 57, of Ireland, wife of John Gillespie of Gloucester (Ottawa Journal Jan 4, 1898, p 7) She was born in Ireland about 1842. d/o John Mulligan and Eliza Boyd.

DEATH:   “John Gillespie, age 76, May 5th (year uncertain) buried in an unmarked grave in a small cemetery on Metcalf Road about five miles south of the area where he lived. There was a Jewish cemetery beside it and deep woods nearby.”  His daughter, Ruth Amy Gillespie (later Mrs Talmidge), was 12 years old when he died, meaning 1904 + 12= 1916. John was born May 4, 1840 from census records. Interview notes of Ruth Amy’s conversation. Ruth was John’s daughter.

DEATH ” 1935, Mary Clifford Gillespie died, buried in the same cemetery as John.  Her children by William Clifford produced:

  • Edith Clifford married Herb Bailey. Their children were: Harry, Mildred, Laura, Bessie (seen in family photo)
  • Earnest Clifford was killed overseas at age 19
  • Davis Clifford
  • Alice Clifford

My Father’s Siblings & Family Members


MARRIAGE:  William Gillespie, age 25 residence Nepean, born Gloucester, bachelor, a lockman, Rideau Canal, s/o John and Betsy, married Lena Shore, age 22, residence and birth Goulburn, d/o James and Martha. Married Oct 24, 1893 in Ottawa. Witnesses Thomas Shore of Goulburn and Lizzie Donaldson, Ottawa. Presbyterian. Re Wm Moore. License. (Reel 77, MS 932).

Name: William Gillespie
Marriage Date: 24 Oct 1893
Marriage Place: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Spouse: Lena Shore
Name: William Gillespie
Age: 25
Birth Year: abt 1868
Birth Place: Gloucester O
Marriage Date: 24 Oct 1893
Marriage Place: Carleton, Ontario, Canada
Father: John Gillespie
Mother: Betsy Gillespie
Spouse: Lena Shore
Name: William Gillespie
Gender: Male
Age: 74
Birth Date: 5 Sep 1868
Birth Place: Ontario
Death Date: 23 Feb 1943
Death Place: Windsor, Essex, Ontario, Canada
Father: John Gillespie
Mother: Mary Gillespie
Spouse: Bulah Sheply Gillespie

BIRTH: Gillespie, Gordon Harold, born Ottawa, 1894, Dec 30   Microfilm 204977-95

BIRTH: Gillespie, Douglas Shore born Nepean Twp, 1896, Dec 26, Microfilm 027014-96

BIRTH: Gillespie, M. Ann Wiltena born Nepean Twp 1900, Aug 27


Name: Miriam Gillespie
Age: 20
Birth Year: abt 1901
Birth Place: Hazeldean, Ontario
Marriage Date: 29 Jun 1921
Marriage Place: Carleton, Ontario, Canada
Father: William Gillespie
Mother: Lena Shore
Spouse: Harold Scharf
Name: Horace Maynard Gillespie
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Birth Year: abt 1902
Birth Place: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Marriage Date: 16 Apr 1932
Marriage Place: Windsor, Essex, Ontario, Canada
Father: William Gillespie
Mother: Lena Gillespie
Spouse: Florence Gertrude Sybil Blakemore

CENSUS 1901 Nepean, Carleton County, District 52. Microfilm T-6462:

  • William Gillespie, head, married born Sept 5, 1868, age 32
  • Lena Gillespie, wife, married, born April 30, 1871, age 29
  • Douglas S. Gillespie, son, single, born Dec 26, 1896, age 4
  • Myra Gillespie, daughter, single born Aug 27, 1900, age 7/12
  • Catherine Buckingham, domestric, single, born March 22, 1835, age 66

BIRTH:  Horace Maynord Gillespie born Nepean Twp March 10, 1902 (Microfilm: 311748-02)

BIRTH: Dorothy Mildred Gillespie

ame: Dorothy Mildred Gillespie
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Birth Year: abt 1911
Marriage Date: 22 Aug 1936
Marriage Place: Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada
Father: William Gillespie
Mother: Lena Gillespie
Spouse: Edward Leslie Corman

CENSUS 1911 Goulburn

  • Gillespie, William, head, married, b Sept 1868, age 42
  • Gillespie, Lena, wife, married, bon April 1871, age 40
  • Gillespie, Douglas I. Gillespie, son, single, born Dec 1896, age 14
  • Gillespie, Marrion, daughter, single, born April 1900, age 10
  • Gillespie, Morry?, son, single, born March 1902, age 9
  • Gillespie, Dorthy M?, daughter, single, born June 1911, age 12/365

MARRIAGE RECORD:  Miriam Gillespie married Bells Corners 1921, June 29, Microfilm 008514-21 Newspaper Announcement as follows:

(Hazaldean) On June 29 Miss Mariam Gillespie to Harold Scharf of March (June 19, 1921, p 5, Col 2)


Edward Leslie CORMAN, b 6 Jly 1912, Stoney Creek, ON, m 22 Aug 1926, Hamilton, ON. Dorothy Mildred Gillespie, b 13 June 1911 Stittsville. Issue Barbara Leslie  (Mildred lived at 16 Lydia Street, Hamilton, when I interviewed her).

