Most recent information added to bottom of this list.

Beginning balance of all records posted to this site at end of first year:  16,937 as of Jan 1st, 2018.


Month of January  

GOALS, VISION, FOCUS – Miscellaneous check of all links, and review of interest by visitors to this website. Working systematically down country list on left menu bar adding records to each one, then repeating. Unifying appearance so all dates prior to  1850 are highlighted (e.g.1849 and 1850) for easier research of oldest records.

AFRICA & ASIA– just finished during Dec 2017 – now added a few more South Africa Birth Records. New:  PHILIPPINES home page added)

AUSTRALIA – continuing  NSW Birth and Death Records; New:  Birth Records Western Australia

CANADA: Newfoundland  & Labrador home page with 1921 census and listing of early inhabitants

CARIBBEAN:  Added records for Barbados

ENGLAND– adding more Marriage Records. Stopped at 450 entries, more to be added later.

EUROPE: one record each for Denmark, Germany, Italy. Extremelly few records seem to be available for Gillespies in Europe other than military records, so added links to those for some countries.  A Gillespie born in Denmark is listed on 1850 census for Alabama, USA


Counties: Kerry, Kings, Longford, Queens, Tipperary, Wexford – new county pages begun with only a few records each, so held in private at this time, not yet ready to be published

Out of office…..

IRELAND: Finished 1911 census Co Sligo; added 99 death records for Gillespies of Co Tyrone.

NEW ZEALAND:   a few more marriage records

SCOTLAND: Few Dumfries Gillespie death records; Fifeshire Monument & Deaths;

CAN YOU HELP IDENTIFY ANY OF THE PEOPLE IN THIS PHOTO ca 1919 Edinburgh, Scotland?  The wedding of Marjory Lenore Gillespie & George Moir. This couple later immigrated to Edmonton area of Alberta, Canada.

PHOTO Marjory Lenore Gillespie Wedding (groom George Moir) circa 1919

IRELAND: 1911 census Co Tyrone; added 61 death records for Co Armagh.

Gillespie Name origins (not yet posted)

SCOTLAND 1841 Police Report in Glasgow; Gillespie Biographies.

Month of February

USA focus the whole month of February:

  • Alabama Home Page just released: includes Gillespie Marriages, 1850 Census (first census that lists all family members). Links to even earlier census on USA home page.
  • Connecticut – added 60 Death Records
  • Delaware – rechecked marriages. Began Death Records
  • Florida – new home page & 104 marriage records
  • Georgia – 68 more Gillespie marriages
  • Kentucky: new home page; 68 marriage records
  • Maryland – more marriage records. Reviewed Gillespie early history from 1700s, especially linked to wills and other states.
  • Massachusetts – more marriage records
  • New Hampshire – more marriage & death records
  • New Jersey – added 73 more marriage records
  • New York – added 31 Marriage records and 19 death records
  • North Carolina – Added 63 more marriages
  • Ohio – Youngstown 1889-90 Business Directory & Added 102 Ohio Marriage Records
  • Filming Gillespie Tombstones in Ontario
  • Gathering eyeglasses for Africa

Month of March

  • Military: Added more Chelsea Pensioner’s Service Records 1766-1912 (United Kingdom)
  • Military:  Merchant Seaman 1835-1941 United Kingdom
  • Added a video about DNA on that special page.
  • Military:  Upper Canada Militia, 1828, 1829
  • Military : Recovered records for American Revolution. Somehow it was deleted by accident
  • Military: War of 1812 between Canada and USA
  • Added 390 more immigration records
  • Just beginning World War II USA Army enlistment records
  • Ireland:  More Death Records for Co Antrim (14); Belfast  (18); Co Fermanagh (23); Co Donegal (9);Co Londonderry (6);
  • More Immigration Records (44)
  • Added 88 more passenger lists.
  • Added 24 more birth records for South AFRICA
  • Military: World War II Enlistment Records, USA letter W first names (a huge project)
  • Ireland:  1911 census Co Mayo

Month of April – Happy Easter. HE is Risen!

