Ontario Tombstone: Mabel (Miller) Gillespie, St Michael’s Cemetery, Coe Hill, Ontario

Tombstone Mabel Gillespie
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Mabel Miller
Mom as a young woman
Mabel Miller wedding July 8, 1943
Mabel Miller wedding in Toronto


Mom and her two children, 1945[4878]
1945  With her children: Sam & baby Norma
Sam Gillespie
Sam Gillespie
Mom and her little children
Mom and her little children. Sam was going to private boarding school, wearing his school uniform. Norma beside him and Glennie in front left side in front of Mom
Our family when young
Our family when young
Our Toronto Home
Our Toronto Home

Moved to Coe Hill in 1952My beautiful picture

Family at the Deer River

Back at the Deer River: Mom, Sam standing, with Norma & Glenn on ground

Mabel & her sister Winnie & Dave Ross at the farm
Mabel & her sister Winnie & Dave Ross at the Coe Hill farm
Mom and her three children, Bancroft
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Glenn, Norma, Mabel, Sam at Bancroft Museum Park about 1985

Mom & her grandchildren
Mom & her grandchildren: left to right: Sam’s girl Christine Gillespie holding Norma’s daughter, Rebecca McLean, Sam’s son, Grant Gillespie in the middle with Glenn’s children Left to Right and down: Daniel, Ryan and Terri Gillespie.  Missing, Norma’s son, Evan McLean born later.
Mom as an older senior4882
Mom in her senior years, Bancroft, Ontario at Riverside Chateau and later Hastings Centennial Manor.
Mom's Funeral
Mom’s Funeral

Left to Right: Mom’s sister’s family: Dave Ross, daughters Robin, and Linda, with Mom’s sister, Winnie,  peaking from behind.

McLean family: Evan, Rebecca and Norma, with Allan behind

Tall Sam Gillespie in background middle with his family: wife Heather beside Norma, son Grant, wife Loreen behind Heather.

Glenn Gillespie family, he in back beside son Ryan, wife Carolyn in middle in front of them, and Daniel  & Terri on far right front.

Missing: Sam’ s daughter, Christine (Olhauser) & family in Alberta.


Mabel Miller was the oldest daughter of a Toronto policeman, Frank Miller and his wife Martha Harvey