Barbara Leslie CORMAN, b 28 Nov 1936 Hamilton, ON m1 14 June 1958 Hamilton, ON Edward Michael JAMES. m2  7 June 1963 Hamilton, ON Hubert Lloyd HEWITT, b 30 May 1923. Grenfall, SA. Issue Michael Edward Truman, b 22 Sept 1960. Kevin David Truman b 9 April 1962

CEMETERY RECORD, Hazaldean Maple Grove Cemetery, Plot 5

  • In Memory of:
  • Gordon Harold Gillespie died Aug 11, 1899, aged 4 years, 11 months.
  • William Buckingham died Dec 15, 1913, age 79
  • His wife, Catherine Buckingham died Jan 1, 1923, age 89.

Also in cemetery:  Wm Thomas Shore 1864-1943. His wife F Etta Bradley 1875-1952. Their daughter Lyla Marjorie Shore 1907-1909.

DEATH: Mrs William Gillespie at Windsor formerly of Stittsville, on Friday, nee LENA SHORE. Lvs, husband, 2 sons, 2 daughters, 3 sisters. Int. Windsor. (Published November 24, 1938, page 1, col 2 & Dec 8, 1938, p 8, col 3) Note: Buried  Green Lawn Cemetery, Windsor.

William Gillespie is buried in Ameliasburg, outside Windsor.


MARRIAGE:  John Gillespie, age 22, of Nepean, born Gloucester, bachelor, farmer, s/o John Gillespie and Betsy Ann Mulligan, married Elizabeth COOKE, 22, of Nepean, Ontario born Ottawa, spinser, d/o John Cooke and Ellen Halfpenny. Sept 24, 1892 Ottawa. Witnesses Wm Gillespie, Nepean, Letitia Mulligan. Presbyterian. Rev Wm Moore. License.  (MS 932, Reel 74, ID 102268-4)

BIRTH:  Ethel Gillespie, Ottawa, born 1893, Aug 25

BIRTH:  Hilda Muriel Gillespie, born Ottawa 1895, July 12 (Microfilm 005466-95)

DEATH:  Muriel Hilda Gillespie, infant daughter of John, age 3, of Ottawa (Ottawa Journal Feb 3, 1899, p3)

CENSUS 1901, Wellington Ward, Ottawa City, District 100, Microfilm T-6488

  • Gillespie, John, head, married, age 30, born Jan 22, 1871
  • Gillespie, Elizabeth, wife, married, age 30, born Sept 1, 1870
  • Gillespie, Ethel M. daughter, single, age 7, born Aug 25, 1893.

CENSUS 1911, Ottawa, Capital Ward

  • Gillespie, John age 38, married. born Jan 1873
  • Gillespie, Elizabeth, age 35, wife, married, born Sept 1875
  • Gillespie, Ethel, age 19, daughter, single, born Aug 1891

MARRIAGE:  Gillespie, Ethel married Ottawa 1911, Dec 8. (microfilm 002802-11)


Name: James Gillespie
Age: 28
Birth Year: abt 1873
Birth Place: Billings Bridge
Marriage Date: 3 Sep 1901
Marriage Place: Carleton, Ontario, Canada
Father: John Gillespie
Mother: Elizabeth Mulligan
Spouse: Ella Cummings

MARRIAGE:  James Gillespie, age 28, residence  married Ottawa, place of birth Billings Bridge, bachelor, occupation fireman and carpenter. Parents John Gillespie and  Elizabeth Mulligan, Witnesses Manuel Bradley, residence Hazaldean, married at St Paul’s Church, Hazaldean 15 May 1902, by Rev J. A. Shaw. License. Bridge Ella CUMMINGS, age 26, residence Hazaldean, born Hazaldean, spinster, daughter of John Cummings and Eliza Parker.

BIRTH: William Edward Gillespie born Ottawa 1902, April 26 (Microfilm: 010827-02)

BIRTH:  Wm Edward Gillespie, April 1902, s/o James Gillespie, fireman and Eliza Ella Cummings, 215 Strathmond

BIRTH:  Phyllis Graham Gillespie, born Ottawa 1904, July 26 (Microfilm 0014310-04)

CENSUS:  1911 Ottawa

  • Gillespie, James, head, married born Nov 1872, age 38
  • Gillespie, Ella, wife, married, born July 1875, age 35
  • Gillespie, William, son, single, age 9, born April 1902
  • Gillespie, Philip, son, single, age 6, born July 1904 (?Phyllis)
  • Gillespie, Eric, son, single, age 2, born May 1909 (died of TB in 1943) Wife Phoebe from Carls Bad Springs. Son Barrie.