  • Current work – 1911 census Co Down
  • Out of office, travelling
  •  1911 census Co Down done
  • Gathering collection boxes of eye glasses for Zambia, Africa:  Chitokoloki Mission Hospital Eye  Clinic – link to website ended

CANADA, Ontario:

  • Birth Records (175) from Toronto to Grey County
  • Early Jail Occupants
  • Ontario Post Office Officials
  • Upper Canada Land Grant Petitions
  • Surrogate Court Records Index 1859-1900

Alberta: Dominion Land Grants, 1870-1930 W4, &  W5 & W6 towards the mountains

Saskatchewan:  Dominion Land Grants 1870-1930 W2 & W3

Manitoba: Dominion Land Grants 1870-1930  EPM & W1

Note: Dominion land grants were the original or first titles to a portion of land issued by the Crown,  free 160 acres for settlers, so these records provide a broad look at  first homesteads of Gillespies spread across the Prairies.

  • Added more Ontario birth records, and made a few corrections while rechecking dates.
  • England Marriages – starting to add more from time to time.

Month of May

Travel and gardening month


  • Arkansas home page with county map, census and death records
  • Arizona Home page, map, death and marriage records
  • California : home page, map, marriage & death records

Month of June

Genealogy work slows down over the summer due to other commitments, then usually picks up in the fall. One day at a time for each of us.


Children’s Corner:  jokes, riddles and story time: The Adventures of Squeeky The Mouse (2 more chapters added)

Guidance For Life: Sharing comments and  Bible verses to help us face life’s violence and corruption.

USA cont’d

  • California – 53 more death records from National Cemeteries
  •  Colorado State Map, Home Page, Gillespie Mines, Census, Name Index


  • developing home pages for each country involved in WWII, including:
  • 44 records for Australia.
  • 51 records added Canada
  • 60 records of UK soldiers,  Britain (United Kingdom)
  • 3 for New Zealand
  • 1 for South Africa
  • 53 more records of soldiers, USA
  • Added index of Munster Rolls, Pearl Harbour


  • proofreading 1911 census Co Antrim: some corrections made
  • Current work 1901 census Co Antrim, Ireland: 650 records is taking a long time to get done, extending ahead.

Month of July

  • USA: Added current Gillespie death records to the States of:   New York, Texas,  Illinois, Oregon and South Carolina. Birth record for Texas.
  • Added link on North Carolina home page to new highway plaque in Duplin County honouring pioneer James Gillespie, Congressman

  • Canada: Ontario – few more births, marriages & death records
  • Military: Added link to video testimony of Bailey Gillespie, who was held in North Korea for 32 months as a prisoner of war during the Korean War.
  • News: Paul W Gillespie, Photojournalist, survived the deadliest attack on journalists in North America at the Capital Gazette in Maryland. PHOTO.

Peerage History of Sir Robert Rollo Gillespie, famous military leader (see Asia: India) 

GUIDELINES – understanding policies adopted on this website, and copyright protection.

USA:  Missouri Home Page, 22 Marriage Records, 18 Death Records, Map

IRELAND: Competed 1901 and 1911 census for all of Ireland. Helps us see where people were living. No Gillespies on census for counties: Carlow, Kerry, Limerick. Not included is Kings County, now called Offaly as the National Archives of Ireland website has the records listed as Queens, error or unknown duplication.  3,000 Gillespies in Ireland at the turn of the century and heading into approaching war. Not a surprise to see Gillespies dominate in Co Donegal,  with a documented 300-year history there. Antrim, Down, Mayo and Tyrone Counties follow for both years in order of Gillespie population.

1 ANTRIM 650 702  
2 ARMAGH 182 179  
3 CARLOW 0 0  
4 CAVAN 6 17  
5 CLARE 7 5  
6 CORK 8 11  
7 DONEGAL 1100 1071  
8 DOWN 278 318  
9 DUBLIN 144 153  
10 FERMANAGH 31 24  
11 GALWAY 2 4  
12 KERRY 0 0  
13 KILDARE 7 7  
14 KILKENNY 0 2  
15 LEITRIM 20 9  
16 LIMERICK 0 0  
17 LONDONDERRY 195 206  
18 LONGFORD 8 11  
19 LOUTH 12 1  
20 MAYO 211 194  
21 MEATH 4 7  
22 MONAGHAN 117 107  
23 QUEENS 16 12  
24 ROSCOMMON 51 43  
25 SLIGO 81 68  
26 TIPPERARY 7 5  
27 TYRONE 213 257  
28 WATERFORD 1 0  
29 WESTMEATH 0 6  
30 WEXFORD 0 6  
31 WICKLOW 21 15  
32 TOTALS 3375 3435


SCOTLAND:  Added a summary of the total of Gillespie individuals in census records from 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891  There were about 4,000 Gillespies in Scotland in comparison to 3,000 in Ireland at the turn of the century.

