Easy Patterns to Sew or Knit

A)  A simple cloth doll:  enlarge the pattern provided to the size of doll you want by simply extending the lines and matching them to the opposite squares on the page.  If you zoom the diagram, it  will enlarge the item, which you can then print.

Cut out the paper pattern,  and trace onto material twice,  for a front and back of the doll. Both pieces should be identical when held together. Trim as needed to make sure of that.  Fabric of material  should be soft and in a neutral colour that is good for either a boy or a girl who will receive it.

Add pins to join the the two pieces together around the edges before starting to sew them together on a machine. Leave about a 1/4 inch border from edge of material as you sew. This creates a seam.

About three quarters of the way around the perimeter, stop. Cut machine thread. Turn material inside out,  so the seam disappears inside doll. Stuff area inside with foam chips,  or whatever you prefer. Must be washable material to dry easily. Lots of stuffing will make a harder touch to the finished doll; medium amount of stuffing will help it give and take a bit.

Hand sew the rest of the perimeter around to meet the machine sewed section while continuing to stuff doll, thus sealing the stuffing inside.

Doll Pattern

Below is a picture of a lovely soft doll that I bought at a dollar store, which uses this simple body outline. Added features and clothes make it very attractive.  The doll was too big for my scanner to copy all of it, but you can see the rounded hands on the arms, etc. In this larger doll, the legs are added separately to the body by being sew in with the lower edge of the body.  The arms were also handled this way.

My six year old granddaughter is now interested in dressing and undressing her dolls. So, one can always  create some clothes for a doll  to give greater pleasure to an older child.

B.  Toddler Sweater

I am currently kitting this toddler sweater from an old pattern to work out the kinks before posting it.  There are lots of more complicated designs, but not the purpose of this page. Keep it simple and easy to make.  Needs three buttons.   Three sizes  from baby to age 24 months.

Other patterns being considered as I hunt through the one I have and booklets. I prefer to knit than crochet.  Some items are easier to make with a sewing machine.

baby’s bib

baby’s blanket

baby’s warm hat

baby & toddler mitts