Ella was a great sewer, a very dainty person. She died a clot in her jugular vein

James died of stomach cancer in the early 1970s.  Buried Pinecrest Cemetery with other family members, Nepean Twp.


Name: Martha Gillespie
Age: 22
Birth Year: abt 1877
Birth Place: Gloucester
Marriage Date: 11 Jul 1899
Marriage Place: Carleton, Ontario, Canada
Father: John Gillespie
Mother: Elizabeth Ann Mulligan Gillespie
Spouse: John Shore

MARRIAGE:  Martha Gillespie married Billings Bridge 1899, July 11 (Microfilm 003819)

MARRIAGE:  Martha Gillespie, age 22, of Gloucester, born Gloucester, spinster, Presbyterian, d/o John Gillespie and Elizabeth Ann Mulligan, married John Shore, age 31, of Ottawa, born Stittsville, (?widower), carpenter, Church of England, s/o James Shore and Martha Buckingham,  1899,  July 11. Witnesses James Gillespie, Ottawa, Martha Shore Stittville. By Rev J. D. Morrison, Nepean, License.

CENSUS 1901 Wellington Ward, Ottawa, District 100. Microfilm T-6488

  • Shore, John, head, married, age 33, born Dec 27, 1869
  • Shore, Martha G., wife, married, age 24, born March 11, 1877
  • Shore, Edna M. daughter, single, age 1, born Oct 26, 1899
  • Shore, Richard, brother, age 32, single, born April 10, 1868
  • Shore, George, single, boarder, age 22, born Oct 7, 1878
  • Shore, Martha, sister, single, age 28, born Feb 14, 1873

CENSUS 1911, Nepean Twp, Carleton Co.

  • Shore, John, head, married, age 44, born Dec 1866
  • Shore, Martha, wife, married, age 34, born March 1877
  • Shore,  Edna, daughter, single, age 11, born Oct 1899
  • Shore, Mina, daughter, single, age 9, born June 1907
  • Shore, Madelaine, daughter, age 4, single, born Jan 1907
  • Shore, Bessie, daughter, age 1, single, born Aug 1909

5. SAMUEL GILLESPIE – MY FATHER – see separate section  he married several times:

Name: Samuel Gillespie
Age: 28
Birth Year: abt 1875
Birth Place: Billings Bridge Co Carleton
Marriage Date: 23 Dec 1903
Marriage Place: Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry, Ontario, Canada
Father: John Gillespie
Mother: Elizabeth Ann Hulligan Gillespie
Spouse: Amy Jane Hyndman

Minnie Gillespie of Morewood, d/o William Gillespie & Lucy Beach. Cifford was her brother.

Name: Clifford Beach Beach Gillespie
[Clifford Beach Gillespie
Age: 25
Birth Year: abt 1892
Birth Place: Morewood, Ontario
Marriage Date: 6 Oct 1917
Marriage Place: Carleton, Ontario, Canada
Father: William Gillespie
Mother: Lucy Emmeline Beach Gillespie
Spouse: Florence Beatrice Lemoine
Name: Samuel Gillespie
Gender: Male
Age: 59
Birth Year: abt 1875
Birth Place: Billings Bridge Ontario
Residence: 151 Gillard Ave. Toronto
Marriage Date: 29 Sep 1934
Marriage Place: Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada
Father: John Gillespie
Mother: Elizabeth Ann Gillespie
Spouse: Maude Evelyn Locke



Name: George Gillespie
Age: 23
Birth Year: abt 1879
Birth Place: Gloucester, Ontario
Marriage Date: 15 Apr 1902
Marriage Place: Carleton, Ontario, Canada
Father: John Gillespie
Mother: Elizabeth Anne Mulligan Gillespie
Spouse: Martha Shore

CENSUS 1901 – George is missing from Ontario census.

BIRTH:  Owen Verral Gillespie born Toronto 1906, May 26 (Microfilm 006218-06)

CENSUS 1911: Ottawa

  • Galespie, George, head, married, age 32, born Oct 1878
  • Galespie, Martha, wife, married, age 38, born Feb 1873
  • Galespie, Edrie, son, single, age 8, born Jan 1903
  • Galespie, Lola, daughter, single, age 6, born July 1904
  • Galespie, Verril, son, single, age 5, born April 1906
  • Galespie, Elwood, Son, Single, age 2, born Aug 1908 (moved to Florida)
  • Galespie, Kathline, daughter, single, age 11/12 born July 1900?  (possible error)

FAMILY TOMBSTONE, Nepean Twp & Cemetery records:


  • George 1878-1968, Oct 22                          Martha 1872-1951, March 31