Aygyll was a surprise because so many Gillespies left for Canada in the 1830s from Islay, affecting the 1841 and 1851 census, when migration stopped from there. Lanarkshire includes the City of Glasgow, and Midlothian includes the City of Edinburgh.

Scotland Census Summary
1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891
2443 2967 3084 3445 3806 4248

Total Gillespie individuals in Scotland in both charts

Scotland Census
COUNTY Census 1841 Census 1851 Census 1861 Census 1871 Census 1881 Census 1891
ABERDEENSHIRE 134 116 165 181 208 213
ANGUS 58 44 58 86 116 122
ARGYLL 139 117 114 130 116 125
AYRSHIRE 96 90 129 104 178 207
BANFFSHIRE 7 4 4 6 0 4
BERWICKSHIRE 3 0 3 8 10 11
BUTE 6 18 17 7 5 7
CAITHNESS 12 3 11 1 4 0
CLACKMANNANSHIRE 67 76 58 50 48 43
DUMFRIESSHIRE 86 134 171 146 99 134
DUNBARTONSHIRE 34 46 64 91 148 140
EAST LOTHIAN 8 9 15 12 11 9
FIFE 64 170 197 195 201 224
INVERNESSSHIRE 15 7 13 7 19 1
KINCARDINESHIRE 15 15 23 31 32 32
KINROSS-SHIRE 0 1 6 6 4 3
KIRKCUDBRIGHSHIRE 36 53 65 99 97 87
LANARKSHIRE 429 548 886 1153 1256 1485
MIDLOTHIAN 202 221 225 284 318 381
MORAYSHIRE 2 3 4 6 3 7
ORKNEY 0 7 5 11 6 7
PEEBLESHIRE 0 0 1 0 7 11
PERTH 79 117 85 94 104 105
RENFREWSHIRE 138 148 225 237 285 320
ROSS & CROMARTY 0 0 10 2 1 0
ROXBURGHSHIRE 2 11 12 15 13 8
SELKIRKSHIRE 0 0 1 1 3 1
SHETLAND 0 0 0 0 0 0
STIRLINGSHIRE 235 379 449 405 448 478
SUTHERLAND 12 0 1 0 8 7
WEST LOTHIAN 13 24 37 43 30 61
WIGTOWNSHIRE 44 31 30 34 28 18
TOTALS 2443 2967 3084 3445 3806 4248


Month of AUGUST

USA:  Yale University OBIS has 2,493 references for Gillespie publications


  • Home Page for Algeria – burial
  • Home Page for Ethiopia – burial
  • Home page for Egypt. 8 Burials (some military)
  • Home page for Libya – 3 military burials
  • Home Page for Tanzania – record

ASIA:   Introducing Gillespies in CHINA.  One record of a marriage in Turkey for British couple  ( see Great Britain). No records for Lebanon, or Nepal,  although I lived there for 3 months in 1970

  • Russia: Home page with record

AUSTRALIA: Added links to census, newspaper, death notices and The National Archives of Australia; added  33 more Australian Marriages,  including new Tasmania. Census 1821 (none); 1841 (1) 1891 (64 Gillespies apparently heads of households,  but gives an indication of Gillespie population just before the turn of the century in NSW, part of the 4th country to be identified.

  • Added Victoria Outward Bound Passenger List, Australia
  • Added Maryborough Public Records, Queensland (death)
  • Added South Australia Immigrant Ship Papers
  • Added New South Wales Bounty Immigrants (terrific records for full family details).

CANADA:   Chart gives Population of Gillespies in Canada by Census Year.  We now know population of Gillespies in 3 major countries at turn of century  to 1900s: Scotland 4,000, Ireland 3,000, Canada 1600. Note: Would you help chart the 1900-1901 census for any of the 50 States in the USA, or for any country not yet done with information that can be loaded to this website?  

