by Norma Gillespie, Author

These volumes were prepared over my life time to reflect my interest in different subject areas. Although not offering a book store on this website, some of these volumes may be available upon request. Original covers may have changed.


A welcomed volume for gatherings at the Christmas season, with all the words to 69 popular and Christian songs. No music.

38 popular songs and hymns of the Christian faith for use in church pews, fellowship gatherings,  with a quick index.


54 pages of favourite, home recipes, grocery shopping list, inventory of supplies needed, and many tips for the young cook. Alternative cover words available using Cookbook For My Son, or Cookbook For My Family. Indexed.


An introductory course for new beginners. Instructor’s manual. Covers the basics.


Birth, Marriage and Deaths Indexes available for Ontario Gillespie microfilmed records from the Archives of Ontario.  Each of these three indexed volumes are arranged the same way in three divisions: by record date, by record locations,  and then by first name of individuals.  A handy reference guide used multiple times in personal family history research. All these individual records are now on this website under Canada, Ontario.


Miller Family History, the parents of my mother, with story of their lives and family photos of several generations;  charts, maps, records. Intended for family members with limited background on this history. See cover below.

2021 printed volume of a collaboration with my two brothers about our childhood and youth growing up in a small village in Ontario. Personal stories with family photos. Genealogy charts. See above.


The most important volume I have ever done, repeated at three different times while  building my knowledge.  An in-depth  study of world history timeline, reviewing history beginning with the first man,  Adam, then past the rise of  ancient  empires to King David then on to the Roman Empire and the days of Jesus the Messiah. Untangling  Biblical conflicts for myself and studying current  archaeological discoveries.  Finding answers for my Christian faith especially through a study of Judaism and its unique customs. Challenging. Not a story, but charts of different time periods with multiple notes on each one.  Handy reference for listing of kings and relating prophets to the period in which they lived.

A study guide from Scripture to reveal the three beliefs of the Church today about divorce and remarriage, but encouraging participants to read each Scriptures on the subject for themselves. Promoting discussion such as:  May I remarry without sinning? What about abuse, separation, infidelity?  Room to write notes in workbook.  An open ended discussion, not promoting any one belief over another, but offering hope and compassion. Volume discount for student workbooks.

The Gospel of Luke – study guide with workbook. No longer available.