SCOTLAND: Argyll Isle of Islay Immigrants to Ontario

Individual and family records will be on the Canada, Ontario and Scotland pages. This is just a brief summary to identify those who left Scotland and where they settled in the Province, grouping county locations from East to West, then South.  Not completed.

To VICTORIA COUNTY (Central Ontario)

Eldon Township:

Archibald Gillespie (1826-1889), wife Anna Harvey  IR by 1851

Christiana Gillespie & Alexander McMillan – Beaverton

Donald Gillespie (1793-?) & Isabella to Brock Twp

Dugald Gillespie (1781-1835) and Mary McEachern IR by 1833

Dugald Gillespie & Sarah Baxter IR 1828-32 from North Carolina with his brother, John Gillespie.

John Gillespie (1774-1872)  IR by 1832

John Gillespie & Ann McDougall

Robert Gillespie (1820-?) & Bell from Kilchoman

To ONTARIO COUNTY (Central Region)

Brock Township 

Christina Gillespie & Alexander McMillan

Donald Gillespie (1783-) & Isabella McVicar

Dr Donald Gillespie Isabella Couthard

Squire Malcolm Gillespie to Cannington

Thorah Township

Angus Gillespie (1831-1906) & Margaret McArthur

Archibald Gillespie  (1805-) & Agnes Buchanan 1833 They moved to Gunton, Manitoba. Visited by Squire Malcolm Gillespie of Cannington in 1881. His diary record of the trip on file.

Donald Gillespie ( 1810-1877) & Margaret

Duncan Gillespie & Margaret Campbell

To SIMCOE COUNTY (Western area)

Nottawasaga Twp

Donald Gillespie-(1883) & Mary, Herman, Mary by 1837 on Con 11, Lot 30

John Gillespie & Mary Currie – at least 2 children


Angus Gillespie (1787-1860) & Ann McMillan – 12 children. This family was listed at Consiby, Islay

Oro Twp (near Barrie)

Archibald Gillespie ( 1790-1857) & Janet McDermid – 6 children

?Malcolm Gillespie & Sarah

Town of Stayer

Margaret Gillespie (died 1888)

Sunnidale Township

Alexander Gillespie (1790 – 1883) & Janet Jamieson on Con 10, Lot 12 with 10 children of which four were born in Octovulin, Isle of Islay.


Proton Township

John Gillespie ( -1884)

Mary (McKenzie) Gillespie died 1885

To KENT COUNTY (Southern Region)

Howard Twp

John Gillespie (-1885) Presbyterian farmer

Total Records:   26

Record Sources:  tombstone locations;  Vital statistic records, County histories.