Gillespies in Canada
1851 485
1861 N/A
1871 1,179
1881 1,369
1891 1,470
1901 1,649
1911 2,099

More Canadian records added to website:

  • Alberta: 1916 census
  • British Columbia –   79 Marriages
  • Manitoba: 1881 census (not just a link)
  • New Brunswick1851 census
  • Newfoundland/Labrador – 1945 census
  • Northwest Territories – no Gillespies
  • Nova Scotia66 Marriage Records
  • Ontario – charting cemeteries in all counties with Gillespie burials for easier identification for filming tombstones. Rechecking cemetery indexes and plotting on township maps.
  • Prince Edward Island1861 census
  • Saskatchewan: Biographies and Pioneer History from those who lived it.
  • Quebec – 1881 census
  • Yukon – no Gillespie from 1881 to 1901. Two families on 1911 census in Bonanza Creek

ENGLAND:  73 more Marriage Records;   144 more Death Records

EUROPE – No new Gillespie records found in countries checked.

MIDDLE EAST: new. Home pages with records for:

  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Israel

NEW ZEALAND:  added 6 more obituaries or death records. Added 13 more immigration records from/to New Zealand – see next heading.

SCOTLAND –  adding 428 Gillespie death records from BillionGraves Index. More on Find A Grave,  yet to be done.

Note: My frustration is trying to identify correctly the names of Scotland parishes. I find adding the ending “shire” occurs sometimes but not consistently in record sources, where two spellings are found for the same county name: sometimes with the “shire”  ending and sometimes not. Being a Canadian I struggle to figure out how to deal with this, not wanting to change any spelling in a record. Did county names change over time, just has they did for areas in my country? And then there are often towns in Scotland with the same names as a county. Far away,  lonely immigrants named new communities after their home, in memory of a land they would never see again. This is an important clue to the origins of ancestors.

IMMIGRATION & PASSENGER LISTS: Added more records for immigration to and from Queensland, Australia, and separated those from NSW records on Australia home page. More New Zealand immigration records.

MILITARY RECORDS: added World War I and World War II records on new home pages for Africa, Asia & Middle East.

Out of office….

  • Updated Guidelines re privacy issues.
  • Finished Farm News for August

USA: Virginia – Obit of Jeffrey Wayne Gillespie.


Withdrawing Farm News temporarily in order to develop the online County Store, yet to be added

  • Finishing Scotland Gillespie Death Records from Billiongraves Index.
    • Sutherland – no records
    • West Lothian – 48  records
    • Wigtownshire – no records

Sifting  Scotland 911 Gillespie death records from Find A Grave to pick up ones not on 428  records on Billiongraves Index for Scotland. Takes a long time to type these out, so that Scotland remains the focus for September. What do we then learn? If there is no burial of a Gillespie in a county, it probably means that very few Gillespies lived in that region. Using both sources of death records in this study, no Gillespie deaths or burials have yet been found for the Scotland counties of: Angus, Banffshire, Bute, Kincardine, Nairnshire, Ross & Cromarty, and Sutherland. This doesn’t necessarily mean there are none, although possible, but rather none online at this time by these two organizations (Nov 2018). Wait. I notice on the Mormon website, in Great Britain,   British Newspaper Archives. I  find 641 records for ANGUS waiting to be copied.

Note: USA follows and onward to the bottom of the left menu listing, then a return to the top of the list to work down the countries again systematically, DV of course, meaning “Lord willing.” If you only care about certain records, this will help you estimate when new records will be added for that location or subject.

My own interest is pushing records for Ireland and  Scotland because that is where our oldest relatives came from.  It was quite a surprise to find so few very early records for Gillespies in England, which I thought might be earlier than them all.  A lot of early migration moved from southern lands to northern ones. But the early  movement of people coming into and then within the British Isles is very unique. I hope you found the study of the earliest Gillespies in Scotland from a link to an article on this website that I published in a newsletter.  Seven days research in Utah at the Mormon Library provided the records for that report. Since then more records have been found, including the ones I am just doing.

Continuing Scotland death records from:   Find a Grave Index

  • Aberdeenshire -33 records added
  • Angus – no records
  • Argyll – (new)  19 records
  • Banffshire – no records
  • Berwickshire – no records
  • Bute – no records (listed with Argyll)
  • Caithness –  6  records added
  • Clackmannanshire -added 3 more records
  • Dumfriesshire – 21 records added
  • Dunbartonshire – 7 records
  • East Lothian – no new ones
  • Fife: 183 Records added (including Rev George Gillespie 1613-1648 of Kirkcaldy).
  • Inverness-shire – 9 new records
  • Kincardineshire – no records
  • Kinross-shire – one record. New
  • Lanarkshire – 167 records
  • Midlothian – 1 new record
    • City of Edinburgh – 32 new records
  • Morayshire: new. 4 records
  • Nairnshire – no records
  • Orkney – 1 record
  • Perthshire – 22 new records
  • Renfrewshire – 13 new records
  • Ross and Cromarty – no records
  • Selkirkshire – no records
  • Shetland – no records
  • Stirlingshire -sifting through 132 records

WALES – new home page with map,  and 24 records for births & christenings, marriages, deaths. See left menu bar. Current work.

Beginning USA: 

Death Record for Ebert Gillespie, Fairview, TEXAS – a Vietnam War Vet (Purple Heart) d 2018

Death Record for Psychiatrist Mary Patrice Gillespie of Pittsburgh, PENNSLVANIA d August 2018

Death Record for Jane Wilburn Gillespie of SOUTH CAROLINA August 31, 2018

Death Record for Betty Gillespie, Silva, IOWA, Aug 11, 2018.

Death Record for Cindra Rae Stevenson Gillespie of Cleveland, OHIO. Death Aug 11, 2018

Congratulations on the 50th Wedding Anniversary August 10, 2018 in Pilot Mound, NORTH CAROLINA for Pete and Mildred Gillespie. Posted  Aug 19, 2019 on Pilot Mound News

Popularity of “Gillespie” by USA State

“Gillespie is a moderately common surname in the United States. When the United States Census was taken in 2010, there were about 42,693 individuals with the last name “Gillespie,” ranking it number 811 for all surnames. Historically, the name has been most prevalent in the Southeast, especially in West Virginia. Gillespie is least common in the northeastern states.

Month of October – private time. No genealogy.


USA continued:

  • Alaska –                                    18 Death Records
  • Delaware                                40 Death Records
  • District of Columbia –     22 Death Records
  • Hawaii –                                   17 Death Records
  • New Hampshire –              39 Death Records
  • Pennsylvania-                       20 Death Records
  • Rhode Island –                      63 Death Records
  • Vermont   –                             49 Death Records
  • West Virginia –                   60 Marriage records
  • West Virginia –                 100 Death Records
  • Newspaper Obit for Frank N Gillespie, Nov 11, 2018 in West Virginia
  • Newspaper Obit for Anita Gillespie of Pennsylvania, Nov 13, 2018

USA census projects are huge databases. Here is a brief summary of Gillespies in the USA between 1900 and 1940 in the chart that follows.  For example, there were 810 Gillespies in West Virginia in 1900. Would you help type out Gillespie records in the 1900 census for any USA State to add to this website, as I work on projects listed next.

Is there someone who would like the challenge to create a Gillespie website to gather and present all Gillespie records in the United States, to which I would gladly link from this website?  We are preserving history and let’s help each other in doing so. 

Here is a brief summary of the states having the greatest number of Gillespie burials.

Burials USA
40 Pennsylvania 3200
37 Ohio 2895
45 Texas 2631
34 New York 2278
27 Missouri 2229
15 Illinois 2136


Here are the States with the least Gillespie burials,

Burials USA
41 Rhode Island 64
47 Vermont 51
31 New Hampshire 45
10 District Columbia 23
13 Hawaii 19
3 Alaska 18


It is a bit overwhelming sometimes. There are 43,164 Gillespie burials listed in the States for Find A Grave, which I have barely begun, wanting to load the records from this library first with a focus on the 13 Colonies for the earliest records, then moving Westward as the pioneer did. 

Time is running out as my generation comes to a close. Those today from the 1920s are very few, in their 90s; 1930s in their 80s of age, and 1940s in their 70s. 1950 births are in their 60s today, and the warning alert that old age is arriving. But retired people are the ones with the most time to focus on family history research.

People born during the 1920s to 1940s, and maybe a few born in the 1950s are the last ones to have experienced farming and many other things before mechanization arrived and technology exploded. For many, it was war time for families, and the anxiety for women whose men were in the gravest of danger. It was a period of huge upheaval, and today it is happening again, silently perhaps this time, but the changes for many of us are sad. We have gained so very much, but lost a heritage that others may not appreciate or understand.  Friends are gone that we miss. Even my own children have no knowledge of things that passed away as I grew up.

So, what is the legacy we are leaving behind?  In this website, and many others, we are remembering those who were before. Most of it is just dates, but those dates reveal a lot: dreams destroyed with the death of so many wives and babies, as just one example.

Perhaps through people’s suffering, and the things they overcame in leaving one life for a new one, we can be comforted and encouraged as we face our own battles. Let’s find strength as the end draws closer every day. Press on,  and choose to make the last days the best ones yet. Family history keeps the memories alive. It is not just ‘hanging on‘, but being overcomers and finding a focus that is our gift to you, to future generations and for ourselves.


1900 19206
1910 21998
1920 25998
1930 28005
1940 30444




Ann Gillespie, Democrat, has won the Senate seat for Illinois in the recent election.


  • Eritrea: one military burial
  • Ghana : one military grave
  • South Africa: 11 more death records
  • Tunisia: 5 military graves


  • China:        6 Gillespie death records and burial (includes Hong Kong & Macau)
  • India:           3 Gillespie Death Records & burials
  • Indonesia  1 death record
  • Japan:         1 death record & burial
  • Myanmar (Burma) 2 military death records)
  • Papua New Guinea: One military grave
  • Philippines: 10 death records added
  • Thailand – two death records


  • New South Wales Death Records – 11 more
  • Queensland Death Records – 15 added
  • Western Australia Death Records – 9 records
  • Tasmania: 4 marriage records & 1 death record


  • May Mercy Knox/Gillespie, Ottawa, Ontario Oct 25, 2018
  • The Honourable Alistair William Gillespie 1922-2018 with photo. Politician, Businessman
  • Alberta:   Deaths 38
  • British Columbia    Births 22,  Marriages 4,  Deaths 8
  • Manitoba: Death Records 14
  • New Brunswick: 14 Births; 4 Marriage Records
  • Newfoundland & Labrador Deaths:  17
  • Nova Scotia: 22 Births, 1 Marriage; 42 Death Records
  • Ontario: Births 5 Death Records on Page 2: 18 added
  • Prince Edward Island: Deaths 42 added
  • Quebec – current work 14 Death Records
  • Saskatchewan: 55 more Death records


Cayman Islands: one death & burial record


Death Records – 100 more records


  • Austria –        3 deaths & burials in Vienna
  • Bulgaria –      1 death record
  • Germany:  14 Gillespie deaths and burials
  • Greece:          4 military records
  • Italy:                1 military grave added
  • Malta:             1 death record


         Marriage Records:                         Death Records 

  • Co Antrim:    54 records          Belfast:           28 records
  • Co Armagh:  26 records          Co Donegal: 29 records
  • Co Cavan:          6 records         Co Louth:         1 record
  • Co Kildare:       4 records          Co Londonderry: 3
  • Co Laois:            2 records          Co Monaghan: 1 record
  • Co Mayo:        63 records          Co Sligo:            2 records
  • Co Westmeath – 3 records


  • Cyprus: One death record & burial
  • Turkey: 5 death records


Death Records – 77


Added 69 death records finishing all Gillespie death records in Scotland from both BillionGrave Index and Find A Grave.


  • Brazil –       one death record
  • Uruguay – 10 death records


Remembrance Day, especially the end of World War I on November 11, 1918, 100 years ago. Read the story of that day, and the retreat of the Germany army, as the men walked across France to go home. These memories are recorded on the website: First World War Centenary. Find celebrations in your country. Here in Canada visit The War Museum in Ottawa or their website. Don’t forget the WWI records on this website under Military on the left menu bar.

World War I – Great Britain soldiers’ Service Records (Added 100 more records)

WWII – story of James Gillespie, of Kentucky who survived the attack on Pearl Harbor on ship, USS Farragut

In the midst of adding records, I pause to add a new page for PROJECTS, remembering children around the world at Christmas.



A new location just found.

What focus should I have in genealogy as the year concludes?  I always want to find new locations of Gillespie records, and as early dates as possible, but the key areas are  now the big four: Australia, Canada, Great Britain  & Ireland, and the USA. I return to my Irish roots.


Just for my own interest, moving out of cycle for a little while. Just as I did for Scotland, I am trying to finish  Gillespie death records for all of Ireland from Find A Grave Index and Billion, but rotating through the larger counties more than once. I will not get this done before the end of the year but it remains a priority.

(New means a new page of records established).

Identifying the earliest Gillespie records so far for Ireland on this website:

  • Co Donegal       1665  living
  • Co Tyrone          1666  burial
  • Co Louth             1676  birth
  • Co Fermanagh 1702
  • Co Down             1713
  • Co Cork               1766
  • Co Antrim          1791 burial
  • Co Armagh        1796
  • Belfast                 1813

All other Irish county records are after these dates just now. Since records on the Internet are not available before about 1630, it will be a challenge to keep moving back in history in finding actual records, not just the mention of something, which is available through Peerage, etc.

1831 Census Co Londonderry, Ireland.



A brief stop, not extended work.

Marriage website for Sam Gillespie and Alyssa Hrabik Dec 30, 2017 in Louisville, KENTUCKY

Current Obits:

Evelyn Gillespie died in CALIFORNIA  December 4, 2018. (Published The Union Democrat, Sonora, CA Wed, Dec 5, 2018)

Online obituary in Courtland, Ohio, USA for Howard Gillespie, born WEST VIRGINIA , USA who died November 24, 2018 (Published My Valley Tributes, Cortland, Ohio) Photo

Online obituary for Jo Anne Gillespie of MISSOURI, who died December 17, 2018. (Published Dec 19th by

Online Obituary for Roger Gillespie of Rochester, NEW YORK, born Wisconsin, Died November 7, 2018 (Published Gazette Xtra, Janesville, WI Dec 2, 2018) Photo


Online obituary for David Douglas Gillespie (Dougald) who died Sunday, Dec 9th, 2018, age 79 at Border General Hospital near Melrose, Roxburghshire, SCOTLAND . Further details at


Chapter Six:  The Adventures of Squeeky The Mouse.      Squeeky learns about forgiveness.


Rechecked all African countries on Mormon website with no more Gillespie records to add  to this site except from South Africa (856 in total)

  • South Africa: added 100 more records, which included:  9 births/baptism; 22 marriage records; 69 Gillespie death records. I do not expect to complete all records for Africa before the year end.

The current interest of visitors to this website is in Africa, quite a surprise to me.


Rechecked all 40 countries in Asia  on Mormon website, (including those I have listed as Middle East). Most countries have no Gillespie records at all. All other records have been added to this website,  with the exception of some records for India (640 records available) and the Philippines (48 available)

  • Turkey – added one Gillespie record from Helles Memorial, Gallipoli,  Canakkale, for  World War I death (also listed under Military)
  • India–  63 births; 71 more marriage records; 3 death records (note:  some marriages are for Pakistan, even Burma, all listed under India on Mormon website, probably because of British Empire control at that period. Many very early records!!) 

Who was Major General Gillespie whose daughter Anne was born in Calcutta, India in June 1827? The famous Major General Robert Rollo Gillespie had  been killed in 1814.

  • Philippines: 4 marriage records & 1 new birth record – New x 2

Out of office for Christmas celebrations


  • Australia Capital Territory: 19 death records- new
  • New South Wales: 61 more birth records; 2 marriage records; 60 more death records
  • Northern Australia: 2 death records – new
  • South Australia: 1 birth record – new; 46 death records – new
  • Queensland: 64 more death records
  • Tasmania: 9 birth records – new. 3 marriage records; 4 death records.
  • Victoria:  16 birth records – new. 2 marriage records – new; 40 death records – new
  • Western Australia: 4 birth records; 1 marriage record; 28 death records

Note: The earliest Gillespie record in Australia so far seems to be William Gillespie married Florence A Clark, 1805, Windsor, NSW, Australia. Two Gillespie births in New South Wales in 1821.

Earliest Gillespie record for TasmaniaDavid Gillespie married Jane MacDonald Nov 19, 1827 Launceton, Tasmania,  Australia

Earliest Gillespie record in Western Australia is: Matthew Gillespie, birth 1820, Wellington, Australia


Have  you considered choosing one State or Province or County in any country, gathering all Gillespie records for it, and offering that on a website to the world as your gift to mankind?

The possibilities are exciting!  May God guide us all as we enter a New Year, and may it be the best one yet.


Norma Gillespie

Genealogy Records for 2018

New  Records Added           Total records on website

  • January                1,059                  17,996
  • February                 761                  18,757
  • March                    1,226                 19,983
  • April                           689                  20,672
  • May                            256                  20,928
  • June                           327                   21,255
  • July (5,487 with links) 94         21,349
  • August                  1, 311                 22,660
  • September              632                 23,292
  • October (none)
  • November            1,547                24,839
  • December            1,246                26,085

TOTALS       9,148 new records this year

Year End Goal = 25,000 Gillespie records. Yeh!


Records Added for 2016-2017 

This website began December 6, 2016

                                                           Two  years a labour of love!